(124-05-21) Undersea Ball
Undersea Ball
Summary: Following his triumphant non-duel with the Fossway bastard, Loryn returns to his pregnant wife to host the Festival ball.
Date: 2017-05-21
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With the dolphin festival as a theme, the gardens have been decorated to be an undersea tribute. Above, blue, green, and white drapes add shade and cast bits of colored light to the dance-floors below. Small glass globes hung for bubbles add more irridecent spray of the seven holy colors of the rainbow - no doubt by the lady Miranda's request and design. Iridescent green ribbons trail from them like dangling seaweed. A few young girls dressed as starfish blow soap bubbles out as well to let them float and dance on the breezes.

With the undersea theme, as such, the feasting tables set out are a riot of seafood in all colors. Orange shrimp, boiled red lobsters, white clams and scallops, and the lovely cream color of baked fish. Set with lemons and oranges and springtime spinach and green onions- it's as lovely a display as anyone could desire. The desserts are all spun sugar and sweet breads, rolled and crafted into the shapes of dolphins and starfish and sea-shells. The little tea-cakes are each adorned with a marzipan shell atop in a variety of flavors- most of which are known to be favored by Ser Loryn. Even the fruits have been carved and shaped into unique sea-creatures. Although the sea cucumbers may be mistaken for something else to an untoward mind.

Those returning from the duel are trying to not make any commotion or draw attention as they don't want to disturb the guests who have already arrived and are enjoying the music and the refreshments. But Loryn makes his way around the garden in search for his wife, just to re-assure her that he's still among the living

Miranda has been anxious most of the morning, already dressed in her silver-white 'dolphin' costume and trying to keep herself busy with preparation though if anyone would have let her she'd have stayed in the Sept the entire time. She toys with a shrimp wrapped in bacon on a little stick, twirling it and standing up on her toes anytime someone new enters the garden.

A large figure with a distinctive giggle is clad in layered iridescent green silks decorated with silk facsimile feathers, the voluminous sleeves designed to look like hummingbird wings. Likely some trick of small clothes and bone has made the Prince look surprisingly curvy in the gown, complete with a modest bosom. A beautiful porcelain half mask with delicate bits of gilding give the impression of a hummingbird's feathers and beak. Snow white hair is braided and looped up under a feathered coif arranged to match the bird's markings. This ridiculously oversized Lady bird hesitates on arriving, the movements of her head suggesting uncertainty.

Siyu had stopped back at the Quill and Tankard to change from the leathers of the dueling ground into the silks of a ball. The merchant having expanded his collection of frilly things, and has become quite the clothes horse. He is dressed in silk of a Braavosi cut, in the flaming red color. Though the embroidery of course is still silver, not risking gold in case it's too flashy. Long hair let loose and decorated with jade ornaments, and white ribbons. He was a bit late with the costume change, but that suits him. He doesn't want to take away from any noble entrances after all. Though the merchant from Yi Ti is a notable attendee.

Lady Marsei's identity is easily discerned by her stature, proximity to the giggling prince (though perhaps princess is more apt in this costume), and most of all by her red hair, curled and twirled prettily high upon her head with many artful strands falling free. She wears a small crown of diminutive iridescent feathers reaching toward the heavens. Her mask is simply decoration: an elegant half-mask of white porcelain as well, decorated with paint to mimic gold and blue feathers. The nose extends in a sharp needle point — like a hummingbird, if much shorter. The mask is pinned subtly to her hair, so that it appears to be a seamless fixture of her face. She wears rubies at her throat. Her dark blue gown is flowing, with sleeves that split in half at the elbow, and the shimmer of sapphires about the belt. Behind, the fabric of her dress has been sewn in such a way to resemble a subtle cascade of wing feathers from each shoulder blade, with a window of fair skin between.

She is somewhat subdued today; the Flower of Oldtown does not immediately flit like the hummingbird she is dressed as into the ball, only going so far as to recipcrocate friendly greetings sent her way as she hesitates with her counterpart. When she does head in more eagerly, it is toward Loryn and Miranda.

Loryn spots his wife and hurries over to wrap his arms around her substantial waist and pull her close to whisper: "It's all well, my love…" He spots Marsei approaching and offers her a warm smile as well. Surely she had heard about the duel.

Miranda has to lift her mask to kiss the triumphant knight in relief, murmuring her thanks to the Mother and the Warrior for justice being done. "And back in time to dance with me, as best as I can dance with out child jutting out between us." She turns to see more of their guests and beams a smile, raising a silver-clad hand to welcome them. "Mother's love to all! Don't you… ladies look gorgeous," she says in bright amusement. Even the exotic Siyu is given a wave of her hand in greeting.

"Lady Miranda," Marsei greets first, smiling brightly, "The garden looks absolutely magical and so do you. The Mother's blessing suits you so well — as does being a dolphin!" She turns to Loryn, placing hands on his arms beneath the elbows; her cheer fades, though her smile remains. "I just heard what happened at the … the duel," she says, and already, she sounds grateful. "You handled it with such wisdom. I'm so glad it turned out as it did, though sorry it had to come to that. I hope you do not take it to mean all Fossoways are so sour."

Loryn smiles faintly at Marsei. "I did not take it as such… I know how one bad apple can seem to foul the lot but my quarral is not with Lord Fossoway, even though I think he should have taken measures to keep the bastard in check. Either way… let us hope that we shall hear no more of this sorry affair…. shall we drink to that?", he suggests and looks around for the nearest servant circulating with drinks.

Siyu politely greets people when they come up. his own mask is that of a fox. A long pointed snout in porcelain, bone white with red and black markings. The fox's eyes closed, but smiling. Another variation of kitsune mask. The merchant dressed in red with a white "Tail" upon his hair. He mingles, walks, with a light sway of his hips, and perfumed hair flowing behind him. He bows politely to Lady Miranda at the noble greeting, happily greeting and chatting up with the various retainers and minor houses.

Resting her hand over her stomach, Miranda blushes a little as she curtsies for Marsei and the Prince-ss. "The Mother has been very kind and we are all too honored by Her gifts. The festival's delay worried me at first as a bad omen but all has seemed to work out well." The necklace won by Loryn at the tourney only seems to accent her choice of outfit more. "Master Siyu, you look so exotic, moreso than usual. I pray the festivities have found you in good cheer?"

The Large Green hummingbird trails the diminutive blue one, concern in the lines about the lips. The head cocked in a way that suggests the guest is studying Ser Loryn in case of hurt and Miranda in case her distress has harmed her. The Ladybird tries to fit her voice to her gown with limited success. "It is beautiful! Like being in some enchanted drowned kingdom….Is all well then? He is a very rude man. I do not Approve of him, but I very much approve of you, Loryn. You are so clever and everytime I play with your puppet I think of my wedding night!" The Green bird squeals happily, "Oh yes! Drinks, please!" And then the bird is attempting to hug the fox in greeting, because gown or no, the occupant does like hug.

With that, any more the blue hummingbird may have to say about the debacle is put aside as she happily says, "Please!" And plucks a drink from the platter of the approaching servant. "I confess I still have my concerns about the meaning of the omens…" she quietly asides to Miranda, "but if there is one thing that can convince me that all is well in the eyes of the Mother, it is that my title of Queen of Love and Beauty has been handed to you," she tells Miranda with a warm smile, the point of her mask's little beak directed at the prize necklace. She secures a drink for her feathered counterpart, also, but is left holding it as the bigger bird attempts to hug Siyu. She gives a soft laugh and nods her head in greeting at the fox-faced man.

Loryn looks a little sheepish when more arrivals surround him. "Master Siyu, how good of you to attend.", he smiles at the exotic visitor, then looks a little confused by the big hummingbird until it speaks. "Your Highness, welcome.", he greets the man as well and takes a sip, "I admit that I feel rather underdressed now, having not yet had a chance to change into my costume." He looks down at his armour, then at the people nearby. "If you'd excuse me, I'll go and get changed… to better dance with you later.", he winks at Miranda.

Miranda steals a quick kiss from Loryn before he leaves, shooing him off to go be pretty. "I do hope your good *husband* doesn't mind mine stole the title from you," she replies to Marsei, winking as she says the word. "Will he be joining you and your beautiful lady friend?" She likes playing along, cheerful thing that she is.

Vardis comes in through the gate in the garden wall.

The massive green hummingbird gives a mad titter and lets the poor fox go in favor of a drink of her own. "Oh yes! I m so glad you won! I am sorry we didn't come to watch, but…" The Ladybird looks like she's tempted to another round of hugs, but instead lifts her goblet, "To the Queen of Love and Beauty!" The bird beams at the Lady Miranda, "Love and Beauty are to be shared and there is plenty to go around!" She drinks deep.

Marsei lifts her hand to her face — her fingertips overlap the edge of her mask, and she cups her hand and giggles quietly into it. There is a small hitch — a pause, wherein her lashes might be glimpsed to lower behind the almond-shaped eye holes — before she plays along as well, looking to the green lady bird as she says, "I don't think you will catch a glimpse of the prince today, but I am happy with my present company, who is looking so lovely." Like the green hummingbird, the blue lifts her goblet in tribute to the new Queen of Love and Beauty. She looks the way Loryn departed. "Let us cheer Loryn when he returns," she suggests. She sends a shining smile in Miranda's direction and adds, "If, of course, we recognize our champion dressed as what I strongly suspect will be a very fantastic sea creature."

Siyu is attempting to brush his silks down over his hips now, and get ahold of himself from the huge heavy hug. His ribbons in his hair flutter as he tosses it back, and he'll take a drink of whatever is close to stabilize his nerves, "Ahem, ahem, yes, to the new Queen, very good." is his weak recovery.

Perhaps not comfortable with a mask , or simply uninformed as to the masque of the event one quiet figues does manage to shift in once Loryn Tyrell shifts out. A brow raised as he watches the other man depart, before he is looking around and drinking in the sights and sounds as if once familiar- before he is moving to take a glass from a servant. A sip of the wine and the tanned knight shifts out of the way of some passing couple. He, Vardis, will raise his cup politely and drink quietly. No need speak out of turn.

The Green hummingbird preens, clearly delighted with the compliment, "But no other bird can ever be as wonderful as you." The larger bird moves as if to kiss the top of the smaller one's head, but luckily remembers her beak in time, so instead drags a wing around her shoulder in the gentlest of squeezes. Then she is craning her nek, "Oh! I should like to see that! Itis already like dreaming here.

Miranda beams up at the tall green bird. "I'm so glad you liked it. I am getting used to hosting balls worthy of our Hightower friends and my Highgarden kin." She takes a glass of wine and motions for a servant to water it down for her so she can join the toast. "Ser Loryn is so very proud of me for what I've done, and his family is impressed. I thought being fish for a day would be delightful, but our lovely bird friends will just have to deal with wet feathers." Vardis, outside of the costumed grouping, is given a smile of unfamiliar greeting. "We have extra masks if you wished one," the lady of Tyrell offers.

Marsei gives Siyu a smile that is somewhat apologetic in nature, though it was not her who squeezed him in a giant embrace. However, the smile easily turns to fondness once it turns back to the green hummingbird, touching a delicate hand to the winged arm about her shoulders. "I should like to be in your dreams if they are as pretty as this," she says with a sweeping look around the transformed Tyrell gardens. "Oh, but we can fly above," she tells Miranda with good humour in her voice; if only Aelia were here to remark one way or another on this flight of fancy. "As our hummingbirds do in our garden high above Battle Island."

Eyes flit to Miranda and there is a breaking of revarie for a moment as he snaps out of whichever dream he found himself in. Instead Vardis smile politely and lets his scar crinkle with it. "Oh no worries, M'lady." he adds, his accent has the distinct roughness of a border lord. Not entirely exotic as some of his countrymen, but not entirely the reach either. "When here, A dornishman always wears a mask." and another sip of his wine. "Thank you, though."

Siyu blows out a breath and bows his head, "Very well then. We have plenty of drink, plenty of food, we can toast to the good health of every lady and mother until the dusk and right on through the next dawn. So shall we that. Continue to toast and continue to celebrate. To good health and good friends yes?" he has recovered. "To dreams and desires as well, as I said it appears as if we have enough drink to last." There is a very vaint hesitation at the mention of Dornishman however, a tilt of his mask as he fully looks at Vardis.

The Green Hummingbird is clearly wanting to hug her hostess, but the experience with Lady Olenna at a previous party has left her chastened, "I thing you are very good at it, Miranda. I can't imagine ever being as clever at planning a Ball as this!" She giggles happily, Or Perhaps we are parrotfish in disguise!" She nods, "I do like being up high…" The angle of her beak suggests she is studying Miranda's middle, though trying to be subtle about it. Then the beaked head turns to the dornishman, "Oh! Are you dressed as a Dornishman? That is a fine costume!" To Siyu with an almost hetic air, "We should have lots and lots of toats don't you think? And then we will forget all the ugliness with lizard lions and duels and dance and dance until we fall down!"

Marsei's attention turns toward Vardis, particularly when he mentions Dorne; her artful porcelain mask singles him out more obviously than she would otherwise. She gives her other half a slightly staying squeeze on the arm when it's suggested the man is only dressed as a Dornishman; she gives a polite smile of greeting to the stranger, bowing her head subtly in recognition of his presence. She lifts her goblet once again in Siyu's direction. "I agree," she approves. "All wonderful things to toast to and well said. I know you are involved in trade," a glance to the other hummingbird, "but I remember you most, Master Siyu, as the one who was there when I found the dove in the Maidenday Gardens."

That gets a bark of laughter from Vardis, befofe hs is looking at the Green Hummingbird, and he shakes his head ever so slightly. "No, I am dressed as myself- which is a dornishman." which made sense when he thought it up. " But again, thank you the same. I wasnt meaning to intrude on your fine party, but was ushered in all the same. My visit was darker in purpose- but it is done and glad for a reprieve."

the Green Hummer drinks down Siyu's toast happily enough and grabs another passing goblet, arm still around the smaller bird. Chastened, as she mimics the blue hummingbird's graceful nod and says, "My apologies. It has been a very exciting week and I am giddy with it."

Siyu turns his attention back to Marsei, and he hesitates. "I do remember that High Lady. I must admit, you seem much more confidant, and…" he considers his words very carefully. "Compared to the first meeting your Rose has bloomed quite magnificently." he offers with open hands, "It was only 2 years, perhaps 3, but time is ceaseless and much has changed. Doves will fly and flowers will bloom." he says, with a soft smile, almost pensive in tone as he remembers back. "It's amazing how much happens in the years between memories isn't it." in fact he's distracted from the Dornishman by his memories, which is just as well.

Miranda just smiles. Dornishmen are welcome even if they are their own costumes. She goes to grab another little shrimp-on-a-stick and nibbles it daintily. "The dancing and the music and the food - oh aren't these precious," she says of the apple-carved fish and orange-slice seasnails. She's ignoring the sea cucumbers. Or not. There's a momentary frown and then she sighs. "I bet Nigel had those brought in…"

The Larger hummingbird turns her head in startlent at Siyu's flowery *ahem* language, and then she is blushing. Most inuendo might fly over her head without disturbing her coifure, and sea cucumbers signify nothing to her except the presence of finger food, but she does know her flowers, and is clearly shocked and embarrassed.

"Has it been that long?" Marsei marvels; she's so caught in awe over the passage of time that she's distracted for a moment before smiling apologetically for her delay. "It hardly seems— … well, I suppose it has been," she bows her coiffed and feathered head modestly, "Thank you for your kind words. If I may say, you seem more confident as well. More at home far away from yours. I hope our city has treated you well." It is only then that she notices the green hummingbird's reaction, and — though half of her face is covered in porcelain — looks faintly confused. A half-dawning strikes her eyes. "Nothing's the matter, my feathered friend," she says, smiling assuredly. "Have you seen all of this?" She looks to the display of seafood and unique desserts — although she does not notice Nigel's apparent addition — and tugs lightly on the green hummingbird's arm, drifting to the many treats.

Miranda motions for the guests to enjoy. "My father has a very talented artist who carves vegetables and fruits for us in Longtable. I suspect my brother had a hand in suggesting some of the creations, as our lord father seems to enjoy them most." Somewhere in the crowd, behind an octopus mask, her brother is laughing loudly. The Tyrell dame motions to a servant to remove the mildly offensive items and leave only the more refined offerings behind.

Siyu takes half a step back as the green bird looks at him. Unsure now, and he immediately goes into more defensive footing. "It has been, and it the city has warmed on me. There are many things Westros has taught me since that day." though he doesn't add much more. "Though the night is young, perhaps I should leave you all to celebrating. After all I can't be talking up all your time when there are so many masks to guess at."

Smile is met back with smile before he is bowing his head and moving on. Not much has changed here, not in Vardis' eyes, though. The dornishman is pivoting to look and catch a bite from a passing tray before he is walking again. Its withe a gait of someone familiar with the grounds.

Dhraegon is distracted from whatever that was about by the promise of exciting desserts. She squeals happily and is soon happily sampling all the marzipan types and trying to ply the Blue Hummingbird with the types she herself likes best, entirely oblivious to any rude shapes that may have crept in. "These are wonderful, Miranda! And so lovely! Siyu! Come try some! They are very sweet!"

"Seven keep you," Marsei tells Siyu when he seems like he is departing, not considering that his faith may differ. She glances back once at Vardis, but does not seem to notice any familiarity in his demeanor. She's more than ready and willing to skip straight to the desserts, trying whatever her counterpart eagerly offers. "They are delightful," she agrees, glancing as the Tyrell servants escort the offending creations out before she's properly assessed them. For the best, once she remembers the prior works of the Lord of Longtable's fruit and vegetable carver.

A few Fossoways have arrived — or more than a few, who can say, with the masks — but they are all perfectly polite with a quiet air of apology around them, here in honour of the festival and the Tyrells, as it should be. None of them resemble Haemon, mask or no mask. Most of them stay at the periphery of the garden.

Siyu clears his throat faintly and he'll move through the crowd, he's not going to interact much, going to take his time and survey the room before trying to rengage

Miranda beams back over towards the 'Princess' and laughs. "I can only imagine our babe will grow up on them and become as plump as my father. Ser Loryn usually decides what sweets we have at our parties because he loves them so." Any of the Apples circulating are welcomed the same as any other guest, because that's what a hostess does and the issue was settled on the field of honor. As far as -she- is concerned.

A group of mummers, doing the outer court of the Whimsey, soon file in with elaborate fish costumes and colorful ribbon streamers. And dressed as a prince of the sea, silver-white doublet like scales and a trident in hand Loryn sets them to perform for the guests, starting an acrobatic act that has them leaping and flying through the air like fish moving through the waters.

The Larger Hummer snatches up a sea cucumber on it's way out as pops it in her mouth as a pallet clenser before seeing what other sweets are on offer. "Shall we dance next, do you think? I'm just… so happy tonight I really could fly!" She has not yet spotted any impending Fossoways so intent is this love bird on finding the best treats to feed the Smaller Hummingbird. She nods enthusiastically, "Young loryn has excellent taste!" And then she is clapping for the acrobats.

Marsei claps for Loryn as much as for the performers; she's delighted to watch, easily mesmerized by their flying act.

The dornishman notes the arrival of the Fossoways, but does not move to intercept or otherwise look at them. instead he marks where they are while drinking the rest of his wine. Once the glass is finished and the mummers begin their performance the Dornishman looks to make his escape ever so quietly. After all no need to linger in one's past.

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