(120-12-03) Spice Smoke and Eyes
Spice Smoke and Eyes
Summary: Some enterprising sailors try their clever plan to rob the Sept. It doesn't work out for them.
Date: 03/12/2013
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Harbour Street

A narrow cobblestone street overlooking the Docks, snaking northward into Oldtown Square at the heart of the city, and curving westward to the harbourfront. Lined with aged stone buildings, these support the weight of timber-framed over-hanging houses that look none tooo steady. The dockside can be seen quite clearly from the street, with the Whispering Sound beyond.

The shops here deal with the business of the sea. Fishmongers with carts and stalls, heaped full with fish of all kinds, cry their wares. Taverns and brothels await the coin of sailors fresh from the docks.

An array of strange temples, with stranger gods depicted upon them, are tucked away at the far end of the street. Opposite from them stands the slightly shabby-looking Sailor's Sept.

There's a right jolly ruckus of noise from the docks as a long-boat off a ship that's a little ways out in the harbour rows in. The sailors are singing, something loud, something bawdy.

Leof was dawdling about before the ruckus, the short woman was wearing a quiver with a short bow in hand. Although she isn't a western Westerosi, she does know the sound of a bad thing going on, as such grabbing an arrow from the quiver and holding it to her bow strings, walking slowly towards the nose, attempting to get a line of sight on the ruckus' origins without being seen back.

The sound of revelry attracts whores. This is known. Several of them appear from the alleys and look towards the docks and the arriving longboat.

Arn walks along the dock mainly to make a show of keeping th city in order even the seedier part. When he hears the ruckus he sighs, a watch commander's work is never done. He starts to move toward the sound of the ruckus.

Why was Vuk here? It had nothing to directly do with loud drunken singing of sailors, he had been purchasing the smoked roe of a local fish, rubbed with peppers as a snack, using a small dagger to cut pieces off to bring to his lips. It might be a natural tendency for humanity to follow each other that begins to draw him closer to the docks to watch this longship, curiousity getting the better of him!

Matrim had been in the Harbour expoloring the city. So far he had learned the names of Taverns and Brothels, and had explored no small number of these. When the ruckus occurs he stops his inspection of wares and ships and turns to look. His eyes tracking the longboat making the noise. One hand rests easily on the sword at his hip, but he makes no aggressive action to draw it. These men are merely singing. And the attracted whores, which gives a pleasant sight to the eyes.

Leaning casually against a wall he watches, the young Heir of House Tyrell simply waits, and watches. Something doesn't feel wholly right, but he's not prone to making rash actions. But he's read far too many histories and stories NOT to be wary.

Bryn is making his way through the dockside market, stopping at a couple of stalls. He picks up a small, strange sculpture made of fishbone, staring at it as if trying to figure out what it is, before putting it back and moving on. Hearing the singing, he looks out to the water curiously.

The sailors leap out of their boat as soon as it hits the small-dock. One stays behind at the tiller, but the other — ten? Dozen? go charging up towards the streets, one catching a whore round her waist and another catching an unfortunate fishmonger around /hers./ One of these women is willing to be kissed. The other starts to shout obscenities. The fishseller-molesting sailor has a friend, and that man pushes the vendor's barrow. He's got a lantern from the boat.

Leof is still shadowed, and approaching, although she's lowering her bow and using the dark, plain fabric of her dress to her advantage. She seems to be trying to figure out if the men are over friendly and drunk or unfriendly raiders who need some arrows to temper their shenanigains. She is hesitant to fire without being sure though, motions just slightly paranoid.

Vuk will sigh a bit and move to toss his snack to one of those children who follows about any one who might have food for them. "Stay out of trouble." He says and moves to shift his cape a bit, sliding a bolt into his crossbow and wrenching it back with a quick motion. The lady being accosted is the one he works to hone in on, letting his crossbow be hidden under his cape again. Let others being worried, and quiet, Vuk intends to directly accost the men molesting the poor fishmonger. "That is very disrespectful." He'll say once he can stand in front of them, one hand pointing to the side, indicating for them to leave her be. Vuk doesn't understand subtly you see!

Arn moves closer to the sailor not yet calling attention to himself but not hiding himself either. He watches their action unsure weather this is a matter he will have ot deal with or not yet.

As the Sailors grab an unwilling person, Matrim pushes off the wall. His hand still on the hilt of the sword, but as he moves, he throws the cloak over a shoulder to free up both arms incase combat occurs. As he mvoes he spies others moving in,and then Vuk speaks. He stops, ready to draw in a moment's notice, but he waits. Listening.

The sailor attempts to shove the unfortunate fishmonger into Vuk's arms. His pal, the one with the barrow, upends the load of fresh fish on the sworn-sword's legs. They laugh. Others of the gang have managed to snatch up whores, who giggle and pretend to enjoy this sort of thing.

Bryn quickly scrambles out of the way of the charging sailors, taking shelter behind a merchant's stall farther in the little market. Sure, he doesn't seem to be one of their targets, but he doesn't want to get trampled either.

Vuk will let the fishmonger collide into one arm and push her past him, to let his cape get pushed aside so that hand holding his crossbow will be revealed, leveled casually at the sailor who just up ended the fish cart. "That was even more disrespectful. Now I have to buy new boots, and you ruined her cart. I believe you owe both of us." Vuk says, in the dull town he almost always has, except his free hand is moving to rest on the warhammer slung to one shoulder, so he can bring it forth if needed. "I will accept coin or you can lick my boots clean." He drones.

The barrow isn't ruined. The Fishwife yells, but is easily pushed past Vuk and out of the way. She doesn't even fall when she skids on a fish. Practice makes perfect. The sailor who overturned the barrow rights it and tries to run up the street with it. The one who had grabbed the fishwife takes one look at Vuk's crossbow and takes a swing at the man, a big rowdy haymaker.
Leof 's bow is raised and drawn, the tiny woman stepping onto a small crate for a better shot. She pauses to gently press her boot to Bryn's heel, putting enough pressure to get his attention without harming him. she holds up one finger to her lips and gestures Sh before grinning. Once she's sure she has his attention though she mouths 'Should I scare the shit from running one?' at the slightly smaller hider. She has a sense of humor about it though since no one else has noticed her yet.

Arn steps out into the street and speaks loudly, "Alright everyone calmdown, sailor will get rowdy but no need to make it more then that, and well you sailors confine your attentions ot the ladies that are plying their vocation for them."

Bryn jumps slightly, looking up to Leof and then grins as he sees who it is. He nods quickly to the mouthed question, but doesn't make a sound. Of course, that's before Arn tells everybody to calm down, and he looks over to the watch commander and back to Leof.

"ENOUGH!" Matrim yells, drawing his sword and stepping forward to block the sailor running off with the cart. "I am Lord Tyrell, and I command you all to stand down. NOW." He hopes the combination of his name and the naked steel in his hand is enough to difuse the situation, but he fears it will not be. His eyes scan the crowd and he ahs a very commanding look and tone in his voice. "You." He points hsi blade at the sailor in front of him. "Gahter your men and return to your ship. Now. You may return to land when you are sober." He keeps the blade pointed, "Or you cna be arrested. I hear Old Town has such lavish dungeons that you could very well enjoy yourselves there."

The sailor's big haymaker comes crashing into Vuk's face, but it doesn't knock the sworn-sword down. Probably it just pisses him off. The sailor with the barrow throws his lantern into it, breaking the glass, and spilling whale-oil into the old wood. Which was only slightly dampend under the seaweed that lined it to protect it from the fish.

Nobody seems to pay any mind to Arn. The sailor Matrim points at is a smaller man, wearing a red scarf on his head. He just turns aside from the sword and tries to dart around Matrim.

Vuk, being punched? Say it ain't so! He's used to lash and fist as a way to instill discpline, so he'll just spit blood on the man's face after the fist connects with his face. "I suppose, that would mean you no longer wish to listen to the guard and Nobility that is sworn to it's laws?" He says and tips the crossbow down a bit, and lets the bolt loose..into the man's crotch. "Very disrespectful." He just says to the ..well, likely to be Eunuch as he begins to draw and seat another bolt and wrench his crossbow back to cock it again.

Leof nose scrunches and eyes Bryn, mouthing directly 'If they swing on those two, we will provide proper support.' she offers. She lowers her bow though, for now, staying as obscured as possible. She probably means flaming arrows. Flaming arrows are always proper support. She's watching the barrow-stealing sailor more closely than the one going after Vuk's face. However due to the light coming from the barrow, she stands up straight "Shit." she mumbles, keeping her bow down - Arn and Matrim are far higher on the totem pole than her afterall, but she is prepared. "Did he just shoot that poor man in the twig and berries?" she asks to Bryn aloud, looking a bit disturbed. Apparently the shock of such an ungentlemanly action has the woman a smidge shocked.

"Ah." Matrim says as he lashes with the blade in hand. "There goes my smile." And indeed, the man, normally jovial is no longer smiling. Replaced instead by a determined face. His father had taught him to be stern, and he learned the lesson well. At least as far as battle and dealing with commands go. He steps back and to the side to try and block incase he misses with the strike, and to give him another chance if he needs.

Arn shakes his hed as th violence commences, "Alright now this is business." he gets a rather odd smile on his face as he draws his sword, "Two choiuces return peaceably to we go to work." he steps towards the sailors in a slow and steady stride.

Bryn looks up to Leof and asks, "We? What can I do? They're huge." He does pull out a small knife he had hidden under his tunic, though. As Vuk shoots the sailor, where he does, he flinches a little, but that's the only part of the whole thing that seems to phase him. (Likely imagining just how much it hurts.) Otherwise, the blood and violence don't seem that new to him. He nods quickly to Leof.

The sailor that Vuk just shot in the crotch starts to scream. Some of the others break off from the group and make for Hightower Street, dropping their whores and running. One of them throws his lantern into the barrow as he goes. Now it's a flaming barrow, and the man pushing it swerves abruptly to crash it through the doors of a spice-shop.

Leof smiles " For now, watch my back. You are an alert boy, right? Make sure nobody sneaks behind us and flanks us." she offers, grinning "If it gets worse, you go find me some strong alcohol and we'll do something absolutely bloody insane." she offers, smiling chipperly, trying to keep Bryn calm "I'll let no harm come to you." she reassures, shifting just slightly to shoot at the man running towards the spice-shop "Bloody sloppy." she mumbles, not approving of the diversion. She isn't aiming for any body part in particular, only an attempt to get the man to turn around and keep it contained. Given she had tried to stay hidden it might be quite a suprise to get shot like that.

The longsword lashes out and catches the man in the leg. The slash sending a spray fo blood as it cuts deep into the man. Matrim's intent had not been to kill, the man had not deserved to BE killed. But the blade is sharp, and the man is not wearing armor. It cuts deep, and Matrim says evenly, "If you put pressure on it, you might live long enough to see it treated. If you get up to run, that wound will bleed you out faster than you might think." With that he steps away, toward the riot now in progress.

His eyes narrow. In Old Town a week, and already a Riot. "Oh yes. Father will blame this on me." He frowns and looks for one of the sailors. He charges, drawing the dirk on the other side of his sword's scabbard. "SURRENDER!" He calls, "All who throw down arms, or show sign of non violence to Old Town WILL be shown quarter!"

There's more screaming, now from the cut sailor. Flaming-barrow-sailor turns on his heel, then staggers as he's taken in the shoulder by Leof's arrow. It doesn't stop him long, he runs back for the docks, powered on adrenaline.

There's a sailor trying to throw his lantern into a shop door, but he's a little close to Arn.

Trystan rushes into the scene, wearing his usual nobleman's clothes. a look of shock on his face. He notices the sailors attempting to flee the scene, and several people he knows doing battle with them. Reacting as quick as he can, he shoves his arm out to catch one of the sailors rushing past him by the throat, knocking him to the ground with the help of his own running momentum.

Arn steps into the fray one of the sailor lets out a blood curdling yell as he charges at the Tully man. Arns remains calm and even can be heard to start humming as he quickly flicks out his blade, the sailer looks down at he fresh hole in his cheast and then takes about three more steps before slumping. arn steps around to the side as if he was avoiding a puddle. he pace does not quicken as he starts moving towards his next target.

Vuk shifts his warhammer so it suddenly is swing to his side as a sailor comes fleeing back, but he isn't using the blunt head, infact, he lets it miss by mere inches before slipping it from his grasp so on the return stroke, the pointed end will slam into the man's lower back, so it'll tear out through the side and he draws him in so he can use his boot to push the man off the spike, to cause greater blood. "I'd say you might survive..but.." he just slams his boot down on the man's throat, to crush his voice cords. "I don't believe in letting bilge rats live." He finishes and looks for the next who might cross his line of sight as the blood and no doubt part of the man's entrails drip from the warhammer's spike.

Whores are scattering. The spice shop is on fire. Five sailors are dashing away up Hightower Street and two are trying to get back down to the docks.

Leof 's fingers rapidly pull and notch another arrow, shooting at the biggest (and easiest) of the targets running up the street "Bryn, stay safe love. I can't stand seeing them burn down the town. Don't get burned." she offers, hopping over the barrel to begin towards up the street in a dash, shockingly already drawing another arrow. At least she's a

Bryn gives a small cheer when Leof in hits the one going for the spice shop. But, by then the fire has started. And, now, his attention is on the fire and not on the battle going on. He's supposed to be watching Leof's back, and he tries, but it's like he's like an art-lover who's just suddenly seen a beautiful piece of art. It totally distracts him. He does manage to tear his eyes away to look back to Leof and says, "I'm staying right here."

The charging Lordling of House Tyrell heads right toward the sailors running toward Hightower Street. He spins the blade as he closes and lashes when the distance allows. He aims for the middle of the back, hoping that the blow will cause the man to trip up others. "I SAID SURRENDER!" He yells, his blade ready to lash at the next man. He spies Trystan and calls outm "Lord Trystan, try to keep them between us!"

The sailors are a smaller group, now, dashing up the street. The one who didn't get struck with an arrow while making for the boat actually makes the boat, and he and the fellow who stayed in it start to row. Up the river.

Arn starts to take off after the sailor heading into town, "Someone sound hte alram so that fire cna be dealt with.' he shoults and he runs.

Leof clears her throat "BOAT. GOING UP RIVER." she yells towards the other defenders with a suprisingly loud voice and with that she's attempting to run after the boat, bow in hand as she attempts to fire a shot at the boat's rower while on the run to at least slow its pace down, given its moving and she's moving she may not hit who she desires to hit. She's running at a good pace for wearing a ground length gown and all.

The fire smells lovely, at least.

Trystan quickly draws a knife from his belt, turning and throwing it as best he can at one of the fleeing sailors, aiming for the leg to prevent him from running. he then begins to chase after them, drawing more knives from his belt.

Leof was right, they were trying to flee, and there was a second boat..but there is always traffick, so Vuk will give chase with her, and then stop, to ready his crossbow and let a bolt fly, right towards the tiller man. "I hope the drowned god shows them mercy, for I will not." He says, moving to reload his crossbow again, slamming the spiked stirrup to the ground and wrenching it back, and slipping another bot into place…then he has to see if the other boat is more of the same!

Matrim manages to keep up, but has no weapon with which he can take any of the men down at range. He growls and uses deep breaths to regulate his breathing. He does however charge on, attempting to close the gap. His sword still in hand as he goes.

Arrows have taken both the men in the hindmost boat, and it starts to drift downstream again. Here in the harbour the river's current isn't so strong. The other boat slips quickly up the Honeywine.

One of the sailors fleeing Matrim darts into an alley.

Now that the sailors have run off, neighbors of the burning building start running for the water with their buckets.

Bryn blinks as Leof goes running away, and he starts to follow but then stops. He did say he'd stay put. And, he's distracted by the fire. So, for a moment he stays put, but the fire is being put out and Leof doesn't seem to be coming back, so he starts to hurry off in the direction she went. Maybe there's more battle to see.

Arn drafts some of the locals into a impropttu fire brigade that begins to try and fight the fre in the spice shop. The do not appear happy with the new job but given his sword is still drawn and bloddy none raise objection. He stays on site to supervise their work.

The fire sends rich, spicy smoke into the air. The smallfolk of this part of town form a bucket-brigade from the docks, but it's an oily fire and hard going. It spreads to the shop next door. Sometimes something in the spice-shop explodes with a fragrant pop. A seed-pod or a clove or something.

Vuk couldn't possibly organize any one to man the boat, and his horse by now, was likely bolted, probably fleeing back to it's stables, he'll have to leg it after Leof. "There was another boat, further up river!" he says as he catches up to her..Vuk is -smiling- at her. It's feral, it's beastial, and he almost seems..happy.

Leof shouts back "Yes I saw it, full of men. I think we disabled the first boat. The distraction boat." shse offers, heading up the lane, running like a bat out of hell. She seems absolutely calm, despite the chaos, expression cold and watching. She looks back, noticing Bryn and waiting for him by slowing her run down. So he doesn't lag behind and get hurt.

Trystan appears to be just legging it for the sailors, not slowing or stopping for anything. He wants, or, rather, feels he HAS to stop these bastards before they cause any more damage.

Matirm continues to chase the sailors heading further in to the city. He will catch them. He has to. This city falls under his Lord Father's purview, and as such, his own. These people, this fire, all of it is his fault, even if he had no way to prevent it. Thus is the price of honor. He hears Leof shout about a second boat and he growls. As he passes a commoner, "YOU!" He shouts in his best comamnding voice, looking over his shoulder, "Summon the Watch! NOW!" He doesn't stop his forward momentum though, dreaming of hopefully stopping this raid.

The running sailors were mostly ignored once they left the area of the fire and the mess they caused, but those charging after them look dangerous and the streets clear before them. As the group approaches the Starry Street bridge they can hear somebody shouting, "FUCK!"

Bryn has short legs, and he isn't a great runner to begin with, but as Leof slows down he manages to catch up, keeping up with her now. He doesn't say anything, he was planning on perhaps staying back but now he stays near her instead.
Leof draws another arrow, absently "Bryn, darling Bryn, you must learn to run with your whole body. And use a bow." she offers with a cattish smile. She is only an inch or so taller than the urchin! She's teeny but does infact know how to haul ass.


Maidenday Gardens — Starry Street

The Maidenday Gardens are perhaps the loveliest of Oldtown's public gardens. The gracious footpaths are paved in white stone and lined with with flowering trees and rosebushes bearing pink and white blossoms. The beds alongside them are thickly planted with narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, trilliums and wood anemones. An occasional arbor arches over the path, supporting a clematis or wisteria, a virgin's bower or a honeysuckle. Most of the flowers are pale or blushing, but splashes of bright yellows, purples, and blues are not uncommon. True red is all that is absent. In the evenings little lamps hang from slim iron posts to light the paths.

There are benches here and there, and pavilions enshrouded with flowering vines. There are also shrines to The Maiden throughout the garden. They feature statues of stone or wood, some painted, some plain, some large, some small, some dressed in real clothing. All are beautiful and all have a little altar before them. While this is a public garden the rest of the year, on Maiden's Day it is closed to all but maidens. Those girls who feel the ritual at the Sept is not enough to express their piety may, under the watchful eyes of the Septas who maintain this place, light candles at these altars and sing more of their songs of innocence.
CONTENTS: Aeron(P) Maera(P)

"That's an awfully bleak perspective," Aeron says. Even if his expression can't be seen, his tone carries his wince. "Even if it is true."

Maera shrugs. "What else are women for, then?"

There's a sudden shriek from outside the garden.

Aeron is about to reply, but is thankfully saved by the noise. His sword hand falls to his hilt, "Did you hear that?"

Maera's hand falls to her own. "Aye." She says to Aeron, before she begins moving quickly towards the source.

It's out on Starry Street, a girl's voice screaming, "Help!"

Aeron falls in beside Maera, nearly shoulder to shoulder with the noble. He points towards Starry Street, "Come on, Bear.”
A novice has run out of the Starry Sept. She's got a long bashed-in cut on her face and she's crying and yelling, "Help! By the Maiden!"

Maera runs towards the novice, and reaches out to touch the girl's shoulders, "What's happened to you?!"

Aeron strides a few paces away from Maera and the novice, surveying the sept while she asks her questions. He withdraws his sword and decides to also draw his dagger with his offhand.

The girl sobs, "They're robbing the sept! Stop them!!" She looks at Aeron. One of her eyes is filled with blood, the other unfocused. "Ser!"

"Go hide in the Garden." Maera says to the novice before pushing the girl towards them. She glances to Aeron before drawing Longclaw from it's sheath. "Here's to hoping your Seven don't curse us for this."

The girl runs for the gardens. Inside the sept, there's another shriek.

Aeron grins and looks up a moment. "Balerion says I'll be alright, but he's pretty sure you're going to be fucked. Let's not keep them waiting." The Targaryen leads the way.

Maera follows behind the Targaryen.

Inside, there's a scrum of scruffy barefoot sailors. One of them is stabbing a septon in the guts. Another is smacking another novice septa across the face, much the same as the first girl was hit. Other clergy stand watching this in horror. There are five men, and another is occupied with guarding said clergy while the remaining two are attempting to pry the jewels off the statue of The Mother with their daggers.

Aeron quickly sizes up the numbers. "Hardly seems fair. You have the honor of the woman beater." He lets out a shout and attacks the sailor stabbing the septon in the guts.

Maera gives Aeron a grunt before charging the novice-beating sailor.

The sailor, startled by Aeron's yell, turns around as the man charges him.

The sailor's dagger, bloodied with septon's blood, is aimed for Aeron's chest. The Targaryen's armour turns it, but not completely; it scrapes over his ribs. The septon, having just had the bit of steel that was keeping his guts in abruptly torn out, falls.

Maera shoves the novice out of the way, and parrys the sailor's dagger with enough force to cause it to fly out of his hand. She trusts forward, running the man through right at the bottom of his ribs. She pulls the Valyrian steel from the hole she just created, and turns to take a step towards the three that are popping jewels out of the Mother's eyes. "Leave them!"

One of the sailors who was looting the statue turns and shouts out, "FUCK!" in a voice that's well trained from shouting from ship-to-ship on rough seas. Then he swallows The Mother's alabaster-and-sapphire eye.

Aeron grunts in pain, only luck keeping the dagger blade from puncturing his lungs. Saving his oxygen, he remains silent and brings his sword up and violently slashes downwards where the sailor's shoulder and neck meet.

Bryn comes across the Starry Street Bridge from the East.
Bryn has arrived.
Leof has arrived.
Trystan has arrived.
Vuk has arrived.

Aeron, Maera, and a small bunch of terrified septas are inside the Starry Sept. Its doors are wide open to the street, and there's a notice septa outside, sobbing and hiding by the gates to the Maidenday Gardens. As the group from the docks comes running up to the Starry Street bridge, the slim little swift boat is just landing, and a handful more sailors are leaping out of it, onto the western bank.

Vuk isn't going to chase down the sailors if they scatter all over, he's legging after Leof still, though he sighs a bit at Bryn. "Indeed, or at least how to run, so you can flee the field of battle with your tail tucked like a pup." He says to Bryn, his warhammer is clattering off his armor as he moves, both hands holding that crossbow in case they sight their prey…which it seems they will find with -ease-. "Glory and Honor to the first man to die!" He'll shout..wait, are they alone?

The man who just swallowed a jeweled eye, something that only Maera and Aeron saw, dodges around Maera's sword and runs out of the sept.

Aeron's sword comes down in the man's neck, but it is far from a clean blow. Blood pours out of the sailors wound and he struggles with Aeron, his dagger pressing into the Targaryen's abdomen but without any strength to pierce the armor.

Matrim comes down the Starry street from the docks, attempting to catch five other raiders. He pants as he goes, its one thing to stand and fight, but chasing men through the bloody city is starting to piss him off, and take his breath. He calls at the men, "COME ON! I'm just one man! You Craven sons of Whores! Turn and face me!" His blade is held at the ready, and he just waits to catch up with the enemy to cut them down.

Trystan rushes in and quickly intercepts one of the sailors climbing out of the boat. He manages to effectively catch the man's blade arm with the blade of one dagger, then stabs him several times with the dagger in his other hand, finishing him with a stab to the jugular, blood spurting from the wound as soon as he pulls the blade out.

Vuk won't even break stride as he fires a bolt at the landing party, taking one of them square in the chest, letting the crossbow drop to hang from it's strap, now shifting his warhammer to both hands as he surges forward, intending to apparently just..sprint into the midst of the new raiders. "For House Mormont! For the Bear!" He's shouting, working him self into a fevered rage, all about to directed through that warhammer.

Maera doesn't give chase as the sailor who swallowed the Mother's eye manages to get past her, but she does curse. Still, there is something more precious than the Mother's eye to worry about; the Septa and Novices being held at dagger point. Maera turns to say in a cold, stern voice, "Let them go."

The remaining sailor in the sept has got a bag of stuff he's looted. So did the man who just jumped over the corpse of a septon to run out. He's making for the group that just landed the boat. They're hesitating — it seems they meant to run into the sept, but there's Trystan stabbing one of them in the throat, and the rest turn into a bit of a tumble, with conflicting shouts of, "Back!" and "KIll him!" and, from the one who just fled the sept, "Fuck!" Maybe it's the only word he knows.

Bryn is a little winded as they get to the raiding party's location. He may be quick and agile, but he lacks any kind of real strength or stamina. "I'm trying," he says to both Leof and Vuk. He hangs back as the battle is joined again, pulling his little knife again but mostly just watching.

Leof smiles a bit at Bryn "Shh, its okay." she reassures. She draws her bows, training her bow to aim at the fleeing one. She's sort of a terrible woman when it comes to Archery, Her hand draws back, and without mercy the arrow flies, her own chest heaving a bit from the running and the fragrant smoke.

The blade is finally lashed out, and Matrim's longsword rips in a thrust into the man's neck. The blade erupts out the back in a fountian of blood, that doubles and turns into an arterial spray as Matrim rips the blade out the side, leaving the head attached by just ragged shreds of muscle and flesh. He doesn't pause however, and moves on to try to find the next target, his blade now dripping with blood as it runs down the fuller. "Do try to take at least ONE man alive! I have questions…"

Vuk was in what he trained for, bring his warhammer out to smash into a man's chest, to send him downards, already likely caving his chest in, but with a quick downward thrust of the shaft of the weapon, he'll drive the spiked shaft into the man's heart and wrench it out, shouting to Matrim. "There is one alive, in Old Town! I left a eunuch." He says, referring to the fact he fired a bolt into the man's crotch. "I told him he'd lick my boots clean." He sounds rather serious on that promise, and is already moving to try the next raider from moving further..and if they begin to retreat to their boat..Vuk will try to board it with them.

One of the sailors on the boat attempts to throw his dagger at Trystan. It misses, and hits the pavement with a clatter. The shouts of Matrim evidently decide the matter for the rest, they push back onto the boat. One falls into the river in the scramble. The one who just ran out of the sept tries to make the boat, then sees Vuk, Matrim and Trystan there, and turns, now running for the bridge. Inside, the one holding the clergy hostage looks at Maera and drops his dagger.

Inside the sept, Aeron takes count and, seeing only one sailor left, stalks up next to Maera. There's murderous intent in his eyes and he's likely to run the defenseless man through.

Maera puts a hand on Aeron's shoulder to stop him. "We ought to keep him alive to tell us where the others are going."

Leof is firing another arrow, but moving to try to get a good view of the boats on the river, approaching it with her rapid foot steps as she moves, looking for identifiers on the boat to mark who's boat it is or where its from.

Bryn stays back, now, waiting as Leof runs ahead. It's safer away from the enemies, after all. But still he watches, fascinated by the combat it seems, though not as much as he was by the fire earlier. In this case, it's just the excitement calling to him.

Trystan looks to the man running for the bridge, rage evident in his face, though not a word escapes his lips. He stabs the man in the leg, then stabs him up through his jaw, lifting him with the knife to slam him back down, neck first, onto the ground with a sickening crunch.

"That boat!" Matrim calls out to Vuk. "I want it." He charges toward the boat, and the crew there, and attampts to leap up upon it, blade first, aimed at the nearest man's chest. His eyes, vibrant and intelligent, show a man intent on capturing or killing every man on the little ship. He lets out a wordless shout of rage as he goes, letting all of his fury and anger out in one wordless cry of battle.

The blade tearing into the chest of the first man. He pulls the balde out, seafoam spraying up around him and he turns to face the next closest man. His eyes are filled with battle lust, but that intelligence still resides there. "Surrender." Is the one word he says, the knight and lordling clutches his sword and the look alone finishes the statement: "Surrender, or die."

Vuk is surging forward with Matrim, though he doesn't simply leap onto the boat, he'll wade out to grab onto the edge and then slam the spike of his warhammer into a man's side and haul him self up, throwing the man into the water as draws him self up, with a serene smile as he draws his warhammer in front of him in a two handed hold. "I hope the drowned god shows you mercy, for we shall not." He says, lightly bowing as he does and his eyes dance with mirth.

Blood is already soaking through Aeron's armor and thankfully he isn't wheezing. He rears back to strike the man with his sword, but hesitates when Maera stops him. His sword drops and clatters loudly on the floor right as Aeron swings at the sailor's jaw. The blow connects solidly and the sailor buckles, collapsing in a heap. Ironically, Aeron does the same; falling on his side. He rolls back over, sitting up and pushes against his wound.

"Aeron!" Maera calls out in suprise as Aeron collapses along with the sailor he just punched out. She puts Longclaw, it's blade still wet with blood, down on the floor and kneels down in front of the Targaryen to lightly touch his leather breastplate. She swivels her head around to yell at one of the Septas, "Go and get some water!"

The remaining men on the boat seem sort of keen to surrender. Sort of. It's either that or just cower, which is what they're doing. The one man who just came out of the sept drops his bag of loot, but the other has made it across the bridge.

Leof 's foot props on a rock as she steadies herself, aiming at one of the three men, the one furthest from her companions in an attempt to not murder her own friends. Her form is proper and flexible, nocking, pulling, and holding, ready to fire at a split second. Quite apparently holding for now unless needed. "On your knees." she half bellows at the ssurrendering or cowering men "Hands on the tops of your head." she again orders. "Vuk, could you moor the boat?" aka tie it so it doesn't float away a suggestion more than an order. If the woman is angry it doesn't show, no expression shows. Just breathing from exertion.

The living sailors in the boat comply, hands on heads. So does the one who just dropped his bag of stolen jewels. Inside, one of the young novices runs to obey Maera.

"It didn't go in my lungs," Aeron says, wincing. "Get the other two. I'll be fine," he says and tries to scoot back to prop against the now eyeless statue of the mother.

Matrim reaches down to clutch the nearest man, pulling the man to his feet. He places the point of the blade perilously close to the man's throat. "I'm no sailor. So the waves could make my blade sort of slip, and impale your throat. It is incredibly sharp you see." He leans in whispers very darkly, "So. Talk. And Talk quickly. There are plenty of others on this boat, and my freind looks like he wants to kill you all. Who sent you, where are you from." He looks over his shoulder to Vuk, "Question one of them. Be as gentle as you wish. But all who speak will be considered mercy, thsoe who don't…. Well. We're near a sept. Their souls SHOULD be in good order."

"N-nobody, M'lord," stammers the sailor. "Nobody sent us. Just us."

Vuk seems more intent on butchering the sailors, but he'll gesture to the one who looks most likely to break down crying. "Throw a line to shore and let some one secure it." He says and waits for him to obey, or not obey, if he doesn't, he'll throw a line to shore with his own hand, "Lady Leof! Have your cowardly urchin secure the line." He shouts before moving to which ever of the two is left with some courage or defiance in his eyes and unceremoniously, will crush the man's knee with a blow from his warhammer and then grab him by the throat and lean in close to speak softly, so only him and the man can be heard. "I will ask but two things of you..have you heard of Rulf..and where is your coin kept? Answer quickly, and I'll release you to the sea." he promises.

The bigger man, the one with some resentment in his eyes as well as the fear, howls when his knee is crushed.

Maera nods her head once to Aeron. "Try not to scare the Septas with your lechery." She jests with a thin smile in an attempt to lighten the mood. "They've been through enough today." She rises to her feet, stooping slightly to retrieve Longclaw from the floor, and dashes out of the Sept. The dead sailors near the door earn a suprised look from her, and soon enough she spots the captured boat with the sailors.

Leof approaches Matrim, passing him to lift the gems "I am going to return this to the Sept if it pleases. May I offer a suggested course of action?" she offers, voice soft, that proper noble breeding audible in her tone. "Vuk, cowardly and untrained while obediently doing as he was told are two different beasts." she very calmly states, waiting for permission to return the gems from Matrim - His territory, his call. "Bryn, do you know how to tie a sailor's knot?" she calls out at the shore.

Through gritted teeth the man says, "Whhhat?"

Trystan flip his daggers around in his hand, then drops the look of rage, back to his normal, smiling self. He takes a strip from the dead man's clothes and begins to wipe off his blades.

Vuk moves to slam the side of his warhammer against the smashed knee and hiss again into the man's ears. "Where is your coin, and do you know of a man named Rulf? I can break your other knee, and then stake you when the tide goes out, so you can watch it come back in slowly, and kneel beside you and explain to you how it feels when water fills your lungs."

Matrim allows the blade some play and the sharp point juts forward giving a slight cut on the man. "Oops. Waves. Forgive me, as I said, I'm no sailor." He looks the man over. "You may take the black, if you are speaking true. If you are not, then you will die." It is a simple statement. He looks the man in his eyes, and says evenly, "Why then? Are you pirates? Are you bandits? What was your goal. Lay it out for me." He nods to Leof's question. "Please do. My Lady?" He says asking after her, "You were very appreciated today. Your skills speak well above your sex. You have my thanks. Please arrange for men and women who were wounded to be seen to."

Inside the sept, the septas scurry to treat Aeron's wounds. The little girl who was first to respond remains the leader of this activity for a few more minutes, until a proper Septa, older and wiser, clears her head and puts the girl to work dragging the bodies out with the others.

Bryn frowns at Vuk's shouted order, "I'm not a coward." He steps forward, though, to grab the rope, nodding quickly to Leof's question and says, "I do." He ties off the boat quickly, and then steps back again.

Aeron laughs at Maera's joke and immediately regrets it; it's a warble of laughing that changes in pitch as the pain ebbs and wanes. As the septas tend to him he smiles through the pain, "Why, hello."

"I don't know!" cries the man Vuk is terrorizing. "We have no coin. We came to steal!"

Vuk cocks his head a bit in thought. "You know nothing of a man named Rulf?" He asks quietly and suddenly is dragging the man by his throat to the edge of the boat..and slams his head into a few times. "You serve no purpose to me. Raiders, bandits, and son of a bitch in heat." He says, and goes to force the man's head underwater, casually, unless his Lady orders him to cease.

The sailor who had a bag and surrendered isn't on the boat, he's just in front of the sept, and nobody seems to be paying him any mind. Slowly, cautiously, he turns and tries to slip away.

Leof is quiet, moving off of the boat with the treasure. "Thank you Bryn." she offers her arm for proper escort by Bryn - he can easily figure it out since she's wrapping her arm with him "You are not a coward, you followed your orders. Honorably." she announces to Bryn, carrying the bag of treasure "Would you like to sleep in my front room tonight on a soft cot?" she asks Shoving the treassure to Bryn and drawing her bow and arrow rapidly with a hunter's grace, "HALT." she warns the attempted escaper. If he halts, she won't murder him. If he doesn't, she'll shoot.

The man does stop. He stands there trembling. Though not as much as the one that Vuk's busy drowning.

Maera hears a jingle jangle of expensive things clicking together. She turns abruptly to see the sailor pick up the bag, her sword still in hand. With a scowl she approaches the thief, and holds her hand out for the bag with her free hand. The lethally sharp point of her Vayrian sword is raised to press lightly against the man's adam's apple, "Are you the one that swallowed the eye?"

The city watch arrive. Some of them are on horses. They do come up from the docks, maybe they were at least helping with the fire. Behind them, considerably further down the street and moving slowly, comes the hurry-up wagon, and in its barred cage Vuk's eunuch is bleeding.

The man on Maera's knife-point shakes his head and swallows. "No," he whispers.

Vuk is clearly intending to simply drown the man, this isn't torture, it's an execution, and once the man has ceased struggling, he'll drag him over the edge of the boat to rest on deck, and begin to search the dead. "I suggest we figure out if we killed their captain or not." He says, searching the bodies for things of value..and heaven help if any of them had a gold or silver tooth or the like, he'll his short sword to cut it out.

Trystan finishes cleaning his knives, then puts them back into their respective sheaths. He stretches a bit, then turns to smile at Leof. After seeing all of the carnage outside, he decides to head inside, to see if he might be of use there, knowing that the situation outside was in good hands with leof about. And Vuk murdering anyone that so much as twitches.

"Well, if you don't want me to rip open your fucking bowels to see for sure you'd better point out which one did." Maera growlls out.

Matirm shakes his head, but looks at the man with a level gaze, "No more. They have surrendered. They are now under my protection." He drags the other two men up onto the dock for the City Watch to take. "Are we clear Sworn Sword of Mormont?" He asks evenly.

Vuk will look at Matrim and with a slow exhale of breath it seems all heat and fury leaves him. "Yes, of course. I am merely searching them for coin, is there harm in this? If all else, I'm sure below decks I'll find a stock of stolen spirits." He doesn't mention the fact he'll not donate said spirits, or coin. Man has to make a proper wage!

Leof is quiet, approaching Maera, passing her, with Bryn in tow, moving to take the bag outside the Sept quietly, scooping it carefully before gently handing both bags to the nearest Septa of high rank. "your items, returned. Please forgive me for my ungentle, unladilike actions retrieving them." she whispers with a bowwed head, respectful and humble.

One of the elder septas comes out, having directed the younger ones to move the corpses from within. Except that of the septon. The Oldtown City Watch's hurry-up-wagon is somewhat egalatarian in nature — the criminal dead and the criminal living can all ride together. But the pious dead remain at home. the old woman looks around. "Were you good lords and ladies able to recover anything?" she asks. Her eyes are teary, but weirdly hard, and she doesn't look at Vuk's tooth-excavating activities.

"Thank you, good lady," the Septa tells Leof.

Inside, there's a mess. The jewels have been picked of some of the statues of The Seven. And indeed, The mother is missing both of her precious eyes. If Trystan has any piety, it'll be offended.

Nodding, Matrim says evenly, "None. These men have forfeit everything . Including their lives if theya re unlucky." He shrugs a shoulder. "But they DID surrender, and there are rules of engagement that must be followed." He moves to allow the watch to take his charges. He nods to one fo the men, "If they talk willingly, send them to the wall. If not hang them." He instructs evenly. Certianly the Noble house that rules the city can over rule him, or even the Prince, were he to hear of this attack, but right now, as far as Matrim knows, he's the ruling noble.

Aeron smiles dreamily at one of the septas. "Shhhhh," he says, "be still. There's a dragon behind you." He leans forward a moment and says, "He says you're a cute one." The blood has soaked a larger area of Aeron's armor ; he withdraws his knife and tries to cut off the straps of his chestpiece.

If Vuk -found- any thing of value before the charges are marched off, he isn't letting on, but he does move to wade back ashore and follow after Bryn and Leof. "You might not be a soldier, but you have the stomache for it." He just says as he passes Bryn, moving to find Lady Maera, so he can stand in front of her, and where the ship was, incase of further threats, warhammer held in two hands and eyes returning to their dull gaze, perhaps overhearing about missing jewels.

Maera is still holding a sailor at swordpoint. "Vuk." Not having witnessed the carnage on the boat, she seems pleased to have found him. "One of the sailors swallowed the Mother's eyes. Find out from this one which one it was, living or dead." Order issued, she takes her swordpoint from the man's throat, and moves to wipe her bloodied sword off on a fallen sailor's shirt before sheathing Longclaw and walking back into the Sept.

Trystan gives a saddened look at the statues, sighing. "Now that's just not right." he sighs again, then looks for a Septa, waylaying her. "Lord Trystan of House Banefort, here to help assist. Was anyone injured here? Aside from the godless bastards that did this, I mean."

Bryn finally puts his knife away, hidden under his tunic again, but looks up to Vuk and smiles at the words. "Thank you." He quiets again quickly, looking up to Maera and her prisoner, and then to the others again as she heads inside.

There's a dead septon on the floor, and the septas are preparing to move him out. Two of the younger novices look to have been bashed about the face.

Vuk has the slightest pull of a smile on his features as he moves to let his warhammer slip back into the harness so it lays down along his back and draw his short sword, so he can find out who swallowed the eyes before the Watch tries to take them away. "Yes Lady Mormont." He says and steps forward, where as she held him at throat, Vuk's blade rests against the man's artery in his leg. "As Lady Mormont asked, who swallowed the eyes? If it was you, I will be merciful and force a Maester to make you pass them if you do not lie again, or, if you truly did not, which body holds them now?" He asks, the malaise of blood still clinging to him.

The sailor stares bug-eyed at Vuk. "No. No. Not me. He." He looks around. "He's gone. He got away. Don't."

Leof touches the Septa's hands, gently, "You must be so upset." she very gently removes a silken hankerchief with her family crest embroidered in a corner to offer to the Septa for her tears. "Here, all is improving, all will be well soon enough." Vuk is watched, expression almost hostile for a split second before it calms "Ser Vuk," she smiles at the Septa sweetly leaning to bow and back up to address Vuk. "Bryn is my ward." she warns, offering Bryn her hand. Apparently Vuk crossed a line with her when he called Bryn a coward.

Vuk will move to grab the man with one hand around the neck. "None of them escaped, I saw to that, as did others. So, should I slit you across the belly wide, or up for lying?" He asks, tightening his grasp as his short sword draws back a bit. "Lady Mormont was very clear in this. I will let you pray to your god before I find the Eyes." He doesn't have time to acknowledge Lady Leof, he's about to dissect a man for gems!

Trystan sighs. "No respect, this lot. Bring me a bit of water, please." He takes the shoddily-sewn hood and tears it off, then tears it into strips and works to bandage the poor novices for those that need it, making sure to use the water to clean the wounds, first. After making sure they are alright, he will move on to check on others. "Anyone else injured?" he will actually shout this through the hall to see if anyone else requird assistance."

The novices have water, clean water in white wooden buckets. Those who are not tending the dead septon, moving him onto a blanket to carry him out, are starting to clean up.

The man starts to blabber to Vuk, "No, no, no! I didn't, I don't have the eyes! I don't! I vow it!!"

Leof eyerolls. Eyerolls so god damn hard. "Would you just take him to identify his dead friend in the bloody pile of bodies over yonder? I swear to the seven if you kill him, I'll beat you into a pulp of dolt. I killed every single one of them who tried to run." she offers, dully.

Vuk makes like he'll run the man through, he even goes to make the stab, but at last moment, he'll slam the pommel of his sword into the man's stomache to make him double over and push him to the ground. "I only believe you because a guilty man would have tried to flee. Where did your friend go? Point and I will try to convince Lady Mormont to convince the Watch to be lenient." He says, a promise..which he has no ability, nor intention to really uphold.

The man's breath is forced out of him by Vuk's blow. He lies gasping on the ground, and points towards the Starry Street Bridge.

Maera lets out a small sigh as she walks past the carnage in the Sept to kneel down next to Aeron again. "They had a boat." She says, reaching over to help him with the straps on his breastplate. "There were more of them outside, but others took care of them."

Trystan finally takes notice of Aeron, bleeding on the floor. "Oh my. It certainly appears like you've seen better days, Sir Targaryan." he takes some fo the strips and dips them in water, working to clean the wound after cutting off his armor with one of his knives.

Vuk points at the Watch who seemingly arrived. "Take this one too, if he speaks of which of the dead has the eyes, gut the corpse and find them. I will go." He says, moving to begin moving off in pursuit of the one who fled. Vuk's name is apt after all.

Trystan nods to Maera. "Hello, Lady Mormont. I apologize for the mess outside. The men with the stabbed throats are my doing. Unfortunately, I believe some of them evaded capture." he then returns to bandaging Aeron, quite effectively.

The watchmen shove Vuk's captive into the hurry-up wagon with the rest of them, and turn it and the old stot pulling it toward the watchhouse.

Leof announces, bluntly. "He lacks honor and compassion." she turns to go into the Sept and watch the healing. "Try- Lord Banefort, is there anyway I may help you in your goodly efforts?" she asks, voice very soft.

"Why do they always have a boat?" Aeron says grinning at Maera and then looking at Trystan. "Why, hello. What happened to the pretty one?" He laughs and then winces in pain once more.

Bryn follows Leof inside, making no comment about Leof's words about honour. In fact, he's completely silent until he sees one of the wounded being treated, "Aeron!" Now, he quickly runs ahead of Leof, over to where Aeron is lying.

Having cleaned his blade, Matrim slides the weapon back into its scabbard and approaches the sept. When he spies the Prince being tended he curses. Oh yes. His father is going to murder him. A raid, a robbed Sept, AND a wounded Targaryn? All on his visit to the city.

Taking a deep breath he kneels down beside Trystan and Aeron and asks evenly, "How wounded is the Prince?" He asks both men. He doesn't fail to notice the pretty Septa's helping. He has a trained eye for this. He decides to do the Prince a favor and leans in to whisper to the pretty young Septa. Speaking in hushed whispers praises for the Prince's… prowess,and other things that women like to hear.

Matrim looks to Aeron and gives the man a wink. As if to silently say: You're welcome.

Trystan chuckles. "She left after seeing just how horrifying your face is. now hold still." he finishes wrapping the wound, making sure to apply liberal amounts of pressure to stop any bleeding. "There we are. Now don't go tearing thet or causing it to bleed more with a lot of movement, yeah?" he then smiles to Leof. "Oh, just make sure this one douesn't get any more blood on the floor, m'lady. By the way, you sell yourself short with that bow." He winks at her.

Leof takes something from her pocket, bending down gracefully to open the parchment, offering candy to Aeron and Bryn. "Aeron, would you like me to get my horse and cart and take you home as soon as Lord Banefort is done?" she asks, voice soft and gentle. Matrim is eyed as she offers Maera a sweet. Trystan gets none - because he's wrist deep in Aeron, but Matrim is offered one!

Vuk is very exacting about following Lady Mormont's instructions, he's off after the man who went by the bridge, moving with quick speed, he's used to moving quickly for extended periods of time. One does not drill from the age of six for nothing!

And so…

Vuk goes East across the Starry Street Bridge to Hightower Street.

There's no sign of the man, but the city is still busy at this hour.

Vuk at least has a notion of what to look for, a sailor, who probably is looking..less then happy, he'll keep moving and snapping at smallfolk as he goes. "In the name of House Mormont, have you seen a man fleeing across the bridge in a great hurry and fear?"

A man and a woman, carrying bundles of cloth slowly up the street, point towards Oldtown Street.

Vuk heads East to the Oldtown Street.

Old Street

This street cuts through the older areas of the city. The buildings here look a little dilapidated. The timber overhangs lean against each other, and into the street somewhat. There is a runnel down the center of the street where a goodly amount of liquid refuse is tossed from above, and the cobblestones here are worn quite smooth by years and years of people treading upon them.

To the West the Honeywine River awaits. To the east, the arches to the Oldtown Square await. The less respectable guild-halls of the city can be found here.

This part of the town is more crowded at this hour.

Vuk is moving the way he was directed, reloading his crossbow as he goes, and looking more intently for his querry, asking the same questions as he did before, and now offering lenincy in a loud shout if the man gives him self up.

The question is met with easy responses. "Fucker burned down a shop, didn't he!" demands a man leaning from another shop's window. Pointing fingers direct Vuk into an alley.

Vuk will dart into the alley way, warhammer held in one hand, crossbow in the other, seeking his prey, ignoring questions about shop burning. He's fairly certain, they killed who ever did that.

Vuk will move to smash aside the rain barrels with his warhammer, crossbow pointed, in case some one comes out. "Give your self up and I will make this quick and let a Maester force you to throw up the Eyes!"

When the sailor pushes the rainbarrel over and spills water into the alley and springs up to run, Vuk is ready for him.

Vuk didn't intend to kill the man out right, he literally puts a bolt right through the man's knee, so he can't run and moves to wield his warhammer, so he can break the man's knees once he closes in again. "You should not defile places of worship, it is also, very disrespectful." He says.

The man shrieks. Arrows in the knee hurt. Even more does being broken in the knee by a warhammer. The man is down, sobbing.

Vuk goes to let the warhammer's spike slam into the man's shoulder..and he goes to make gentle, percise incisions with his short sword, quite literally, searching the man's entrails for the gems, with out tearing him apart, so he'll ..live for a while. He better have them, or his fate could be worse.

The man screams until he can't scream any more, and then he chokes and gibbers and faints. He hasn't had the jewels in his system for long, the eyes of The Mother are still in his stomach. So are some other gems, probably from her cloak. There's not much else besides the nasty pap a person gets in their belly from eating hard-tack and nothing else.

Vuk will gather the gems and shove them in a pouch to hide under his cloak and then use the man's shirt to staunch his wound, and begin to carry him back to the Sept, alive, if not unconscious.

Back at Starry Street, in front of the Sept….

"Looks like you've got everyone to fuss over you now." Maera says as she reaches over to pat Aeron's shoulder before she stands to make room for those that wish to get in and say a word. Leof's sweet is declined, and instead she moves towards Matrim to speak with him. "I left my man with one that I had captured to see if he couldn't find the Mother's eyes. One of the bastards swallowed them."

"Oh, hello, Bryn," he says smiling. "I'll be OK." He nods to everyone in turn. Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. "Please, have the Hightowers send a horse for me. Lord Hightower would not approve if it was anyone else that saw me back to his keep."

Aeron nods to Trystan understanding his instruction on care of his wound. "My thanks."

Trystan smiles and begins to wash his hands in what little bit of clean water is left, getting the blood off, humming a small tune to himself. After he has cleaned up as best he can, he turns back to Aeron. "Don't mention it. But, don't go forgetting it,either." he smirks, then looks to Bryn. "Sir Flowers. Good to see you are unharmed." He ruffles the boy's hair after making sure at least one hand is clean, then smiles at Leof.

Leof takes a moment, moving towards the door, quietly, she flags down one of the watch, sending the order. She doesn't ask for a horse - she sends for a horse and cart. Aeron isn't in any shape to be on a horse. She is quiet, keeping her distance "Bryn, you were a good boy today. Thank you. Bryn would you like to wait for Aeron's horse to come or go home with me now?. She offers her hands to Trystan, gently, in greeting. "Thank you for your kindness, she offers, bowing her head to Trystan. Her cheeks do get pink at the extended stolen glances.

Aeron goes East across the Starry Street Bridge to Hightower Street.
Aeron has left.

Trystan chuckles and bows, taking her hands gently, raising one to kiss gently. "You're quite welcome, m'lady."

Bryn nods a little to Aeron's reassurance, smiling some, though he still looks a bit worried. He takes the candy Leof offers, "Thank you," though pockets it for the moment. For once, he doesn't have much appetite. He does smile again, just a little, at Trystan's words. As Leof asks the last question he considers, then says, since Aeron seems so tired, "I'll go with you."

Leof blushes a bit more "Shall we go get something? I'll make some tea for our nerves. Would you care for tea Lord Banefort?" she invites, voice kept at a very respectable volume. "I have some lovely soothing tea from back home mixxed with a mild black tea." she offers, wrapping her arm over Bryn's shoulder, protectively.

Trystan smiles. "That sounds lovely. I would be delighted to accompany you, m'lady." He does turn to maera, bowing. "M'lady, I do hope your possessions are recovered soon.

Vuk was coming back..with some one with him, being dragged and carried. By now, his entrails are sort of spilling out as he forces him to kneel. "Wake up thief, there is some thing I want you to see." He says softly and slaps him across the face.

There's not much effort required to make the gutted sailor kneel. It's more to keep him from collapsing.

Vuk can't tell if he's awake or not so he'll stand behind the man and cock his head a bit. "I will let you make a prayer to your god, for in death, all should be allowed to do so." He says before moving to rip the man's shirt away, so his entrails spill out more freely, and casually wrap them around the man's neck and constrict, no doubt some will split, but Vuk is infact, choking the man to death, with his own intestines, judging from the fact his stomache was literally cut open, this is just a formality at this point. "Never take from a place of worship." He'll say before releasing the corpse..or should be corpse. Unless it becomes a Wight, then Vuk will be in another world of trouble.

Leof keeps her composure but turns away to hide her face on Trystan's shoulder, hand over her mouth. "That beast is a savage." seeing a gutted man in a holy place is just a bit much. "Please escort me away before I lose my temper. Lord Matrim specifically told him no more killing." she whispers, visibly uncomfortable, but she isn't beating Vuk senseless.

Maera's head turns to watch as her swornsword carry in a disemboweled man, as proud as a cat that had killed a plump mouse and has left it on the doorstop, and her eyes twitches. "…He didn't. ….Oh god, he's not going to…." She just stares in disbelief as the man finishes murdering the thief in the Sept. "…I can't fucking believe this."

Vuk has made a mess on the street. The gutted man lies there, motionless. And the hurry-up wagon is now long gone.

Trystan nods and escorts Leof away. He does takea moment to stop behind Vuk, turning his head. "You are a savage, uncontrollable monster, with no honor. All you know is death." After simply stating the facts, he finishes taking Leof and Bryn out of the Sept, and to a comfortable, safe place.

Vuk has the gems though, and after staring impassively at the mutilated body, he'll go to slip to the river, so he can wash them, all of them. He isn't sure which are the ones he was supposed to retrieve, so he'll just wash them all, and then go to return them to Maera. "The gems Lady Mormont." He says, presenting them in both hands. Hands cleaned, as are the gems. "I was unsure of which were the eyes, so I brought them all." His expression is dull and stoic again, and doesn't even flicker when Trystan speaks to him.

The older septa just looks away from what Vuk is doing, and tries to steer the young novices to do the same. Even so, some of the girls begin to scream and cry.

The Mother's eyes are there, alabaster and sapphire, beautiful. So are a number of other gems, cut beauties from the gowns and robes of the Seven.

Matrim, after flirting heavily with a young Septa, all in the name of helping Aeron out. It pays to keep even minor dragons happy… He moves to stand beside Maera. He is silent and watches the debacle as it occurs and hears her comments before he says quietly for her ears. "My Lady. I had ordered him to refrain form further killings." He is silent for a moment before he continues. "He is however your man. I would appreciate it however if you kept him … under control. A dog has his uses, but it should be used sparingly."

Again, the bloody display doesn't seem to phase Bryn. He's seen death, bloody death, before, likely a lot. He does, however, quickly move to follow Leof and Trystan away.

"I did not think he would do….this." Maera says softly in response to Matrim. She looks as if she may begin to weep herself, and reaches out for Matrim's forearm to steady herself.

Vuk seems impassive mostly, sans a bit of surprise at Maera's response. "Lady Mormont told me to retrieve the gems, so I found them." He says, still holding them. "Should they not be taken and replaced where they were stolen from? I have to dispose of the body." He says.

Matrim is firm himself. This is his first real battle, but he has literally been trianing for this sort of thing his entire life. He allows Maera to take his arm to steady herself and he places a hand over hers to let her know he's there. Its nothing romantic or demeaning, just a silent gesture of friendship. He looks out over the field where battle had commenced and sighs slightly. "It was my first battle." He says quietly to Maera. Then looks to Vuk as he mentions the gems, but allows Maera to address her man.

"It is not my first, but to see that…" Maera sucks in a deep breath to regain her composure before she finally speaks to Vuk. "Give them to me and go to the Manse." She holds her hand out for the gems.

Vuk will carefully place the gems in Maera's hand, ensuring not a single one falls. "May I ensure the body is buried on the way?" He asks of Lady Mormont, gesturing to what he had done.

Maera takes the gems wordlessly, and gives Vuk a stiff nod. "Now go. Please. Please go."

Vuk will bow before Maera before going to remove the body…and presumably have it buried some where, and return to the Manse. He has to see to his own armor and arms..oh, and scrub him self down.

Maera releases Matrim's arm, and goes to speak with the Septa. After begging her pardons for the horrific scene she returns the gems, and turns to leave.

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