(123-08-07) Chasing Mermaids
Chasing Mermaids
Summary: Thadeus Tully is once again tempted. (OOC warning: It's a Bullfish scene. Don't say you haven't been warned.)
Date: Augst 7th, 2016
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Crescent Beach - Blackcrown Road

This is a little sandy-pebbly stretch of the Whispering Sound's shoreline, crescent-shaped and somewhat sheltered by the more precipitous coastline to either side of it. Terns and gannets and kittiwakes nest on the sheerest portions to the North and South, but it's much gentler here and the tiny inlet even offers good anchorage for small boats of shallow draft. The city of Oldtown, marked by the great bright spire of the Hightower, can be seen across the water to the Northwest.

There's a steep switchbacking track leading up to the Blackcrown Road.

Now and then a bit of repose from his duties and business at Oldtown was needed, and so on this early morning, the Bullfish can be found outside of the city, ahorse, and in the company of two of his trusted retainers. A Tully does not venture outside Oldtown unarmed, and so both he and his men carry swords and wear a lighter sort of chain mail armor - one never knows who might pass one's way. Arriving at the Crescent Beach, Thadeus pulls at the reins of his courser, lifting a hand to signal his retainers to come to a halt. Grey-blue eyes drift over the beach, taking in the view, as his hand moves to his chin, scratching there in slightly pensive gesture.

Peri is quiet, on her horse and wearing leathers. She's a bit stiff on the horse, learning yet. But she seems to just be practicing riding. Today's is galloping at full speed and not falling off. The mare is quick enough and a lovely strawberry roan. The woman seems to just be racing along the road, turning after a ways and coming back in sprints. "Good girl.". she murmurs. She hasn't noticed the approaching sorts.

Galloping at full speed? She seems to approach them rather, as the group of three riders has come to a stop at the beach. Thadeus Tully turns his head, drawn from his contemplations, a quick tip of his head indicating his men to move out of the way. While he himself turns his horse to face whatever rider may come at them. His hand moves to the pommel of the sword. But is withdrawn when he sees it is just a girl. With a faint smirk playing across his Bullfish features, Thadeus moves his horse to the side, offering the riding maiden an incline of his head in greeting.

Peri blinks, stopping, wobbling a little - she's not bad at riding but, she's not as comfortable as a lot of people. She slows down "I apologize for startling you Ser, gentlemen." she offers, bowing her head politely. SHe's not just a girl, she's a very tall, well curved woman. Even the fitted leathers can't do much to hide her frame. She adjusts herself in the saddle, not riding side saddle at all.

"You didn't startle me," Thadeus clarifies as that smirk shifts into a smile. His hand falls away from the pommel of his sword, as he brings his black steed closer to Peri's horse. Perhaps to get a better view of her. His grey-blue eyes -do- roam a little over her frame, taking in those curves with obvious appreciation. "What are you doing out here on your own, if I may ask? Do you have a name?", he inquires, his tone friendly and slightly curious. "You ride without saddle. Why?"

Peri looks at the horse "I'm practicing riding a horse so if I make a fool of myself it isn't a spectacle." The horse is a lovely mare, a prize from a tournament not too long ago. "My name is Peri. I own the baths in town." she looks at the horse, the blanket over its back and then the man "Because I've not put aside funds for a saddle, I suppose, ser." She is however using men's' reigns - likely because the longer leather is more comfortable for her long arms. She regards Thaddeus with curiousity and may be trying to unravel his game.. "May I ask your name ser?"

"Peri." The Tully heir repeats the name and manages to make it sound like the most alluring thing. "The baths…? Ah I see. I always wanted to pay the Lysene Baths a visit. Funny thing is that I mostly end up at another place, whenever I tried to… do that." Subtle reference to the Lysene Baths being in the vicinity of the Bawdy Bard. "You have such a fine horse, but no money to buy a saddle…?", Thadeus echoes then, bringing his black horse to circle Peri on her steed. He seems to know how to ride quite well, and he holds the temper of his courser in check. "My name is Ser Thadeus of House Tully. It seems odd to me that we haven't come across each other before.", he tells her.

Peri is quiet as she's examined, sitting up properly on the horse, fingers rubbing the back of the horse's' neck "Perhaps it was because we both have busy lives and often skip social events unless sufficiently motivated?" she suggests, "The horse was a gift from a friend who thought it would help make my life easier." she offers, laughing softly. She watches him "I didn't say I didn't have the money to, I said I hadn't thought to yet." she corrects in an amused way.

Any female of proper proportions and comely features is bound to be thus examined by the Bullfish. As it seems, he seems to be well pleased with what he sees. "Social events…?", he echoes, shooting Peri a glance. "Ah… you are referring to the recent Tyrell wedding? Didn't attend, because I was out of town.", he admits as he moves his horse beside hers. "You may be in need of a riding instructor. So that would be something to put money aside for as well."

Peri snorts a bit "I can get on and off the horse and go for rides. when he has time Madrighal Sand helps me, but he's often busy." she offers. She considers "I did not attend because I was not feeling well." she offers in a soft voice. She reaches up to adjust her hair, "I do thank you for your advice, Ser." She offers, reaching into the heavy pouch at her hip to dig out a wineskin, opening the cap and stealing a nip from it.

"Did that young Tyrell steal your heart…?", Thadeus inquires with amused impertinence, even if the mention of the Sand does elicit a raise of a brow. "That bard. Ah." His gaze shifts away from her, back to the view of the scenery. "You know, I could offer some instruction.", he tells her. "As you might have seen, I am capable of handling a horse quite well." His eyes cut back to her. "I wouldn't even charge you. That is, not in gold.", the Bullfish remarks, his smirk slowly returning. Seeing her reach for a wineskin, he seems content to watch, taking in her frame with a glitter in his eyes.

Peri head tilts "Ha. He's a bit young for me to even be someone to fancy." she admits, brow raising with a snort "He's a kind young man though that Ser Loryn." she offers with a bright smile. She chuckles "Although, I'll take your statement as flattery Ser Thaddeus." she offers, chuckling, stretching and giving a faint yawn.

That sideways tilt of her head prompts Thadeus to lean slightly over to her. "So you don't fancy the young and inexperienced, I gather?", the Bullfish assumes, giving Peri a wink. "It was meant as flattery, yes.", he says to her remark, rolling a shoulder. Noting the yawn, he adds: "Are you in need of rest?" All helpful. Sharing a Bullfish glance with his retinue.

Peri considers his statement "I'm fine, I've just not fully woken up yet." she admits, watching Thadeus curiously yet, suspicion on her features "Oh I should leave the virgins to their ilk. I'm too old to be fussing about with the young. I'm not yet terribly old, but, they have experiences that are good for them to find on their own." she offers "I was considering a swim this morning." she gestures out at the water "But now I've got a knight and his lackies trying to imagine how I look under my jerkin." she teases with a smile.

The smirk deepens, and the Bullfish shakes his head at the mention of virgins. "Hah… how much I agree there.", he sighs, grey-blue eyes lingering on Peri as she mentions her idea. His brows knit, and he glances towards the beach. "Ah… don't let that keep you. A lovely idea. A swim." He considers. "I might actually consider joining you." As for the rest, he does look slightly guilty as he glances back towards her. "Am I that easy to see through?", the Tully chuckles. Meeting the tease with the absence of denial. "I could tell -them-" his gaze shifts to his two retainers, "to ride a little ahead, make sure there aren't any unwelcome interruptions…"

Peri chuckles "Yes. Yes you are, but its natural to stare at the opposite gender." she teases, "If you want to swim, the water is brisk, but fresh this time of day, we're far enough up that it is clean too." she offers, shifting her weight and hopping off of her horse, bouncing on the balls of her feet upon impact. She eyes them "I think this is less exciting than you think it is." She takes her time now, braiding her hair "Or they could start a fire and cook up something for breakfast." she murmurs, brow raising as she offers her hand up to Thadeus, to help him down.

"Hmmmhhmmm…" The sound a lazy grunt of agreement, when she speaks of the water. "We Tully's are often compared to fish. I can certainly handle a bit of a swim this early in the day.", the Bullfish allows with a chuckle, his eyes following Peri with their gaze as she gets off her horse. A nod he gives his two retainers, before Thadeus dismounts without help, chainmail clinking about him as his feet land on the ground. "Maybe it is more exciting than -you- wish to have it appear," he smirks. "Even so. I am a knight and bound to the rules of chivalry. Far be it from me to take advantage of a fair maiden - against her will." Instructions are given his two retainers to take care of the horses, there is a meadow close by. "They are not far, so don't be alarmed.", says Thadeus as he opens the clasp of his sword belt, starting to remove armor and weapons, while his grey-blue gaze feasts upon the fascinating display of Peri braiding her hair.

Peri eyes Thadeus "I'm not a fair maiden, I'm allegedly a lady." she chuckles at him, she ties off her hair, moving to take off her jerkin, wearing an open backed Essosi riding gown under it, soon enough taking off her healers' kit, dagger and boots before her leggings come off. "I love swimming. Lys has beautiful beaches and no shame about nudity, so beautiful women lay in the nude on the hot sands." she offers, dropping her dress before heading towards the water. She's got tattoos all along her long legs and seems to have no problem with the slightly chilled water.

"Haha, I was trying to take that flattering game too far!", Thadeus chuckles back. "But honestly… I have no aversion against grown women." About the lady part, well, he lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "A lady you are not, though." No further objections forthcoming when he watches her disrobe and continue, blinking slightly at the image of Lyseni women nude on sandy beaches, which seems to distract him slightly and makes him clear his throat. Tattoos will be taken in curiously, even as this Tully knight hurries on with his own endeavours of getting out of his clothes, leathers worn beneath the mail, and hoses, leather boots soon scattered in slight disarray. "A beautiful fish you are…", he smirks as he gets down to wear nothing but his nameday clothes, launching into a run, to follow Peri into the water. "Where I am more of a Bull Fish." Indeed, his own frame tall and slightly toned from sword training, but not exactly lean and slender. Water splashes as his feet hit the surface of the Whispering Sound, and he continues till his lower legs are covered in water till he goes for a dive in the refreshing chill of the element.

Peri is quiet "I'm supposedly high born, a house in Mantarys. Stolen because I have a sprinkling of Valyrian blood." she murmurs, blush showing. She chuckles "I'm more of a mermaid if anything." She is padded and plushed with some musculature. She has some stretchmarks and a nice tan. "Looks like you actually enjoy your life." she offers, looking him over. She heads in, swimming as soon as she's able. She splashes him some with a lazy grin.

"Supposedly highborn?", Thadeus echoes, amused, even if that blush does seem to catch his eye. "A mermaid, hmm?" Not feeling awkward at all with her glances, the Bullfish grins to her observation. "I do. In all its many aspects…" There may be a scar at his back that she would spot once he has run past her. Yes, -past- as the Trout in him commands to be immersed completely in water, drops splashing to all sides as he plunges into the Whispering Sound relentlessly, uncaring if this will send more splashes Peri's way. When he reappears, the short dark hair clings to his skalp, his Bullfish visage showing off a genuine smile. As if the water would have washed the many years of past frustrations at once off him, leaving naught but the squire he was back in his youth, at the Twins. He remains in the water, immersed till shoulder level, craning his neck now to get a look at Peri. "Into the water, lovely supposedly high born Peri of Lysene.", he commands, amused.

Peri chuckles "I've followed my sales from Mantarys to Slavers' bay to Lys." she offers. She moves slowly to swim along side him, calmly, the sea not making her very stressed "It only means what I want it to mean at this point in my life." she offers honestly, swaying her arms to stay in up to her shoulders easily. "Now. If you had that look on your face at all times, you'd be persued relentlessly by young noble women." she teases, splashing sea water up onto her own face.

"It usually is the other way round," Thadeus admits to her tease, swimming now as she appears beside him; leaving that adequate distance, that could easily grow or diminish, between them. "I am the pursuer, the hunter. But the prey I usually catch is not to the liking of my father, nor does it meet his plans." He is a good swimmer, managing effective progress through strong strokes of his arms and legs. Actually challenging her to keep up with him. As the glitter in his eyes betrays.

Peri seems perfectly comfortable chasing him in the water. She's confident in her ability in the water. "I assure you I'm poor prey. I've been told I'm too tall, too fat - which is insane, I'm the perfect size, too loud - well maybe, too crass, oh and too much of a mother." she offers with a laugh, her arms and legs barely splash the sea water up as she swims, gliding effortlessly through the sea water as she attempts to catch him. "This is a trap, isn't it?" she jokes merrily.

"I like 'em curvy," the Bullfish admits. "And I certainly can handle tall!" His tone is light, the easy banter of a man who has indulged in this sort of conversation many times before. "Crass…?" He smirks at that, before he picks up the pace, luring her further and further out. "A crass mermaid. Will she be able to catch the Bullfish?" As for her remark about the trap, it draws clearly amused laughter from the depths of his chest. "It would be a trap, if the prey would be unsuspecting," he replies, slowing down ever so slightly. Perhaps to allow her to catch up?

Peri laughs, chasing him yet, speeding up when he slows down without warning lunging to tackle the bullfish. If for no reason other than silliness. Her face is merry and gleeful.

She suspected a trap, didn't she? And so the Bullfish obliges, his arms coming forth when she tackles him, catching her in a sound grasp, while he maintains his position with his leg work. "You -want- to get caught, don't you…?", he murmurs pulling the definitely feminine frame of the Lyseni woman closer against him. He smiles, but there is that darker twinkle in his eyes that hints he may be indeed up to no good.

Peri is heavy, and toned. She laughs and just stays caught, "Sometimes. It'd be nice to be called pretty again." she jokes, blushing at the snagging, "Now you've got mischief on your face." she teases, reaching up to wrap an arm over his shoulder and press her lips to his cheek in a gentle, warm peck.

"You are pretty," he tells her, and it doesn't even seem to be a lie but his honest opinion. "Now… does that put me in your favor?" Thadeus lifts a brow at her, and his eyes narrow, noting the blush. "But then again… Do I need your permission? I'm the Tully heir." One corner of his mouth lifts when Peri wraps her arm about his shoulder, and he turns his head to catch her lips that had been just pressed against his cheek.

Peri leans into the kiss, rubbing in close against him "Yes, you need my permission because I'm juuuust important enough that you'd get inconvenienced by doing as you please with me without asking." she offers, a hint of joke in her voice "I mean I'm sure nothing would be done to you besides a solid headache planted and sowed." she merrily jests, her weight leaning on him, all of it. "You don't look like you need to go taking what you want. You are handsome and a bit rough around the edges and a bit charming." she teases.

"I'm a knight, bound to the code of chivalry," Thadeus states with a smirk, his eyes looking at Peri's below slightly lowered lids. "Need I ask? When your actions, looks and words give you away?" Amusement still there in his tone, even if it fades into a slightly different quality. His arm slips slightly lower now, supporting her as she leans all of her weight on him, his hand giving her rear an appreciative squeeze. "I've heard worse, at times." Tease accepted, even if with a slight blink of his eyes. "And I am not that sort of person. I only take what is offered most willingly. Oh, my father will hate me for doing this. If he ever were to learn…" He rolls his eyes, trying again to catch her lips for a kiss.

Peri snorts "I'll send him a letter on my finest parchment." she taunts, squeaking at being groped, "Why would your father hate you for persuing a woman of Valyrian blood who can speak proper Valyrian, who is well travelled, pleasant to look at, capable of managing her own affairs, educated, and perfectly capable of dealing with her wee one?" she asks, grinning at him. The kiss is returned, softly, her frame pressing close. She's gentle with him, rubbing his shoulders gently, fingertips working into his musculature gently.

"A woman of doubtful bearing," Thadeus counters, but the way he says it it does not sound like an insult at all. "A woman who offers to go swimming with a man she hardly knows, chasing him, and not offering resistance when he is not averse to take advantage of the opportunity?" While she is gentle in her kisses, the Bullfish seems to be less patient, pulling her closer in his embrace. "What would I need a scared little virgin for? But such is what my father envisions for me. A clean, modest creature that is to bear my children." His other hand leaves her frame briefly, before his fingers find another curve at her front, touching gently as he gets a feel of her. "Seven Hells. Peri! I want to have you right here and now." Offering that as a kind of warning, when his mind is clearly threatened to be overwhelmed by instinct and needs. A chance for her to slip away, if she wishes.

Peri laughs at him, softly "One who has a son too." she points out, pulling from him "While having an intimate time with you would be fun, I might miss my healing rounds this morning if I'm too tired." She adjusts her self, leaning to touch his cheeks and chin. "Tempting me." she play scolds, looking tempted to stay around with him and fool around.

The admission of her having a son does not seem to discourage Thadeus as much as it is her manner of pulling away from him. "An intimate time…", he echoes, slightly amused at the wording, even as his arms give her free. A sigh leaves his lips, even as he tries to calm down his senses. "You have your duties to see to. But don't tell me you won't think of me tonight, when you are alone in your bed. Wherever it is you are living, my Lyseni with Valyrian blood. Or… could it be that I could -tempt- you by asking you to visit me at the Leaping Trout Manse?"

Peri is quiet for a moment "You really are handsome and charming, and you feel like it'd be incredibly fun to wrestle around with you, maybe even give you a bath." she chuckles at him "But I warn you, I'm lonely. My bed's been cold for a long time." she flutters her eyes at him "I live in the house touching the wall of the gods wood." she offers. Which… is a good neighborhood. Not for the poor, but not for the nobility. "I'll visit you in your manse, should I wear Dornish garb?" she asks, amused and merry. "I propose if I visit that you let me give you a massage first."

Thadeus considers her words, smiling. "A bath. Oh. Yes. That should be possible," he quips looking about them, where they are, still in the water of the Whispering Sound. "I shall warn you in turn, it seems only fair. I am not the faithful kind, and indeed, I only seek to have my pleasure with you, Peri of Lysene. My bed is empty at the moment. While I am actively seeking to finalize a betrothal. So I should go carefully about this. Discreetly." A long look he gives her, a glitter there in his eyes. "So if you come to visit me… No Dornish garb. I can't stand seeing Dornish gowns at the moment. A… long story, that. Come because of an appointment. Massage, and a delivery of scented bathing oils. You need not wear anything fancy." Because… such would attract suspicion, and not even matter the later the evening would progress. "And make sure you bring some time along. My muscles have been rather tense of late."

Peri smiles "I am aware of discretion, Bullfish. You'll find someone or you won't to marry you. I'll end up finding someone or marrying a horse groom." she makes a face. Clearly the idea of marrying someone that smells of the stable is not to her liking. "Or I may go be a queen beyond the wall." she jokes, dramatically throwing her hand over her forehead and smiling.

"Let us not speak anymore of marrying and the like," Thadeus asks of her, "I just wanted to make it clear. The… delicate situation I'm in." He chuckles at Peri's remark though, "I can't promise you anything, but that you can be the queen of my bedroom, for one night. Does that count for nothing?"

Peri chuckles, swimming towards shore "Fraid not!" she calls back, playfulness in her voice. She's taunting him. "Perhaps if you are good when I visit I'll let you massage my back." she goads more.

"I might be better than you think," Thadeus quips back, taking her words in more than one meaning; not following at once, he stays where he is, taking unhurried turns of swimming, while Peri returns to the shore. "I shall expect you then."

Peri is soon off and wandering away to get dressed and head off to her busy day.

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