(123-11-23) Moving On
Moving On
Summary: Having got what he wanted, Loryn is ready to move on from Highgarden. For now he catches his wife up on the current state of affairs
Date: Can't remember
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Garvin Tyrell left Highgarden not long ago without much furore or comment. There was a notably frosty atmosphere in the castle though that only dissipated after some days. Loryn has been strangely busy, either in long conversation with his uncle or, the servants didn't fail to notice, with Lady Olenna Roxton, with whom he disappeared onto a long walk.

Miranda never knows how to handle herself around Lady Olenna. Even though she's gracious and kind to all, something about the woman always set Miranda off and it wasn't the vision. But otherwise the days were spent discussing scripture with the young ladies of Highgarden and visiting the city's shrines and septs. A bit of charity work wasn't out of her day either but the nights of roses and working on their eventual heir were equally enjoyable.

This morning Loryn swans back into their chambers with a particularly smug look on his face and a triumphant air. He's clutching something in one hand. "Miranda? Darling? Are you here?", he calls out before he's even closed the door, "How do you feel about moving on to Longtable?"

Miranda sits by the open window, embroidering a lacy hair cap with blue and gold morning glories. She smiles as he strolls over to the balcony patio. "It'll be nice to see the whole family again. We can go swimming on the river and have a fish bake!" She beams as she stands and sets her craft aside. "Shall I have a raven sent to Father?"

"Do so, my dear.", Loryn replies off-handedly, "We should be having a good-bye dinner tomorrow - today is too early for the cooks to arrange everything - and I have a few things to settle still, but I believe it's time to move on. One shouldn't outstay one's welcome, right?" When she gets up, he wraps his arm around her waist to pull her close and plant a kiss on her cheek, then nudges her back to sit down. His buoyant mood giving way to something more serious. "I've had a raven from Oldtown.", he explains, opening his hand to reveal a small rolled-up note of parchment.

She smiles sweetly at the kiss and returns the hug before sitting back down with embroidery in hand. "Oh? How's everything at home? News from the Whimsey- but they couldn't afford a raven…l

"No no, nothing of the sort.", Loryn replies quickly, "It's a note from a… friend in the harbour. Garvin has boarded a ship and sailed off to Essos. He's gone. Forever.", he says, stressing every word, while he looks deeply into her eyes to see if she realizes what this means.

Miranda blinks in mild surprise. "Oh! So he… saw it was for the best," she asks as she breaks into a smile. "And will he be happy there?"

"I am sure he will be… eventually.", Loryn replies, smiling thinly, "I wasn't sure he wouldn't try to pull something last minute, but obviously not. The ship is bound for Pentos. I will receive news from there as well, but of course news travel much slower across the sea. In the meantime I've had a very interesting conversation with Lady Olenna. You know of her attachment to my brother Laurent?"

"Love is literally blind. He was buying her new gowns and had her apartments moved into the Garden isle." She smiles in bemused wonder. "Perhaps he is kinder to her than others."

"I think both of them thrive on being blunt.", Loryn admits and smirks, "Though I suppose it helps that she can't actually see the state of his own holdfast or his spectacularly bad sense of dress." Says the guy in golden pants. "Anyway -", he continues, "She is quite willing to marry him and my uncle is willing to grant her the … let's call it dowry … required for the marriage to go ahead."

Miranda says "Oh how romantic! Mother and Father bless them both. I pray it goes smoothly compared to his first marriage." Then she asks - a bit hesitantly, "he won't be staying with us at the Isle, will he? Will they be staying after the wedding?"

Loryn shakes his head quickly, no. A particular spark appears in his eyes when he continues: "Lady Olenna is Lady Roxton, remember? She has a duty to her house and her people. They will move to the Ring and live there. Laurent will, in effect, join House Roxton as Lord Roxton and support his new wife in running her realm…" Again that probing look deep into her eyes.

Miranda's relief is more personal than political. "Oh that's… wonderful," she says with sincerity. "He'll be happier there." And so will Miranda without the Thorn striding through the halls of her home.

"Most definitely. I don't think he would make a good ruler of the Reach, which he would have been forced to be after Garvin's departure. Being the eldest son of Lord Tyrell's eldest brother. Of course now that Laurent will join House Roxton and is no longer eligible to eventually follow my uncle…" He eyes her. Gedddddit?

"Then he won't object if you're named heir to Highgarden," she agrees with a nod. "He'd hate it anyhow and this gives him an excuse to -not- be in line."

"Exactly.", Loryn confirms and looks at her. "And you, my dear?", he probes since she doesn't seem to bring it up herself, "Are you ready to be Lady Tyrell, ruler of Highgarden and the Reach?"

Miranda takes a deep breath. "I've prayed on it. And medicated on it. The duty of a ruler is to love their people and to strive to do well by them. Guide and guard them with love and sternness when required. I don't think either of you brother or cousin could manage to do both. But you could. And I… can learn to host parties and welcome guests with more than scripture quotes. I can do it, for us. For the Reach."

Loryn listens to her little speech with something akin to silent pride. "Thank you, my love.", he finally says softly, "I know that you and me will be the best the Reach can wish for. And don't worry. Nobody is asking us to rule NOW.", he smiles. Nope, no plans to murder his uncle in his sleep. Yet. "We will have years to learn and prepare. In fact there won't be a formal or official announcement. People may think that Garvin has just left for some travels. We shall return to Oldtown, live our lives there… and learn. We may be required to visit Highgarden more often, but surely that's not a problem - it will also enable us to visit Longtable more often."

"Won't that be grand," Mi says with a smile, taking his hands in hers. "We will have plenty of time to prepare, and it will be good practice to host tourneys and such in Oldtown rather than throw myself into a grand gala here all at once." She giggles as she adds, "It'll be nice to see home more often too, the baby will be starting to walk and I'd hate to miss my brother's first steps."

Loryn gives her hands a warm squeeze. His eyes light up when she mentions a baby starting to walk, but turn to a look of confusion when she continues. "Your brother? Oh…" Sigh.

Her big blue eyes flutter in confusion. "Who did you think I meant," she says with a small pout. "I'm sure we will have our own in good time. I pray for that often too."

"You know nothing would please me more.", Loryn smiles warmly, leaning over to kiss her, "Having strong beautiful sons will also … strengthen our position.", he reminds her, then squeezes her hands one more before rising to his feet. "I'll go and check on the horses and carriages. We should start making preparations so we can leave the day after tomorrow and a final dinner." He begins to leave, but turns back once more to look at her: "And you know… it will all be fine. We'll rule the Reach wisely and kindly."

"I know," Mi replied with conviction. "Perhaps this is why the Gods put us together. To ensure the Reach isn't torn apart…"

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