(123-11-10) Cousins have a chat
Cousins have a chat
Summary: Loryn takes his cousin Garvin, heir to House Tyrell, on a ride together. He has a couple of things to say…
Date: can't remember
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(Note: the whole scene was written by Loryn with permission from Gashly to use Garvin however he liked)

Loryn and Garvin leave the castle behind on horseback and follow the Rose Road for a bit until Loryn turns into a smaller path through fields of golden rose. The smell is so intense as to be almost cloying. "Smells worse than the gallery of the Whimsy on opening night.", Garvin jokes, but his cousin can barely muster a smile. It seems something's on Loryn's mind. But he remains silent until they have left even the rose fields behind and are now reaching wide open fields. Not far away the blue band of the Mander glitters in the sunshine.

"Do you miss the theatre?", Loryn finally asks and Garvin shrugs.

"Of course I do. I built it. I nurtured it through its early days and I had a damn good time there with…." He falters a little as he had quite forgotten that his cousin knows all about it anyway, so Loryn finishes for him:
"With Arion. And others. But you've found a good replacement, haven't you?"

Garvin blinks a little, then lets his eyes wander across the fields as if stalling for time.
"What do you mean?", he finally asks slowly, "I… I have some… lovers here, yes, do you expect me to be celibate?"

"Lovers, plural, picture me impressed.", Loryn smirks and leads his horse closer towards the river shore when a small path emerges. He half-turns in his saddle to look directly at Garvin: "And Denys Arryn?"

This has the desired effect as the colour drains from Garvin's face and his eyes widen.

"Oh come on, coz, discretion was never your strong suit. You were seen when you were at Garden Isle for my wedding.", Loryn adds by way of an explanation. He falls silent then, apparently content to let his horse slow down enough to tear some fresh green leaves from a bush. But of course he notices that Garvin's face is working as various emotions struggle within him.

"You can't tell anyone.", the young Tyrell finally says quietly, "His parents would kill him. The Arryns are…"

"High as Honour, I know.", Loryn says, his tone rather mocking, "They look differently upon … this kind of relationships than we here, in the south. As you well know."

"We met last year in King's Landing when Father took me to court to introduce me to the royal family. What with me being heir now after Matrim's death and all that.", Garvin explains reluctantly, "We couldn't help it… I don't see him often though. I was thrilled when he was able to make himself part of the Arryn group coming down for the wedding. But it has to be super secret. His parents would send him to the Wall."

His eyes are pleading as he studies his younger cousin, but Loryn doesn't look like he's offering much sympathy. As they reach the Mander, he leads his horse to the water line to let it drink and Garvin does the same. Once they stand side by side, Loryn looks firmly into Garvin's eyes.

"You could go to the Wall together. Keep each other company."

"What do you mean?" Garvin looks confused and also a little hurt by his cousin's evident lack of compassion, "Why should I go to the Wall? I wouldn't… I couldn't… I'm the heir…"

"Your father's not too happy with you, is he? I talked to him. You still dodge every attempt at introducing girls to you, carrying on as you always have with all sorts of boys and utter lack of discretion… Could be that he might start thinking you aren't all that wise of a choice to inherit Highgarden and the Reach if you don't care about fathering heirs…"
"What am I supposed to do then?", Garvin asks with a sigh, "I… I just don't see myself with a girl. They don't do anything for me… I can't even…"

"Get it up?", Loryn asks dryly and Garvin nods without meeting his eyes. Loryn pauses for a bit as the horse decides it has drunk enough and begins moving again, along the well-trodden path that follows the river now through beautiful fields with golden wheat.

"Say you had a choice… being Lord of the Reach, Lord Tyrell with a wife and a bunch of kids… or living somewhere nice and quiet with Denys Arryn… say, across the sea in Essos…. with a modest but certain income to support you and of course you can find new ways to make money, say, start a new theatre or something…"

Garvin frowns deeply as he listens. "What are you saying, Loryn? For the love of the Seven, speak plainly, man! First you go on about the Wall, now Essos…?"

"You go to Essos… take flight from Highgarden… first to Oldtown, where a boat is waiting for you, then across the Narrow Sea. Or drop by Gulltown in the Vale of Arryn if you want to pick up Denys along the way. You'll find some money in an account at the Bank of Braavos which you can use to set up in a place of your liking in Essos. Or travel around first, be a tourist for a while. Whatever… of course, by disappearing from Highgarden, you'll deeply disappoint your father who will disinherit you… you'll be dead to House Tyrell…"

Finally the penny drops and Garvin's eyes narrow.
"And YOU will be made heir? Is that your plan, Loryn? Damn it, coz, I hadn't taken you for such a schemer, you bastard…" He looks hurt and for a moment the hurt seems to cut into Loryn before he hardens himself to it.

"Let's face it, Garvin, you'd be miserable as Lord of Highgarden in a sham marriage with an equally miserable wife. I'm giving you a chance to get away and live the life you WANT to live…"

"And what if I said no?", Garvin muses, giving his cousin a sideglance, "What if I refuse to play along with your nice plan?"

Loryn shrugs, "Then uncle Corey will find out who your present squeeze is and a raven will make its way to the Eyrie to Denys' family… You might yet escape being sent to the Wall, but Denys would not… Although who knows, when your father recalled you to Highgarden, he did say someting along the lines of it being the last time you cause him shame, next time it would be the Wall for you…"

They both fall silent as Loryn gives Garvin time to mull this over. Their horses, unpertubed by the tension in the air, stride forward quite happily after the refreshment and Loryn has reign his steed it to remind him who the boss is.

"You fucking fucking bastard.", Garvin finally mutters under his breath, "I loved you like a brother, I gave you my theatre… and now you blackmail me? Go to Essos or be sent to the Wall?"

"Don't blame me for your lack of discretion.", Loryn replies simply, "You've had more than one warning from our father. Besides -", he continues after a brief pause, his voice softening, "I think it's best for everyone. You get to live a life you want, without pretension and lies. House Tyrell will have a heir with a wife and soon enough children."

"She preggers then, your little wife?", Garvin wonders and Loryn shrugs.

"I expect so. If not… soon enough. She definitely has more chances to bear the Tyrell heir than Denys Arryn.", he sneers.

"What about Laurent?", Garvin asks as he realizes, "He's older than you, he'd be first in line if I'm gone. Or have you already cooked up some scheme for him too?"

"My brother doesn't need a scheme.", Loryn laughs softly, "The thought of being Lord of the Reach is abhorrent to him. He can bear neither the necessary diplomacy at court nor having to deal with the smallfolks' troubles every day. Think about it -", the younger of the two Tyrells then says almost lightly, "You'll see it's a good idea. Now let's allow the horses to run, they are getting restless…" He loosens the reins, which his horse interprets as the right signal and it first leaps into a trot and soon after into a smooth gallop along the track, with Garvin following behind on his own horse.

Little more is spoken on the outing until they return to Highgarden. As the mighty castle comes into view, Garvin looks at Loryn and nods simply. "I wouldn't last a month at the Wal and neither would Denys. You won, you bastard. I'll go along with your scheme. But don't think for a moment that I will ever forget it…"

"Not expecting you to.", Loryn replies simply, trying his best to hide the happy smile that is tugging at the corners of his mouth.

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