(123-06-25) A Knight Accused, Again
A Knight Accused, Again
Summary: Bryn accuses his mother's killer once again, only this time something comes of it.
Date: 25/06/2016
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Malcolm is here with at least a few Stark men, and he and Tellur Snow, at least, have been staying at Castle under serr daevon's auspices. Today his usually tourney tent is set up and the Twilight Storm is here in his bastard colours, Motley and Loathley both in evidence.

In the courtyard a run for jousting along with stands on either side has been set up for the tourney. Knights are currently getting prepared to compete, and are getting their armor on, getting their lances readied, and brushing their horses or whatever else needs to be done. It has been raining for several days now, and the ground is soggy, and will undoubtably add some challenge to the jousting. It is also oppressively hot and humid.

Princess Visenya is already out, and is walking through the mire carefully. She wears boots as opposed to delicate sandals or slippers to navigate the mud, but her sandsilk robe is a single layer of opaque red crimson that is loose and sleeveless as well as slit up to the knee to be cool. On top of this she wears a gold headdress with an attached veil that covers her mouth to protect herself from the rain. She walks arm in arm with Lady Marsei Hightower. "…I only hope no one falls from their horse."

Daevon's been seeing to his own horse and gear, with the help of a servant in Targaryen livery. He's as much on edge though, keeping an eye out, looking around as if expecting to see someone there, that he's yet to spot.

This is the day that Bryn has been waiting for. So, of course, he's incredibly nervous, and not quite able to sit still. He makes his way through the crowd of knights, also looking for someone. Then, there he is. Ser Jason Tarly arrives with a Squire, and a few Tarly servants. As they start to set up for the tournament, Bryn stops, half hidden behind another tent, looking to them for a moment. The boy turns, then, looking first for Daevon, making sure he's within view.

The Reachlady replies with an agreeing "hmmm" of worry under her breath as she picks her way through the mud. Like Visenya, she wears boots, although they do not appear as though they'd hold up to much wear or dampness. While the princess is red, Marsei's gown is blue as a sapphire, and though it is not as cut for heat, it is light and sleeveless, and the is shorter than usual so as not to trail on the ground. She wears a matching hooded capelet against the rain, embroidered with silvery flowers. She's more interested in Visenya and the scenery and architecture of Starfall than the tourney grounds it's populated with, paying little mind to the preparations of knights and their many banners and tents, but the talk of horses draws her attention to a certain cluster. "Look, it's Ser Malcolm's horse," she points. "It would be a shame if it got less fluffy in the rain." She has her priorities in order.

Malcolm bows to the Princesses on his way to meeting up with Ser Daevon and Bryn, "Two Queens of Love an Beauty in one place…." and then he straightens, suddenly deadly serious, eyes fixed on the Tarly.

Daevon spots Bryn and when he does he murmurs something to the servant he's with, and then he goes to move closer to where Jason Tarly is.

Visenya nods her head to Malcolm then he bows to her, and when she sees his expression change her gaze follows him to the Tarly's, Bryn, and Daevon. To Marsei she says, "I think my brother plans on starting the entertainment earlier. Shall we? I'll need to report what happens." She reaches down to pick up the hem of her gown for easier movement, and starts them in the direction where the men are gathering.

The attention toward the Tarly tent draws Marsei's to their tent uncertainly. "Entertainment?" she queries with cautious skepticism, keeping easy pace with Visenya arm-in-arm. The familiarity of a Reach banner comes up against the faint sense of brewing tensions. "With the Tarlys?"

Now, he just needs… Aha, there is his aunt and Marsei, perfect witnesses. So, the boy straightens his shoulders, and walks out towards the Tarly knight, who is giving instructions to his squire as the boy prepares the man's armour. Bryn takes a breath, and then says loudly enough for all around to hear, "Jason Tarly," absolutely refusing to say Ser, "you killed my mother, Rose of the Rose's Thorn Tavern. Just because she slapped you after you grabbed her. Because she wouldn't 'celebrate' with you." Tears come to Bryn's eyes as he says all this, his face full of anger. Jason Tarly, meanwhile, initially tensed when he heard the voice, the grows were angry as Bryn talks, and that those last words steps forward and raises his hand, only to realize a split second before striking that there's witnesses all around, and lowers it again. Tensely, practically gritting his teeth, he says, "I did no such thing, bastard. Your mother died in the fire."

Malcolm bows again to the Ladies, then moves with his characteristic efficient grace to stand on Ser Daevon's left, his black armour making him a sort od shadow to his friend.

Daevon doesn't do intimidating all that well. He's slighter than most knights, shorter too, even decked out in his plate as he is now. His sword's in easy reach and he's studying Jason, waiting for now to see how things play out before he steps in.

"Well, not quite entertaining so much as it's sad." Visenya murmurs to Marsei with a small little sigh as she watches Bryn confront the Tarly knight. When she sees the man's hand raise up briefly her violet eyes flash with anger, and her grip tightens ever so slightly on Marsei's arm. "Ser, be warned that if you think to harm one hair on that boy's head whilst you are in my goodmother's principality that I shall see you brought to the harshest extents of Dornish justice!"

Although Marsei certainly didn't expect the "entertainment" Visenya foretold to be juggling Tarlys, hearing Bryn's speech to Jason Tarly is a shock. The hand that isn't with Visenya's arm flutters to her chest, pausing before it reaches her open mouth. The lady's gaze is instantly awash with empathy for the acolyte. She goes tense, staring at the accused man.

Shaking his head, Bryn answers, admitting it for the first time, "I set that fire. I … I couldn't help it. She was already dead. Because you had cut her throat. She… She drowned on her own blood." The boy's hands are shaking now, and he clenches his fists to try to stop them. Jason Tarly looks up towards Visenya, and then back towards Bryn. It's almost as if he's considering whether Dornish justice might be worth it. It's to Visenya that he addresses his next statement, "I swear on my honour as a knight, I did not do this." Bryn looks towards Daevon and Malcolm, a quick glance, almost the question, 'Is that enough?'

Malcolm is tall and square shouldered where his friend is slightly built, and dark where his friend is pale. he stands in the same attitude though and his glare at the Tarly suggests the Storm stands as firmly behind the Flowers in this matter as he stands by his Prince.

Daevon looks towards Visenya, and then to Jason Tarly. "So you are calling this boy a liar? The woman who died was my brother's paramour. Bryn's blood is acknowledged by his family."

"It is enough." Visenya says, her tone more gentle than when she spoke to the Tarly. She releases Marsei's hand to hold out her arms, "Come here, Bryn." She shrugs a little to Jason Tarly, "If you didn't than I suppose you'll be able to prove that you didn't?" She glances to Daevon before looking back to the Tarly, "A knight who is pure of heart could surely prove his innocence with his sword."

Marsei gives a little gasp as Bryn's story unfolds. She settles her hand against her delicate neck and presses her lips taut, either preparing to speak or barricading against the thought. Reluctant to get in the fray, when she does speak it is quiet — perhaps more Visenya and the rest of Bryn's allies than Jason Tarly, but her insistence makes up for the softness of her voice. "The honour of knights is not always what it should be."

Malcolm casts a grateful look at the Princess and a nod of sad agreement for the Lady Marsei, before turning his dark gaze on the Tarly, "I will happily stand second for the Maiden Knight if he so wishes, as I believe the lad is of good character and truthful."

There's a flash of relief on Bryn's face. Apparently this was harder than he expected. He steps back over towards Visenya, quiet now as he tries to hold together. Jason Tarly, meanwhile, finally seems to realize what's happening. He looks between the two Targaryen siblings, then to Malcolm, and around to all the witnesses like Marsei. Still, he can't back out now. "I am, Ser," he says to Daevon, and he nods to Visenya, "I will let the gods prove my innocence through my sword."

"Since my brother, Aevanar, cannot be here, I will stand in his stead and champion Bryn," Daevon says. "I accept Ser Malcolm as my second."

Having had some things to see to before the start of the tourney, Torren arrives just in time to hear his wife suggest the impromptu trial by sword. One eyebrow raises very slightly as he comes to his wife's side, but he is silent for the moment, even as Daevon accepts the challenge. There's a light frown on his face, but he does not intervene.

"No, it is not." Visenya murmurs quietly to Marsei, and when Bryn approaches her she puts her hands on his shoulder, and squeezes them comfortingly. She leans down to murmur something into his ear. When she sees Torren approach and gives him an apologetic look before her face hardens. "May the Seven reveal the truth, then." She says to Jason Tarly.

Lady Marsei takes a breath in and holds it. To place his innocence in the judgment of the gods strikes the pious lady as bold when she had already been set upon belief in Bryn, and she assesses the knight skeptically before her raises her dimpled chin high. "The gods will see true justice," she determines faithfully in agreement with Visenya, but directed down to Bryn rather than Jason Tarly.

Malcolm echoes the Princess, though his tone is threatening as he does so. "May the Seven reveal the truth."

Jason Tarly looks to Daevon, bowing his head to accept his opponent, and then a more formal bow to Visenya and Marsei. "Then I will prepare." He turns back to his squire, who has been watching this whole thing in horror, barking a command to help him with his armour. Bryn, meanwhile, nods a little to what Visenya murmurs to him, relaxing just a touch. But not much.

Daevon goes off to prepare as well. His face is expressionless.

As the men leave to prepare, Torren watches them go, before he turns to Visenya and leans in to murmur something to her. His face is still relatively neutral, though it's probably clear that he isn't exactly happy about the developments. Still, he doesn't move for another solution.

Whatever Torren murmured to Visenya causes her to nod her head once in understanding. She gives Bryn's shoulders another squeeze before she says, "Ser Malcolm, a word?"

Malcolm gives Daevon a glance, then steps forward and bows low to Prince Torren and Princess Visenya. Eyes on the ground, he waits for the royals to speak before speaking himself.

Lady Marsei's face has never been cold; perhaps the sweet Hightower is incapable of the hard look given by Visenya. When Jason Tarly bows, however, she is without reaction — there is only a sensitive flicker in her eyes. She doesn't look away until he turns. As Visenya takes a word with Ser Malcolm, she commends Bryn quietly, "You were brave to do as you did, Bryn. I know it mustn't have been easy."

When Malcolm approaches, Torren glances to where Bryn and Marsei are standing, and lowers his voice. "I would not wish to deny the child justice for his mother," he says, "but a death at our daughter's nameday tourney is an ill omen. I would not have the Tarly night killed today." The slight emphasis on 'today' allows the tacit, 'another day would be fine,' to hang in the air.

Bryn is no longer shaking, at least, though he has to wipe tears from his face. He looks up to Marsei, then, and says shakily, "Thank you. It wasn't. Sometimes hate having a perfect memory. But had to do it. I tried everything else."

Visenya nods her head in agreement with Torren before she says, "Perhaps it can wait until tomorrow, Ser Malcolm?" She takes a handkerchief from her voluminous sleeve, and discreetly offers it to Bryn.

"Oh," Marsei says sympathetically to Bryn, brows close to knit; the epitome of you poor thing, yet there is nothing patronizing about the lady's empathy. She feels for the boy and his plight. Torren's words give her pause; she seems to agree with him through a thoughtful nod of her head as well before carrying on to the boy, "I will pray to the Seven — not for the outcome of the fight," for the gods ought to have that in hand, "but in hopes that you will find peace."

Malcolm says softly, "I will see if that can be arranged, Your Graces."

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