(123-02-11) Slippery Tyrell vs the Bullfish
Slippery Tyrell vs the Bullfish
Summary: A spar in the tourney grounds between Ser Loryn and Ser Thadeus becomes a little heated, perhaps due to the presence of the lovely Septa Miranda?
Date: 11/02/2016 (Date of RP)
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Tourney Grounds - The Reach

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and fair.

The Tourney Grounds stand just outside of the walls of Oldtown. There is a raised platform of several levels for noble viewers, with space for comfortable chairs and little tables to be set in place, and tall posts for canopies to be hung to keep the sun off. Not far stands the great board where the lists are kept. On the far side of the grounds rough tiered benches are available for the smallfolk, and past them there's a flat field for the knights to erect their pavilions in the grass.

The long log rail for the jousts stands right before the Lords' and Ladies' platform, with the space for the melee just beyond it. The archery butts are mounded at the Southwest edge of the grounds, where a great meadow of purple-red fireweed spreads off into the distance. The rough little narrow road to Blackcrown cuts through it.

An early afternoon it is in Oldtown, and a certain Tully heir can be found on the Tourney Field, surrounded by a small crowd of retainers - Riverlands knights and courtiers mostly, while he is defeating a sparring partner, with a few, well-placed strikes of the tourney sword with blunted edges. The last strike pushes his opponent to the ground, and so the Bull Fish laughs, pleased with himself - but of course he offers the man a hand and helps him back up to his feet, a good-natured slap administered to the man's shoulder - the Bull Fish oblivious to the wince. Ser Thadeus wears a lighter armor of ring mail, and as he lifts the half-helmet of his head, there are grey-blue eyes gleaming as he scans the small crowd for any comely ladies. Yes, the Bull Fish has quite a handsome visage that has been treated to a negligent shave, dark brown hair cut rather short, and he is of quite impressive stature, strong and massive.

"Who is next?", Thadeus Tully inquires. But whether he is referring to a comely maiden or a knight to test him in a spar remains anyone's guess.

Another one preparing for the upcoming Dolphin Tourney is Ser Loryn Tyrell with his own group of retainers. For once the Tyrell knight isn't flouncing about in gold and green silks but actually wearing a set of plain-looking practise armour. He has been doing a couple of rounds with his squires and looks a bit bored. "I need a stronger opponent.", he mutters and that's when he notices the Tully nearby with nothing to do. "Dare to take me on, Tully?", he calls out to him with a grin.

A figure in sober grey stands at the far edge of the field at the archery butts- practicing with a ladies short-bow with somewhat decent skill. After a few rounds, she makes her way back towards the grounds proper on her way back to the city; a septa with a bow and quiver- unusual enough save the septa is a mere girl compared to most of her sisters. The Tyrell men recognize her and make their polite greetings. Miranda gives a warm smile as she sees the menfolk about to take their practice. "Just in time, I see?"

Such challenge is bound to attract the attention of the Tully heir. "A stronger opponent, Ser Loryn?", he smirks, giving the Tyrell an assessing glance. "I'd gladly oblige. And I'll take care not to hurt you too much, ser." His Tully retainers holler and hoot at the prospect of a rather interesting sparring match, while Ser Thadeus gives his sword a few more practice swings and beckons the Tyrell over. Grey-blue eyes catch the presence of the Septa, and a brow lifts, as Thadeus inclines her head towards her in respect. The gaze he has for her however is not. She is a woman after all, and as such, bound to be admired. Even if her shape is clad in the rather unrevealing garb of a Septa. "Let's get on with his," he calls to Loryn, with a lazy smirk, as he prepares for the first clash of their steel.

<COMBAT> Loryn has changed stance to banzai.
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed stance to cautious.

For some reason Loryn blushes when he sees the septa arrive. "Miss Miranda, what a surprise!", he bursts out and nods. "Please, do sit down and… enjoy. If you can."
He tries to focus then, eyeing Thadeus and narrowing his eyes at the man. They circle each other for a bit, looking for an opening and then comes a quick exchange of blows, that sees Loryn hit in the chest. He groans a little, but tries to pretend it's nothing at all.

What little of the young woman is seen is fetching enough; blue eyes, a pretty smile, a healthy Reachmaid color to her cheeks - which perhaps explains Loryn's reaction to her presence. She smiles back at the Tyrell and obliges in the stands. "Preparing for the festival, sers? I'm thinking I may actually enter the archery contest this time- as this is a festival of the Faith." She winces at the traded blows and tries to keep a brave smile up.

Steel clashes against steel indeed, but even Thadeus manages to deal the Tyrell a blow to his chest, he receives a hit to his sword hand as well. The Bullfish lets out a growl of pain, his grip tightening about the hilt of the sword even though it hurts. "Not bad, young ser… Let's see how you would counter… this!" Keeping his stance careful, he administers his next strike with more calculation and less momentum.

The Septa's words had drawn the Bullfish's attention, prior to that. And yes, Thadeus did smile back at Miranda, noting the blush, and perhaps making it even deepen a bit with his intense but still very appreciative stare. He certainly is aware of her presence, and will make certain to speak to her later - once he has taught this young lad of a knight how it is done.

<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword but Loryn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed stance to normal.

"Excellent!", Loryn comments on Miranda's declaration to be entering the archery contest. Which hopefully means lots more practising at Garden Isle. Ahem. He sure isn't going to talk about that in the presence of the Bullfish and instead focuses on the man.

Thadeus' comment is followed by a rather wide swing and Loryn has no problem dodging the blow. "Man, that wasn't even worth countering.", he teases and tries a quick stab at the man's sword hand again, but this time only scratches the left hand.

Miranda's easily able to avert her eyes from the Tully's gaze as she settles in to watch the match. The color in her cheeks fades soon enough as she observes the fight. Loryn's artful dodge is met with a smattering of light applause.

Too cautious. Too calculating. The Bullfish should rather stick to his usual tactics and strengths. There is a reason for him to be known as the Bull Fish, and neither the Clever Fish, nor the Calculating Fish. Now it is his left hand that Loryn's sword grazes, whilst dodging the Tully's blow. "Not bad, and I see you are rather slippery, Tyrell.", Ser Thadeus comments with a competitive glare in Loryn's direction. "But I'm glad to find a somewhat challenging opponent in you, ser."

<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Loryn has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Loryn spends a luck point to keep fighting!

The clapping from the sidelines brings fresh colour to Loryn's cheeks and he seems to puff himself up a little as he goes into the next round. But he can't prevent the Tully's sword from grazing his arm ever so slightly and he retaliates with another stab - hitting the hand again. "You're quite a slippery fish yourself.", he admits.

Miranda almost giggles. "I always thought hitting hands was considered poor form, at least, my brothers always said as much."

The third exchange of blows, and Thadeus's sword hits Loryn's sword arm, while the Tyrell's sword connects for the third time in a lighter hit. The Bullfish cannot help but laugh at the remark, pleased as he is obviously with it. "Slippery indeed. Still… I need one more to finish you off, ser." Uttered in a playful manner, even the cold glare he gives his opponent speaks quite a different language. "Time to pluck a rose," he quips.

<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword but Loryn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Thadeus has been KO'd!

"The Bullfish doesn't have hands, he has fins and they're fair game.", Loryn tells Miranda with a grin, "Besides, I don't want to hurt him too badly ahead of the tourney. Just get him to yield…"

He falls silent to focus on the next round, circling slowly again. He dodges Thadeus' next attack with the graceful step of a dancer, then whirls and hits the man squarely in the chest. Perhaps Miranda's words stung him more than he'd admit.

<COMBAT> Thadeus spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> Loryn has changed stance to Normal.

Miranda laughs brightly at the 'fins' joke. "There you are, that's a goodly strike Ser Loryn," she calls out in amusement. "The rose does have thorns, Ser Bullfish! Be wary."

Now that Rose dancing came unexpected, and the Bullfish is distracted enough that he sees that blow to his chest too late. It pushes all air out of his lungs and he staggers. "Fins????", he growls, giving the Tyrell a quite displeased stare. "I'll slap you left and right, Ser Whimsy." Readying himself for a true Bullfish attack now. Disregarding all manoeuvres as he goes for a direct slash.

<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen.

Loryn cannot avoid the raging Bull…fish as it comes storming at him and he staggers at the impact of the blow to his chest. He uses the opportunity of the other man's being so close for a rather low blow though, hitting the Tully squarely in the nethers.

Miranda's a girl. Also a septa judging by her garb. But - all the same - she winces.

No more jests, no more playing around. The knights start to hurt each other for real now, the Tully's word striking with force against the Tyrell's chest, while the other sword is brought against the Riverlander's abdomen, making him wince. "Seven Hells…" A gasping growl, that leaves the Bullfish in the moment he gets ready for the final, deciding blow.

<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword but Thadeus DODGES!

Whoops. Loryn smirks briefly and perhaps considers an apology for the low blow, but that moment's hesitation costs him dear as Thadeus hits his sword hand. He winces and only just manages to hold on to his sword. His next blow is unfocused, with not much power behind it and the slippery fish gets away without being hit. "Damn it!", he curses under his breath and braces for yet another round.

Miranda's amused expression is fading fast as they start slashing and striking with stronger precision. "Please, sers, don't hurt one another" she says with a note of concern. "It's just a spar. Friendly spar," she reminds them - a note of worry wavering in her tone.

This time the Fish is slippery indeed! Evading the sword of the Tyrell with true Bullfish grace, while his own blunted weapon is brought down on Ser Loryn's hand. "Yield?", comes the optimistic inquiry. Not that Thadeus would assume the Tyrell would really follow the suggestion.

"Fuck you" comes the prompt response, though it's only mouthed silently - there's a girl with dainty ears.

<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Thadeus with Longsword but Thadeus DODGES!
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Loryn with Longsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen.

And off they go on another round. But it seems Loryn is either losing strength or focus or both, for he misses Thadeus again. And then the Tully gets a low blow of his own in that makes Loryn yelp. "HELLS! FUCK YOU!" Nope, no more mouthing, he's in pain. And apparently done with the fight, for he drops his sword to clutch his nethers.

Slippery Fish in true Bullfish mode! Thadeus Tully takes advantage of his size, his momentum, and the newly rediscovered agility of a heir to a Greater Lordly House, who has apparently only sparred against lazy morons of late. His blade hits where it hurts most, and noticing that, the Tully steps back and rests the tip of his dulled blade on the ground, giving the young ser a moment to recover, while he acknowledges his performance with a nod. "Well fought, Ser Loryn.", Thadeus grumbles, his left arm bracing his chest where the Tyrell's blade certainly must have managed to break one rib at least. "But as far as I can see, I've bested you this time."

Miranda gasps in alarm - whether at the words or the Tyrell's sudden drop. She stands and rushes over, climbing under the rail to enter the sparring ring, clutching her robes to keep from tripping. "Seven above, are you all right? Both of you?"

"You did - at least today.", Loryn acknowledges and offers Thadeus a hand to shake. "Well done, Tully. I'll still best you at the tourney though." Then Miranda is rushing over and he blushes, trying his best to stand straight and stop clutching the family jewels. "I'm fine.", he claims in a rather high-pitched voice.

Thadeus takes the offered hand, but the chuckle he has for Loryn's verbal challenge makes him regret it at once. "We'll see about that.", is his rather tentative reply, before he turns to Miranda. "I believe we both have a number of serious bruises, dearest Septa." His voice rather deep and masculine, in comparison.

The young woman turns to the attendants of both men and orders them with a noblewoman's practiced authority, "Fetch me bandages and some fresh water for their lordships wounds. I wouldn't both a maester over this, I'll tend to it." She turns back and smiles up at Thadeus. "Quite serious. Neither of you will be applauding any time soon."

Loryn's squire is quick to jump in response to Miranda ordering him about and re-appears soon after with a bucket in one hand and a bunch of bandages balled up in the other. Loryn has meanwhile gone to sit on a large boulder to inspect the damage done. He moves his bruised and slightly swollen fingers to make sure his sword hand isn't seriously damaged.

With the Tully heir bandaged lightly and seen off on his way, the septa makes her way to the boulder, bucket in hand and bandages in the other. "Give me your hands, ser. I can't do much for the ribs, but I can bandage your knuckles."

"Very well," Thadeus Tully looks from the Septa to the Tyrell, and despite the pain currently screaming in his limbs, a fine little smirk appears on his handsome Bullfish features. "I won," he emphasizes as he moves off to his cheering retinue of knights and courtiers - a little less swagger there in his gait, because it is impossible so soon after their rather violent sparring match. "I will see you, Tyrell," he offers in brief goodbye over his shoulder.

"I should see a Maester. To make sure that… " Oh dear. Loryn blushes. But he bravely ventures on. "That everything is alright. And I need to -" But he can't inspect the damage under the septa's prying eyes. "That was a hard fight.", he finally just sighs and offers her the bruised hand to do whatever she wants with it.

Miranda dabs at Loryn's knuckles to wipe away dirt and sweat, and a tiny trickly of blood from a harder crack. If nothing else, it's an chance for her to hold his hands in hers. Then she carefully wraps his hands up in the bandage - light but protective. "That should help a little, ser. He did hit you rather hard a few times - not that you didn't hit back. Do you want someone to bring you the maester?"

Loryn definitely enjoys her fussing over him and sits surprisingly still. "Thank you so very much.2, he beams when she's done and admires the fresh bandage. "It's quite alright… one of the squires can walk with me if needed. I don't wish to keep you. And now that you decided to join the archery contest, perhaps you would be interested in some more lessons at Garden Isle?", he asks hopefully.

There's a small smile as she nods. "I suppose I should keep practicing, yes. I thought I'd get in a little out here since it's such a lovely day. Which Tully was that? I don't think I caught his proper name." She glances at the retiring entourage.

"Thadeus Tully, the heir to Riverrun. Quite a big fish to catch, though apparently too slippery for any lady.", Loryn explains with a little grin. "It's a lovely day indeed.", he confirms and looks around at other knights and squires who are busy practising for the tourney or otherwise exercising. "Do enjoy your time, Mylady - and I look forward to your call." He bows as much as he can with bruised ribs and other damaged bits and goes to join his own entourage.

Miranda says, "I'll be sure to call on you once you're feeling better. I don't think you'd be happy drawing a bow just yet." She smiles brightly and has the healing things taken away. "Seven bless you, Ser Loryn. Feel better?"

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