(124-09-13) Expectations and Arrival
Expectations and Arrival
Summary: Bryn returns from a long journey in time for Princess Aelia's party.
Date: 9/13/17
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It is a reasonably clear day, one of those Autumn afternoons with enough sun to make one want to be out in the air. The Children's garden is full of ladies in brightly coloured gowns, the bells of their skirts like drooping flowers. Prince Dhraegon is resplendent in pink, cerulean blue, and lavender, his hair in small braids tied back into a longer, thicker braid down his back. Assorted finger foods in shapes designed to please children and child friendly refreshments are on sturdy tables here and there out of the way of running children. There are many children, both of the Tower and brought by the Ladies.

Aelia is in a beautiful and detailed dress in shades of red, black, red and white (or at least a cream nearing white). It looks newly-made, and the contrast certainly catches the eye. Her hair has been styled carefully in braids and ringlets, and her maid Mae follows a few steps behind her to be sure that neither the dress nor the coiffure will be thrown into disarray.

It was before the events at Starfall the last thing that Bryn was seen in town. But he's here today, walking into the garden wearing what looks like a new tunic in his bastard colours. He has a grin on his face as he looks around, looking between all the faces for those he knows.

Dhraegon smiles at his kinswoman, "You look very Dragon, Little Bird. Are the dresses lovely enough? Did you have a game you particular you wanted to play first?" Then he spots Bryn, "Oh, you are so tall!"

"Yes," Aelia agrees, smiling at Dhraegon. "But I am also a pheasant." She then takes the time to look at what Dhraegon is wearing. "I like yours very much!" Does she mean to imply that the Prince is wearing a dress? Hard to say. Her gaze turns to the ladies. "I like all the colors. Did you tell them to wear colors?"

Bryn smiles brightly, spotting Dragon about the same time he's spotted himself. He quickly steps over to hug Dhraegon - he knows it's coming, anyway - smiling happily, "Thanks!" Still smiling, he turns to give a bow to Aelia, "Hello, Princess."

Dhraegon says, "Pheasants are fine Mothers." Dhraegon is pleased with the compliment, whatever the implication, and offers a hug in case the guest of honor would like one. "I had hoped you would like it. Yes, I made sure they knew to wear their brightest ones." Bryn gets a hug too, "Have you had adventures?""

"Hello!" Aelia returns to Bryn, with a big smile. Then she looks to Dhraegon. "Yes! Did you know that male pheasants are not involved at all with the babies?"

Bryn nods quickly to Dhraegon, grinning, "A lot of them. But I can tell you most of them later. But I found my father! That's why I was away so long. He took me to Dragonstone." He looks back to Princess Aelia, looking curious at her own comments about fathers. Specifically, pheasant fathers. "Really? I didn't know that." He sounds interested, his academic side shining through.

Dhraegon says quietly, "It is likely there are no male pheasants here." He beams at Bryn, 'I am so happy for you. Was he nice?"

Aelia looks delighted that Bryn enjoys bird facts. "Your father was lost? Who tells you what to do then?" She looks to Dhraegon. "Pheasants," she says, "Are beloved of the sun because their feathers shine. But they are also experts at sneaking. Even though they are beautiful."

Bryn grins a bit, and answers, "The Maesters at the Citadel, mostly. And uncle Daevon, while we were traveling. But yeah, my father was lost. He thought I was dead. But I found him." Then he nods quickly to Dhraegon, and says, "Yeah, he's really nice. Oh, I have a letter from him for you." Apparently even his formal clothes have pockets, as he reaches into one to pull out a small rolled up and sealed scroll, to hand to Dhraegon.

Dhraegon studies her with respect, "Those are useful things to be, Little bird." Takes the letter with some curiosity, "Ought I read it here or save it for later?"

Aelia looks to Dhraegon as if for confirmation. Do fathers get lost and found again? She looks curiously at this letter, and at Bryn again.

Bryn looks a bit surprised at the question, looking just a tiny bit unsure, "Um, he didn't say anything about there being anything secret in it. He just said to give it to you when I got here. So it's probably fine here."

Dhraegon nods confidently for Aelia and explains, "The nest was destroyed whe he was a fledgling while his Father was away and he returned to find nest and tree and all gone. Bryn is a dragon as well as a bird and thus flew to safety, but his father didn't know of it." The Prince opens his missive and scanning it, smiles gently, then tucks it away, "You ought to visit us more now you are back. There are few of us enough in Oldtown, even if there is hope of more in a few months."

"Oh," Aelia replies, looking curiously back to Bryn. "You are a Maester, do you have books with pictures in them? The colorful kind?"

Bryn nods to Dhraegon, smiling, "I will, I promise! As much as I can, anyway. The Maesters want to give me a lot of work now that I'm finally back." Then he shakes his head to Aelia, "I'm sorry, Princess. I don't have any books like that. I have some with pictures, but they aren't colourful. Before I left, I was learning to make the colourful pictures, but I'm not very good yet."

Dhraegon says, "Oh! I do love books with pictures! I have some very nice ones by my cousin if you'd like to look later, Little Bird. There are ladies dressed in old style Valarian gowns in one of them." He nods to Bryn, "Studies are important. If you need help wit your herbal studies let me know. I am good with Flowers.""

"You must learn quickly," Aelia says, solemn in her disappointment. "I want a new book." Then she looks at Dhraegon and beams. "Yes please," she replies, turning her hips this way and that just a little to make her skirt flare a bit.

Bryn nods to Aelia seriously, and says, "I promise I'll try." Dhraegon's comment about studies being important gets another slightly unsure look. He doesn't explain it, though, at least not yet, instead nodding again and saying, with a smile, "Thanks. That would be nice."

Dhraegon giggles and does a little twirl to make his own silks flare. At the end though, he catches Bryn's eyes and mouths "Talk later." Out loud he says, "So what game ought be first? Duck, Duck, Dragon? Hide and go seek? Tag? Pin the tail on the dragon? Blind woman's Bluff?"

"I want to play Pin the Tail," Aelia says, bouncing once in the knees. "Pheasants can have very long tails indeed."

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