(123-06-29) Dishonor's Patient Harvest
Dishonor's Patient Harvest
Summary: Bryn receives dire warning, Ser Jason Tarly is struck down at his most vulnerable
Date: Date of play (06/26/2016)
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After the confrontation with Bryn, it was agreed to delay the duel until after the name day tournament. Whether or not he was offered a room in the castle, Ser Jason Tarly seems to have decided to stay in his tournament tent, though this is still within the walls of the castle. There's still a few other tents around as well, those who competed but aren't heading home yet. So the area around the tents is well trafficked, and the area specifically around Jason Tarly's has a number of Tarly servants coming and going, including Jason's squire. Dornish guards keep an eye on the tents, as well, making sure their guests remain peaceful, though it is far from constant vigilance.

Tents just a bit taller than the adults standing in them pepper the field, brown mucked trails between them and points of interest beyond the tournament grounds, though it's not as soggy as oldtown. Here the ground crunches instead of slurps. It's not so hard for a child to move between tents as long as they look headed somewhere, and donning a vest and trousers gives Kelinyx more the appearance of (a scrawny whelp of) a squire. Her dagger belt has been tightened up around her mid-chest and turned about so the blades rest under the fabric, handles downward so she need only reach discreetly under the fabric to retrieve them. She doesn't walk straight lines and she doesn't let her hands stay busy, which in reality means the girl is picking up things that don't belong to her, carrying them out of line of sight of anyone interested, then setting them down. It's a fine excuse to look busy, listen for names and watch until she can match one to the face and know her target.

From inside a tent bearing the flag of a red archer, Keli hears a man saying, "… might actually be the one to get revenge on The Maiden Knight. Too bad the little bastard can't go with him. Of all the Targaryen he could have been related to." There's the sound of some metal clanking, as a younger voice says, "As you say, Ser. He's around my age, maybe I could get in a fight…" The man's voice cut him off, "No, he's too protected here at the castle." Even Keli, who can't see his face, can probably hear the hint in his words. Then, however, he goes on, "Take this letter to the Maester, I need to tell my father what's happening. And send a boy to get me some supper."

It's not as though Keli can stay still and not strike up suspicion, thus the girl has to seem as though engaged, and that's why she barks, "Aye, suh, much thanks," pretending to have just finished some sort of task and been dismissed in a manner to draw attention. Keli times her outburst well, boying up her voice with a touch of hoarseness induced by a bit of rubbing at her throat beforehand. How convenient, a "boy" at hand just as such notions struck the hungry plotters with their bilious tongues. She'd angle herself to be within convenient yelling distance of the tent's entrance, two purposes in mind; get that letter and help the Tarly get "fed." For now this means she must plan to stalk the messenger sent out.

The squire comes out, moments later. Indeed, he does look to be around thirteen or fourteen, close enough to Bryn's age that a fight could easily be explained away. Except, as a Squire, he's been training in combat while Bryn has been reading books, and there is a noticeable size difference. Looking around, he spots Keli and calls, "You, get Ser Jason some dinner." Then, he turns, starting to walk towards whatever section of the castle hosts the Maester. He just seems to assume the instruction will be carried out. His path will lead them through rooms and corridors to the Maester, and he's not paying much attention except to what's ahead of him, and any pretty serving girl he passes.

Smoothing down her hair, tucking it behind her ears and the excess into her collar she shoots for her most scruffy and boyish appearance, rubbing at the back of her neck when the boy addresses her, seeming so sheepish but anxious over something unspoken. "I-!" she says, pretending that his curtness cut her off, but she walks after him, scuffing her shoes, clicking her cheek, sighing sadly and otherwise lingering in his wake. Should they find themselves in a corridor not too well watched, she would make her move. "Please?!" she'd pout with the pouch jingling in her hand. "Please let me talk to you for a moment…you see…" Then it comes a rush of hurried, breathless sentences describing her poor mother (of four!) bitten by some crawling beast in the bushes and then infected, she fell so ill, yet somehow the Maester had taken time for her despite being common folk. Keli works up her best tears, eyebrows writhing expressively above her soulful, slightly crazed stare. "Please, you see, I promised her that I would get into the castle and deliver it myself to make sure nobody stole it and the Maester got his gift, but I've been trying for weeks! PLEASE, I'll even give you some of the coins, okay!" She plays the role of the mark, the easy victim, gambling that he may just turn the tables and try to bully her for all the money. Still, coins can be replaced, opportunities cannot.

The squire looks back, frowning a bit. At least he listens to the story, at least having a little compassion, though mostly impatient. Then, however, coins are offered. He looks to the pouch, his greed obvious. Whoever his family is, they're probably rich, by most commoner standards anyway, but this would be money he could spend on himself. "Alright, if you give me half of the silver in there, I'll let you do it."

"…half." She scratches the side of her face like a negotiating merchant pawing at a beard which isn't there, lets her brows fall, her shoulders roll forward, her head loll slightly. "O…okay. But this is our secret." With that she takes timid steps forward, disbursing into one hand the money, into the seat of her pants the pouch with her other hand, then olds out both palms flat when near him, the one with money out of his reach, the empty one within it. "Just put it here," she offers, "And thank you so much for understanding. I'll ask my Ma to light a candle for you next time she goes to pray." Her feet flatten readily and behind apparent timid body language are muscles already half-tensed.

The squire watches Keli closely. He's a little smarter than he seems, and he's watching for tricks. But, he apparently doesn't see any, so after another moment's hesitation he drops the note in Keli's hand, while reaching with his other hand to snatch up the coins.

A few effusive thanks later she's on her way to that last turn, wanting to gaze into the eyes of a conspirator against her Mudbrother, knowing or not. She knocks at the door that the Squire was headed for, saying softly, "A message for the Maester?" to any who might be posted outside or, absent that, through the door itself to any occupants.

As Bryn that answers the door, peeking out. He is, after all, supposed to help the Maester while he's here. He blinks, but, as always when he sees Keli, he smiles. "Hi. He's not here, I think he's checking on the baby."

Kelinyx does not smile back or greet him, instead still and serious until he is equally quiet and attentive, then she cups a hand to Bryn's ear and whispers. "Be ready to leave at a moment's notice. You are being hunted." She looks to his eyes and nods until he does as well. More private speech, "Read it, then copy it or burn it or whatever you think is best," she whispers in the secrecy of hands to his ear. "Most importantly, you never saw me; Tarly's squire was sent to deliver this message to you." It's a lot of information, so she waits to see if her friend understands, then slips the message into his hands.

Bryn grows serious, as Keli's seriousness becomes apparent. He listens to what she whispers, but he nods a little. And then, again, when she finishes, taking the message. He whispers, "I'll be ready." Then he steps back, giving Keli last, trustful look, and closes the door.

Assured that her friend understands the gravity of this night, she departs him and detours through the kitchen. "I was sent to fetch Ser Tarly's dinner," she's say to servers looking less-harried enough to pay her attention and by persistence and puppy eyes she would ensure that the men receive plenty of wineskins through the night to compensate for their outdoor encampment. Well of course, the 'little boy' Keli reassures, she has no problem delivering it herself, in fact, don't mind her if she's back in here a few times tonight. She won't be a bother in the least.

The workers in the kitchen don't take much convincing, though there is some grumbling about feeding foreigners. They know better than to refuse, however. Soon the food is ready and the wine is flowing. Jason Tarly is, when Keli delivers it, kind of gruff. However, by the third wineskin he's welcoming of every visit, and growing drunker by the moment.

Having poured wine for princesses and criminals, Kelinyx makes a point to stay out of his way, no chatter, no eye contact unless addressed, but always with a meek smile and more drink. The man surely knows better than to get sloppy drunk when such dangerous gears are revolving in the city, but that he drinks much at all will serve the girl's needs just well. See where the man trots to piss, see if it's open or covered, see what lines of sight are between it and anyone who'd notice a brief commotion. The girl does her best to let the drink be her identity, no name or voice except muttered "Yes sir," in a gruffer manner and lower pitch than her natural speech.

Jason steps out to relieve himself once already before dark, so Keli gets a good look. His chosen latrine is basically just around behind the tents, far enough away that he doesn't need to smell it, but close enough to the tents that they basically block the view. The guards on the wall can see the spot, but it will likely be harder to do so once it is dark. There isn't really a shadowy place to hide or anything, except perhaps between a couple of the tents. Soon, it is getting dark, and Jason continues to drink so he must repeat his trips to the latrine.

Bright steel tucked under her vest, Kelinyx takes time to listen to what it sounds like when guard feet walk along the high wall and try to find a pattern in their patrol. As sunset turns into gloaming lingers next to learn what the weight of Ser Tarly's footfalls sound like each trip he makes to the latrine, maybe even discern if he's actually letting the drink get to him. No matter. The girl breathes steadily, in through the nose, out over slightly parted lips, waiting until the dancing gold of torchlight is all that brightens the tents and high walls. The girl would follow him with many yards between them, awaiting the telltale jingle of a belt buckle.

Jason walks out to the latrine, just on cue. His steps are a little sluggish, but not overly so. He doesn't want to duel with a hangover. He steps up to the latrine, and starts to undo his belt, and he's completely clueless. The soft sounds of Keli's footsteps aren't even loud enough for him to hear even though there is hardly any other sounds to overwhelm it.

Breathing steady, even if heartbeat picks up, Kelinyx crouches in the nearest tent's shadow, listens one last time for any nearby footfalls and, in their absence, steps quickly to the tent's entrance. Still creeping low to the ground, she withdraws her daggers, uses them to part the entrance flaps near the base and then she must act quickly. He'll possibly notice a change in the breeze or light if he's attentive at all, giving her seconds at best, so Kelinyx quickly swings both hands up between his knees from behind while wrists carry the blades' points along an outward rotation only to shift their angled tips inward menacingly with a savage inward hooking motion. Each blade's tip seeks soft spot just in front of Jason Tarly's the hip sockets, then would firmly draw back with a wrist-wiggling sawing gesture to unseam the knight at the nethers, intending to fully open both major blood vessels which travel down the interior of the thighs.

The blades sink in, and flick, causing Jason to start bleeding profusely as gravity starts to pull some of his insides out. He cries out in pain, stumbling. He starts to turn, but he can't even make it two steps before he's collapsing. However, he made noise, and Keli only has a few moments before guards come to investigate.

Convenient that the 'boy' had been through the castle's halls several times that night, and even on her way out she has wineskins from the kitchen to justify her strolling out to the grounds. Her path deviates instead toward the stables. Somewhere along the way she pauses in shadow long enough to take off her vest, wrap it around her daggers and their belt to obscure the evidence, then fluffs out her hair and draws down her bangs over her face eyes for a more feminine appearance should any even notice the girl in her escape through darkened paths. Once she reaches the stables, Kelinyx crawls under the hay, small enough that a few armfuls of shifted straw can create a nest which obscures her shape. No sleep will come, but here she can listen for the sounds of grim discovery.

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