(123-06-11) You're My Aunt!
You're My Aunt!
Summary: Visenya and Bryn catch up, and Bryn reveals his recent news.
Date: 11/06/123
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It is a surprisingly cool day at Starfall. A respite from the near constant balmy weather. Princess Visenya is roaming the gardens of the lower bailey alone in a simple unrestrictive sandsilk robe that is made elegant by the jewels she has chosen to wear. She stops near a bench under a lemon tree that is heavy with still-green lemons, and sits down with a soft slightly winded sigh.

With the cooler weather, Bryn is wearing his red and black tunic again, his more princely attire in his bastard colours that he wears more often when he's trying to fit in with the nobility. He smiles when he sees Visenya, and steps over closer quickly, "Your Grace." He pauses a moment, as if unsure if that's the right greeting anymore.

Visenya looks over Bryn when he steps over to join her under the lemon tree, and she smiles a faint but genuine smile. "Novice. I'm so glad you came with my brother." Her smile fades ever so slightly, "Even if it is for a grim and joyless task." She studies Bryn a moment with an almost sad expression on her face before she looks away from the boy. "Or are you an acolyte now? You've grown since I last saw you."

Bryn looks a little unsure, at the way Visenya speaks. "You had a baby, and you're alive. I think that isn't joyless, your Grace, no matter the rest." Then, he nods, smiling some again as he reaches under the neck of his tunic and pulls out the thread holding his three links: Silver, black iron, and pale steel. "I'm an acolyte."

Visenya raises a brow at Bryn's response before she laughs a little, and shakes her head. "No. I meant the nasty business with that Tarly. Daevon told me what happened." She gives Bryn a sympathetic look that fades to a smile before she claps. "A silver link? How useful. The black iron is for ravens, and the pale steel is…?"

Bryn blinks, and says, "Oh, he told you, good." He laughs a bit sheepishly, "Sorry. It's been so nice here, I wasn't thinking about that." He has a great memory, but that doesn't mean his attention doesn't wander. Then, he smiles again, and nods quickly. Then, he answers, "Smithing. I like that one, doing things that can only be done with fire."

"I did not realize smithing was something a maester could do." Visenya admits pleasantly. She looks over Bryn for a moment or two before she asks, "You do realize that Prince Torren and I cannot arrest this Tarly? That Daevon will have to challenge him to a duel. You do understand that there will be negative consequences in your quest for justice?"

Bryn nods, and says, "We have to forge every link ourselves. Or reforge, at least." He touches his silver link, "This was made from a silver spoon that Archmaester Luckin gave me." He looks back up, and nods seriously. "That's the plan. I tried every other way, first. And I wouldn't do this if Daevon didn't want to. I don't want him to be hurt. Especially now that I know he's my uncle." Which will likely be a surprise to Visenya.

Visenya does look surprised at what Bryn has to say. "Daevon is your Uncle?" Which would mean she is his Aunt. She studies Bryn's face again, as if she could discern this truth by looking at him, before finally she asks, "You know who your father is, then? And it is one of our brothers?"

Bryn nods quickly, and says, "Dhraegon told us last night. My father is Aevanar. He turned his ship around and came looking for me right away, Dhraegon said," he adds, sounding very relieved about this fact. "Except I had run away, and everybody thought I was dead." Then, he asks, "Do you know where he might be? Daevon said he hadn't seen him since he was a Squire. But that you might know."

"Aevanar." Visenya says in a pensive voice before she nods as if that explains it all. "Last I heard was a letter from Aevander. He said he was sailing to the Free Cities. So, who knows where he is now?" She purses her lips together again before she says, "I could write my father and ask where he was last, and where he was planning on going. Then we could try and send a message to him that way."

Bryn's eyes widen a little, "That's a lot of places he could be." He brightens at Visenya's suggestion, and smiles, nodding quickly, "Yes, please. If it wouldn't be trouble."

"It wouldn't be trouble." Visenya says with a little shake of her head. "But it's not guaranteed to work. Another thing we could do is send someone to look for him. I am leaning more towards the latter, actually. Our father-" She amends, "Your grandfather? I don't know if making him aware of you without a father to protect you would be the best course of action."

Bryn looks a little surprised at that, though only for a moment. "I wonder if that's what Daevon was worried about last night. He looked like he was worried about something after Dhraegon told us, but he didn't say what."

"Has Daevon told you about your grandfather?" Visenya asks before she lets out a faint little sigh. "He….he sees his offspring as pieces on a cyvasse board. He would want to manipulate you, Bryn. He tries to manipulate all of us. It's why Daevon left Dragonstone in the first place." She motions about the garden, "It's why I am better off in Dorne where half of the Dornish nobility would love to see me fall into a pit of vipers. I don't want him to have a claim on you."

Bryn shakes his head a little, and he grows thoughtful again as he listens. It's that expression he gets when his mind is working faster than his emotions can keep up. When they finally do, a moment later, he looks quite nervous. "I don't think I want to meet him, yet, either."

"He's not going to come here from Dragonstone to find you." Visenya says reassuringly. "And he couldn't make it for this event. So, you're fine for now. Just don't let him make you think he's something other than what he really is." She holds her hand out for Bryn to take then, "Daevon and I will protect you as much as we can."

Bryn smiles, taking the offered hand, "Thank you." Then he adds, "I'll try not to be fooled. Now I know to be careful, it'll be easier. I hope." He's still a little nervous, but trusting in Visenya and Daevon's protection.

Visenya squeezes Bryn's hand lightly, and then leans down to kiss his forehead. "And you are always welcomed in my husband's court." She releases his hand then. "If there is anything you need come to me. I will find a man to send to Essos after your father, and after you leave to return to the citadel I will send any news I hear your way."

Nodding with a smile, Bryn says, "Thank you." Then, he adds, "Daevon asked me to come with them to Braavos, before I go home. Maybe I'll get lucky and my father is there already." He seems quite hopeful, even though that is only one of nine possible cities his father could be in.

"Perhaps." Visenya says, and despite the odds not being exactly in Bryn's favor she doesn't sound completely doubtful. "We will send our man to Volantis first. That way if you don't hear any rumors he might. Depending on where he left he could have stopped at Pentos or Myr first." She shrugs then before she adds, "He's a Targaryen Prince with a fleet of ships. He won't be so difficult to find."

Bryn smiles again at Visenya's last point, and nods quickly. "And two of the Free Cities are in land, too. So he probably didn't go to those." He nods again, seeming quite confident now.

"Probably not." Visenya says, and she stands up from the bench then. "But if he did? We'll hear rumor of it." She covers her mouth with a hand to stifle a yawn then before she says, "Forgive me, but my energy is not what it usually is. I think I'll need to go back inside for a bit. If you've any further need you'll let me know?"

Bryn blinks, and then nods quickly, "You should rest." He nods again, as he smiles, "I will, I promise. Thank you."

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