(124-03-19) Not Bad!
Not Bad!
Summary: Loryn offers Iris the leading role in an upcoming play.
Date: 19/03/2017 (OOC Date)
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Amphitheatre - Whimsy Theatre

The Theatre of Whimsical Dreams is a three-storey, open-air amphitheatre, approximately ninety-eight feet in diameter, which can house some two thousand spectators. At the base of the stage, there is an area called the yard, where, for three pennies, groundlings stand on the rush-strewn earthen floor to watch the performance. Vertically around the yard are the three levels of the gallery, with more expensive stadium-style seats.

A rectangular apron-stage platform thrusts out into the middle of the open-air yard. The stage measures approximately forty feet in width, twenty-four feet in depth and is raised about seven feet off the ground. On this stage, there is a trap door for use by performers to enter from the cellarage area beneath.

The back wall of the stage has two doors on the main level, with a curtained inner stage in the center and a balcony above it. The doors enter into the tiring house where the actors dress and await their entrances. The balcony above houses the musicians and can also be used for scenes requiring an upper space. Above the balcony is the apex, which has windows and a battlement-style walk.

Large columns on either side of the stage support a roof over the rear portion of the stage. The ceiling under this roof is called the heavens, and is painted with clouds and the sky. A trap door in the heavens enables performers to descend using a rope and harness. The rest of the theater is crisscrossed with wooden support beams, over which a white oilcloth can be stretched to keep out the rain, and also provide a reflective surface to help light the theater.

Some of the cast are assembled on stage, rehearsing a big battle-dance-choreography for the current play which is not as tight as either the director or the choreographer wish for. While the men, all clad in armour-like clothing that looks vaguely Meerenese, go through their steps, stage hands are touching up a big background image with some colours. Elsewhere in the theatre, two young women are rehearsing their lines. It's just another afternoon at the Whimsy, a few hours before curtain up. Sitting somewhere in the wings at a table that often features as a prop in shows, is the impresario, Loryn Tyrell, keeping an eye on things while working on a new script.

Amidst all of this bustle of martially inspired dance performances, one could almost miss the arrival of Iris, barmaid and occasional actress in Loryn's plays. It has been a while since her first and last big success in a memorable role, yet here she is, attired in a plain yet faintly sensual dress of a barmaid, dark hair worn in a long braid, and eyes that cannot help but glitter with curiosity and yes, excitement as well when she glances towards the performers on the stage. Her steps, however, take her to where Loryn sits, not too hurriedly in her almost casual stroll. "You wanted me to come by?", Iris asks, smiling when Loryn notices of her.

Loryn smiles when he sees her approach and gestures for her to sit at the table - if she can find something amid the clutter of stage stuff to sit on. "Yea, it's been a while, hasn't it?", the theatre owner remarks, "How have you been doing? Want a drink?" Assuming this is a rhetorical question, he's already lifting the jug of wine has on the table.

"Yes, it has," Iris agrees, whilst seeking herself a spot on a chair from which she will remove some 'stage clutter' by placing it somewhere else. "I'm still working at the Quill," her shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, "so I've been doing good, I s'ppose." Tips and all that. "How about yourself, ser?", she asks then, smile deepening when she spots the jug of wine in his head. "And yeah, sure. Very kind of you to ask, ser."

"Ser? What's with all the ser-ing?", Loryn smirks slightly and pushes a filled cup of wine into her direction, "I've been doing fine. Just been wondering… it's been awhile since you've been here at the theatre. Lost interest in acting?", he wonders and gives her a little look. "Or are you still mad at me for … well…" He doesn't say it. Getting married and all that.

"It's your title, ser knight?", Iris counters in a tone that hovers somewhere between sweet and fake innocence. "I'm just a barmaid. And you…" Here her hand reaches for the cup he slides her way, "well, yes. You're a married man now." Which may be also explanation for his unfinished question. "You promised me a big role some time ago, but then… hmmm. Nothing came of it." She lifts the cup to her lips and takes a good sip from the wine, cheeks pinkening almost instantly. "I'm not mad at you. No. See… I'm here today. Never lost interest in acting, just… umm… thought it would be awkward."

"I am still Loryn.", he points out, a little edge in his voice, though it's softened by his smile. "Don't be a stranger, okay? There'll always be roles for you here at the Whimsy. In fact…" He taps his fingers onto the parchment on which he had been scribbling earlier, "Have you ever heard the Legend of Alisea?" It's a fairy tale of sorts, often told to children as bedtime stories.

"Loryn." Iris seems to accept his request for way of address without the blink of an eye. "I'm no stranger, and won't ever be." His edge in tone is noted and met with a momentary dimming of her smile. "And yes… I had hoped you'd say that." Faint optimism flashes in her eyes when Loryn poses his question to her. "Some of it, I believe," she states after a moment. "Why?"

"Well… we haven't really used the dragon much recently…", Loryn explains, his eyes drifting out towards the auditorium where they had once created an impressive effect of a flying fire-breathing dragon. "The audience digs the big battle stuff -" Now his eyes wander to the chorus rehearsing, brows knotting into a frown when one of the male dancers drops his sword with a loud clatter, "But I think we should do something with a dragon again. So I am working on a stage adaptation of the legend." He pauses for a bit, mostly for dramatic effect, "And I need an Alisea…"

Such dramatic effect will be met with an adequately dramatic reaction. Iris gasps, eyes suddenly wide, as she lets herself fall back against the backrest of the chair. "The… leading role?", she breathes, and Loryn can tell, she is already considering, expecting him to offer this leading role to her. After which she takes a hasty gulp of wine from her cup, perhaps forcing herself to stay calm and quiet, before Loryn has affirmed this to her.

Loryn seems pleased by the reaction. He lets her dangle on that hook for a bit though, taking a long slow draught of wine first. "Would you be interested?", he asks curiously, "You match Alisea's description and the audience likes you…" He hesitates a bit before adding: "And I'd like to work with you again."

Her deep blue eyes flicker, corners of her lips twitching upwards. If he can let her dangle, she can do the same to him in turn. And so Iris delays her reply a little, after watching Loryn take his deliberately delaying sip. Her hand lifts, to fidget with a stray strand of dark brown, she lowering her gaze as if this were not such an easy decision after all. Teeth catch her bottom lip. A bit of mischief glints in her gaze as she lifts it again to meet the Tyrell lord's inquisitive stare. "I like… dragons. So yeah. Perhaps. Why not." A shake of her head then, as she drops the charade. "Yes! I am interested. You know I am. I've always wanted a bigger part…" In the play? In his life? She leaves the sentence unfinished, as Iris leans over and lifting her cup in some kind of toast and business agreement, "You have your leading actor then. Is the script already done yet? When will rehearsals begin?"

"Hold your horses.", Loryn chuckles, "I'm still working on the script. And casting the show. I've been talking to a new tailor in town who's keen on making the costumes for Alisea. I've sent Sal to him to create a sample costume which I quite like. But I thought it would be easier to find a leading lady first, so he can work with her and doesn't have to use Sal only to adapt the clothes later…" He drifts off, his eyes wandering around as if looking for someone or something. "Think the costume is up in my office now…"

More wine is had, as Iris digests the news whilst listening to Loryn elaborate on the matter of dresses, a certain unrest there in her bearing, excitement that will be tempered with something else, amusement maybe? When Loryn mentions his office, her eyes roll ever so slightly as she drains her cup of wine. "In your office, hmm? So… you mean…like, I could try it on right away?"

"You could, if you wanted to. Or at least take a look. See how you like the style. This tailor gets a bit… creative. But I believe that my leading ladies should be nice to look at on stage." He grins, not minding the ambiguity of that sentence at all. "If you don't want to run up all the steps, I'll send someone to fetch it down…"

"Hmmm…" Iris does not seem frightened at all by creative designs of dresses, even if something in Loryn's words has her lift a brow, smile deepening. "I didn't get to wear much as Claribel…", she states with a shrug, smiles curving as she perhaps recalls an unintended costume slip during the rehearsal. Grinning as well then, she nods. "Have someone get it." She going up into his office on her own? No way!

"Alisea will be wearing a little bit more.", Loryn grins and nods to her request. One of the errand boys is sent up to the stuffy office under the roof. While they wait, Loryn watches the dance routine of the army and sighs a little. "When they get it together, it looks amazing, but try and keep twenty guys in synch.", he explains for Iris' benefit, "People love the big battles though, the show is usually sold out. But it's something for the guys really… now I need something for the ladies…"

Soon enough the boy returns, carrying the dress reverently over both arms. Loryn gets up to take it from him and holds it for Iris to see: Layers and layers of translucent silk. Mist grays, ocean blues, seaglass green. And they sweep up toward a stiff bodice, like a rocky cliff jutting out of the sea, crusted here and there with dense beading, like minerals glinting. One sleeve, built high in the shoulder like armor, but made of sculpted cloth.

Blue eyes follow the gaze of Loryn, and Iris chuckles, her own dancing skills actually never having been out of the question. "Perhaps you should consider someone at the back bringing them into synchronicity with beats of a drum, hmm?" The martiality of it all perhaps not exactly her cup of tea, but then the errand boy returns and brings the dress. Iris cannot help but rise from her seat and step towards the noble impresario, eyes wide with awe. "Now this… is a surprise," she smiles, allowing her fingers to run over the fabric of the skirts, and the crust-like surface of the bodice. "Something unusual, epic… Oh, I love it already…"

"There's other dances with drum beats. This was meant to be more… light-hearted.", Loryn explains with a look towards the dancers, but then their attention turns to the dress. He smiles at Iris' reaction. "Like it? There'll be more, she'll have a few costume changes. But when a new tailor asks about working for the Whimsy, I need to see a sample of their work first. Want to try it on?", he wonders.

"Hmmm…" Iris murmurs, unable to hide her fascination and excitement. "This looks indeed… yes… I would try it on. Just… where to change?"

Loryn gestures vaguely. She's been around the theatre enough to know that there are a few storage rooms that are usually empty of people, if not of things. "Let Bobsy stand guard, if you're worried about intruders trying to sneak a peek.", he winks, nodding towards the boy who had brought the dress and still lingers nearby in case he's asked to take it back upstairs.

Iris looks from Loryn to the boy and her inquiring expression shifts into a different cast. "Oh well… Yes. Okay," Taking the dress from Loryn's hands, she walks off, heading right towards one of those storage rooms. "I won't take long." The boy does after all receive a wink from the barmaid actress.

And indeed, soon the new Alisea returns. The thin layered fabric of skirts flaring out beneath the bodice, that looks awfully similar to a breast plate. By intention or not, Iris has decided to remove the ribbon of her braid, freeing dark tresses that fall about one shoulder - leaving the other with the dramatic high shoulder-plate like design free to the view.

Loryn had picked up his quill again to work on the script, but when he notices Iris approaching, he puts it down again and leans back in his chair to give her a slow once-over. And whistles in appreciation. "Not bad at all…", he smiles, "The tailor can make a few little amends to make sure the dress suits you perfectly. But I do think it quite matches my idea of the Princess of the Southern Seas…" He looks at her to see what she thinks.

<FS3> Iris rolls Acting: Failure.

"Not bad?", Iris quips as she straightens, summoning an impression of regality in her bearing and the tone of her voice, or at least trying to. Lifting her chin, she intones, "A princess being labeled merely as 'not bad', my lord? Are you meaning to insult me?" An attempt that is thwarted by her enthusiasm and glee at the opportunity Loryn is offering her, glee apparent in her smile, and the voice. "So… I got the part, Loryn?", is added without any pretense of qualities she does not possess, said as 'Iris' rather than 'Princess Alisea'.

Loryn looks amused by the bad attempt. "We'll need to work on your posh accent.", he points out, "But yes, if you are interested… how about you read the tale of Princess Alisea and let me know what you think in a few days?", he suggests, "The role isn't going away. Based on this dress, I think I'll work more with Orsino and send you to his studio instead of Sal."

Eyes roll and Iris chuckles, aware of her mediocre performance. "Yes. Probably. Perhaps I need some private lessons…", she say, words escaping before she can hold them back. "Umm…", she looks a bit awkward, noticing her perhaps inappropriate innuendo, fingers brushing over the skirts as she turns and makes a distracting spin to try them out. "Or during the rehearsals," she adds then, trying to clarify and take back the possibly ambiguous offer. "I will read the tale, yes. If you happen to have a copy, please could you lend it out to me…?" Books being a thing that is hard to come by as a commoner. A curtsey she offers. "So I'll best change back and… go. I'm actually needed at the Quill in a bit. My shift and all."

Loryn pulls one brow upward pointedly at the suggestion of private lessons and replies rather vaguely "We'll see about that. And yes, I can get you a copy, I have one upstairs in the office and there's at least one more back at Garden Isle." Because nobles are up to their ears in books. "I can bring it by the Quill later or send someone, ok?", he says and nods to her suggestion to go and get changed.

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