(124-08-13) A New Flower
A New Flower
Summary: The Tyrells celebrate the nameday of their first-born daughter
Date: 13 Aug 2017
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It is a joyous occasion for House Tyrell the first-born child of the new presumptous heir to Highgarden is to be welcomed into the world with an official nameday celebration. The gardens are a riot of colours with golden banners and strings of colourful lanterns draped between the trees. There are about half a dozen pavilions set up, one offering food, two offering beverages and the others merely equipped with various seating and resting opportunies. There is a special pavilion set aside, still covered with curtains, that seems to be waiting to serve a special purpose. Two septons standing nearby, talking quietly, may give a hint as to its purpose. A band is playing jaunty tunes on a raised dais by the pool and some children are dancing around happily.

There's a lively crowd already consisting mostly of Tyrells from Highgarden and Merryweathers from Longtable along with the first local visitors who've started to file into the gardens. Loryn Tyrell is clad in his finest garments of beige pants and a green tunic with tiny flowers made of real gold leaf. Miranda is nowhere to be seen yet, presumably getting the baby ready for its first public appearance.

Guests from the nearby Hightower are among the first to arrive. Alongside her husband, Marsei lends kind greetings and words of anticipation about the nameday to those she meets in the gardens along the way. She wears a dress of varying shades of green, all of them soft, she'd easily be mistaken for a Tyrell herself if this crowd didn't know the difference; the stone in her necklace, and the ruby inlays of her bodice, match not only her hair but the fire and blood of Dhraegon's Targaryen attire. Marsei is certainly at home among the Tyrell's flowers, though the Flower of Oldtown has spent more time in the sept than socializing in recent weeks.

Dhraegon is dressed in a Dornish inspired style of long tunic of sand silk in scarlet, with layers of cream and black beneath. The over tunic has a delicate pattern of gold dragons and snap dragons done in gold thread and black edging. The dark sleeves of the undertunic are long and loose, flowing out from the cropped sleeves of the Dornish style tunic like calla lilies, with scarlet trim around the edges to match the overtunic. The top of the piece is more structured than is normal in Dornish style clothing, obscuring his shape rther than clinging. Delicate scarlet slippers with gold embroidered Septon's Lace Flowers peek out from beneath the hem of the robe.
He is sticking close to his wife, and seems in a subdued frame of mind, not having yet startled anyone with surprise hugs as of yet. The Prince alsio apears entirely siber.

Lady Olenna Roxton has less far to come even than the Hightower party, being lodged at present upstairs in the Garden Isle itself. (Well, where else? Little Bellhorn Holdfast may have its virtues but suitability for lodging ladies isn't one of them.) Still, she's a latecomer to the festivities, appearing in the gardens only when they're already thronged with the city's noblest and perhaps even its best, sure-footed in this place she has come to know so well but trailed just in case by a pair of waiting-women. They look striking all together and all in Roxton blue, moving in a sort of wedge-shaped formation through a landscape which is, for the lady at least, all scent and sound, familiar and unfamiliar voices, the fragrances of plants and perfumes.

Another guest from the Hightower steps in, steps a bit slower than the others. He's looking around a bit carefully, to see who's present already. As for his attire, it's not as fancy as many others, but still looking both quite nice and relatively comfortable to wear.

Loryn approaches Dhraegon and Marsei with arms wide for a hug and a big smile. "So glad you could come!", he greets them both, "Do come in, help yourselves… the ceremony will start soon… Oh and there's Brynden too!", he smiles at the other Hightower following along. He hasn't yet spotted Lady Roxton's arrival.

Marsei gives Loryn a tight embrace in return, just long enough to impart, "I'm so pleased for you, Loryn. I've heard your joy all through the city."

Dhraegon's face lights up and gives Loryn a big friendly hug, smelling as usual of lavander and vanilla. "I am so happy for you Loryn!"

Pausing as is name is mentioned, Brynden offers a nod to Loryn, as he makes his way over. "Ah, you know me, I only came for the food," he deadpans, before the expression cracks into a grin. "Seriously. Congratulations, my friend. I'm glad that you've gotten to experience such a happy occasion."

"Thank you, my dear Hightowers…", Loryn replies warmly to all three of them and gives Brynden a nudge with his elbow. "There's enough food to even satisfy you…" He points to one of the pavilions, piled high with food. There's also the smell of barbecue hanging in the air, though presumably proper food will only be served after the ceremony.

Flox is nowhere in sight today, espite his ubiquity at the Prince's elbow at these sorts of event. Dhraegon eyes the food to see if their might be cakes, but remembers his manners, "Hello Brynden." He opens his arms in hopeful anticipation of hugs, but does not lung as is his wont.

There be cakes. Plenty of them.

Marsei echoes Brynden's sentiments with her smile. As Dhraegon greets him, Marsei regard the trifecta of Roxton blue for a moment — long enough that at least one of the waiting-women must notice, if not their lady. She politely looks away before squeezing Dhraegon's arm and nobly heading the inquiry into cakes in a pavilion.

Aelia appears attended by her usual red-haired attendant, Mae. The young widowed Targaryen is looking a bit more round-faced than usual. And in fact that is not her only change in appearance: the way the bodice of her yellow gown is constructed, it seems likely that the Princess has a roundness about the middle as well. She beams with pleasure to be present at this joyous occasion, eyes moving from members of the crowd to Loryn's fine garments to the special pavilion.

Loryn notices the young Targaryen lady's arrival and hurries over to welcome her as well. "Lady Aelia, it is good to see you! You look… well.", he says politely without going into details much, "Please come in, help yourself… I'm sure the Hightowers will be happy to see you -" He gestures towards the pavilion into which Marsei and Dhraegon have only just disappeared.

Suddenly the band stops playing its usual jaunty tunes and instead begins to play a hymn. The last pavilion in the corner is opened to reveal what looks like a mini sept: An arrangement of seven small stone fountains set up in a semi circle, each topped by one of the Seven. Clearly this is going to be a permanent installation in the gardens later (minus the pavilion) and clearly this happened on Lady Miranda's instigation. One of the septon's minions begins to light the candles that surround each of the statues and suddenly Loryn looks very nervous. Mumbling his excuses, he heads for the entrance to the house to check where his wife and child are.

Soon enough the whole family appears, Miranda dressed splendidly in light and dark greens, her dress embroidered with Tyrell flowers and Merryweather bounty, her cheeks glowing with pride. In her arms she bears a precious little package, wrapped in white swaddling clothes embroidered with golden roses.

Brynden grunts momentarily at the nudge, before he shakes his head a little. "Even satisfy me, hmmm…?" he remarks, before he looks to the others, offering them a grin. And Dhraegon gets that hug. He waits for a little while, not heading for the food yet.

Dhraegon is pleased by the hug. Then he bobs his head shyly, and greets "Lady Roxton." The Prince keeps his hands entirely to himself. Then he has turned a bright smile on the Princess Aelia, "Little Bird!" He opens his winglike arms for her. "I am happy for you too. Shall we go see the little one be named?"

Aelia beams at Loryn. "I am a canary," she replies graciously, inclining her head. "You are like a parrot." As Loryn moves away and Dhraegon calls to her, she turns and runs directly to him, barely stopping herself with a hug for her large kinsman. "Yes," she says. "I want it to have a good name."

Marsei drifts from the pavilion with an assortment of food neatly in hand, on the way to being handed to Dhraegon, in time to see both Aelia and the reveal of the fountains. In this case, the latter earns her greater attention. She gives a soft "oh" of appreciation for Miranda's choice of statuary, and is further pleased to see the newly formed Tyrell family all together.

Once everyone has assembled by the new pavilion with its statues and the hubbub is quietening down, the Septon steps forward to begin the naming ceremony with a common prayer. Then Miranda steps forward with the child in her arms to visit each of the seven statues in turn, except the Stranger, murmuring the appropriate prayer along with the Septon. One of the Tyrell cousins from Highgarden steps in as the seventh participant of the ceremony to say a prayer as well.

Finally the babe is delivered into her father's care and Loryn takes her with infinite care, watched with hawk eyes by Miranda. The Septon anoints the child with oil and speaks out loudly and clearly: "Before the Seven let it known that this child has been presented and named. May the Seven watch over and guide Marigold Josanna Serena Tyrell from her first breath to her last."

Dhraegon leads Aelia closer to the paviliion and the Flower of Oldtown both, so the three (and preumeably Mai), might stand together for the ceremony, with Dhraegon between Princess and Lady. Although Dhraegon has helped his wife clean the Sept lately, the Prince himself is normally not seen at services. Sharp eyes might spot him looking to his wife so as to copy what is appropriate. There is no fainting this time.

Aelia still looks delighted to be present in the gathering, though she does shift and move about a little more than an adult probably should at a sacred service, occasionally twisting her hips to twirl her skirt a bit one way or the other. But her eyes stay on the child with great interest.

Brynden pauses a little at the ceremony, watching carefully, although there might be something distant in his expression for a few moments, but it's gone as soon as it came. Nodding as he hears the Septon's words, he keeps quiet for now.

As watchers of the ceremony, their part is to observe and respect the ceremony and to receive the child's new name, and so that is what Marsei leads her husband — and perhaps Aelia — in. She is serious-faced through the prayers, though there is a beaming smile always just behind it, which emerges as the newest Tyrell is announced by name for the first time. When a long enough silence has passed, she says quietly to those by her, "I think it is a darling name."

The naming ceremony ends as is traditional on everyone's murmured response May the Seven watch and guide Marigold before the first people drift away to make sure they're the first at the buffet. Loryn gingerly hands Marigold back to Miranda to hold as the females start to flock around them both to coo over the baby until little Mari decides she's had enough and launches into an ear-splitting wail.

Dhraegon echoes the blessing, then blushes slightly and murmurs delightedly to his wife, "Another flower!"

Brynden echoes the blessing, before he turns to move over in the direction of the food, slowly starting to make his way. As he hears that wail, he's unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "Good lungs, the little one has," he remarks.

"Yes!" Marsei replies to Dhraegon, smiling, even as the baby wails. "The garden is full of such lovely names. But I wonder if she will go by Marigold or one of the family names," she wonders.

"That looks like a very good baby for a girl," Aelia opines, smiling.

Dhraegon gazing at his wife he says softly, "I like flower names." To Aelia he asks, "Will you name yours for a bird?" Then he his trailing after Brynden towards the buffet as he is pretty sure he spotted cakes.

"I will know when I see him," Aelia replies to Dhraegon, beaming a smile.

Marsei smiles thoughtfully at Aelia; at how confidently she believes it will be a boy, and wondering if it's true. She follows Dhraegon, placing her arm lightly on Aelia's to direct her with them — toward more cakes and other delights provided by the Tyrell bounty — before gently excusing herself to try to visit with Miranda and maybe even the baby, depending on the little one's mood.

Dhraegon ruffles Aelia's hair, "Let us find you something good to eat." Dhraegon kisses the top of his wife's head, lips just brushing her hair.

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