(123-11-10) Honest words by the fireside
Honest words by the fireside
Summary: Loryn has a chat with Lord Lorant Tyrell. Decisions are made.
Date: Can't remember
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(Note: This scene has been written by Loryn to include his uncle Lorant Tyrell, NPC)

The hour is late and silence has descended over the great castle of Highgarden like a dark silky veil. Lord Lorant Tyrell is seated by the fire in his own small salon, adjacent to the noble couple's bedroom into which Lady Hyacinth has already withdrawn. The ruler of the Reach likes this quiet time to himself, to think, contemplate or allow himself some philosophical musings. A fact, his nephew Loryn Tyrell is very well aware of and he doesn't hesitate to enter his uncle's chambers despite the late hour. In fact he's bringing fresh wine with him.

Lorant looks surprised when the door opens, expecting a servant who probably wouldn't bring good news at this hour. So he smiles when he sees who it is. "Can't sleep, Loryn? I would have expected you to be enjoying married bliss at this hour…", he greets and gestures to the free chair beside his, vacated by Lady Hyacinth not too long ago.

"Oh, soon enough, dear uncle.", Loryn responds lightly and refills his uncle's cup before sitting down and filling one for himself. "I thought it a good time for a few quiet words. Soon enough the castle will be filled to the brim with guests arriving for the tourney and feasts."

"Of course." Lorant looks at the young nephew curiously. Perhaps he realizes how little he knows the young man. Loryn was merely a boy when he left Highgarden to squire for a cousin and had lived in Oldtown since. "Is there anything in particular you wish to talk to me about?"

Loryn doesn't respond straightaway. He takes a sip of wine and stares into the flames of the flickering fire. Taking his time. Perhaps he likes keeping his uncle waiting. But finally he decides that bluntness is called for and says simply: "You know as well as I do, that Garvin will never sire the children our family needs to secure the on-going succession. And unfortunately this isn't Dorne where girls can inherit, so Alaura and Janei are not helping either."

"He has to.", Lorant says firmly, then heaves a sigh. "I've overlooked so much. SO MUCH, Loryn. I've let him have his ways. Even now I look the other way. Surely it's not too grand a task to marry some young lady and father a bunch of children as well as …. whatever he likes to do." He makes a vague dismissive gesture with one hand.

"What if he doesn't? Are you prepared to take the risk?"

"What would you have me do, Loryn?", Lord Tyrell says, a trace of bitterness in his voice, "My wife is past the age to give me more sons. I love her too much to replace her with a younger one…"

"I have had a chat with Garvin.", Loryn explains lightly as if the cousins had only discussed the weather earlier, "He agreed that it would be best for everyone involved if he… went on a journey. Explore Essos… for some years. Let the Reach forget he exists… take him out of the succession."

Lord Lorant almost chokes on his wine and coughs a little. His fingers clamp around the wine glass. "Careful, nephew.", he warns softly, "You are suggesting that my only son… my only heir… disappears from the Reach? What makes you think that I would agree to that? That I would so easily let him slip his duties and…" He lifts his head to bore into Loryn's eyes. "To make room for who? You?"

"I think you have little choice really.", Loryn replies in that light tone he likes to employ, "Would you really want to risk scandal - again? More damage done to the reputation of House Tyrell?"

"I don't…" Lorant begins but something gives him pause. He looks at Loryn again. "Is there something I should know about Garvin? Something… recent?"

"It is not for me to say, uncle. But he quite agreed that it would be wiser for some things to remain… buried. Not to mention that he knows what kind of life he would enjoy more. The fleshpots of Essos or the seat of Highgarden…"

"And you are so eager for that seat?" Lorant musters the young man curiously again. "Are you aware how much responsibility comes with it?"

"Responsibility you think Garvin could better shoulder than me?" Loryn almost scoffs at the notion. "I am young, uncle, but I am not stupid. I observe and learn. I have a beautiful young wife and soon enough heirs." He falls silent, sipping his wine, to give his uncle a chance to mull over things privately.

Of course Lorant soon enough finds another obstacle: "You have an older brother, Laurent. Were Garvin to give up his claim to Highgarden, Laurent would be first in line to follow. And to be honest, I fear your brother would be an even worse choice than my son. He isn't called "The Thorn" for nothing."

"Laurent shall not pose a problem.", Loryn says with so much confidence that Lorant can't help smirking.

"Let me guess, you already have another scheme for him?"

"It'll be for his own best. He'll gain his own title and a wonderful woman in the bargain."

This statement surprises Lorant and Loryn takes a few moments to explain Laurent's attachment to Lady Roxton of the Ring.

"I see…", Lorant finally murmurs and shakes his head a little to himself. He stares into the flames as he keeps thinking and finally laughs softly under his breath. "You're good at politicking, I'll say that for you, Loryn. You've shown more aptitude for the seat of Highgarden in this conversation than Garvin has in a year." He pauses again to sip some wine and think some more.
At last he continues: "Make no stake, Loryn, I do not like how you force my hand. I understand the need for schemes in politics but that does not mean I like them or appreciate the schemer. But I have to admit, that I have worried about the future of House Tyrell a lot what with Garvin being the way he is. I will need to talk to him. I will need to talk to my wife. I will need to THINK."

"Fair enough.", Loryn says lightly, "I know it's all a bit unexpected right now…"

"And what made you act?", his uncle wonders curiously.

Loryn shrugs. "I wasn't much of a heir while I was just a young unmarried knight, was I? But now that I'm married to a beautiful and fertile young woman…" Lorant nods his acknowledgement of that undeniable fact and Loryn continues softly: "Some observations I made of Garvin during the wedding days in Oldtown convinced me that he would never change his ways… and that, perhaps, it would be better to act before he'd be forced into an arranged marriage that would only cause great unhappiness all around without furthering the cause of House Tyrell."
"So he HAS been up to something.", Lorant mutters under his breath and sighs deeply. But he's slowly starting to accept the situation. He can even muster a little grin, when he speaks next. "You are very ambitious, Loryn. Do I need to watch my back from now in case you want to rush the succession a little bit?"

"Oh Seven, no!", Loryn protests and it slips out so vehemently that it's obviously genuine. "There is so very much I need to learn. I am in no rush. For the next years I plan to enjoy married life and make sure we'll have plenty of heirs in the next generation."

"Alright then…" Lorant looks resigned as he drains his cup and sets it down. He knows when he is outmanoevred. Loryn offers another refill but the Tyrell shakes his head. "It is bedtime.", he suggests and his young nephew nods in agreement. After all, he's got what he came for. Time to withdraw.

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