(123-06-25) Trade Ties
Trade Ties
Summary: Prince Dhraegon offers Prince Torren a proposition.
Date: Date of play (25/06/123)
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Torren's head tips a little bit to the side when Dhraegon goes on, and the smile fades slightly, but not in anger, just into a more thoughtful look. He listens to the proposal without interrupting, and there's a pause of a second or two after as though he's gathering his thoughts. "I, too, am hopeful for for a lasting peace," he replies. "I shall need to speak with the Princess Amarei about the specifics of such a proposal. You will understand if we are a little wary. However, I expect she shall be sympathetic, if cautious."

Dhraegon nods enthusiastically, "My Lady Wife and I would like that. Flox here handles the papers, so if she wishes to send one of her people to talk to him, that would be fine too. I am so happy we are all getting along so well!

"As am I," Torren agrees. "I am sure we shall be able to come to some arrangement that will be agreeable and beneficial to both of us." He pauses for a moment, and then continues, "How is your lady wife? Princess Visenya was so happy that she was able to attend her during the birth."

Dhraegon beams happily, bouncing a little, "Oh! She is much better now we are on land, she is not much of a sailor, but she's been enjoying the beauty of for castle and town…. Oh! I was wondering if I might send you cuttings as a Nameday gift for your daughter! I've a lovely collection of exotic plants and I've been playing in the gardens here and I thought… it might be nice?"

Dhraegon's enthusiasm may not be precisely contagious, but it does bring Torren's smile back, and he nods. "A very thoughtful gift," he says. "I am sure she will appreciate that when she is old enough, as will Princess Visenya and I. Thank you."

Dhraegon giggles happily and attempts to hug the Dornish Prince. Luckily his hands and face are not sticky.

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