(120-12-12) A Picnic of Lions and Roses
A Picnic of Lions and Roses
Summary: Finding that there is much to much left overs from Lady and Lord Banefort's wedding feast Haydn goes over to the Tyrell's to propose a picnic of leftovers.
Date: 12/12/2013

Maidenday Gardens Starry Street
Thu Dec 12, 120 ((Thu Dec 12 23:51:17 2013))

The Maidenday Gardens are perhaps the loveliest of Oldtown's public gardens. The gracious footpaths are paved in white stone and lined with with flowering trees and rosebushes bearing pink and white blossoms. The beds alongside them are thickly planted with narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, trilliums and wood anemones. An occasional arbor arches over the path, supporting a clematis or wisteria, a virgin's bower or a honeysuckle. Most of the flowers are pale or blushing, but splashes of bright yellows, purples, and blues are not uncommon. True red is all that is absent. In the evenings little lamps hang from slim iron posts to light the paths.

There are benches here and there, and pavilions enshrouded with flowering vines. There are also shrines to The Maiden throughout the garden. They feature statues of stone or wood, some painted, some plain, some large, some small, some dressed in real clothing. All are beautiful and all have a little altar before them. While this is a public garden the rest of the year, on Maiden's Day it is closed to all but maidens. Those girls who feel the ritual at the Sept is not enough to express their piety may, under the watchful eyes of the Septas who maintain this place, light candles at these altars and sing more of their songs of innocence.

Stepping into the garden with a bright smile on her face, Alaura has two guards on her, a septa and of course a maid. In the Lady's long dark hair is woven beautiful flowers. CLosing her eyes Alaura inhales deeply the fragrence of the flowers, and if it is possible the smile grows on the young woman's face.

Simona puts the book down and rubs her eyes as if they were strained. Her Septa will hold out her hand for the book and say, "Go have a walk then, my Lady. Rest your eyes a bit." The girl gives her Septa a grateful look before rising from the bench and wandering off in the direction of an arbor sheltering a painted statue of the Maiden.

The pause isn't long for the Lady Alaura, she merely stops to enjoy the bouquet of the flowers and then moves out of the way so that the group doesn't get run over. With her cane the Tyrell Lady's septa points to the front where a candle can be lit to the Maiden. Nodding Alaura says softly, "Well then shall we my dear septa?" Gliding gracefully she moves forward towards the statues.

Across the street at the Lion's Manse one of the guards outside seems to have spotted the new entrant to the garden and he slips inside the manse.

Simona will cross paths with Alaura on her roamings, and pause slightly to curtsey to the other lady. "Lady Alaura?" She'll say as she smooths a wrinkle out of her skirt with a hand, "I'm Simona Corbray. We met yesterday at the Banefort's wedding celebration."

Alaura looks to Simona and gives a smile, "Ohh good day my Lady, I hope you are enjoying the sanctuary of the gardens, aren't they quite lovely? I am glad there is something like this near my home, I can tell you I will be spending a lot of time here.

"Yes. It's become one of my favorite places the few days I have been in the city." Simona offers Alaura a gentle little smile before she leans inwards to smell a blossom, "But you must be used to so many flowers. I've been told that Highgarden is always filled with them. It sounds very lovely."

Haydn's guard returns back outside and is soon followed after by several of the Lannister servants and then finally Haydn as well. Each servant has a half crate with an open top, though some are covered by cloth. "My ladies?" He calls over to them with a smile, "Might I interest in a picnic? There was so much food left over from the wedding feast, and I'm the only Lannister in the Manse at the moment. Would be a shame for it to spoil in a few days time."

Alaura gives a nod to Simona and says, "Oh yes the gardens there are quite beautiful, the roses are sublime, I will miss it but this place is close to make me not feel homesick." A fond smile is given to the honeysuckle as she watches a tiny humming bird flitter around, "Oh look…" That is when Haydn arrives and she looks over to him, inclining her head in respect to the Lannister Lord, "Good day to you too Lord Haydn." She looks to her Septa and guards before turning her attention back to Haydn, "A picnic sounds quite lovely."

"Ser." Simona says as she sinks down into a shallow curtsey when Haydn approaches. Her own Septa is on a bench in the distance, sewing on her hoop without bothering to glance upwards. "A picnic?" She smiles softly before looking between Haydn and Alaura before looking back to Haydn, "I wouldn't want to impose." On their time together, she means.

Haydn gets a disappointed expression and he shakes his head at Simona, "Not at all my lady. Please, there is enough for the whole household really. There is no imposition." He doesn't want Alaura to feel like he's stalking her or put out the future Lady Tyrell, that wouldn't do at all. "They are yours to command Lady Alaura, where ever you would like to set it up. As I said, if your brother would like to join. He's more than welcome."

Alaura looks to Simona and blinks a litlte, she had thought that the invitation was for the both of them, but she turns back to Haydn and says, "I've yet to see my brother since I've been in town Ser, with my septa here." She motions to the old woman who has taken to having a seat on one of the benches, and.. has fallen asleep. "I see no harm in a nice little picnic do you my Lady?" She looks to the Cobray and smiles, "Where do you think we should have it?" She taps her lips as she looks around for a good spot for a picnic.

"Oh, well, of course." Simona will nod her head towards a clearing near her own Septa that has a spot with soft vibrantly green grass that would be pleasant for sitting on before she offers Alaura a bashful little smile, "I saw your brother just yesterday, my Lady."
Matrim has connected.

The servants in Lannister livery will walk over to where the Corbray lady points, and begin setting up for a picnic. It is an elaborate affair with proper plates and dishes, fine wine poured into golden goblets, and comfortable cushions to recline on. Suitable for a simple picnic with a Lannister.

Alaura helps, the two ladies doing a damn good job of orchestrating the gaggle of servants, it is what they were born to do. Once everything is nice and set up, Alaura gives a nod and looks to Simona, "Well done my Lady." She gives a smile and waits for Haydn's permission to have a seat, "My this is quite a lot."

Walking into the scene of the organized chaos that the ladies are organizing, Matrim's eyes fall on his bethrothed and he watches her work for a moment. That is before he spies his sister. He stares at the younger Tyrell and just … blinks. Finally he enters the area and holds his arms out saying, "Alaura! What in the names of the Seven are you doing here?"

Haydn stands back allowing the ladies to conduct his servants. But he claps when everything is set up. "Very nice and well done." He strolls forward and offers his hands, both, one stretched out towards each of the noble women at the same time to chivalrously help them get seated on the pillows. "Embarrassingly, there's yet even more left. So I am terribly afraid I must invite you all to dinner as well." He says with a wide boyish grin as he joshes about being 'afraid'. "I shall remember in the future to not say, 'Just cook what's on hand.' The cook I believe was fearful of going against my orders, didn't realize I didn't know we had quite the stores and so here you have it." He was going to say more, but then the gods are taken into question announcing Matrim's arrival. He bows his head to the Lord Heir of Tyrell.

"Well done, indeed." Simona says to Alaura before exchanging a little smile with her. She'll reach for Haydn's hand to sit down on one of the cushions before Matrim Tyrell storms in. "Oh dear…" She says softly before glancing from Matrim then to Alaura before looking back at Matrim again.

Alaura is about to take Haydn's hand when Matrim arives and she smiles brightly, "Hello big brother!" She says affectionatly, moving over to him she takes his hands giving them a squeeze then gives him a hug, "Mother sent me, told me I should come and live a little before they find me another betorthed." She beams brightly as she pulls back, "Ser Haydn was just going to entreat us to a picnic."

Blinking at Alaura's explanation, Matrim just sort of looks down at his sister. "Are you sure she didn't send you to keep me out of trouble?" He asks with a slight incredulous smile. He does however embrace his sister in a tight embrace and then kisses her on the cheek.

Then he nods to Haydn. "My Lord. I do not think I have had the pleasure of meeting you." He bows to the other man. "I am Matrim Tyrell of House Tyrell. An honor." Then he looks to Simona and walks over toward the other woman. He smiles that maiden melting smile he is famous from back home, and takes Simona's hands. "My Lady." He bows his head and fisses each hand delicately, and then steps in close to give her a chaste kiss on the cheek. The Septa is watching after all. "As always, my heart sours to see you again."

"Ser." Simona curtseys to Matrim hastily before he approaches her, and flushes pink when he smiles at her and bends to kiss both her hands before kissing her cheek. "This is a pleasant suprise…" She'll give him a dreamy little smile before remembering that they are not alone, and turns her head slightly to look at Haydn, "May I present Ser Haydn Lannister of the Lannisters of Casterly Rock?" Her naming his seat is a formality, of course. Everyone knows from where the Lannisters hail. She glances to Alaura before looking back at Matrim and smiling, "Lady Alaura and I just met last night, but we haven't had a chance to talk at length or get aquainted."

Alaura looks up at Matrim as he speaks of their mother and she smiles oh so sweetly, her eyelashes fluttering, "Why my sweet brother, what ever do you mean?" She smiles and lets her brother go, watching him as he moves to Simona and she blinks, turning a questioning eye to Haydn, "I take it that the two of you know each other?" She speaks the words to her brother, and Simona.

Matrim looks to Alaura and raises an eyebrow before he looks back to Simona. "Apparently my Lord Father and Lady Mother did not include my sweet sister in on this jape of theirs." He sighs and then looks to Alaura, "Sister. Father and Mother have decided that I should wed, and have arranged for the Lady Simona and I to be married."

Then he turns his attention to the Lannister. Matrim bows his head once more to the man. "An honor my Lord Lannister." He looks at the Picnic. "Impressive display." He nods in approval, "And the Wine looks wonderful."

Haydn allows Matrim and Simona their more affectionate greeting some privacy as he turn to offer to once more help settle Alaura down to the pillows. He then offers to help Alaura's Septa to sit next to her Lady as well. "Hello again." Before he sits on the other side of her septa from Alaura he bows again to Matrim. "Yes, we don't seem to circulate the same places." That's his nice way of saying that he doesn't frequent brothels and taverns and other carousing hot spots. Not that he judges Matrim harshly about it at all. In fact, "I'm glad we finally get the chance to have some time for introduction. The wine is very good. The Dornish Red, is particularly splendid." He leans forward to start to compose his own plate. "Congratulations are in order then." He bows his head to the newly engaged couple. "I wouldn't call it a jape. Looks to me like a very fine match." Another little bow is given towards Simona in a complimentary fashion, without being flirty.

Alaura blinks then blinks again, "Married? Well then.." She looks between the two and she shakes her head, "Goodness!" All of this is said in her soft voice, "Congratulations brother, I hope you are both very happy together." She looks to Simona and says, "It sounds like you and I are going to be great friends, will we be returning back to Highgarden for the marriage? I would love to show you the gardens." She thanks the Knight as she is lowered to the ground and then he lowers the old Septa down too, she gives him a warm smile and as he starts to get his food she herself waits a few moments and says, "I'm sure my parents will pick another fine Lord for me."

Chuckling, Matrim moves to assist Simona to the cushions as well. Then he finds his own spot and nods to the wine. "I will give the Dornes this. They make fantastic wine." He pours a cup for Simona and then himself. He offers the goblet to Simona and then grabs his own glass to take a sip. He doesn't miss Haydn's meaning and nods to the man. "This is true. We should remedy that, I'm sure we could find some mutual hobby that interests us."

"Thank you, ser Haydn." Simona says with a pleasant smile and light inclination of her head as he compliments the match. "And I apologize for not telling you, lady Alaura, but I was not sure if you knew or not already, and I did not know if it was my place to tell you." She puts her free hand to her chest and says with a bit of laugh in her voice, "The lack of anyone but my family and I knowing has made me start to wonder if it isn't some huge jape. And I would like that." She smiles to Alaura before saying, "From what I understand we will be wed here. Oh, but there is the Starry Sept to be wed in." She takes the help from Matrim, and carefully arranges her skirts about her legs before settling down and taking the wine from him.

Haydn smiles over at Alaura, though there is a bit of sadness within it as well. But not enough to bring a dark cloud over their picnic. "Yes, it is a shame. The Lannisters would have been very lucky to have you in their ranks my Lady, I am sorry for your loss, he was a good man." A bow of his head is meant to convey condolences. Before he gestures for the servants to come in and help the rest of the party make their own plates. He refrains from eating his until everyone is served. "As we are at least for now neighbors, I'm sure we can think of a few things to occupy us my Lord. Perhaps riding, or keeping the rust away." A poetic way of suggesting sparring. "The Starry Sept is one of the beauties of the world. Current company included of course." He lifts his own wine to the ladies present, including both Septas. Finding beauty in their dedication to the Seven.

Alaura looks to the wine and only takes half a glass, when it is poured, "I myself think Dorne red to be quite strong and where not strong sour. I've always been fond of Arbor gold." She smiles armly at her brother and Simona, "Well I cannot wait to see this lovely sept!" She raises her glass to them and to their host, before taking a tiny sip of her wine, to be polite. When her former betorthed is mentioned she shakes her head, "Alas I knew nothing of him, then he was a Knight, and a Lannister, I didn't have the opertinunity to meet him, Ser."

Matrim grins to Haydn and salutes to the man with his wine glass. "A good rust removal is always appreciated." He bows his head slightly. Then leans back on the cushions and sips his wine. He listens to the conversation and looks over to Simona and Alaura. "The Starry Sept? You think that is where they'll arrange the wedding?"

Simona's Septa lets out a little chuckle at Haydn's compliment before she goes back to her sewing. She takes a little sip of the Dornish red, but waits for everyone to have a plate and for Haydn to begin eating before she tries any of the morsels on the plates. "Well, the one confirmation I have regarding this wedding is leave to start making arrangements along with a budget from your Lord Father. I can only think he means for it to be here in the Starry Sept." She has another little swallow of the wine, "Afterall, it is the seat of the faith. What better place is there?"

Haydn waves a servant over whom bends over so he can whisper to her something. She heads away and across the street to enter the Lion's Manse and eventually rather quickly and perhaps slightly flushed and catching her breath from running once she was out of site has a bottle of Arbor Gold and she passes it to Haydn who then leans forward to offer out the bottle to Alaura, "With my compliments. You were a magnificent salt bearer." He presents as he extends the bottle. He looks towards Simona and nods, "It is beautiful. I first came to Oldtown because my brother wouldn't be anointed any other place." Those elaborate Lannisters! Hundreds of miles all just to get streaked with oil and tapped with a sword in the prettiest and /best/ sept.

Alaura is paying attention to Matrim and Simona when Haydn is doing his sneaky stuff, she smiles and says, "I pray that there will be a tourney, jousting and at least a melee!" She gives a clap of her hands and says, "You are the Heir to Highgarden Matty, you should have a tourney in honor of your wedding." She looks over as the bottle is presented to her and her pale cheeks stain with pink, "That is lovely Ser, thank you oh so much I shall savor it's sweetness, thank you." She looks between the knights, "What do you think about having a tourney? Wouldn't it be wonderful?"

Matrim's eyes brighten just a little bit. "A Tournament?" He smiles brightly and looks at Simona, "Do you think it would be… Rude… For one to compete in his own Joust? I sort of have a fondness for jousting." He then looks at Haydn and Alaura and chuckles softly before he sips his wine. "Clearly, I think the idea is wonderful."

Simona gives Matrim a sweet little smile, "It's not my place to judge your actions, Ser." She has another tiny sip of Dornish red. "I do think a tournament would be splendid, and traditional for the day after the wedding feast." She has another little swallow of the wine before saying with complete innocence, "If you think you won't be tired the day after?"

There you have it! The womanizer, and the traditional lords have found a common ground. Haydn says as much. "A tournament would be called for, your sister speaks true. And I, my lord, shall try my hardest at allow you to look good for your wedding." He grins over to Matrim, wide and bright and boyish as he seems to have had enough wine to make him a bit playful in the tease against the Heir of the Reach.

Alaura gives a happy clap, "Oh lovely! I cannot wait. I suppose I should make a favor for someone." She smiles and says, "Lady Simona what about the women? Should we not schedule something for them as well? Perhaps hawking? Wouldn't that be lovely? If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask I'll be happy to offer assistance." She sips her drink again and nibbles at the food on her plate. When Simona mentions Matty being tired she gives a curious look.

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