(123-02-03) Give a Bullfish a Flower...
Give a Bullfish a Flower…
Summary: …with obvious charms, and he will have a hard time to resist them. If such has ever been his wish. (OOC warning: pretty forward flirting with very obvious intentions)
Date: 03-06/02/2016 (Date of play)
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Quill and Tankard - Hightower And Citadel

This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.
The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

A late evening it is at the Quill and Tankard, and the place is filled with a merry crowd, so merry, in fact, that a few patrons have already enjoyed so much cider or even ale, that they have slumped beneath the tables, while others are engaged in loud conversations, yelling drinking songs, or just staring into their mugs. The clientele is rather varied, thugs can be encountered here as well as the various acolytes of the citadel, or the occasional knight or nobleman. Both of the latter two categories would be Ser Thadeus Tully. But yet, a rather special category, as he happens to be the heir of a greater lordly House. A wealthy House. A powerful House. Whose head happens to be far away from Oldtown, at Riverrun. Which might inspire this heir to enjoy this evening to the fullest!

Currently, Thadeus is seated at a table in a corner, with two or three retainers at his table, laughing - no, barking in laughter at a jest he has just made. The heir is attired in fine clothes, a doublet of red and blue, and breeches of ultramarine samite, his face is handsome, and sports a rather negligent shave, his stature imposing, displaying the strength of a knight and the wealth of a rich nobleman.

An unusual sight: an unaccompanied young woman, sits at a table with a cup of wine and a loaf of brown bread, fresh-faced and comely. Her dark hair is loose about her shoulders, her pale blue travelling dress is simple, but not so modest as to disguise her significant… charms. She sips her wine casually, seeming to be engaged in a bit of people-watching, running the fingers of her free hand over the woodgrain of the table.

Such a sight is bound to attract the gaze of the Tully heir: cheeks that are slightly colored in a comely face, and of course, the curves of a kind that have often managed the distract a man who has earned the nickname of 'Bullfish' in his squiring days at the Twins. But most of all… that this comely maiden sits alone at a table - not yet pestered by admirers - is a fact that must prompt Thadeus to action. His features twist into a smirk as he murmurs something to his companions, a chuff of laughter there from them as he rises from his seat and walks casually over to where the dark-haired beauty sits. "Excuse me, Miss… Are you waiting for someone…?" A rather polite inquiry, were it not for the appreciative stare he gives her, eyes wandering pointedly over her frame, before they find her gaze.

Violet looks up, hazel eyes twinkling. "I could be," she says, with grin both sweet and coy. Her index finger taps against the side of her cup. The girl cants her head fetchingly. "Why?"

"Why, you ask me…? Because it seems rather unusual, that…" Thadeus pauses, his smirk deepening as he considers how to put this, "a woman of your obvious charms will be spending her evening all on her own and alone, at the Quill and Tankard." Obviously quite content with his wording, the Bullfish's hand is extended and pulls back a chair - the chair opposite to where the young woman sits - and turns his grey-blue gaze once again upon her, lifting a brow. "Mind if I join you? Because… if you are indeed waiting for someone, he has forfeited his claim by now. As it is a crime to have a beauty as you wait for this long, and expose you to the advances of obtrusive patrons." Nevermind, he is one of those obtrusive patrons, but at least he is asking, in all politeness.

"I wouldn't mind at all, except…" Violet glances at her cup. "My cup looks to be empty. Terrible shame, that." She leans forward slightly, putting her charms nonchalantly on display.

"Oh…" Thadeus follows her glance towards the empty cup with his gaze that shifts then to the most pleasing display of her cleavage - a sight that will certainly captivate his senses for a moment. He gestures for a serving wench to come to their table. "What were you having…?", he asks, then orders a refill of the young woman's cup. "More wine for you, if you tell me your name," the Bullfish says, in half-jest, half-question. Leaning a bit forward as well now, lower arms resting on the table, tilting his head slightly to the side as well.

"Something red and sweet," the young woman says idly to the serving wench, holding out her cup for a refill. "I'm Violet," she says to the man, scooting forward in her chair and taking a sip. "Fair deal, I think." She gives him a lopsided grin, eyes meeting his boldly. "An' you are?"

"Violet…", the Tully heir echoes, studying her with a half-lidded gaze, before taking a sip from his own tankard of cider and then reclining in his seat. "The name of a flower. How fitting…" A low chuckle there. His brows twitch upwards at the question. "I am Ser Thadeus, of House Tully. Called the Bullfish, by some.", the Bullfish introduces himself with a slight raise of his tankard. "I've never seen you here before. I would certainly remember if I had…"

Violet's eyebrows raise a bit at the introduction, as does her cup in response. She looks suitably impressed by his station, indeed. "I only just arrived in Oldtown but two days ago," she confirms with a small shrug. "I'm finding my way. Bullfish, you say?" she asks curiously, eyeing him appreciatively and thoughtfully.

A bit of air leaves the Bullfish's nose when he sees her being obviously impressed. It is something that humors him, which becomes apparent in the pleased smile that curves his lips. He turns his head just so, whilst still keeping his eyes on Violet. "Two days ago…? Do you have… a place to stay…?", he asks, shifting in his seat as he lets his gaze roam once again over her shapely form. "Yes, Bullfish," Thadeus confirms then with a smirk. "I earned the name at the Twins, where I squired for a knight of House Frey."

"I spent one night at an inn, another as the guest of a baker's wife… I'm finding Oldtown to be a friendly place." Violet's hand idly brushes his. "And how did you come by that name?" she asks, tilting her head slightly to offer him some of the bread at her table.

There is a slight furrowing of his brows, as if due to wave of sympathy. "Aww," Thadeus drawls, shifting forwards again, elbows on the table as his grey-blue eyes lock with the gaze of comely Violet. "So you have no place to stay, hmmm?" His gaze shifts to her hand brushing his, and one corner of his mouth lifts. "Oldtown is a friendly place, yes. And as I happen to have a manse here, mayhaps… I could bestow some hospitality as well upon you, fair Violet." Then, there is a chuckle, when she inquires about his byname. "Oh… I was a squire back then… young… handsome…" Despite the slightly wistful tone a slight smirk appears on his features. "Many watched me sparring in the yard… Giggling ladies… giggling kitchen maids and handmaidens. I wasn't picky."

A genuine flush rises in Violet's cheeks. "A manse?" she repeats, incredulously. "That is… quite generous. Quite, quite generous…" With a single index finger, she softly draws lazy circles around one of his knuckles. "I would be very grateful for that hospitality. Very grateful," she says meaningfully, nibbling her lower lip. She listens to his story. "I'd say you're still quite handsome. Can't say I'd blame the ladies for watching," she grins.

"Well… I'm the heir of House Tully," that same heir states rather casually. "I need adequate lodgings." Even if that finger drawing circles about his knuckles does manage to distract him for a moment. Thadeus smiles when Violet stresses her gratitude for his hospitality. "Just… how grateful would you be, I wonder?", he asks in a murmur, as his other hand is placed above hers, and his brows twitch upwards. "Don't try to flatter me, though." No need to voice the obvious. When the Tully heir, a man in his early thirties, is still quite a presence. "I wonder…", he drawls, leaning in a bit closer, "if you'd like to pretend to be one of those giggling ladies, just for tonight."

Violet grins slyly. "I don't think I'd have to pretend," she replies, leaning in as well. "I like big men," she continues, sliding her palm against his to demonstrate the difference in size.

Grey-blue eyes flit towards Violet’s cheeky hand that seeks contact with his, and the smirk on the handsome visage of Thadeus Tully deepens ever so slightly. “Probably not,” he quips. “So… it’s agreed then? Even so… I am aware that a woman of such… enticing appearance must have plenty of admirers, and her time is quite valuable. You shall be adequately compensated, I assure you.” Sobering as it might be, the financial aspect of their little transaction, but he manages to address it in a manner as if it was just a continuation of their flirtatious banter.

“Sounds like an evening I won’t soon forget,” Violet agrees, idly stroking her thumb along the back of his hand. “Let me talk to my steward, get him to clear my schedule,” she quips. “Ah. He says my schedule’s clear. I’m all yours.”

“Oh, I am certain I shall be quite memorable for the both of us,” Thadeus is quick to reply with a smirk that deepens at her supposed jest about the steward. “I am so glad to hear that,” he continues, his hand shifting beneath her touch, and then catching her about the wrist in a gentle, playful grip. “It’s been a while since I dabbled with your kind. But I like the refreshing honesty about it all.”

Violet gives a small gasp of surprise at the grab at her wrist. “My kind?” she asks sweetly, feigning innocence. “Whatever do you mean, ser?” Her eyes twinkle with delight.

It is a rather loose grip Thadeus has on her wrist, loose enough for her to pull her hand away, if she should feel so inclined. "What I mean," he clarifies, leaning a touch forward as he meets Violet's gaze with an amused smirk. "I mean the kind that is quite versed in providing diversion. Whores. Beauties of the streets." The way he says it it sounds like the grandest compliment, his gaze intrigued and not unfriendly. "Or have I mistaken you for something you are not…", the Bullfish continues, pulling away from her as he releases her from his grasp, "and you are indeed the unspoilt maiden, newly arrived here in Oldtown to make a fortune…?"

“If I wanted to be, you’d not know the difference,” Violet drawls, not pulling away. “Is that what you’d have me be?” She stands up, stepping in closer.

"Oh, I am sure you've got quite the repertoire," Thadeus drawls with a soft chuckle, "but no. I appreciate those with experience. And the charms that catch my attention." He remains for now seated when Violet moves to stand, but his hand is raised to take hers and draw her onto his lap, if she will allow it. Around them the drinking and merriment continues, and if someone notices, it is doubtful such conduct will be seen as offensive.

Violet allows it, settling down in his lap. “Well, hello there, Ser Bullfish,” she grins, wrapping an arm around the back of his neck to support herself.

Can it be that the Bullfish’s grin widens a bit, once he has his shapely prey settled in his lap? When Violet’s arm wraps about him, his own snakes about her back, supportive and encouraging as he is of such advances, and a low, very very content chuckle rises in his chest. “This fish has quite an appetite,” Thadeus murmurs, likewise warning and boast, as his grey-blue eyes sweep over her assets and lift again to meet her gaze. The arm about Violet tightens ever so slightly. “Mind if I…”, he smirks, “get a first taste of what you have to offer…?” With that said, he leans into her and claims her lips in a rather forward kiss, probing her reaction.

The kiss is returned, with a hand caressing his face. She pulls back, using that hand to distance a bit. “Careful,” she murmurs, “I like this place and don’t want to be barred due to a feisty fish,” she says with a grin.

Indeed, the three retainers seated at the nearby table are hollering and hooting when the Bullfish makes his claim clear, and three or four patrons currently in the Quill and Tankard turn their heads to look what the ruckus is all about. But this place certainly has seen more forwardness with no one taking offence, and so there will be no further reaction apart from an acknowledging whistle of someone seated in a shady corner of the common room.

Thadeus keeps smiling, even when Violet breaks the kiss and brings a bit of distance between their faces. Her murmur seems to amuse him. “Don’t worry, I’m not planning to disrobe you here for each and everyone to see…”, he assures with a flicker in his eyes. “Even if the thought is intriguing.” Her hand at her waist slips a bit further down, where he administers an appreciative squeeze of her behind. “And such would cause quite some gossip.”

“I don’t show off the girls for free. You’d have to charge everyone who saw, or the fee for the room’ll be on you,” Violet grins, arching her back to better display said ‘girls’.

"Seven above… I do understand they…" the 'girls', "are not to be shown to each and every one - without proper compensation.", Thadeus quips back, grey-blue eyes flitting down to where that rather modest dress wraps about Violets impressive assets, and he grins appreciatively when she straightens to bring those more to his attention. "Besides… I'm not the charitable sort that wishes to share… So what do you think, fair Violet? Shouldn't we too relocate to my manse…?" A glance is shot towards the three lads of his retinue at the other table. "Properly escorted? I'd be pleased if you'd like to be my guest tonight."

“Now how could a girl refuse an offer like that?” she asks with a dazzling smile, discreetly running one hand up the inside of his thigh. “Sounds like fun, after all.”

"Wait…" Bullfish eyes flit downwards where Violet's cheeky hand might be a little forward, but in a discreet way. "We shouldn't start with the fun, before getting there." His hand catches her wrist and he smirks as he moves to stand, setting her gently down while while gesturing for one of his men to pay for the wine with a casual gesture, before he leads her out into the mild summer night.

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