(123-11-05) Travel Preparations
Travel Preparations
Summary: As the young Tyrells prepare to travel to Highgarden, Loryn sits his wife down for a serious chat about their future.
Date: can't remember
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There were delays and problems all along the way but by now wagons have rumbled into Garden Isle ready to take the young couple's baggage aboard. Loryn leaves all the work to his reliable steward though and saunters out into the garden where they told him his wife would be found. "Good morning, love.", he greets with a peck to the cheek for Miranda. Seeing her look and the letter in hand, he gives her a curious look. "Everything alright?"

The young lady shakes her head. "Someone left a message for me in the Sept," she replies as she returns the kiss with a weak smile. "Some weirdness about the Stranger and debts coming due when least expected. Possibly a friend of Allister's.." Her dead husband.

"Oh?" Loryn's brow darkens with concern and he flops into the seat to get a better look at the message. "Can anyone describe the person who delivered the note? House colours, anything? Do you recognize the hand?", he asks, peering at the wring.

Miranda offers it freely. Totally nondescript writing, address to Lady Miranda. 'The Seven Are One but the Stranger always collects. A debt was taken yet to be repaid. No one knows the day or hour but collection will be made.' "It was left for me at the Stranger's feet. I wonder if it was that man I met one day. He spoke in similar odd ways but I didn't realize he was being specific."

Loryn studies the writing with a frown, but looks up in alarm when she continues. "A man?", he repeats, "What man? You haven't told me!"

A guilty look flashes across her face. "He was some odd man in the Sept praying to the Stranger one night. We discussed the Stranger's place in the Seven and why so few turn to Them. He was quite odd. Vague. In retrospect," she says softly, "he was mildly threatening. Not enough to worry me or the guards."

Loryn's frown deepens. "It's a good thing we'll be gone for a while now.", he says softly, "This might cool tempers. If… if this man reappears or you receive another note, you will let me know immediately.", he continues and it almost sounds like an order, "I won't have anyone threaten my wife about anything."

"I last saw him months ago but the letter is new," Miranda admits. "I promise, if anyone else says anything or is even a trace suspicious…" She looks guilty and turns her eyes down. "I should have mentioned him earlier but I didn't think it out of place. Til now."

Loryn nods softly and offers a little smile. "I understand. I'm sure you meet a lot of strange people in the sept. And until now it was nothing personal. But don't worry, you're safe, Mylady of House Tyrell.", he assures her. "I shall send a note to Ormund Hightower though…."

She motions for him to join her at the table. "One last picnic before we go?" Miranda tries to smile easily but she's still shaken. "Perhaps more guards to come with us, then."

"Perhaps.", Loryn replies darkly, "Luckily it's not a long ride to Highgarden and of course you have me at your side." Her dashing knight in shining armour. "We are departing tomorrow morning at daybreak. Things are being loaded today and food is prepared. Do you want to oversee things for yourself?", he wonders, then grins: "Or rather just sit here and enjoy music and wine?"

Miranda takes his hand in hers and holds it tight. "You make me feel safe. I know you'll not let anything happen. But I wouldn't mind looking over the things just to be certain we didn't forget anything. Or gifts for anyone. Wouldn't want to slight your family."

Loryn smiles proudly and gives her hand a squeeze. "It will be fine.", he assures her - a reply that could match parts of what she just said. "But sure, go and take a look… I'll be here."

Miranda steals a quick kiss before she heads off to check, double and triple checking to make sure they have everything. Dresses, changes of clothes so Loryn isn't in the same doublet half the trip, gifts and trinkets for the cousins and children. She adds extra food- 'To give as alms to the poor on the way-'.

Loryn has meanwhile moved from the table under the oak tree to an area under a triangular sun sail where cushions are spread on a blanket and he can lounge more comfortably. The maid is still there, playing a rather bawdy tune, trying not to chuckle over the lyrics while she sings along.

Miranda returns with a satisfied smile and a bit lighter air. She smiles at the shift of location and settles beside him on the blanket. "It looks good, I think. The weather should stay fair so we won't need cloaks or mud boots. I'm excited, it's been years since I went to Highgarden."

"It should be an interesting visit.", Loryn agrees, pouring a glass of wine for his wife which he hands over. "Why don't you go and get some refreshments from the kitchen?", he turns to the maid, "Take your time…" Even if it's a very obvious attempt to get rid of her, the girl happily plays along and nods. "Of course, Mylord." She sets the lute aside and hurries off.

Miranda nods to the girl pleasantly as she goes even if she misses the implication . She accepts the wine and offers a toast. "To Family, Friends, and the continued blessings of the Seven."

"To family and friends and the Seven", Loryn joins in the toast before taking a sip. He leans back into the cushion lazily and looks thoughtfully at Miranda. "Speaking of family… what did you think of cousin Garvin when you met him at the wedding?"

Miranda coils her legs up primly to the side. "He's very sweet," she says as she sips her wine. "He adored my gowns. A bit… Airy." That's putting it lightly. "He seemed so happy to be back here with his friends even for a short time."

Loryn can't resist a chuckle when she describes Garvin as airy. "What do you think of him in terms of his ability to run House Tyrell and rule the Reach?", he asks softly.

Ah, the million dragon question. "I fear he hasn't the… temperment to handle more serious problems. Such as the Tarly's and the Prince," Miranda says primly, not wanting to insult Loryn's kin. "Everything seems a jest to him, and the Nothern lords likely wouldn't respect his authority."

"Indeed not. Especially given his… inclinations which he doesn't bother to hide despite his father's strict orders.", Loryn adds with a frown. "I… I sometimes think that it would be better for House Tyrell and the Reach if… someone else were to assume the title after my uncle's demise… wouldn't you agree?", he asks with a side glance.

"I pity his wife. I mean," Miranda says with a blush, "when your family forces him to finally wed. The poor woman would have to commit a sin simply to bear a child- and even then it's not a Tyrell heir she would bear." A further sin.

Loryn's brow creases in confusion when Miranda goes off on another tanget altogether. "Garvin scares off every girl being introduced to him. And of course since he doesn't hide his inclinations no girl is keen on him in the first place. I think Garvin himself would be better off without the future of House Tyrell resting on his shoulders, wouldn't you agree?"

Miranda nods slowly as she refills her wine. It's certainly a drinking conversation. "He wouldn't be able to handle the actual responsibilities. I do like him, but he'd be ruled, not rule." She says it sadly, her head shaking.

"Exactly. He is not the right man to follow into his father's footsteps. Which is sad, seeing they have no more sons since Matrim's sad premature dead. But of course there'd be other Tyrells… capable cousins, happily married…" He pulls an eyebrow up slowly to see if Miranda latches on.

The sheltered girl is far too innocent to follow the line of reasoning. "I would call your brother's marriage anything but," she replies gently. "I suppose your aunt could find someone better tempered - either as high steward of Highgarden or to advise Garvin so he won't be led astray by sycophants . "

"My brother is not married. Not right now. He was courting that blind woman, wasn't he? Olenna somebody.", Loryn replies and makes a dismissive gesture. "I'm not talking about Laurent. Laurent would be even worse than Garvin. He'd have started a war with the other six kingdoms within a year. No, my dear -" He looks into her eyes firmly to ram it home. "I'm talking about you and me."

"Oh!" Miranda starts in surprise at the suggestion. "I agree you'd be far more diplomatic than Laurent. And better respected than Garvin," she says with a nod. "But to replace him? And rule a great house? Isn't that a lot of responsibility? For both of us?"

Loryn keeps that direct look up - a bit unnerving perhaps and different from his usual lovelorn gazing. Mostly curious, a little challenging, a little anxious too, perhaps. "Do you think you would be up for it? The responsibility?", he asks.

She sets the wine aside and takes his hands in hers. "Are you thinking of this for the Reach or for yourself- Ourselves." Miranda's eyes are confused but patient. "Knowing what the consequences are of -any- actions. Your cousin a laughingstock, your brother a warmonger…"

"For the Reach, for Highgarden, for the honour of House Tyrell… for everything. Us, too.2, he admits, the twinkle of a smile appearing in his eyes, "The good name of my house matters more than anything to me. You know we are seen as upstarts by many… having granted rulership over the Reach not that long ago. With someone like Garvin - or Laurent for the matter - I believe many feel that House Tyrell does not deserve to be where it is now. There may be calls to reinstate House Florent. I know they'd be happy to grasp at any chance for that… and then? War in the Reach?", he muses.

"The Father charges us to carry out good governorship. Honor and respect the laws of Men, carry out justice and rule with wisdom," Miranda says solemnly. "For to Him there is no greater charge than to create order from chaos, on the lands as it is in the Seven a heavens." Scripture. "I don't think I would make a good lady of Highgarden, but I know you would serve the Reach with all respect and honor- so I would strive to be worthy of it."

Ah, seven-pointed waffle. Loryn should have seen it coming. But he manages to keep an interested face, tucking the information away somewhere for some potential future use. "You would be a wonderful lady of Highgarden.", he assures her with a smile, "You like to take care of the weak and you would have the whole Reach to take care of." He pauses for a moment, before looking directly at her again: "So you would agree it's a good idea if Garvin did not follow his father… and that we did instead?"

"Considering the alternatives? I'm afraid so," she says, giving him a sad little smile. She's behind it but doesn't see this as anything less than her duty to the avoids and the Reach. "We're both sane, rational people. Our lives are already celebrated by the bards as 'blessed.' Or romantic. I'm of a good Reach family. My father would no doubt support this wholeheartedly…"

Loryn can't hide the look of relief that crosses his face at her words and he opens his arms to pull her into an embrace and kiss her. "That is wonderful to know.", he smiles, "I couldn't do anything without your support, my love." He might go on about the subject but the maid can be seen entering the garden again, bearing a tray of freshly baked lemon cakes.

"Anything for you," Miranda promises as they kiss. "We can talk about it more on the journey, I suppose." Seeing as the maid is returning. "The Reach deserves someone who will do right by her."

Loryn beams happily, even when he turns to look towards the maid who is slightly confused by being looked at so happily. "The cakes were just ready.", she explains, "Most of them are to be packed for the journey, but cook says you'll be wanting a fresh still warm from the oven." She sets the plate down and goes to pick up her lute again. "Perfect." Loryn grins and picks up the first cake happily.

Miranda picks up a cake and blows on it to cool it before offering to feed it to him in lovey-dovey fashion. No longer newlyweds but still, she loves him deeply.

Loryn likes being fed!

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