(123-03-08) Meanwhile - at Highgarden
Meanwhile - at Highgarden
Summary: Pleased by what he saw at the Masque, Lord Merryweather stops at Highgarden on his way home to speak to the Tyrells.
Date: Date of play (03/08/2016)
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Miranda emitting Josaph Merryweather/ Loryn emitting Josanne Tyrell

The mighty castle of Highgarden is busy as always. People come and go in the large courtyard of the outer bailey, where materials and products are traded and services are rendered. The entrance to the Tyrells' living quarters is closely guarded though, making sure no one could access the females who are residing within. Guests with a reasonable excuse to enter may be led towards one of the shady terraces where Hyacinth and Josanne are sitting together with some embroidery on their laps, surrounded by a few younger Tyrells, septas and maidservants. The two ladies are once more busy bitching about their useless sons and their assorted crimes. Chiefly among them their inability to settle down with a decent wife.

One of the senior servants enters quietly, in the way that servants seem to be able to creep about without disturbing their masters. He pauses a moment to be recognized before announcing, "Josaph Merryweather, Lord of Longtable." With the nod of agreement, the servant escorts the heavyset man in; green velvets embroidered with golden grapes, neatly shaped mutton-chops, and friendly blue eyes. He bows politely to the ladies and offers a friendly smile. "A pleasure to be back at Highgarden, and in such fair company."

Josanne and Hyacinth exchange a surprised look when the guest is announced. "Well, my dear Lord, what a surprise!", Hyacinth admits, accustomed to taking charge as First Lady of the Reach and dealing with all sort sof visitors. She doesn't bother to get up, but lifts her hand into his direction so he can kiss it. Josanne will follow suit. "What brings you here, Lord Josaph?", Hyacinth asks when the ceremony over, "Surely not just the smell of our pretty roses? Although they -are- quite delightful this year…" Indeed, should one pay attention to these things they'd find the warm summer air very heavy with roses.

Hands are taken and kisses placed gallantly above their hands in formal fashion. Nothing so intimate as an actual kiss, of course. Josaph beams at the pair and asks, almost conspiratorially, "What news from Oldtown has drifted back up the Mander, my ladies? I've some rather interesting word if you haven't gotten it." He pauses to take the scent of the roses in and nods in appreciation. "The summer flowering is quite nice this year. Seems to inspire young minds to romance," he says, eyes twinkling.

"It's been festival time down at Oldtown, hasn't it?", Hyacinth chuckles, "I believe juicy gossip is still finding its way to Highgarden slowly. Have we missed something? I knew we'd miss something -!", she tells Josanne in faux-outrage, hitting her sister-in-law's arm with her fan, "I told you we should have gone!" Josanne looks slightly more alarmed as she makes the connection between Oldtown and a surprise visitor for House Tyrell. "Please do share your interesting word, my dear Lord Josaph.", she encourages and reaches for her cup, as if sensing the need to fortify herself.

Josaph sits when invited and smiles reassuringly. "I wouldn't have dropped by so unannounced if it wasn't good news. Or what -may- be good news. Rest assured, my ladies." He coughs slightly and settles into pre-amble. "As you may recall, my daughter Miranda was widowed some time ago, the marriage annulled. Dreadful mess, that." He looks mildly embarrassed. "She's since then started serving the Faith in the Starry Sept - not quite a septa yet but not entirely my little girl…"

"Yes, didn't do your homework and forced a right old ogre upon the poor lass, didn't you?", Hyacinth asks bluntly, "Might drive any sane girl around the religious bend…" She might have more to say but the servant interrupts with a cup of Arbor Gold for Josaph and a plane of fresh rose-water-cakes. Josanne wisely holds her tongue for now, refilling her own glass while she waits for the man to continue. If she knows where this tale is going, she doesn't remark on it yet.

The Merryweather lord looks properly guilty. He nods slowly to Hyacinth. "I admit, it was a mistake. His father offered a deal which seemed too good to be true and I foolishly agreed. My Mira has forgiven me, but not… not entirely." He sighs and runs his hand through his thinning hair. "That is… well, my lady… I would see my daughter married again but I won't force her. I won't sign a contract until she gives her consent. She's a stubborn lass, like her brothers… like her mother was, Seven rest her. But - Gods be good, there is a glimmer of hope."

Hyacinth and Josanne exchange a meaningful look at the man's words, especially the last bit. Something unspoken seems to pass between them and Hyacinth rises rather abruptly to her feet. "Oh dear me, I quite forgot that I need to instruct the cook about a few things she needs to buy for tonight's dinner. Will you stay for dinner, Ser Josaph? You should! If you'd excuse me…" Did she actually wink at Josanne before she sweeps out from the terrace and disappears inside? The other Tyrell lady looks slightly befuddled but composes herself quickly. "A glimmer of hope, you say? How splendid for you! The poor dear should not be locked away in that dreadful sept.", she comments.

Josaph laughs brightly at the obvious subterfuge. "I firmly agree, my lady Josanne. In fact, I was able to persuade her to come to the festival Masque in her proper gowns and not that dreadful grey dress they force her to wear. And lo, but what did I see… but a young man eagerly approach her and whisk her away to dance." He spreads his hands open. "I had heard rumors from my men in Oldtown - who doesn't keep tabs on their wayward children of course… that she was spending time assisting a young gentleman with his… theatrical pursuits." He lets the words hang since it's obvious.

As far as identification goes, it is probably rather obvious. But perhaps Josanne finds it hard to suddenly believe in miracles. "Come, do take a turn about the garden with me, Lord Josaph.", she says and rises to her feet to steer him away from prying ears on the terrace, "There's a wonderfully shadowy orchard and I would like to see if the cherries are ripe. Nothing like sweet cherry cakes, is there?", she asks and steps ahead, off the terrace and onto one of the gravel-strewn paths that lead through the expansive gardens.

With an offer of his arm to her, they set off to stroll through the gardens. Once properly out of the earshot of servants and others, he chuckles a little. "She's been skittish and odd and it stunned me to actually see her in such high spirits. So I inquired - seems they've been working on some of his plays together - bookish girl she is no doubt she's found interesting topics. But she's been calling on your manse to visit him; even taking up her archery again. Seems they even had a little spat and they made up at the party."

Josanne listens carefully as they walk and once he has finished, she sighs softly. "Oh, if this were true, Lord Josaph, no one would be more delighted than me! The boy has a knack for falling for entirely unsuitable women and then all that to-do with the Stark lad…" She rolls her eyes and makes a dismissive gesture, before smiling like the cat that found the bowl of cream. "Of course a match with House Tyrell would be very advantageous for you, even if the lad is not likely to inherit Highgarden at this stage…"

He waves off the issue casually. "It's not about what this marriage will do for me and my house - not this time. I owe it to her to ensure she is happy. She seems to be. The fact he's a son of Highgarden is icing on the cake. It tells me he isn't interested in the dowry I can provide." He gives a casual shrug. "Which, I assure you, is entirely worthy of her marrying into your house, my lady Josanne." But he smiles, "More importantly, she seems to trust him, and I need that for her. He's… a good lad?" His bushy eyebrows raise, leaving it an open question.

"He's a good lad.", Josanne confirms with the full conviction of a loving mother, though it's followed by a sigh. "Too good, if you ask me. Of course he was always in Laurent's shadow and it's a very large shadow. Perhaps he's also been overcompensating What do I know?", she shrugs a little and smiles. "You said your daughter is strong-willed. He should be putty in her hands then."

There's a shake of his head. "Stubborn, not strong-willed. She's not the same girl I knew and that is my fault. But there's hints of her coming back, and your boy seems to be the reason. She's gentle, and sweet, and smart, and very loving. I just need to be sure he can be patient and understanding of her… trauma. Not push her or hurt her; I can't stand to see that a second time." He frowns in concern. "Thus my being here, Lady Josanne. If our children seem happy together, that's grand for us both. But I wouldn't want either of them to be wounded- again."

"And I would gladly see my boy shacked up with a -female- and give us a few grandchildren. The whole generation is…" She makes a vague gesture. "Matrim died before he could start on offspring, Garvin doesn't go near a female and Laurent… eh, I've given up trying to understand him or what went wrong in our raising him." She sighs again, but manages to offer Josaph a smile. "I would like to see them happy. But we should talk to THEM, should we not?"

"Actors, eh," Lord Merryweather jokes. "We should get their opinions on it. I know Mira's going to be hemming and hawing. She enjoys her place in the sept but she's like a timid little mouse in a hole. A bit more cheese and maybe we can lure her back out." He laughs deeply, "Not that I'm calling your son cheesy, no! But perhaps we can subtly pry. The fact they slipped away from the dance to take a stroll alone in the gardens is promising enough."

Josanne's eyes widen in alarm at that. "A stroll alone in the gardens? Surely that's … oh, things might be moving faster than you'd think then!", she decides, grinning a little at the thought of what might or might not have transpired, "The little rake!" She becomes serious again and busies herself with plucking a few ripe cherries from the nearest tree. "You'll talk to your daughter first.", she says then, "If… if there's sufficient interest… I may have to take a trip down to Oldtown to see the lad…"

He just grins at her. "Normally a father would be very concerned when his young lady is led down a moonlit path by a single young man… but in our cases I thought it best to give them space. If I push her too hard she may spook. It's like trying to train a hawk or somesuch. I want to encourage this but not… destroy it. I'll see how serious she is about this and if it's something that I can use to get her out of the sept and back where she belongs. With her family and friends who love her. Hopefully with a man who will treat her as she deserves. Love not withstanding." Nobles - they're realistic.

"He's a good boy.", Josanne repeats, perhaps wanting to reassure him, "And no flower of the Reach should be withering away behind the walls of a sept.", she adds a little sourly. She holds out a hand to him, some cherries on her palm, which she is apparently offering him. "Thank you for coming here to bring us good tidings.", she continues at last, "Let us tread carefully to not spook them…. and I shall be making a few discreet inquires as well." Probably about the depth of the Merryweather purses.

The dowry will not be an issue, with the Merryweather lands being amongst the richest and most bountiful in the Reach. He smiles as he pops a cherry into his mouth. "I will write to her and tell her how pleased I was to see her acting like her old self again. How joyful it was to see my girl smiling- and she -was- smiling. Perhaps you can let Ser Loryn know a little bird is singing and it's a very pretty song you've heard."

Josanne laughs softly at the suggestion and nods. "Oh, I shall do so, have no doubt.", she promises and begins to turn around to make their way back towards the castle, "Surely you will stay the night, Lord Josaph?", she asks, "My sister is right, there'll be a marvellous dinner and both you and your horse need a little rest before returning home?" The conversation for now drawing to its close apparently. The Tyrell lady has to think.

"An honor and a pleasure. Especially if we hope to plan a wedding in the near future, eh?" He chuckles warmly as they head back to the parlor. "They'll make a fine couple and I could not ask for a finer house to entrust my Mira to."

"No, you couldn't.", Josanne confirms dryly, the Tyrell not one to mince her words. "Let's hope the planted seed shall bear fruit then…"

"Behold our bounty - Those are my words, my lady." Lord Merryweather just smiles in delight. "Let us hope they're prophetic, hm?

"Indeed…" Josanne offers what she hopes is an enigmatic smile just before they reach the terrace again. "I'll have servants prepare a room and a refreshing bath for you.", she offers, "I need to…" She leaves it at that. He can guess anyway that she needs an urgent conference with Hyacinth.

Josaph bows politely, graceful for a man his size. "My lady of Tyrell. A pleasure as always. I'll see you at supper."

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