(123-11-07) Arrival in Highgarden
Arrival in Highgarden
Summary: Loryn and Miranda Tyrell arrive in Highgarden
Date: can't remember
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==== Arrival in Highgarden ====

The Tyrell party has finally reached Highgarden, flowery beautiful capital of the Reach which is dominated by the sprawling castle of House Tyrell. Lord Lorant has sent out guards in their finest garb to meet Ser Loryn and his young wife at the town gate and accompany them to the castle. The main street is thronged with curious townspeople who have come to cheer the young couple and mostly to get a look at the bride whom hardly anyone knows. Children run up to Miranda's horse to press flowers and little gifts into her hands, while Loryn does his best to pretend he doesn't see the saucy winks offered by young women here and there. Finally their little procession leaves the town behind and enters the first gate of the castle, crosses the bridge over a wide moat and passes through the second gate into the main courtyard.

With her gown of green and gold, embroidered with pink and red roses, Miranda has certainly made herself look the part of a lady of Highgarden. She offers thanks and blessings to all the children which stalls their progress but gives more opportunity for the smallfolk to see her… and the ladies to make their subtle offers to her husband.
It's been years since she's seen Highgarden properly so she enjoys the view as they ascent through the terraces into the courtyard. "Summer suits this place. It's so much more beautiful when everything is in its' prime and the air is just so… clean and lovely. The golden roses look much prettier on the bush than in the pots at home."

"It's a lovely place", Loryn confirms as he looks around, thinking of various memories attached to Highgarden. There's a reception committee waiting for them near the entrance which includes Lady Josanne, Lady Hyacinth and Lord Lorant himself as well as a bunch of younger Tyrells eager to greet the couple. Once they have dismounted and grooms taken care of their horses, Loryn heads over to the three elder Tyrells to offer Lorant a formal bow in greeting. He hasn't even time to straighten properly before his mother grabs him in a bear hug.

Hyacinth meanwhile opens her arms to hug Miranda as well. "Dear child, so good to see you made the journey here safely! Welcome to Highgarden!"

The bear-hug gives Miranda the chance to make her own proper curtsey for the Tyrell lords, which she rises from to take her own embrace. "It was a lovely ride. The weather was perfect, the road straight, and it gave us a chance to see the countryside and make introductions. There is something beautiful about a land in full fruit, the wheat and the grain growing high and healthy. The Smith smiles upon the farmer and the Mother blesses us with bounty."

"So it is, so it is.", Hyacinth confirms a little vaguely and lets go of the girl, "Come, we have prepared refreshments on the terrace, I am sure you must be thirsty…" She tries to get Miranda to move but Josanne calls out sharply "Wait!" - wanting to get a hug in as well

Miranda laughs. More hugs. She brightly smiles for Josanne. "It's such a pleasure to see you again! I hope everyone made it home from the wedding without too much trouble," she asks. "I was very happy you all came. Wasn't it the grandest affair? People are still singing songs about Loryn's joust victory. It's become quite the story."

"Of course, though I had to refrain from eating for a week to make sure I fit into my dresses.", Josanne winks, while Hyacinth reaches out to ruffle Loryn's hair - much to his dismay. "Ah yes, our young hero.", she teases, "Though it's wonderful to have such songs sung about a Tyrell and not -" She stops herself before bitterness creeps into her voice and she is quick to smile again. "So how is married life?", she asks Miranda brightly. The two women do like to cluck over her. Meanwhile two young girls in pretty dresses hover nearby, all blonde hair and cornflower-blue eyes, gawping at the couple as they approach the terrace where a table has been set with drinks and snacks. Both hurry to curtsey deeply when everyone enters.

Miranda gives Loryn an apologetic smile as she's whisked away into the land of ladies. At least it gives him a chance for more masculine talk while the trio of damsels stroll. "It's everything I could have prayed for. What I -did- pray for, to be honest," she replies with a modest blush. "He is a perfect gentleman and very loving. He doesn't mind when I spend most of my days in the sept and I don't mind his being at the Whimsy. We each have our loves outside of one another to tend to."

Loryn and Lorant mostly talk about the journey as well, horses, guards, a rip-off innkeeper along the way who should be receiving "visitors" some time and so on. Once on the terrace, Loryn immediately makes for the jug of wine to refresh himself.

Hyacinth gestures for the two blondes to come closer for introductions. "Cousins Mayla and Junelle. They were too young to travel to Oldtown with us and were so eager to meet you.2, she explains for Miranda's benefit while the girls offer shy smiles. "You are lucky.", Mayla, the older one, admits, "He looks nice." "HE is your cousin.", Hyacinth reminds her with a prim look.

Miranda gives polite hugs and cheek kisses to her new family members. "Put your faith in the Maiden and she will reward you," she says primly. "I'm sorry you couldn't see it, it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful party afterwards. But I look forward to coming here for many more balls and tournies. Nothing can compare to the galas hosted in these halls." She glances over her shoulder to smile at the men before looking back to the girls. "I love your jewelry, those are very delicate links."

"I would have liked to see your wedding dress.", Mayla confides, before they both blush at the compliment. They are clearly a little starstruck - which earns them a frown from Hyacinth who waves them off like annoying bugs. "Come take a seat, have a drink.", she urges Miranda and steps to the table to serve her a glass of wine herself.

Finally the five of them are seated and supplied with food and drink. "I assume you would want to rest today and recover.", Hyacinth begins to lay out the schedule, "For tomorrow we have a welcome dinner planned and on the full moon in five days' time a little tourney. Everyone wants to meet the hero of Oldtown in the lists.", she winks at Loryn, then turns back to Miranda: "Old Lady Sorella wishes to receive you in her home, she feels too frail to come here. It's only an hour or two's ride though, so I expect you two can make the journey easily one of these days."

Miranda's quite happy to sit and enjoy the proper food offered. Meals served by 'less than honest innkeepers' and road food doesn't quite sit as well. "It sounds like an exciting set of events. I'd love to watch how you organize everything, my lady. It's something I've not done much of; hostessing and all. I used to help my stepmother at home and I did much of the sept's public celebrations, but it's not on the same scale as here in the capitol." She rests her hand over Loryn's gently. "I know it will be expected of us to host visitors in Oldtown when they're not with the Hightowers so I need to improve upon my organization skills."

Both Hyacinth's and Josanne's eyes light up when Miranda makes her request. "Of course!", they burst out simultaneously, then chuckle. As usual it's Hyacinth to takes the word. "Don't worry my dear, we'll take you under our wing. How stupid of me to realize that you have little experiences yet in running your household and make sure to treat the servants properly."

"You've been doing wonderfully so far.", Loryn assures her and gives her hand a warm squeeze, "But yes I'm also sure that you can learn something from my mother and my aunt." "We'll go hunting in the meantime.", Lorant cuts in, "We have already organized something… a bear has been terrorizing the villages to the east, so perhaps you can be a hero again.", he winks.

"How did you like the children mummers telling the tale of the Questing Beast," Miranda asks with pride. "They actually came to me and asked what they could do for the wedding; mostly so they could get some cake out of it," she jokes. "I wouldn't mind riding on the hunt, if that's all right? I used to go with my brothers back home and I'm not a bad shot with a bow."

"Oh, it was quite funny, even though it brought up that Stark boy…" Josanne frowns slightly while Loryn's cheeks redden. "Well well, did you want to learn about running a household properly or would you rather ride around the countryside with the men hunting a bear that may or may not exist?", Hyacinth turns to Miranda meanwhile. Her eyes are sparkling as if she is having fun with the question.

She's not sure why the mention of the Stark causes such a reaction but it's quickly forgotten at the question. "Oh, of course… Forgive me," Miranda says, eyes downturned. "It's far more important for me to handle a woman's matter of the household. And it will give the gentlemen time to do gentlemanly things."

"I'm sure we can arrange another outing.", Loryn hurries to suggest. He just can't bear to see his wife looking upset. "There must be time for both learning household things and riding out for a day. We can hunt in the Ashgrove Woods, I know it's always full of deer.", he adds with a look at Hyacinth, daring her to contradict him. His aunt just chuckles at the look and nods. "Of course, of course. Take Garvin with you too, he needs to go riding more, spend less time skulking about town." The slight frown returns and Loryn quickly clears his throat. "Where is he anyway, I would like to talk to him?" "He SHOULD be here now to welcome you!", Hyacinth points out sharply.

"I'm sure he's simply caught up in some important matter or another," Miranda says politely. "No doubt he would love to get caught up in Oldtown gossip," she says as she takes a sip of her wine. To Loryn she smiles at the notion of deer hunting, "And we can get to better know the countryside. That does sound perfect."

There's an exchange of looks between Hyacinth and Lorant at Miranda's words and both nod slowly. "Yes, that must be it.", Lorant says and gets to his feet. "Speaking of important matters, I have some such to take care of. Welcome to Highgarden and I hope you will have a wonderful time.", the head of house says a bit formally, used to speechifying and makes his departure. "You must be tired.", Josanne turns to Loryn and Miranda then and smiles. "Loryn, dear, why don't you take Miranda to the private bath house, I'm sure she'll LOVE it! We have plenty of time to catch up more later…"

Miranda stands to curtsey to Lorant as he leaves. With the notion of a bath Miranda looks quite happy. "Road dust isn't that bad to be honest but with the summer sun one does get dreadfully warm. A bath sounds lovely right now. I've been spoiled by the ones in the Garden Isle so this can only prove to be far finer."

"You'll love it.", Loryn promises, already hopping to his feet. The two older ladies nod their approval with their departure while Josanne reaches to refill their wine glasses. Hyacinth sees Mayla and Junelle still lurking nearby and gestures to them: "Go help them, bring fresh towels, make yourselves useful!" The girls nod hurriedly and come over to lead their older cousins along a corridor and towards the fabled bath house. Whose description will have to wait for another day.

Miranda leans in to Loryn as they follow the pair. "I'm sorry he wasn't here to say hello. I really do hope he wasn't being rude and is just busy. He seemed very nice when we met at the wedding."

"I have a hunch where he is…", Loryn whispers back quietly so that the younger cousins won't overhear, "Don't worry about it…. he'll turn up sooner or later… and I plan to speak with him when he does."

The young bride pats his arm pleasantly. "I'm sure he will; he'll likely be at supper or the tourney. Will you be riding or simply enjoying those riding for us," she asks, her voice a bit louder for the sake of the cousins. "You did so well at the wedding, how can you resist another chance to ride for me?"

"Of course I'll ride again… if I wouldn't they'd accuse me of cowardice.", Loryn winks, "I'll be happy to ride for you again." He pauses to kiss her cheek briefly before they step into the bath house.

Miranda ignores the titters from the girls but she does blush a little, smiling at the sweet kiss. "My sweet knight," she murmurs. "A bath sounds like the best idea in ages, doesn't it? Imagine a longer ride, with fewer stops. I couldn't imagine travelling up the King's Road to the North without having proper baths along the way."

"Oh it does…" Loryn leads her down a flight of marble stairs into the "bath house", a lavish arrangement of one larger pool in the middle, surrounded by a few smaller pools of various water temperature, bubbling fountains, and a few doors leading to steam rooms and such like. Definitely a place to unwind and spend a few hours in.

"It's beautiful," Miranda says earnestly. She takes in a deep breath of the steamy air and sighs. "Perfect way to relax before we have to go back to answering dozens of questions. I'm sure your aunt and mother will ask, ah, various things about our time at home together," she says with another pink blush.

"I have no doubt about it.", Loryn winks. Junelle brings them both a stack of fresh towels, while Mayla announces that servants have been alerted to get the steam room going, then both withdraw to give them some privacy. Or because they are under sharp instructions to not linger in the bath house when men are stripping off. Either way, Loryn and Miranda now have the place to themselves.

"I don't know how much I would be able to tell them before I simply grow redder than a strawberry. I'm sure they will be glad to know I, ah, do enjoy myself," she says with a laugh, growing redder indeed. "That we earnestly do want a child and are, ah, praying for one on a regular basis." 'Praying'.

Right, 'praying'. Loryn at least manages to keep a straight face at that, but he doesn't tease her further about it. Instead getting ready to enjoy the bath.

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