(120-12-12) Bawdy Wedding Feast After-Party
Bawdy Wedding Feast After-Party
Summary: Many of the guests at Lord and Lady Banefort's Wedding Feast aren't ready to call it a night just yet and many migrate to the Bawdy Bard to learn just where the Brothel gets its name. Warning: Sexy Content. Contains nudity but nothing graphic graphic.
Date: 12/12/2013
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Aeron and Jessilyn arrive first, the madam encouraging Aeron to pick up the pace so that she can welcome the revelers from the Banefort reception. Aeron is deposited on the posh side of the house and place in an open area where there other guests are sure to see and join him.

Arn follows the train of guest to the Bawdy bard, when he arrives he drifts more towards the gambling den then the posher areas of the house. He grins, "Well lets see if I cna make a little coin.

Isador though she enters with the crowd is almost mistake for one of Jessilyn's employees. She takes it in her stride however citing it internally as a positive appraisal of her 'market value' and not an aspersion against her character. She glides along boldly to join Aeron in his area of the bawdy house curtsying as she does. "My Lord," she says, "I saw you at the gathering earlier and have not had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a real live Targaryen yet… My name is Isador." Bold as brass but not impolite for a commoner.

"Yes, we Targaryens venture out from the Crownlands from time to time, just to prove that we're real," Aeron says with a grin. He bows his head en lieu of rising, "Forgive me if I don't rise, it's been a long day on my feet, but you're welcome to have a seat." He gestures to one of the available seats as one of the madam's girls arrives with a decanter of wine.

Arn pauses in his trip to the gambling portion of the establishment, "Well hello Lord Aeron, I am sorry I did not have a change to greet oyu at the feast." he then smiles, "I would has how you fare but well I am not blind."

Jessilyn returns from organizing a bit of entertainment. "If everyone would like to join the us in the theater, make ourselves comfortable. The Bawdy Bard is proud to present, The Wedding Feast!" She gives a bow and with a sultry smile extends her hand towards Aeron and tilts her head towards the theater. A welcoming smile is also aimed at the lady friend he picked up in her absence.

"As a girl who was born a wildling I must say that I am a bit out of my element here too my Lord," she says to the Targaryen. This statement contrasts with her accent which screams Essos. Isador rises to curtsey to Lord Arn as he approaches politely. She had hoped to speak with Jessilyn at some stage in the evening as well - but offers the woman a winsome smile. She was at least never forced in her manner after obtaining a goblet of wine she follows the Madams directions.

Aeron smiles at Isador and and pours himself a cup, "They didn't have wildlings when I was last in Essos." His followup question is halted when Arn arrives, "I was only bedridden a couple days to heal." He rubs under his left breast and remarks, "It's still sore from time to time, but would have been a lot worse had I not been wearing my leathers that night." His attention turns towards Jessilyn when she returns and he rises to take her hand. "A show! This should be fun!"

Arn nods and follows into the theatre with the other two after procuring a drink of course. He loosk ot Isador, "I hope this show is not too scandalous for oyour sake."

"I was sold to a blood maegi as a slave my Lord - so I found myself in Essos for a while - but that is a long story," Some people have interesting lives it seems. To Arn, "In Braavos I had many lovers male and female - some skilled in the arts of the pleasurebooks of Lys. I think I can handle most of what may or may not be said my Lord."

The perfect wedding feast after-party show is the band of bawdy mummers all gathered around a table that's up on the stage. They are all powdered and dressed up in finery, similar to that seen earlier in the night at the actual feast. There is some dialog between the actors that is of course all lewd suggestions and bets are made on just how long the first bedding will be. Then comes the actors banging their mugs on the table and starting to chant for the bedding to begin. The table smoothly slides out of the way off stage and the undressing begins! The bride dressed all in white, with a headdress that has a veil that hangs over her face. The groom is all done up in some fancy armor and has a chain cowl on. Mercilessly the other actors barb and make lewd calls to the bride and groom as they are stripped. Then center stage the huddles around the bride and groom part to reveal the naked newlyweds. The humor of this band of mummers is also revealed because it's of the Bard's Girls that's playing the groom, with a fake phallus and her ample tits are poorly strapped down with just her nipples poking out of some cut holes in the bandages. She's got a fake mustache on and is wearing her hair slicked back tightly to make it look shorter. As for the Bride, when the veil is removed it reveals the most hirsute and girthy of the actors with a convincing tuck job and large moobs on display standing on center stage with comedic music provided by the minstrels of the troupe.

Arn nods to Isador not exactly sure how to respond, thankfully the show saves him from having to by beginning. He relaxes as he watches the show and before long is laughing loudly and enjoying it completely well until his sees the moobs which do cause him to cringe a little.

Aeron taps Arn on the shoulder when Isador finishes her brief explanations. He waggles his eyebrows a couple of times and nods his head subtly towards Isador. Then he clears his throat and shakes his head, "Blood Maegi. I've heard of them. It's fortunate you got away." He follows Jessilyn, taking advantage that she is still 'on the clock' with him and pulls her into him as he watches the show. The Targaryen is not really reserved at all, laughing at all the comedic parts along with the crowd. He even joins in the chant with the actors.

"Oh not at all my Lord - he emancipated me and adopted me. Even left me with a small inheritence," Isador says to the Targaryen Lord. Isador is hardly 'one of the guys' when it comes to these shows - she laughs in a subdued manner when appropriate and cringes mildly at the sexual reversal. Overall she does not seem scandalised but hey she was from Braavos after all.

Jessilyn has seen the show so she spends it's entirity kissing and nuzzling at the side of Aeron's neck and at his ear. Whispering some things to him now and then. She doesn't seem to mind the woman on the other side of him flirting ad chatting with him at all.

But then just as the newlyweds have been standing on stage almost almost to long to make it awkward Jessi rises. "This won't do at all!" She bellows with a grin. "Oi! Jess, use some of that Madam Magic will ya!?" Calls one of the other actors on stage who's dramatically shielding his eyes from the moobs himself. With a big sultry grin the standing Madam rubs her hands on her rump and then slides them up to molest her chest before using the power acquired from her assets she then loudly claps her hands. There's a small explosion of red smoke and a bit of glittery white embers that tinkle in the air. When all of the smoke has cleared, as helped along by the actors using burlesque sized fans a very sexy boxom bride is standing next to a handsome chiseled groom. The pair then proceed to make out and assume different positions. Comedy Satire turned to soft porn that for the right price of the gratuity of coins thrown on stage as is the tradition, perhaps hard core.
Her job as Madam Magician done she plops back down and snuggles back up with Aeron.

Arn laughs at the use of 'madam magic' he does throw a coin onto the stage in appreciation of the performance. he turns to Isador, 'I assume that was different then the blood magic you have seen?" he says with a little mirth, not mocking just being merry.

Aeron makes a catcall at Jessilyn as she uses her magic and follows suit with Arn; a couple coins are tossed on the stage. Once the madam has returned next to him, he leans in to her and asks, "How long were you going to keep that a secret from me? Hmmm?"

Isador delights at the change in pace when the switch occurs and tosses a coin or two. Isador smiles at Arn, "You'd be surprised my Lord - and maybe I picked up more than a few tricks myself."

When enough coins collect on the stage to merit taking it up a notch, a four poster bed slides onto the stage and it's done in a tilt and a mirror is also attached to the top of the posts and angled just right so everything the newlyweds do can be seen by the audience. With even more coin gets thrown up the feast table rolls back out onto stage and many of the other actors start going at it because, "The Madam Magic got into the wine!"
One of the latest whispers into Aeron's ear has them both politely excusing themselves and heading upstairs laughing together and 'racing' as they go.

But before they get to far Aeron helpfully suggests. "I'm afraid I will have to take my leave. If either of you decide to stay a bit longer, I recommend Jazmin or Silken."

Arn looks over to Isador and smiles, "I see.' He then says, "I think that means I have to be careful around you, good Isador."

Isador looks at Arn incredulously, "I am harmless I assure you my lord." And she does look it. The rutting on stage only momentarily holds her attention. "I thought I would be homesick - looks like a few amenities have made their way across the sea."

Arn glances to the stage then back to her, "So this reminds you of home? It but be quite a different place then here." He does glance back to the show between moments of talking with Isador.

"It is sexually wanton - filled with magic and fire. But after my Master died it did not feel like a home to me. I had business north of the wall - revenge to seek out for fallen family. So I returned here." She was a wildling at birth.

Arn nods to her, "I see, but we are far from the Wall." he does not sound displeased by that fact. He then says, "Or have you already extracted your price?

Trystan enters the Bard, whistling a small tune, having changed into more comfortable and common clothes. He looks to the stage, raises an eyebrow, and then scans for familiar faces. As he notices Arn and Isador, he makes his way to them, pulling out a seat and joining them. He then points to Arn. "Before you say anything, my wife knows I'm here, and she's okay with it. It was not our wedding today, just a celebration. We already consummated the marriage, so you need not crack wise." With that, he smirks and settles back in his chair, looking to Isador. "It's good to see you both again, by the way."

"Yes," Isador says sadly, "And learnt a thing or two about blood magic my master did not teach me." She sees no reason to conceal her expertise after all it was near to obvious given what she'd said earlier that she'd had some training. She perks up when Trystan arrives, "Hail and well met my Lord. Come to gamble? See the show? Or something else?"

Arn laughs a bit at Trystans extended greets, "I see, well my Lord Trystan I made no such comments.' he then says, "And it is not for me to comment on what your wife does or does not know." He then nods to Isador, "I am not familiar with magic myself i tend to trust in steel."

Trystan smiles, then looks to Isador. "Speaking of your training, eh? Well, good that you don't just hide it." he then looks to Arn. "Magic is a very interesting thing. I've actually met a Warg before, while I was serving as a page under Lord Umber in the North."

"A good prejudice my Lord," Isador says to Arn, "A sword is faster cleaner and dare I say less indiscriminate. But blood magic can be used to kill - awfully and inevitably from a distance. A tool too often employed in Essos. I will never use it for that ever again." Canting her head at Trystan, "When I was a girl up north I met many wargs - my mother and I had a strange affliction that allowed us to see things before they happened in our dreams which was considered rarer. To be honest I do not consider these things to be 'magic' per say - but there is no open forum for discussion of such superstition inducing matters outside the Maesters tower."

Arn nods at their words, "I have never ventured very far up north. My own service as a page was with the Lannisters." he comment nd then nods as Isador talks ovf magic.

Trystan nods to Arn. "Ah, I see." He then looks to Isador with a nod.

"The Lannisters are a fascinating family - next even to the Lords paramount of Riverrun - that must have been an interesting time my Lord?" Isador offers Arn, "Discretely of course I would be willing to discuss any topic relating to magic with you Lord Trystan. I think you will find me a more 'responsible' practitioner than most."

Arn nods, "They are." he smiles, "And I did find my time among them pleasant." he states. he smiles, "I would be interested in that as well." He tells Isador, "But I fear I would not understand much of it and would likely ruin the lesson for the other student."

Trystan chuckles. "I'm willing to allow that risk."

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