(123-11-09) A lesson in family history
A lesson in family history
Summary: Loryn takes Miranda down to the Tyrell crypt in Highgarden
Date: Can't remember
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Highgarden seems rather happy to welcome the not quite so newlyweds, to the point where it's almost a steady stream of wellwishers and sycophants trying to curry favor. Loren has to fend off a few cousins with notions of plays to produce with themselves or their mistresses as the leads. Miranda gets the steady line of where's a baby questions. Enough to drive the two into the reading room where the collection of rare books and tomes are kept for a moment of privacy.

Loryn has been browsing the shelves rather listlessly - the books in there not really a novelty to him. He wanders around the room, looking here and there, stopping to stand by the window, then turning back to where his wife has settled down. "So how do you like it here?", he finally asks in an attempt to make light conversation.

She's found a pretty copy of the Maiden's Prayers and lightly turns the pages. She glances up with a smile and replies, "It's so lovely. Every inch is exquisite. Flowers and art and sunlight… you can tell this place is devoted to beauty and peace."

"Right." For some reason there's a brief but strange glitter in Loryn's eyes which he hides by looking around the room once more. "I'm going for a ride with Garvin tomorrow morning.", he then adds rather suddenly and pointedly. "I think he and I … need some words."

"Oh?" Miranda closes her book and sets it back carefully onto the shelf. "About how rude it was for him not to welcome us?" She asks it innocently but lowers her voice as she draws closer. "Or the… thing we discussed, about duties."

"Well, he did turn up for dinner later.", Loryn points out. But when she draws closer, he nods earnestly. "That. I figure it's better to have the talk somewhere we can be alone. Just him and me. No prying. You know the wals here have ears.", he adds, his tone even quieter, as if to perhaps convey a awarning.

Miranda nods and moves into his arms, her head on his shoulder. If there were prying eyes or ears, it would simply be a moment of stolen affection. "How do you think he'll take it," she asks in a quiet murmur.

Loryn hugs her tight against him, making it look like some harmless snuggling. "I don't know.", he murmurs back against her ear and nibbles the lobe for good measure. "I know he's annoyed that the Arryn kid is back in the Vale. He'd love to go there. But he also doesn't want to miss the honeypots of home…"

Miranda sighs softly. "It's those honeypots that keep him from better serving his duties. Perhaps you can trade him back the theatre, let him occupy himself there again."

Loryn chews his lip slowly as he considers this. "You know, if… if… things change… we might have to move to Highgarden… here… and I -would- need someone to run the Whimsy. But I'm not sure about him… it's too close… people would question things. He … can't be around, it would make things awkward."

"I would miss the Starry Sept," Miranda replies honestly. "But we will do what we must for our homelands. We both know what may happen if he… continues. " she brightens and adds, "I'll be closer to Longtable and my family though. That would be nice."

"There's a sept here in Highgarden, too.", Loryn points out. As if that wasn't probably the first place she scouted out. "Have you seen the family sept here in the castle?", he then asks curiously, "It isn't much but it's nice little place for contemplation and… prayer."

Miranda says, "Of course I have." It's a non question really. "It's not the same but the Seven are the same no matter where we are, that's what matters truly." She brushes her fingers through his hair to try to straighten out a bit of it. "It is very peaceful in there."

"It is.", Loryn confirms, "Did my mother show you? Did she take you down to the crypt to meet my father?" He grins weakly. "Would be like her, thinking that he needs to meet his new daughter." He rarely speaks about his father, so it looks like he might have been down there as well not long ago."

Miranda hems at that, "No, we didn't tour the crypts. Gardens, stables, this room and the sept. Perhaps she wanted you to have the, ah, honour?"

"How odd. There is so much more to see.", Loryn muses and smiles. "Well, I guess it's the gardens that are of major interest to everyone. Still… would you like to? See the crypt, I mean? Have you been up the old east tower? That's another interesting place…"

Miranda nods slowly. "I suppose. Crypts always were so odd. I liked my mother's effigy though. She was holding a lily in her hands and smiling…" She sighs softly. "But what's in the old tower? That sounds mysterious."

"Birdshit mostly.", Loryn replies, grinning. "Used to be the rookery before the newer part of the castle and the higher north tower were built. The roof leaked even ten years ago, it was cold and ghastly, but we children loved it and made it our hiding place. On a clear day you could follow the Mander all the way to the sea and even the Shield Islands. At least that's what I thought. Definitely the sea though. Do you want to see the crypt?", he suggests.

Miranda smiles at the idea of the view, although the sea is so commonplace with their apartments in Oldtown. "Well, I should, to pay my respects…" She takes his hand in hers and smiles. " Meet your father, so to speak."

"Right. Well, come on then.", Loryn smiles and releases her from the hug so she can get to her feet and he as well. "Afterwards we could go up to the tower. Take some drinks. Reminisce about long-gone days of youth." Says the not-yet-20 year old.

Miranda rolls her eyes on that, with her five years seniority. " I imagine you had a very happy childhood here. Your brother not withstanding. Your aunt and mother are very loving ."

"Very loving - is that code for clucking like hens?", Loryn asks teasingly and leads her from the library down an airy well-light corridor and across a small inner courtyard to the small family sept that forms one oblong corner of the inner castle. Instead of entering it, he opens a small wooden door in the opposite wall. And pauses to point at the floor where a large stone plate with a carved Tyrell dominates. "When someone'S died, they remove the slab.", he explains like a tourist guide, "There's the main staircase underneath leading into the crypt. It's how they bear the body down to be placed in its tomb in a formal procession. I can't lift it on my own though, so we need to go here." He steps through the door behind which a small creaky wooden spiral case leads down.

Miranda follows close and takes it all in with sincere interest. "Do you remember your father at all? I recall my mother a tiny bit. Songs mostly, and her brushing my hair." She runs her fingers over the carving before moving into the stairwell.

Loryn gives her a look of surprise. "He died only two years ago.", he points out, growing sober, "Slain by Maelys Targaryen. Of coures I remember him. And I will never forget.", he adds with a hint of steel in his voice. At the bottom of the stairs the small corridor widens into a hallway. Torches cast a flickering light while large sober effigies cast their shadows. Some are old, darkened, covered in lichen, while others are still shiny white. Two very new white effigies stand at the far end, their feet covered in fresh flowers. One a middle-aged knight, clean-shaven and square-jawed, the other of youngish countenance. "My father Corey and my cousin Matrim, who should have been heir to Highgarden.", he introduces them.

She looks sheepish and bows her head. "Two years ago was a very difficult time in my own life. I apologize if I didn't realize…" Miranda looks at the pair and bows her head politely to the figures. "May the Stranger have taken them to the Seven Heavens above."

"It's alright.", Loryn assures her softly, "Both were killed in swift succession and very pointlessly. I was still in the north squiring for uncle Owen when it happened. I returned here soon after. Laurent was here, more intorable than ever in his pain and Garvin, hiding his panic of suddenly being heir to the Reach in his plays and love affairs… Perhaps it is true what they say and Tyrells are too tender flowers to survive the game of thrones…"

Miranda brushes her hand along his cheek. "Roses need both thorn and bloom to be what they are. Neither of them is both," she assures him. "Strength and beauty, grace and resilience. I see that in you, Loryn."

Loryn is clearly pleased by her words even if he doesn't respond directly to them. "I should have killed Maelys when I had the chance.", he says quietly, "But I have not forgotten. I will never forget. There will be justice…" He places a hand on his father's marble foot and it's clear that he is talking to him rather than his wife. He remains lost in thought for some time, then turns back to Miranda with a smile. "He would have liked you."

"The Gods see all. If the Warrior will not judge him in life, the Father will when he stands before Him," Miranda replies piously. "I think he would be proud of who you are. I know I am." She smiles at Loryn before looking at the figure again. "Part of this is for him, isn't it? Ensuring Highgarden stays strong…"

"This family will never experience a year like that again.", Loryn says with firm resolve. Tyrells being blown up in septs is some unthinkable future horror. "Unlike Garvin - you know they call him Lord Pansy? - with his head permanently in the clouds and my brother with his utter lack of self-control I know what needs to be done to be strong and make sure the name Tyrell remains as respected as it should."

Miranda slips her hand into his "And I will be with you in everything you do. It's a wife's duty and one I willingly embrace. The fact you care means you will be neither absentee or tyrant. Good governance is a divine mandate after all."

"And I know you will always keep me on the straight and narrow.", Loryn replies and gives her hand a squeeze. "Come on, enough of this somber talk. Let's go up to the tower and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air, drive these ghosts away…" He offers a final respectful bow to his father and leads Miranda out of the crypt again.

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