(123-02-27) Statue and Septa
Statue and Septa
Summary: Loryn and Miranda take a stroll around the dance floor and then off the dance-floor to talk about drunks and a most improper (but not unwanted) kiss is exchanged.
Date: 28/02/2016 (Backscened to Maidenday Masque) but after Tempting Prospects
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Dancing is one of those things that just come back to you after a while. Although unused to her embroidered skirts and boots, Miranda soon starts to let go of her nervous tension and smiles back faintly at the Tyrell as her steps become more graceful.

Loryn senses the change in her and it makes him smile. Suddenly another couple - probably not very sober at this stage - threatens to crash into them and he deftly steers Miranda to the side, which unfortunately means, he'll have to press her a bit closer against him to avoid others."

Miranda's blue eyes widen in alarm as she almost clings to him to avoid crashing into the drunken pair. Pressing up against a dance partner seems the lesser sin as opposed to causing a tangled mess on the dance floor. Her clean scent of lavender soap is a contrast to the heady perfumes most of the other women wear. "Gods above… I think I'm the only sober person here," she says softly in amusement. A blush starts to rise in her cheeks at some thought kept silent.

"It is late after all.", Loryn replies softly, "What can you expect when the fountains are gushing wine?" While not very sober, he manages to behave fairly well - perhaps thanks to high tolerance levels and plenty of training. Perhaps it's this though that encourages him to hold the woman close to him, nose almost in her hair, inhaling the fresh lavender scent, while not thinking of taking any fresh dance steps.

"I promised my father I'd go to the masque." She tilts her head to the heavy man in the green velvets. "I was a bit… dishonest by stalling until it was so late I figured there'd be nothing much left to do." She flashes a guilty smile and turns her eyes down, glancing at his chest. "Not very proper of me," Miranda says with a sigh.

Loryn's eyes widen a little when she mentions her father and looks towards a man nearby. That's… Daddy? But for now he doesn't pursue this line of inquiry, instead nudging her inch by inch to the side of the dance floor, away from the drunk revellers. "But do you regret coming out for the masque?", he asks softly.

Miranda's not really noticed the dancing has stopped. She lets him lead her aside as she smiles. "I am glad to find out I haven't lost my footing. The maesters were a little concerned with my ankle healing properly and I've tried not to tax it, but I'm glad I didn't fall and make a fool of myself. You're very graceful and that certainly helps; I mean… well.. I'm glad you found me and not someone else." Her cheeks color more at that. "I… am at least comfortable enough to be around you."

"I'm glad I've found you, too.", Loryn replies, still holding one arm around her even though they've reached the edge of the dance floor now and there is no more need to move. "Would you like to dance some more? Or perhaps go for a walk?", he wonders, "I wouldn't find some fresh night air…"

"You can tell me what I missed," Miranda suggests. "I think it may be safer than me hearing the gossip or various confessions from the guilty-minded tomorrow. Or prepare me for what I might hear." She makes no move to remove his arm although she does seem to be shivering a little - could be the cold air and her silk dress, could be nerves.

"Ah, I don't think I've noticed anything particularly unusual tonight.", Loryn replies thoughtfully, "Just the usual sorts of debauch…. too much drink, feelings going astray, drunk punches being traded… not everyone is blessed with saintly patience and sometimes the drink brings out truths that are otherwise left unspoken…" Sensing her shiver, he pulls her a bit closer, just to try and keep her warm of course.

Miranda is trying to relax. It's clear there's a degree of nerves but she is attempting to keep them under control. "I don't do well around those deep in their cups," she confesses. "Part of why I figured they would be passed out or hauled off by now. It… doesn't sit well with me." She stays close as they start to wander her away. Her father stays behind although he does seem to be watching intently from under his mask.

"It can be a nuisance.", Loryn agrees, smiling weakly, "Though admittedly I'm not a stranger to carousing. And I think your wish has been partly granted at least -" As they walk towards one of the lantern-lit paths that lead towards the gates of the gardens, his chin points towards one man, slumped into a heap, snoring happily.

She holds her finger over her lips and motions to be quiet, holding her skirts in hand so they won't drag on the gravel. Speaking quietly means speaking close, so she presses in to whisper, "Carousing is one thing. Some.. seem to have a fire in them that drink only fuels. Makes worse. Others it just makes more relaxed and silly, like my father when he drinks too much. I've never really been one to strong drink but it tends to make me maudlin."

"Oh yes, you are absolutely right.", Loryn agrees and of course seizes the fact that she's leaning in to hold her even closer, their sides pressing softly together. "I guess I tend to be of the relaxed and silly kind until that one deciding drop that makes me maudling. So we have something in common there…" He's stepping careful now too, to not make too much noise on the gravel and break the tranquil mood.

Miranda nods slowly. "That's… good." She says it firmly and smiles a bit more. "You don't seem to be the kind to get angry without provocation, Ser Loryn." She pauses and looks up at the stars over the gardens. "Everyone has a right to their emotions but not when they make them lash out or react poorly. I'm sorry for our argument the other day…"

Loryn smiles a little at her assessment, but doesn't really respond except to nod. What else could he do? The last statement though makes him stop and half-turn to face her. "It's quite alright, Miranda.", he says softly, leaning in, "I understand you are under… pressure. Yet I wish… I wish…." He may be actually leaning in quite a bit closer….

"Wish what, ser," she asks with a curious frown. Miranda draws back only sightly to better look at his still somewhat golden face.

Encouraged by her not backing off, he doesn't put his wish into words. Instead he leans in to close the distance and touch her lips with his softly, but not pushy.

Miranda's surprised but receptive. At least for a brief moment. It's when she catches herself leaning in to it more that she suddenly draws back with a gasp of alarm. Her eyes wide and her heart beating wildly, she seems like a doe caught by a hunter.

Loryn immediately steps back as well, releasing her from his arms. "My apologies, Miranda.", he murmurs, cheeks on fire, "Let me at least walk you to the Sept, yes?"

The girl is trembling again as she steps away. "N-no, we can keep walking.. if you want. I just… I never…" She gives him a pained smile. "I w-wouldn't want to lead you to impure thoughts, Ser Loryn. It's not proper for a woman to t-tempt a man. I-I'd be going back to my father's company a-anyhow." She looks frightened and guilty but a bit of a smile threatens to push through.

"You did not tempt me.", he assures her, lying through his teeth elegantly, "I just… it's been a dear wish for so long and seeing you like this… all beautiful… I just couldn't resist. It was improper of me and I should beg your forgiveness.", he says, not making another attempt to wrap his arm around her.

Miranda's too much an innocent to think anything less than the truth from him or anyone else for that matter. "I wasn't sure if this dress would still fit. It was one of my favorites before I left Longtable." She looks down at the blue and gold silk. "He suggested I wear it since I don't have many other dresses. And it would only confuse people if I came to the masque as a septa - I hear some women of ill reupte dress up like them in taverns to indulge fantastic notions." She giggles a little at that but then gives him a considering look, her eyes soft and kind. "I… cannot forgive you for something I think I wanted as well. Improper though it was."

"You know…" Luckily Loryn is still fuelled sufficiently by alcohol to continue: "There's plenty more where that came from, if you realize you may want some more… And personally, I would love to see you dancing in this dress again." He takes another step back though, as if preparing to leave.

"We could… have another dance perhaps?" She seems suddenly worried by the prospect he would walk away from her. "Just to be sure it wasn't a pure fluke… I don't know how many other chances I will have to be able to dance a-and not worry about my sisters chiding me for being wordly…"

Loryn looks surprised and delighted. "Of course!", he says eagerly and, encouraged, takes her hand to lead her back to the dance floor, where he wraps one arm around her again to lead her into another dance.

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