(123-10-13) Half-Copper and a Favor
Half-Copper and a Favor
Summary: Audra's delicious baked goods catch Emmeline's eye. She offers all she has, half a copper star, but it's not enough for something hot. So she offers to do a favor as well.
Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016
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Warm summer weather drives folk out of doors- but perhaps the warmest place of all is the ancient bakery of the Shambles, where ovens blaze day and night. So its unsurprising that Mistress Baker is outside fanning herself with her apron. The young woman is -very- pregnant and has her feet propped on a small stool as she minds the wares away from the warmer shop exterior.

Clutching an empty wicker basket, Emmeline scurries through the throng of pedestrian traffic. A woodcutter with an enormous burden trudges across her path and she stumbles back with the suddenness of her stop. She darts aside as a trail of street urchins scamper after a barking dog. Glancing left and right, Emmeline dashes on down the street to make up for lost time. But then the most alluring of any scent catches her attention, slowing her steps until she stops before the Baker's shop. Errand forgotten, she stares wide-eyed at the fresh breads and buns in the little carts in front of the shop.

Audra offers a smile with lips colored a bright cherry red. It compliments her fair color and golden hair. She leaves off her fanning and chuckles at Emmeline. "Fresh baked," she tempts. "Hot cross buns and cherry-breads. Something tasty to make your day go by faster?" The lady baker struggles to her feet with the help of her chair's backing. "Oof. Standing. Sitting. Mother Above be kind, how do women stand this over and over again."

Tempting the well-tempted is no difficult task. Emmeline's face half-turns towards Audra, but her clear blue eyes remain fixed on a glistening sticky-bun. But as the pregnant baker makes sounds of struggle as she hefts out of her chair, Emmeline looks and scurries forward to help, offering her hands and arms even if they aren't taken. The young barmaid has always shown great respect to the Mistress Baker as she is the queen of baked delights. Curling her toes in her shoes, Emmeline struggles with herself a moment more before asking, "Something for half a penny? S'all I've got this afternoon. Got more, but- but s'for the cook's groceries." As she glances off towards the cakes in the window, it's clear she's considering using a bit of that too.

She hisses air in reluctantly through her teeth, Audra weighing the offer versus the cost. "We got the day olds for half a copper star, if you like. Its not stale as stone but the hot stuff is a wee bit more."

Emmeline winces at the hiss, knowing well it wouldn't be enough for her heart's desire. She looks up at Audra and then back over at the buns. The cook will notice if she fails to bring back so much as a radish. "What if- maybe I could do a favor? An errand? Would that make my half copper enough?" She peeks up at the Mistress Baker, eyes bright with hope.

Audra runs her hand over her golden blond hair. She shifts the ivory dolphin comb keeping it up as she thinks of some way to make it work. "You're at the Quill, aye? How about a jug of that lovely apple cider for three fresh sticky buns? I can't shlep up there myself and Terris n me are fond of it." Terris being Mister Baker. "I'll give you coin for the jug, the buns for the delivery."

Emmeline bites her lower lip until Audra offers her a coin for the jug. A sunshine smile brightens her features and she nods eagerly. "Yes, yes! I can do that. I'll run right now. I'll be right back." She turns and starts to scamper off. But then she stops, hesitates, and shuffles back a bit sheepishly. Without a word, she holds out a hand for the coin she'd forgotten to get.

Audra laughs warmly as she pulls a small handful of coins out of a small pocket in the apron. "That'd be lovely, dear. What's your name again? I swear this little un steals my memories sometimes," she says with a sheepish grin. "The baby thanks you for the cider too.."

Emmeline's eyes flit to the round swell of Audra's belly. "Emmeline," she murmurs, soft and hushed - scarcely audible on a busy street. Her eyes shine with a hint of awe as she considers the child growing within the matron.

Audra says, "Audra. Don't worry none about Mistress Baker or any of that." She rests her hand on her stomach and smiles. "Do you have a bet running? Ten stars is the buy in. The winner gets a whole golden dragon if they guess the right date.""

Emmeline holds the coins in a closed fist against her chest. "Oh. No, I don't have ten right now for that. Um. But I'll save some." She glances at Audra's tummy, trying to gauge how long that bun has been in her oven. "Not long, I think?" She hesitates, peeking up at Audra. "…do you think it will be a boy or girl?"

"Conceived during the Mother's festival of Dolphins which they say is right good luck. Should be another Two-Three months or so," Audra replies, no blush necessary. "Terris and I both pray for a son to pass the bakery along to. Been in his family since the Greenhand kings ruled the Reach."

"I'll be whispering a prayer for it to then." Emmeline steps back and adjust the empty basket in the crook of her elbow. "I've got to run the cook's errand first. There's trouble if I don't. But I'll come right back with the cider. I promise." At least, she promises as best she can. Once she gets back, her time might not be her own to spend as she likes.

Audra slowly squeezes herself back into her chair, taking the help if offered. "Lovely then, Emmeline. All the prayers you can give are welcomed. This is my first and it's not as easy as I hoped."

Emmeline hurries forward to help, offering her arms with closed fists as support to help ease Audra into her chair. The slight young woman is sturdier than she looks. Eyes widening, a hint of fear for Audra flickers within them. "Your first?" She steps back again. "But. You look strong. You are." She hesitates before murmuring, "But still, I will pray a bit extra for you too."

The young mother to be nods slowly. "Been a bit tricky. I was on bed rest a while, maester's orders. But they want me to get out and fresh air, so… I can't even go to the Sept and pray, sadly. I gotta pray at home or ask others t' light a candle for me."

"I'll light candles," asserts Emmeline with a bit more confidence. She smiles at Audra. "And tell me if ever I can do more errands." Her smile turns impish. "Always and any time for sticky buns. Cakes, even better!" she adds with a giggle.

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