(123-02-01) Cherry Tarts and Uncatchable Fish
Cherry Tarts and Uncatchable fish
Summary: A new girl tries to tempt the Maiden Knight with something sweet.
Date: OOC: 2/1/2016 IC: 02-01-123 before pies were made
PG Warning: Dirty word for boobs
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In OldTown Square -

Ser Daevon Targaryen, the Maiden's Knight, doesn't particularly blend in with the rest of the crowds, what with being a famous Targaryen and all. He is browsing the stalls with the sort of unfocused air of someone not entirely sure what he's looking for.

Audra stands beside a cart in the market, hawking her wares. "Fresh baked, warm from the oven not an hour gone! Pies, pastries, evening bread." The scent of freshly baked bread does tempt a few passers by to take a loaf home on their way, and perhaps a plump bacon and mushroom pie for a luncheon snack. The blonde brushes a dusting of flour into her hair when she pushes a lock back up into place.

A fresh-faced young woman, comely and with considerable… charms… wanders the stalls. She carries a sack against her hip. She wears a simple, clean, unremarkable pale blue dress and sturdy boots, her dark hair pulled into a loose braid. She seems to be killing time, idly pawing through wares at various stalls. She stops at Audra's cart, however, eyeing the small savory pies thoughtfully.

Daevon's in a good mood, a smile constantly playing upon his lips. His stomach grumbles at the smell of that bread wafting through the air, and although he has had breakfast it seems like it was so long ago now. He finds himself wandering in that direction too.

Audra meets Violet with a warm smile and a friendly squiggle of the fingers. "Good afternoon! Something tempting you? We have a bit of a cherry tart if you've a sweet tooth, or more mealsome pies. Or perhaps just a simple loaf- take home and share at supper?" She sees the unmistakable figure of the Maiden's Knight in the crowd and murmurs, "Well well" under her breath. There's a subtle shift in her garments as she fixes her usually low-set blouse a touch more to matronly levels, giving it a faint tug.

Violet looks up at Audra, then glances over at the approaching man. She gives a coquettish toss of her head and peers at him with a bat of her eyes, angling her body slightly to enhance her assets. The posturing is so well-rehearsed that it would seem natural, but a trained eye would see that she's a professional. "I'll have a cherry tart, please," she says sweetly.

Cherry tart. There's so much innuendo that could be made there, but those words are like magic, drawing the Maiden's Knight closer. "Cherry tart?" Daevon asks, as if she might have suddenly sold it all the moment before he arrived, and his look falls to brief disappointment as Violet asks for the exact same thing. There is more than one piece?

The baker's lady gives a warm chuckle and a slight nod of appreciation for the artful pose. "Why certainly mistress, one—" And as Audra goes to pick the still warm delicacy from her cart's tray, the prince steps in. "Oh, your grace," she says swiftly, dropping a curtsey which, as Violet surely would note, is designed to be as revealing as it is polite. Only, of course, Audra's just adjusted the shift under her gown so it's less of a display overall. "You wanted a tart too? Please, accept this on behalf of my husband and I." There goes Violet's dessert.

Dropping into a similar curtsey, though without the modesty of a last-minute shift adjustment, Violet says, "Your Grace. I weren't expecting to meet a Targaryen today." She rises gracefully, boldly meeting his gaze. "Y'like cherry tarts, then, Your Grace?" she asks sweetly, turning the charm all the way up.

"Oh no," Daevon shakes his head. "She was here first." He smiles and nods at Violet. "I love cherries." It's warm, friendly, and his gaze never dips from her face. "And sweets. But I would never want to deprive you."

Audra gives a low soft laugh. "I have plenty, Your Grace. The cherry is one of the best sellers, we'd be fools not to keep plenty on hand." She presents him with the tart and then motions to Violet. "And you, miss, still hungry?" There's a slight quirk to her lips, equally cherry red in color.

"Absolutely," Violet says, sliding her coin across the counter. She turns back to Daevon. "If y'like sweets, Your Grace…" she trails off, nibbling on her lower lip.

Daevon looks relieved at this. He offers his own coin over as well, to pay for the pie. "It certainly smells delicious." He smiles at Violet as well. "At least there's enough for everyone."

Audra's eyes dance as she takes Daevon's coin but in coverage of Violet's cherry sweet. She hands both over in trade and grins impishly. "Oh yes plenty of tarts, they do brisk trade here in the market square."

"This is what I've heard about Oldtown," Violet replies, taking her tart, giving a little grin of her own.

Daevon smiles and nods, kindly at both of them, the innuendo going right over his head. "Thankyou," he says when he takes his tart, and then, "I hope you both have a lovely day." With that said he returns to his shopping.

Audra curtsies again, keeping a perfectly straight face. "Gods bless, Your Grace. Enjoy the cherry." She holds it until he's gone far enough away and then she lets out a tiny giggle of amusement.

Violet opens her mouth to say something just as Daevon turns to walk away. She gives a small pout of disappointment, shaking her head.

Audra bites on her tongue a moment as she still grins like a cat who got the canary. "Oh sweetheart. It's not you." She shakes her head in total amusement. "Took of vow of chastity, that one. Even broke off marriage t' a Dornish princess, so the stories go. Pining for 'is sister or his squire, others say." With the prince gone and out of view, she re-fluffs her gown to give a more pleasing eyefull to passing customers.

Violet sighs. "Woulda been a fine catch of the day…" she says wistfully, gaze following him across the market until his disappears from sight.

Audra pats Violet on the shoulder. "Oh, no amount of bait will catch that fine silvery fish." She clucks her tongue shamefully. "He's a joy to look at though." She is enjoying the view as he walks away before he vanishes with crowds. "I'm Audra, by the by. You're new to Oldtown, I take it?" A question on multiple levels.

"'m Violet," the girl says, taking a bite of her tart. "Just arrived yesterday. From Ashford."

Audra ahas at that. "That explains things, love. You have an art about you. Nicely crafted, one artist to another." She tilts her head towards the Bawdy Bard - the respectable side. "You employed?"

"Never heard it called 'art' before," Violet grins. "I like it." She shakes her head. "Been tryin' to meet the… boss. She's slippery."

Audra sniggers softly at that even as she nods. "Well, what does one expect. You can always start with madame Jessilyn at the Bard. She's good for getting a girl started, if that's the kind of work she's interested in. If more above board work suits you, I'm trying to convince my husband that lovely young ladies sell pies and bread faster than his dumb as dough apprentices."

Violet laughs. "With these tits? I don't think you could afford to pay me what I'd be makin' over there. Just need to catch the boss lady." She grins confidently.

Audra's much more slender so she has to laugh in appreciation. "Alright, alright luv. Just don't knock the honest side of a coin. I'm finding I rather like being able to walk down the street without making a mark." She winks and says, "Tell her Audra says hello, if you do. I stop in to visit now and again but mostly in the gambling parlor. Love me the dice, I do. More 'n my husband I'd wager." HA, a joke. Wager.

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