(120-10-25) Hone Your Edges
Hone Your Edges
Summary: Eonn and Kelinyx discuss matters.
Date: 25/10/2013
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Harbor Street

A narrow cobblestone street overlooking the Docks, snaking upward into the heart of the city. Lined with aged stone buildings, these support the weight of timber-framed over-hanging houses that look not too steady. The dockside can be seen quite clearly from the street, with the Whispering Sound in the far distance.

The shops here deal with the business of the sea. Fishmongers with carts and stalls, heaped full with fish of all kinds, cry their wares. Taverns and brothels await the coin of sailors fresh from the docks.

An array of strange temples, with stranger gods depicted upon them, are tucked away at the far end of the street. Opposite from them stands the slightly shabby-looking Sailor's Sept.

CONTENTS: Kelinyx(P)
Ragpickers' Wynd <RW>
Oldtown Square <OS>
Docks <DS>

Smiling to Aeron as they finish their meal together and part ways outside a tavern, Keli pats at her belly, proudly patrolling the streets as though this was her turf now, to study and prowl. She picks at her teeth with a small sliver of bone, burps aloud, and keeps her chin high as she slinks and moves between the adults bustling about for their business or bother in the city streets.

Eonn is here, in an alley mouth, leaning against the wall, looking out at those same bustling adults. When did he arrive? He's quiet. Maybe he's been here a while; there are a lot of cats at his feet and on the sills of the windows in the narrow between-building space behind him.

The tiny sneak eventually realizes there is a familiar face in that crowd, one that is still and observant like she tries to be, and in time enough to look casual she's over his way, smiling fondly up to him. "Evening, sir," she almost purrs to him, slinking right up into his shadow.

Eonn doesn't seem to mind. He smiles down at her, a sly amused and still oddly kind smile. "Girl," he says. "Girl with a hot meal inside, I think. Good."

Nodding her head, Keli is close but not touching. "Got a little bit of money for my schooling, some kind of allowance or something." She winks up to him, seeming to be warmer to the rogueish man. "Any news from your travels?" she inquires with sincere curiosity.

Eonn chuckles at that. "Schooling, hmm? What sort of schooling is that?" Then he shakes his head. "No. Nothing is new. My employer has been, oh, less than entertaining of late. It may be that his need for a personal watchman has very little to do with anything that's actually happening." He studies her. "And you?

"Nary a thing of mention. It's amazing how they live like that. All their struggles brought to them, all their battles chosen. But they still are a kind of lucky," Kelinyx explains, trying to mostly keep away from the occasional turf-hungry tabby.

"Ah," Eonn says. "What's not of mention, then? Surely they must speak of something other than their clothes, no?

Kelinyx hmphs softly. "Mostly I watched them embr…embroider or sign papers or talk sternly to people I didn't recognize." She reaches into her coat, then tugs out a bit of dried fruit, sweet and light orange. "Eh?" she asks, offering him the treat after taking a slice for herself. "It's okay to have a quiet day. I don't have many of those."

Eonn accepts the piece of fruit without hesitation. He's the hungry one now. "It is indeed. I cannot complain that not enough people try to murder my employer. I'd rather not work so much as that." He bites into the fruit.

Making a little grunt of surprise, but then she laughs quietly. "Gods, I'd hope not," she says with a quiet snicker, producing more fruit for both. "So you think the cats follow you because you're like them?"

Eonn chews it slowly. Seems clear that he doesn't get sweet things much and wants to savour it. After a few moments he says, "Am I like them?"

"Well, I never know where you are, but you show up a lot. That's like a cat," Kelinyx replies giving him a soft, harmless poke in the side with a finger. "I know that you keep your eyes out for what's really open. You are smart, but I haven't caught you showing it off." She smiles broadly to him.

Eonn doesn't seem to mind the poke. His leather surcoat is stiff, though it's never squeaked. He says, "Ah. True enough. You could find out where I go if you wanted. It's not really very interesting. You saw the stable. And the house. I came to the waterfront to get some oysters." He smiles. "And it is best not to show it off. You have perhaps already noticed this?"

"Fair enough," Keli admits to him. "I appreciate it. Anyone willing to give me a word of advice should be honored." She quietly smooths back her hair, hood folded back for now and her precious now, filling-in face showing her actual youth. "Do you have some thing you wish to accomplish being here, beyond your work?"

Eonn raises his eyebrows a bit, looking down at her. "What do you think?" He's got that wise-ass look in his dark jewel-blue eyes.

Speaking frankly, Keli says, "I could imagine a few kinds of trouble you could be." She taps a finger to her round cheek. "I got an eye for such." She checks her daggers for a moment, then scans the people passing outside, as if to make sure her meeting wasn't being studied.

Eonn just watches her face. He smiles. "Troubles I could be, or troubles I could be having?" he says, sounding pleased. "And what do you imagine? I like stories." A cat that was twining 'round his ankles lies down on his left foot, purring.

Kelinyx strokes her fingers on her chin, eyes narrowing again as she suppresses a smile. "I could see you stealing into places with the biggest ears, or perhaps getting your fingers in pies made by people who aren't bakers." Some kind of clumsy code, she hugs her middle after revealling some ideas. "Or maybe just there at the last minute, when some wretched cur thinks he has the slip on someone important, then, WHAM, you're right there saving 'im. You could be all kinds of things," she says to the man earnestly.

"I am no one," replies Eonn, mildly. "Which is perhaps much the same as all kinds of things. I think you are nearly clever, and you know I want more than to be a rich man's body guard, and the more is other than oysters. I want you to learn to recognize the people your new benefactors talk so sternly to, and tell me why."

Nodding her head, Keli speaks softly as she explains, "It might take me a while, but I understand. Is it too early to know if you might be someone else's ears?" She gives him a realistically neutral look, as if she'd understand him declining. "If you're so inclined at some point, uh? I don't wanna cause no trouble for people who ain't earned it."

"Think about it," replies Eonn softly. "You will probably find that you know anyway. But you need not worry for your ladies."

Kelinyx picks at her teeth with a fingernail now, nibbling the last of her treat. "Well, mostly I just bristle when people sound like they want to be a real problem. I feel like I got an ear for that, too." She quietly laughs and nudges into him with her shoulder. "So far I think they're decent women. Never did me a bit of wrong."

Eonn smiles at the nudge. "Good ear," he says. "I only wish to have my eyes open to what is really out there. It is better for everyone." He eats the second bite of the fruit she gave him, chewing slowly, then adds, "Feeding you up and schooling you, hmm? Do you read?"

"I can fare," the adopted girl says surely. "I can read what the marketeers and salesmen write, understand wha they say. One of the few things I got. But they wanna teach me better language and maths."

"Those are good things to know," says Eonn. "Since you like advice, I will advise that you be diligent." Then he smiles. "And not show it off."

Kelinyx nods her head seriously to him, absorbing any kind words grownups have for her. "I got a chance here. I know that much." She slides a few steps behind him as a group of people pass him, as if she just doesn't like crowds of strangers, and as one of the cats begins rubbing on her boots, well, she lets him do it and doesn't give a sour expression this time.

Eonn nods. "Indeed. They'll want you to show it off, so, that is hard not to when pleasing them is no doubt also a very good idea. But still. Clever girls ought to hone all of their edges." He shifts the heavy leather skirts of his surcoat and produces something from a pocket underneath. He offers it to her.

Kelinyx takes the item in dextrous hands, looking him in the eye. "Like I said. Fun, smart or trouble, but you're up to something." She glances down at the item, hiding it between their bodies.

It's nothing illicit. He has given her a small, fine-grained oilstone, the sort for sharpening little knives. He smiles his wise sly smile and looks down at her. He doesn't nod, but it still might seem a little like he's confirming her statement.

Kelinyx reviews the item she's been handed, her eyes darkening a bit as her pupils widen, the girl surprised as she recognizes its purpose. "Eonn," she whispers quietly, touching the thing to her teeth, then her lip, examining it, running a fingernail across it. "For knives, uh, uh?" she eagerly inquires, huge eyes glimmering up to him in simple joy.

It's smooth, almost velvety to the touch, the kind of stone that's for putting the keenest of edges on something that's already been honed with a coarser stone. It's old, too, it's got a dip in the middle of it where it's been used a lot. The man looks down at her, smiling amusedly. "Yes," he says. "For knives, perhaps daggers if you're that patient."

Eonn adds, softly, "Be patient."

Making a soft sound, Keli examines once more with her tender lips, staring up at him. "It has history," she says with appreciation, fingers gliding across the item. "I will remember that you gave me something good. I will give you something good, when I can." At that she grins, recalling that she has some spiced dried fruit in a pocket, cubes, holding up a handful for them both. "I will try to be patient."

"I've had it a time," says the man. "And another had it before me." He takes a piece of the fruit. "So now it is yours. Things move." He sniffs the fruit, bites into it.

It's something like a peach, but the red chili pepper and sugary glazing makes it burst with flavor that's then softened as it moistens in the mouth. She seems to deeply enjoy the concept. "I don't have things to give that I can give, right now. It is….it is a lot, to me. I don't have a history, yet. I'm making it for myself." She looks up a bit, looking hopeful, albeit not utterly convinced.

Eonn nods. "It doesn't matter," he says. "You will make a history for yourself, perhaps, and perhaps later you will unmake it. For some, it is important to have these things, for others it is important not to. At the end of it it doesn't matter. You will never know the names of all the men who had that stone before you, just as they will not know yours." He looks off down the cobbled street, towards the sea.

Seeming a bit stirred by his challenge, she puffs out her chest, hugging the item to her middle with both arms. "So says you, but we aren't done making stories yet!" She smiles to him proudly and gives a harmless little kick to the man's boot, but then she sees where his gaze lingers. "What's out there?"

Eonn raises his eyebrows and smiles. "We're not, but what I say is still true. And what is out there? The sea, and all the things beyond it. Have you been aboard a ship, girl?"

"Sometimes, on the docks. You know, if I needed something. But not out of the port. Far as I know it's all dragons and Dothraki and lots of ashes and blood." Keli bumps the man, then takes a few steps past him, caressing the item to her cheek as if absorbing its experience and history.

Eonn is bumped. He pays it no more mind than he does the cats rubbing against him. He says, "Well, it's that, too."

Kelinyx frowns slightly, reaching for his wrist a bit. "It's not really like that is it?" she asks quietly, barely touching him at all if allowed in the first place, more a gesture than a coercion "Right? It is something different?"

He doesn't stop her touching him. There's a tattoo on his left wrist, weirdly blurred, blue-black. It's a running dog, snarling as it races towards his hand. "No, it's not," he says. "The sea and the lands beyond are not all ashes and blood and dragons. The sea is often pretty, and the cities beyond — some are fair and some, hmm, far less so." He shrugs. Then, "Did you come from this city?"

Keli says quietly, "Never left the bricks, not that I'm proud of it. I know just enough to wager how much there is out there that I don't know. That's why I asked about the blood and dragons…I really don't know." She looks carefully over the tattoo, almost but not quite touching it. "Are you glad to be here?"

Eonn smiles, says, "I think you are more likely to see a dragon in Westeros than in the rest of the world." He watches her look at the mark on the inside of his wrist, furrowing his brows very slightly. "Sometimes," he answers. "I do not mind it. This is a fine and pretty city. And there are, at the very least, good oysters."

"Oysters." Keli carefully withdraws her hands, the gift settled in her makeshift belt. Folding arms behind herself, she reaches into another pouch in her leathers and withdraws a bit of dried bird meat, setting it down for the omnipresent cats (then quickly withdraws her hand). "What makes you want to stay a place?"

"I like oysters," replies Eonn. He watches the cats. A little black one pounces on the scrap of meat first, but another, a grey stripy one, grabs it and there's a tug-of-war, with wailing cat-growls. "I stay where there is work for me. Why ask? Do you think I should go? Or wonder if you ought to go yourself?"

"No reason to leave yet. But I get an idea from what you and the others say, that sometimes people want to be forgot instead of remembered." She watches the little competition between cats, a brow lifting. "I guess when it gets like that between people is when some of 'em want to leave. I guess I just need to be ready for everything I can think of."

"If I leave, it's because I need to go somewhere," says Eonn. "But I am able to be forgot without leaving, so. Who do you think might leave, because of these sort of quarrels?" He gestures at the cats. The black one is trying to chew a chunk off the meat while the other tries to tug the whole thing out of its grip.

Keli's fingers soon withdraw and tug out the nearest dagger to one of her hands, looking over the ragged and rusty edge. "You talk in riddles that I can't stop thinking of," Kelinyx finally admits. "You're tough like a dog and smart like a noble," she says, letting out a bit of her growing respect for him.

Eonn looks at her dagger, his eye drawn by the movement. "I try not to, when they can hear me," he says. "They're not all very smart, either. Mostly they're rich, which makes it easier for them to get away with being stupid. Let me see that blade, will you?"

"Oh…I think. Well. I think we could all be smart, but there's not a lot of time to learn. And most of how you learn is, uh…" She shrugs her skinny shoulders, tucking her dark locks behind her ears, then withdraws the other blade and hands him both, handle first. They are little more than kitchen knives, and shoddy ones at that, but they've been ground down (likely on stones) to a good enough edge and point to cause trouble.

Eonn takes the knives. One he sticks in his belt. He produces another oilstone, a coarser and considerably larger one, and starts to work the edge of the other blade. "Most of how I learn is probably very different from most of how nobles learn. But not all." He rubs the knife on the stone as he speaks, shhhick, shhik, shiik, putting a narrow bright line along the age. "Anyway, as much as they wish it, they're not actually any better at learning than other people. They just have the means to it. Is that what you meant?"

"See, like you been writing with your tongue your whole life." Keli praises his ability to discern and phrase her throughts, watching his work on the blade with a proper student's attention. "What do you think a girl like me has to do to get the time and means to learn the things I wanna know? Or is that a belly that never gets full?"

"I haven't," he answers, laughing softly. Then: "That, yes, is a belly that may never get full. I think it may well depend on what you want to know. You haven't told me what it is you really want to know." He keeps at the blade, shhiiick, schiiiick. A pause while he inspects a nick in the metal with a discerning eye. "Maybe if what you want to know is something you can learn with time and means, then it's not a very interesting thing you want to know. But maybe that's best."

Kelinyx hmms softly. "Well, I know my numbers up to sixty-four, and multiples I am pretty good with. But I don't especially swoon for it." She grins to him and gingerly tosses out a little bit more treats for the cats, their eagerness making her laugh softly. "I want to know what makes them do what they do. The why will come naturally, I would bet."

"You want to know why cats do what they do?" ask Eonn. He sounds as if he is teasing. "Nobody knows that. You want to know why men do what they do? I think you'll figure that out, but you'll never be completely satisfied." He offers her her knife back, the one he's sharpened. "But you can get good enough at it to find it very useful, I am sure. So is that all?" The cats do as cats do. A white one with one blue eye and one yellow one snatches up one of the meat chunks and runs off.

Kelinyx can't help but smile at the symbolism playing out before them, not lost on even her rather simple if ambitious mind. "I haven't much thought of a plot," she admits with a lopsided grin, peeking up from under her brow. She takes the sharpened knife, testing it on one of those morsels and whistling low in appreciation. "I don't wanna spit on anymore, not by everyone. I wanna be able to come and go, not feel like I am on an invisible leash. Or, I guess, pick the leash at least, if that's the best chance any of us got."

"Hone it more, yourself," says Eonn, "Later." He starts on the second one. Schiick. Schhick. "What leash would you pick?" he asks after a few strokes of blade against oilstone.

"That goes back to why I wanna figure out what urges a man to stab his brother or a mum to give up her child. There's too many of those going on." Keli's thumb gently touches the sharpened blade, then she sets it aside with a nod to his instructions. She notes, "I don't mind doing things the hard way if that will get them done for good."

"Good," says Eonn. "Sometimes the hard way is better." A pause. Sschiiick. "So which man stabbed his brother, and which mother gave up her child?"

Keli leans against the wall near him, one leg propped up. "I heard of it a dozen times if once. That and worse. Men marryin' their sisters by force, selling their children off for the Seven know not what." She pats her skinny hips and peers out into the street, typically wary. "I was gave up," she casually remarks.

The tall man's eyes go distant. He keeps sharpening her knife. "So was I," he says, quietly. "How do you mean, though?"

"I meant I'm my own creature," she purrs with a bit of pride and forced soi-disantra. Keli blinks a few times, noticing his thoughtful expression, and allows a few moments of peace before saying, "I mean best I know, I came from a whore. That's what all the other kids kept saying. Closest to true I got about the old story. It's a new story now, though. It has to be. The old story is too bad."

Eonn smiles. "Good. You can always become someone else. What is the new story?" He offers her second knife back.

"The new story is about getting free from what people think I should be. If I can do it, other people can do it. If other people can do it, there's no reason to accept a terrible world. If I'm wrong, uh, to hell with it all anyway." The girl speaks with strange ease in her jaded words, this new chapter including some level of emotional shielding. "No matter what, though, you can guess what it comes down to." She tries to hold his gaze. "It's about making sure I have a life that isn't all getting surprised in the worst ways. Maybe I like to do the surprising instead. So I try thinkin' ahead, uh?" She taps at her temples, grins.

Eonn lets her hold his gaze. He smiles his knowing smile, but his eyes are curious and somehow solemn. He nods once, in approval, but says nothing.

Keli peers at him for a while, her eyes darkening a bit. "I listen hard when you talk. I'm figuring out that much, at least. She divvies up another share of the spiced fruit treats and ensures he sticks around long enough to enjoy another. "I should slip back to the walls before they realize I'm gone. It's good talkin' to you," she says, dipping her head, a bit of curious amusement present in her features.

Eonn takes the fruit without hesitation. He smiles at it. "Good. I should go to my pile of straw. You will see me again. Another night we will perhaps speak more." he says. "And exercise my mare."

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