(123-06-01) A New Bodyguard
A new bodyguard
Summary: First a sedan chair, now a bodyguard for the future Tyrell lady!
Date: 31/05/2016
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Ser Loryn Tyrell is in a small salon adjacent to the great hall with open arches looking into the gardens. He has a scroll on his lap as so often and a cup of wine by his side. He might have been watching the young woman shooting at targets and making inquiries. Sending a servant to ask her to join him in the salon.

The young woman appears walking with almost feline grace across the floor of the salon. She has a couple of daggers and a small quiver but no sign of the bow that Loryn might have see her using. As for her face is is hard to get as bead on it. Habitually she wears a hood that obscures her features.

Loryn gesturse for her to take a seat opposite him. There's even a cup of wine waiting for her. "Miss… Aralynne, is it not? My cousin Haley took you on while she was in Oldtown… to what purpose exactly?", he asks curiously but not in an unfriendly way.

Features still obscured the woman halts and slowly (awkwardly) settles into the seat as though she is unused to sitting. "Errm, yes my Lord - I was to help hunt down criminals on Tyrell lands and whatever miscellaneous duties she assigned me. Mostly that has been as a sparring partner. To keep her Ladyship's waterdancing skills up to scratch." Her accent has a tinge of Kings Landing in it. At close range under the hood that she still has not removed that she has wide blue eyes ringed with kohl but her features remain obscured.

"Let me see you.", Loryn requests politely, but firmly, "You were a… thief before, here in Kings Landing? I trust you have left those times behind though?", he asks, still in the same polite and even tone, "You also kept an eye on Haley when she was moving about town?"

Aralynne reluctantly removes her hood, "Sorry - force of habit from when I was well you know…" As for her appearance - Aralynne is actually quite a pretty girl somewhere in her twenties. She has wide clear blue eyes, thick lips and a small upturned nose with the alabaster skin of a creature of the night. She'd probably polish up quite well if stuffed in a dress. Though there is no telling whether she'd like it. "I was a thief - operated under the moniker of Shadowcat. I accumulated some fame then had to flee after a nasty bit of business in the underworld where things turned lethal. I came out on top but with too many enemies and had to come to Oldtown. I'm not a thief any longer but it does pretty much describe my skill set. Infiltration, scouting, acquisition. And fighting - I did way too much of that." Canting her head, "I met Lady Haley when I was in the stocks. I have accompanied her I guess as another level of security as she has made her way around the dangerous parts of town."

"Well, she will hopefully return for the wedding and may still consider taking you along to Highgarden after that.", Loryn says, having noted Haley's absence of course but knowing Tyrells tend to be to and fro a while and now some are trickling back to Oldtown ahead of the wedding. "In the meantime, I won't deny you room and board here at Garden Isle. You have useful skills. I have a slightly naive bride that needs protecting. So I would like to ask you to act as Lady Miranda's personal bodyguard.", he explains, giving her a look to see if she agrees.

Aralynne gives a ghost of a smile, "I think Lady Haley said something about not liking weddings to me at some stage but she would surely make an exception for you as her… I am sorry I don't know how you are related my Lord? Are you brother and sister?" As for the bodyguard offer, "Well I'm more a killer than a fighter my Lord so I guess I am good as a last line of defence against a surprised assailant - also at identifying a dangerous situation. I am willing if your bethrothed is - but I have little choice in the matter. I took the oath of loyalty in exchange for my life after all. I am more or less yours to command."

Loryn smiles faintly. "You swore an oath to Haley or to House Tyrell? Either which way, I'd be happy to provide for you during her absence, but I expect service in retrun. So yes, I believe, keeping an eye on Lady Miranda is the best task I can offer you. She knows she'll require more protection as a lady of House Tyrell when she moves about town on her own. So - are we agreed?", he asks and smiles, "I'll suggest you introduce yourself to my betrothed then…"

"To House Tyrell my Lord," Aralynne cants her head smirking, "My consent matters little my Lord as I am a retainer but in as much as it matters I am willing. Do you think she would want to have a former thief watching her back though?"

Loryn smiles at that. "My betrothed is very faithful. She believes in the power of redemption.", he assures her, "So… I am sure it will go well." He nods to her, a sign that she is dismissed.

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