(120-11-29) Red Velvet
Red Velvet
Summary: Aeron visits the Bawdy Bard Playhouse and is greeted by its proprietor.
Date: 29/11/2013
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Logfile from Game of Bones - Aeron.

You enter the Bawdy Bard.
Bawdy Bard — Oldtown Square

Like a coin, the Bawdy Bard has two sides. On the West is a posh and rich atmosphere; on the East, rather seedy and questionable. Originally this was two buildings back to back to each other, one entrance facing the Undercity while the newer addition faced Oldtown Square. The main floor is known as the The Hourglass Parlor due to it's curious design, and it is obvious that this establishment is much more then a Brothel. There are rooms upstairs for for every budget, and they are all clean and well cared for.

On the rather posh side, the well maintained oak floors have been polished to a shine and lush red velvet oversized chairs are placed around black lacquered wooden tables. Leather booths with solid oak tables are lined up neatly and properly to provide for a bit more privacy.

The seedy side couldn't be more opposite: cracked and scratched patchwork floors are covered in a thin layer of sawdust. Beat up tables in ill condition are placed haphazardly with no sense of order, with chairs in similar disarray line the floor. A few wooden booths line one side of the wall, all with rather interesting and often inappropriate things carved and scratched into the wood. However, over the years some of the too-seedy looking things have been thrown out and replaced with the furniture that's worn down from the west side of the brothel. So slowly but surely the east side is looking less and less run down.

In the center of the parlor there are two additional rooms — to the north there is a small gambling hall. To the south a there's the theater from which the establishment has gotten its name, for the girls and the Madam's old Mummer friends are known to put on some rather bawdy shows. Lining the sides of both these rooms are a pair of solid oak staircases leading up, the rails hand carved with rather explicit images of brothel girls performing their… duties.

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CONTENTS: Jessilyn(P)

Gambling Hall <GH>
Upstairs <U>
Back Door <BD>
Oldtown Square <O>

Aeron walks into the Bawdy Bar from the Oldtown Square side. He has the look of a first time visitor to the establishment and he spends a some time examining the decor. However, he appears rather relaxed in the environment; perhaps due an evening's worth of wine or cider.

An exotic beauty with black tightly curly hair and glowing caramel skin slinks up to greet the newcomer. She gives a bow, one hand lifted to place over the center of her bare but for beaded necklaces that hang down just low enough for 'modesty'. "Welcome. If you would like to sit. I can bring you wine and let Madam Jessilyn know you are here." Her accent is very thick. It's clear that talking is not her strong point, hence her fetching the woman to speak with.

"Well, aren't you a pleasant greeting," Aeron answers with a smile. He makes no attempt to be discreet with his wandering eyes, but at least he doesn't leer at the woman. "Wine would be lovely," he says and takes a seat in one of the oversized velvet chairs.

The exotic whore gives him a warm smile, her white teeth a dazzling contrast within her dark spread lips. She even gets dimples in her cheeks when she smiles. She bows her head in gratitude to the complient before turning to sashay for the stairs. Around her waist as well is a belt of beads, they go from tight about her waist to loose and dangling low, again to keep her just enough a mystery. Dark eyes peek over her shoulder at him as she strolls up those steps, inviting him to watch her go. She does not return with his wine.

That honor comes along with the Bawdy Bard herself. Some also argue that the nickname for the parlor, the Hourglass Parlor gets it's name from the Madam's shape, not it's own hourglass shape. Bare pale feet are silent on the dark wood as she glides down the stairs. A crystal decanter of wine in one hand and two matching crystal goblets in the other hand. "My Lord. Welcome to the Bawdy Bard." She gracefully and fluidly opens the decanter and pours the wine without spilling a drop. "I'm Jessilyn. Madam here. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Aeron accepts the exotic beauty's invitation and watches her ascend with a pleasant smile on his face. He passes the time by examining the details of the parlor; appreciating the shine of the floor, the rich colors of the fabrics and leathers and the contrasts of the lacquered wood. He nearly finishes his survey of the playhouse, when its namesake arrives with the wine. Aeron hesitates a moment, clearly not expecting the madame to be as well-put-together as she is, and then stands. "Aeron," he replies with a wide smile. He extends his hands slightly, indicating the decanter and goblets, "Perhaps you will indulge me with a drink for now? Then we can discuss business after you've thoroughly disarmed me."

Jessilyn gives him the decanter and his goblet before she slides down to nestle in against him. Close without being clingy, draped against him without being smothering, she knows the fine lines between small folk and nobles, even in such a place as this where it's famous for those lines being greatly blurred. "Aeron." She repeats with a fetching smile, amused and impressed that they are already on a first name basis. As one hand airs her wine by swirling it in her glass the other hand barely touches him as her fingertips trace down the front of him. "Yes…let's see about 'disarming you'." Her voice pitched low like warm chocolate on a fingertip begging to be licked. The disarming happens if he'll allow it with nimble extremely experienced fingers pucking his sword belt undone and guiding it free to lean against the chair they share, close, but still… unarmed. "To us." She purrs lifting up her goblet of wine to clink against his.

Aeron accepts the wine decanter and goblet and rapidly finds himself being guided onto the chair. He silently assents to Jessilyn's control of the situation with a pleased smile and only speaks when their goblets chime in toast. "To us," he repeats and takes a sip of the wine. "I apologize for the lack of creativity, but I must admit that I find myself at a loss for words," Aeron says. "And had I known that I would be sharing a drink with such a lovely woman this night, I would have worn something a bit fancier."

Jessilyn gives a little subtle lick of a droplet of wine that clings to the rim of her goblet as she gazes over it at him though even in that tiny little movement comes with it a depth of suggestion. "I don't mind the quiet. I also don't mind sparing you the washer woman's price after your fancy clothes have spent the night tossed haphazardly about a room's furniture and floor." She gives a sultry smile before it vanishes so she can take another drink of the fine Arbor vintage.

"Oh, you're a dangerous one, aren't you?" Aeron remarks in a playful tone. He takes a small sip of wine, enough to just enjoy the flavor. "You seem to know exactly which gap in the armor to slip your dagger through; not that I'm complaining one damn bit, mind you. But, tell me, am I that easy to read?"

Jessilyn purrs out, "Would you like me to be? I can be anything you want." She promises him with pride. It's what she's known for, actress that she is. "I am rather well versed at what I do." This time when she lifts her goblet up to lips, they aren't her own. She lightly brushes the crystal that's smudged lightly with her rouge that tastes of berries and honey with the unique taster of her mouth mingled in soft notes within to his mouth so he might have a sample of how she tastes. The grace and refinement in the act makes it almost ritual like. Her free hand lifts up to lightly slide through his hair. "Would you like to meet the girls?" In those few words it's made clear that usually she doesn't do that sort of work - unless it's a special case - and there's a purr in her words that does give note to an 'Unless' in there. Hinting that if he doesn't wish to bother, she might just make one of her special cases for him. It's amazing what sort of doors silver hair and violet eyes open.

"Oh, I'd wager a sack full of dragons that you're probably the best at what you do in the whole of the Reach," Aeron admits after accepting the goblet. He drinks her in with his eyes as much as he does the wine, reluctantly breaking away from both. "Yes, why don't we do that, but seeing as it's my first time here… perhaps you will indulge me and stay to choose the girl for me?"

Jessilyn moistens her lips with a slow slide of her tongue as she watches him enjoy the wine from her goblet. She reaches for his free hand and places it on the soft bare curve of her hip then holds it there as she moves to guide him up into a stand still tucked in underneath his arm. Like a well practiced and executed dance move. The arm she slides around behind him takes up the decanter and the leather of his sword belt to make sure that's not forgotten. "Right this way." She leads him to the stairs and up them if he continues to be so malleable as before. "Speaking of a pouch full of dragons…just how much are you willing to lighten your purse tonight my Lord?"

Aeron begins to reach for the sword belt automatically, but stops when he realizes that Jessilyn has already taken care of that for him. He silently nods his head in approval that he only has to worry about keeping one hand on his glass and the other on her hip. Seeing that he truly is in good hands, he continues to let the madam remain in control of the encounter and be guided through the playhouse. "How much to spend this night…. Hmmm…. You've proven to me that I am in capable hands and I'm sure you'll want me to come back again and again. So, I shall leave it up to you to see that I thoroughly enjoy my first visit. Madam's discretion."

Jessilyn goes upstairs.
Jessilyn has left.
You go upstairs.
Bawdy Bard — Upper Level — Oldtown Square

The upstairs portion of the Bawdy Bard is a study in world cultures, as over the years whores from every crack of land have added their own touches to the resident area. From each wing, the west and the east, there is a single stairwell that leads up to a gallery on the second floor. The east wing is more sparsely decorated, but there is a painting of each girl in tasteful nudes hung beside each door. On the bottom portion of each girls frame are circular divots. Each divot is painted and sized according to the metal of the coin that is expected to be placed within. The money placed in the frame goes to the house before entering the room. Gratuity to the girl is appreciated before exiting the room.

The kitchen and dining area is shared by the girls on both sides of the brothel. It is centrally located in the resident upstairs area and takes up most of the northern half of the middle. While the madam's suite takes up a good portion of the south side. Both the suite and the dining room can be accessed by either wing. The kitchen is rather simple, but very well stocked in case a well paying customer would like some food to keep up their energy.

CONTENTS: Jessilyn(P)

Madam's Suite <MS>
Downstairs <O>

Jessilyn uses the sword belt in her hand to give his money pouch a little swing and bounce to gauge, could he afford her? Is he even a Lord or is he just some illegitimate penniless bastard? Only time will tell it seems. With the same fluid ease she's displayed thus far she reaches for his goblet so that she and maneuver the swordbelt in quite a twirling display, just enough that his pouch lands in his recently freed hand. She seems to want his hand to remain on her hip, she likes it there. "Each girl has a portrait, each frame has little nooks - Coin shaped nooks. If you see something you like, simply place the coins into the divots. Knock on the door and enjoy your night. We can go across to the East Wing if you would like something a bit more… base." An elegant way of saying if he wants to slum it and have his way with a whore that's not to be so delicately enjoyed as the more expensive girls in the West Wing. She does lead him by her portrait as well. It has a red velvet curtain swooped along the bottom and one side. A golden tassle and silk rope cord is tugged and Two Golden Circles painted with Dragons are revealed to him. She is of course notable the most expensive of the girls available.

The Targaryen's coinpurse is the practiced weight of a wary man of means. Heavy enough for an evening's indulgences, but not an overripe fruit ripe for the picking from a thief. Aeron removes his hand from around Jessilyn's waist and wraps it around her hand, intending to lower the silk rope cord. "Though I'm sure I would not regret it, I would rather drink you in slowly than have my fill in one night," he explains and returns his hand to its previous resting place. "Now, my lady, which one of your girls would you pick for me?"

Jessilyn is won over without appearing to be at all at those words of his intent with her. One crimson eyebrow perks up and she looks amused. "You're dangerous as well my Lord. Let's see, Jazmin to be on a cloud when she came to fetch me…" She gestures with the hand deftly holding the two goblets and he decanter towards the portrait of the exotic beauty that looked to have the blood of the Summer Isles and Bravos rushing hot and spicy through her veins the jungle background and the woman keeping her modesty by cuddling around a large jungle cat has divots enough to be just several silver stags shy of a gold dragon. "That which you place in the frame is for the house. It is expected to give gratuity to the girl as well. So what do you think my Lord? Has your Dagger struck true?"

"Only with steel," Aeron says with a grin. He regards the portrait for several seconds out of respect for the effort made in the presentation, but had already made his mind to accept whichever woman that Jessilyn selected. Untwining from her, he collects his sword belt and coin purse. "I think she'll do nicely," he answers with an approving smile and begins to pull stags out of the coin purse and begins to deposit them in the frame. "Well, then my lady Madam Jessilyn of the Bawdy Bard Playhouse, I suppose this is where we part ways this evening." The a smile on his face does little to mask the disappointment in his voice.

Jessilyn leans in after they are separated and places her soft as velvet and warm as mulled wine cheek against her. Those red lips brushing fine down of hair on his ear lobe as she whispers. "You have a wonderful night. I look forward to hearing her 'sing'." When she leans back she is smiling at him almost in a daring and challenging way. Seems he might be judged tonight on his worth according to the pitch and tempo in which he can make Jazmin 'sing'. From her corset she pulls out a piece of paper. "This is the address of our money lender. If you deposit a sum with him he'll give you a writ that I will gladly accept and you can count that as good as coin in any divot you wish to fill. Do enjoy your night my Lord. Your Dagger will be lonely for her favorite sheath." The bow she gives him is one fit for the Iron Throne Room. She lingers long enough to ask any question about their money lending system before she'll turn to saunter into her room again. Giving him just one last little look and a bow of her head before she leaves him to his challenge.

Aeron raises an eyebrow at the challenge, the grin becoming lopsided and perhaps a bit cocky. He takes the paper, transferring it to the hand holding his swordbelt. "And I shall look forward to the next time we meet," Aeron replies. He reaches for her now-free hand when he returns her bow, intending to receive it in a courtly farewell. "It truly has been a pleasure. Good night."

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