(123-06-16) Daring Doos
Daring Doos
Summary: Miranda's orphan friends surprise Loryn with an early wedding gift
Date: Date of play (06/16/2016)
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Miranda has her maid call on Loryn to summon him to the hall. Apparently the lady has a surprise in store for him. She waits excitedly by a group of young boys and a pair of girls holding a bad leather-scrap mask of a generic monster. She looks fairly aglow with amused joy.

Loryn has had a sleep-in after a long night at the theatre and is surprised to be called down early. At least Miranda's presence at the manse has brought him to dress decently even at home and so he arrives downstairs in fresh pants and a clean green shirt. He is surprised to see the children in the hall but then with Miranda he really shouldnt be -too- surprised. "Good morning, everyone.", he greets with a curious tone in his voice.

At Miranda's nod the children; all of whom have grubby urchin etched into the bone save the fact they are newly clean, curtsey and bow as necessary to Loryn, chorusing, "Good morning Lord Loryn." All clearly coached. Miranda takes his hand and gives a sweet kiss on the cheek before motioning to her little ones. "My dear, they… well… You're not the only one with mummers at your beck and call. They wanted to know if they could come to the wedding and put on a show for us."

Loryn's eyes widen a little and chuckles softly. "Let me guess, they have something prepared?", he asks with a grin towards the kids, "Have you offered them something to eat and drink or will they need to sing for their supper?"

"We had apples and eggses and a toast." One of the bolder girls nods to Loryn. "And small beers." Miranda looks guilty at that but that -is- what peasants drink. "You told me the players were going to present the tale of how we met, and the kids thought they would do something more exciting. So I had a bard draw up a simple storyline and… well." One of the boys shows off a hand-sewn tabard with the Tyrell rose in yellow and the other holds up a black wolf against grey. "They asked how you became a knight so…"

Uh-oh. Loryn's eyes widen in surprise at that and he grins. A servant has turned up with a morning drink for him and he goes to find himself a comfortable chair. "Well, go on then!", he asks excitedly.

Miranda blushes as she smiles. "Clearly I don't know -all- the tale. So perhaps you will have to fill in the gaps for them." She steps aside as the kids put on their 'costumes'. A pair of the boys as Loryn and Andolin, a few to play commoners, the girls put the mask on the tallest boy and wrap a green scarf around his neck and then hide under a ratty cloak to form the body'. The eldest of the boys who has learned his letters reads slowly off a script. "True knights seek out monsters and mayhem where-ever it is. Even if they are not yet knights. Sometimes a knight must prove his woth before he is knighted." Miranda clarifies 'Worth' and he amends "WORTH before his is knighted."

Loryn just grins like an idiot at the performance and perhaps indeed reliving his greatest moment of glory. He takes a sip on his drink from time to time and seems content to just watch as the 'play' unfolds.

Mini-Loryn and Mini-Andolin walk along and shove one another as boys are wont to do. They wear wooden swords at their hip- the ones gifted during the Dolphin Festival not too long ago. The narrator continues, "Loryn Tyrell and Andolin Stark were friends. Both young men of Great Houses had no ass-prations."

'Aspirations'—- ah, change it to dreams, Kort.'

"Both young men of Great Houses had no dreams (I liked asspration better) of being a knight, but deep inside their hearts was the knowledge of right and wrong, and inside their souls was nobility."

Loryn chuckles at the misguided pronouncation but it is quickly followed by a frown. "Hey, Andy might have been a bit of a slacker, but I sure had assprations!", he claims, "After spending years in the muck and dirt as a squire, don't you think I was eager to be knighted?"

Miranda ohs softly. "Of course, I'll have it changed with the next draft," she promises, looking worried. She looks back to Kort and nods for him to continue.

The free range children run forward in a mock panic, waving their arms and screaming. Miranda motions for them to lower their voices as the hall picks up and carries the echoes. One of the girls finds a high pitched yelp that echoes and does it repeatedly until one of the others nudges her. "Help us, brave knights," the children chorus. "Save us from the monster!"

"You also mustn't forget that Andy has a wonky leg.", Loryn tells the Mini-Andolin, "Bit of a limp, see? It's why he thought he could never be a knight. True, he was pretty shit with a sword, but he could wield a bow like no one else…" But he sits back to enjoy the rest of the play.

Mini-Andy looks at Miranda. "Can I has a bow then, Septa— Lady Mira?" She smiles at the correction and says, "You can have both." Which of course prompts Mini-Loryn to demand a bow as well. She relents and advises they BOTH get bows and swords.

"The village was under attack by a monster called the Question Beast." 'Questing.' "Thas' what I said. Question Beast. It ate horses and dogs and babies. Especially whining ones who don't shut it after the candles go out." Kort glares at one of the younger boys as he goes off script.

Loryn chuckles again, highly amused. He doesn't bother with a correction though. He just scratches the back of his head and keeps watching.
Miranda clears her throat and Kort goes on. "The goodfolk pointed up the hill to where the monster lived and where nobody was brave enough to go. And so like true knights, they went on to fight it."

The kids forming the monster shuffle up and roar at varying phases in their most intimidating way possible. Mini Loryn and Mini-Andy try to look brave and scared all at once as they draw their swords. Andy gets stuck on his belt a moment before he draws it, and then recalls his instruction and leans so one leg is wonky.

Loryn's eyes assume a somewhat dreamy expression and it's obvious that he is reliving the moment they met the actual beast and fought it down. "Arrows. He slowed it down with arrows first.", he corrects, though his mumble is probably too soft to be overheard.

Miranda's paying attention to his face and his reactions. She nods to it although her subtle gesture is likely unseen.

"And tho the monster was higher than a house, they were brave and did what they came to do." As Kort reads, the monster 'charges' the pair and an all out brawl ensues. Arms flaling, swords swinging. "OW! Milt you hit too hard," someone under the hide calls out to Mini-Loryn. Appropriately enough Kort narrates, "They struck it true and hard with their swords. And, uh, arrows," he adds. "And it ran away in pain." So the monster yelps and whines as it runs off behind a table to hide.

Loryn grins when they describe the monster as higher than a house and looks like he's about to say something, but then decides against it for now. He just takes another draught of his mug and waits for the final battle.

"So they were smart, as knights use their heads as often as their swords, and they got armor to protect against the razor sharp claws and vicious teeth." Both the boys grab wooden breastplates painted silver with their lordly crests on. "And Andolin who was from the cold and rough north tracked the beast down by following a trail of blood and giant hoofprints." Now the Andy starts to wander around the hall, hopping up on a chair to peek around, crawling under a table. The Loryn follows as the two make a game of it, peering behind tapestries and even under the maid's skirts to Miranda's embarassment. Finally Andy points in victory and goes, "FOUND IT! Let's KILL IT!"

Loryn doesn't even bother with an apologetic look for the maid, who glares at the children and flees the hall. He just keeps grinning broadly while he watches the fight unfold.

"They charged on their bold steeds," Kort continues. Two of other children rush in and neigh and stamp like warhorses. The heroes pretend to ride them and the quartet charge down on the monster, Mini-Loryn yelling, "GET HIM!" as he points with his blade. Another fight ensues with the kids slapping and hitting one another in a tiny smallfolk brawl. It goes on a while with a few cries of ow and you hit too hard and someone even starting to cry. It's then that Kort grins and narrates, "And then they bested it, and Loryn Tyrell took it's head off in a single blow." So Mini-Loryn swings and the tall boy tosses off his mask, with the 'monster' falling to the floor with a final hiss of death. A leg kicks several times and then goes 'aaack.'

Loryn can't resist clapping excitedly, when he watches his own heroics being performed. "What a day that was…", he murmurs in delight and waits for the kids to conclude their play.

Little Loryn picks up the mask in triumph and he and mini-Andy tromp back as the children refocus. The tall monster boy grabs another breastplate and a sword while one boy grabs a sword and shield and another a few branches. "They returned triumphant with proof of their victory held high, and it was certain their bravery was without question, their honor without um, re-roach. So Lord Loryn prayed a night and a day at the foot of the Warrior, and Lord Andolin prayed at the Heart-Tree of the Old Gods." Both kneel before their respective places of worship while the tall boy swings his sword idly. "Then when their vigils were done, they knelt before Ser Malcom and pledged themselves to the honor of knighthood." MiniMalcom dubs them both with his sword but it's clear he's wacking a bit harder than he ought to. "Arise, Ser Andolin of House Stark!" Andy stands and holds his sword aloft. The kids cheer. "Arise, Ser Loryn of House Tyrell!" Little Loryn stands and does the same. "Bring honor to your houses and all knights!"

Loryn claps again. There may even be a tiny tear twinkling in the corner of his eye which he quickly wipes away with the back of his hand. "That was excellent, all of you…." His eyes drift over to meet Miranda's. He doesn't say anything but she will see in them how much all of this has meant to him.

Miranda moves to his chair and smiles down at him. "Did you like it?" Rhetorical as she can see he does. She offers her hand. "They wanted to say thank you for making me happy, and I thought you might like the gesture."

Loryn takes her hand and squeezes it gently. "It's a wonderful idea. I loved every second.", he says softly. Before it gets too mushy he lets go of her hand and hops to his feet. "So, kids - who wants to see the real monster?", he asks them.

Eyes go wide and jaws drop. "Yeah?" "Really?" A chorus of eager yesses meet his request and they set their props aside and mob him excitedly.

Loryn nods and leads them out of the great hall by the main entrance, down the hall way and to a smallish room at the far end. Two windows provide enough light to show that it is nearly devoid of furniture except for a few shelves and cases with stuff. One wall is covered in typical hunting trophies, antlers, a mounted boar's head and so on. But on the other wall? There's the head of the mighty ferocious beast, now staring blankly into the void out of artificial eyes.

"I wanted to put it in the great hall, but it frightened the servants.", he explains with a sigh.

Miranda acts as shepherd and moves the children in to the trophy room. As they stare at the monster out of legend, now before them on the wall, several of the smaller ones grow frightened and cling to Miranda's skirts - a good thing she had them bathed before hand. The older kids clamor forward to peer at it in excitement.

Miranda agrees about the servants. "It's truly hideous," she says softly as she strokes the little ones hair. "You and Andolin were brave to take that thing on. Is he… going to join us for the wedding," she asks gently.

"I would love for that to happen, but it's unlikely.", Loryn replies quietly, "It's a long way to travel from the north. I did send a raven to Winterfell though, so who knows?" He shrugs a bit, then quickly steps out into the hall to intercept a passing servant and whisper something to him.

Miranda takes away a toy sword before Kort can try to hit the stuffed head. "That's not polite," she admonishes while Loryn is away. "It's already dead. Don't hit dead things."

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