(121-11-12) Arise Sers
Arise Sers
Summary: Ser Loryn and Ser Andolin receive their spurs
Date: 12/11/2014
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The middle of a plague outbreak seems to be an odd choice for a knighting but Loryn Tyrell had insisted. Not just because he's itching for his spurs, but because he thought it would be a sign of optimisim, of looking towards a brighter future with hope and not fear and dread of disease. The Tyrells have been prudent though, electing to have a small ceremony in the private family chapel at Garden Isle instead of the great sept which is rife with plague victims. Only some friends and family have been invited and only if they show no sign of disease. There are no grand decorations either, just some nice floral arrangements from the own garden.

Following a night of vigil in the chapel the young knight-to-be looks rather pale and sleepy, but nervous and itchy at the same time. He's wearing fine polished armor for the occasion, laid out with Tyrell flowers. A green cloak having been fastened to it to keep him warm in the rather draughty chapel. The few Tyrells still in Oldtown have filed in now, waiting for things to begin.

Malcolm insisted on sitting the vigil with his Squires and keeping the fast with them. He has donned his campaign armour, which he can at least move and bend in. It is of good quality and well maintained, but shows signs of having been mended several times. The style is at least a generation out of date and is likely second hand. The cloak is way too fine for the armour. He has freshly dyed hair and beard so the stripes show bright. His hair is new cut and beard fresh braided. The spurs and swords for the new knights are at ready. Ser Malcolm Storm's is at his hip.

Jessilyn looks rather demure and elegant for this occasion. The famous courtesan is in a white gown that makes her peachy complexion softly glow. Her hair simply done up in a braided bun at the back of her head is a humble contrast to the halo of silver oak leaves wreathed around her hair. She blends in quite well with the noble ladies attending the ceremony. But she is very careful not not act so high. It's a delicate balance and she tip-toes the line gracefully. The redhead is without her bastard son, with all of this illness around he's off with his father living the good Targaryen life of a legitimized bastard. All in all the plague has affected Jessilyn's life without truly affecting her, oddly enough. She suffers well and with dignity so it's with a raised chin and a soft warm smile offered to all she passes to take up a seat at the fore of the common folk area.

Northerners aren't particularly known for knighthood, and this particular Stark was awfully slow at giving Malcolm an answer. He even disappeared for a day in there, going god knows where. Finally, though, he accepted the offer, and is now here, dressed in the finery in Stark colors that he's only seen wearing once in a blue moon. At least he cleans up well? He also is a little uncharacteristically quiet and somber - all the world the breathing stereotype of a Stark.

Neither being noble nor really part of the family, Iris is present nonetheless, a nice blue dress she had been hastily provided with covering her comely physique beneath a brown warm cloak against the chill. Her dark brown tresses have been bound at the back, stressing a certain paleness, but those rosy cheeks speak of her being in good health still. Deep blue eyes sparkle when they linger on Loryn, although Iris will keep a little to the back, moving to her tiptoes to see as much from her beloved Tyrell as possible.

Loryn is starting to get fidgety as the small chapel seems to be well-filled with all sorts of people now. He nods greets to friends he knows - some from the Whimsy, some drinking buddies from the Quill, some… ladies. Iris even get a wink from him, before his cheeks colour and he stares straight ahead. For about four seconds, until he nudges Andolin's side nervously. "Ser Malcolm should get going soon, yes?"

Malcolm has never been inside a Brothel in Westeros and includes Jessilyn in his polite bow to the assembled ladies, likely assuming her to be one of Loryn's cousins. Although he used to live at the Quill and likely knows exactly who Iris is, he includes her as well, but he is always a perfectly polite gentlemen to the staff at the Quill. The Septern moves into position before the Altar of the warrior and Mal takes his place at the ready, head bowed while the Septern chants the prayers and blessings for and on the soon to be knights.

Blue eyes shift over to those gathered, marking their presence; both Iris and Jessilyn are regarded with some amount of curiosity, though it's a quiet sort of thing. At the nudge, Andolin glances sideways over toward Loryn with a scarce smile. "Probably," he agrees, quiet. He doesn't really look nervous as such - mostly contemplative.

The corners of her mouth will jump up once Loryn graces her with a smile and a wink. Iris beams, almost losing her balance which forces her to give up her tiptoing position and lower herself. When she comes up again she catches Malcolm's glance, and she smiles, remembering him to be the perfectly gentleman he has always been. The impressive redhead however is eyed a but warily. Her blue eyes narrowing just a little tad. But certainly, there is curiosity in them as she regards the woman from afar.

Jessilyn gives a smooth curtsy when she is addressed be it with smiles, eyeing or some rather down the nose glances from some of the noble ladies. Obviously she is well versed in the disdained looks and they roll from her like pebbles of water from a ducks back. Piety is not one of the courtesan's strong suits as she was raised by a northern woman and a Maester but she displays respect at least and goes through the motions of the opening of the ceremony when they begin.

Loryn is not really the religious type either - Leire is religious enough for all the Tyrell Siblings - but he's prepared well and knows all the right words and gestures, going through the ceremony with flushed cheeks and bright eyes. As the Septon goes through his stuff, he begins to forget about the family and friends around him, just focusing on the things at hand, eyes darting between Septon, Ser Malcolm and on occasion, Andolin.

Malcolm returns Iris' smile before going solemn faced for the serious part of the ceremony. The Septern sprinkles Loryn and Andolin with water, then anoints their foreheads with the sign of the Seven. Then Ser Malcolm Storm draws his blade and holds it out for the swearing, "Do you, Lord Loryn Tyrell and you, Lord Andolin Stark, swear to be noble knights and true, protectors of the weak, defenders of the innocent, and honest of word and deed?"

Andolin straightens as the ceremony begins, stoicism incarnate; it's hard to tell ''what's'' going on in his head. Still, though, once the prompt comes, says, "Yes, I do," and, as practiced, takes a knee; it's a bit stiff given the state of his leg, but.

A hand moves to cover her mouth and she holds her breath, when Iris hears the question posed by the Septon to the two squires. There is a flicker in her deep blue eyes that betrays she knows damn well that a ser may be beyond her grasp, where a squire had indeed quite available for certain rather private bot nonetheless delightful activities. Her gaze lingers on Loryn, waiting anxiously for his inevitable reply.

Loryn bends his knee as well, rather easily and gracefully (he might have been practising this), then gulps as the moment comes. "Yes… Yes, I swear.", he repeats solemnly, just looking at Malcolm and his sword now and nothing else.

Malcolm touches the flat of his blade gently to the place where Loryn's neck meets shoulder on the right, "I hereby dub you," He does the same on the left, "Ser Loryn," emphasizing the Ser. He then touches Andolyn with the sword, right then left, "I hereby dub you Ser Andolin. Rise so I may arm you as knights."

Jessilyn's ruby lips sparkle in the candle-light as they glossy petals curl into a very soft smile. Her head tilts just a little bit as she looks on with pride and delight for both of the squires as they declare their vows. Unlike the tavern wench in the audience, the courtesan enjoys delightful activities with princes and paupers alike so there is no trepedation about her future with her business partner. When she applauds for the new Knights as they rise the bracelet on her wrist slides down enough to reveal the imprint of the tail of a dragon that is bas reliefed on the inside of the bracelet that outwardly appears like a simple silver bracelet. She gets many gifts from her clients, the one that gave her this gift was obviously one that wanted to leave his mark on her however temporarily. More so he must have been important enough for the fancy whore to allow such 'marking'.

Andolin takes the knighting with stoic silence, and when prompted he does stand - smoothly enough, considering. When he's righted again, he says nothing, just focuses on Malcolm.

Loryn's colour deepens and he almost hops to his feet - as much as the armour will allow. Then he remembers the solemnity and slows down, causing him to wobble a little bit. His eyes shine when he is called Ser Loryn for the first time - something he's longed to hear for a while now.

Iris cannot help but smile, as the hand leaving her face reveals, when she witnesses Loryn's… um… Ser Loryn's delight of having his new status acknowledged. And at least for a moment her thoughts from earlier are forgotten, when she cheers for the Tyrell.

Malcolm takes up the first sword belt and wraps it around Ser Loryn's waist buckling it on, "May your arms be strong and your vision clear." He arms Ser Andolyn, "May your aim be true and your cause just." He kneels to secure their new spurs, then rises saying, "May your deeds bring honor to your Houses and may you go forth to do good." Then he gives them a sunny grin, "I welcome you to the Brotherhood of knights!" The ceremony done, he relaxes.

Andolin looks a little wondering, really, once it's all done, and he, too, relaxes a fraction once the ceremony is done. "Thank you," he murmurs to Malcolm, and then sends a little sideways grin over to Loryn, probably to catch his reaction.

Loryn stands rooted to the spot while Malcolm fiddles with the sword belt and spurs, but then the moment of tension is over and he relaxes. Which for Loryn means one thing. Hugtime! Andolin is his first victim. "Hey, Ser Andy!", he grins at his friend and gives him a tight hug, then he attacks Malcolm next. "Thank you, that was wonderful!" He hugs the man happily then goes to hug family members.

Malcolm thumps their shoulders during the manly hugs and whispers, "Make me proud. I vouched for you to the Maiden Knight."

Andolin returns the hug as he's attacked, giving a laugh, and then takes a step back to linger near Malcolm as Loryn goes off to celebrate with family. "We will," he says, seeming content to remain largely quiet for the time being.

Mother Tyrell claps her hands together to get people's attention and points out that some refreshments for everyone are waiting in the Great Hall. Most notably for the two newly minted knights who have been fasting all night.

Malcolm says quietly, "I believe in your quality. Never doubt that, Ser Andolin." The Bastard Knight watches Ser Loryn mingle with the fancy folk. "Shall we eat? I think I've had enough of fasting."

Soon enough people begin filing out of the small chapel to the hall, Loryn falling back to join Malcolm and Andolin once again, a happy smile on his face. "I still can't really believe it", the young Tyrell confesses happily, "Now I feel like drinking and dancing all day!"

"Gods, yes, I'm starved," the young Stark says, relieved by that more than anything. Thus prompted, he drifts toward the table of refreshments, and he gives a grin toward Loryn. "I'd put something in your stomach, first, or you might fall over."

Malcolm grins, "Well you two certainly deserve it. You've both come a very long way since we all met." he drifts away to let them enjoy their momment in the sun.

Jessilyn remains on the outskirts of the nobility mingling with a brightness about her. One really wouldn't know there's an epidemic going on with the poise and delight she projects. Her band of Bawdy Mummers are present and as a present to the two knights during the feast they are played for. Two original songs that are based on a couple of tunes that rumor has it were played at the Knighting Feast of Legendary Ser Florian. For this special occasion the songs are quite clean and about romantic visuals of the lives they might have in store for themselves.

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