(123-01-20) Proposal of a Different Sort
Proposal of a Different Sort
Summary: Loryn and Miranda talk about future possibilities of new plays and her guilty conscience.
Date: 20-1-2016
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A messenger would go and find Septa Miranda to tell her that Lord Loryn Tyrell was asking to see her.

Miranda's of course surprised to receive the messenger but follows once she excuses herself from her duties. She smooths her grey robes in place neatly as she follows.

Loryn looks a little nervous actually when he sees the young woman approach. "Mylady… would you accompany me on a stroll in the gardens?", he asks politely, "They're rather lovely in the morning."

With courtly grace, the septa makes a small curtsey - a habit she still hasn't gotten rid of. She amends it by bowing in more formal holy fashion. "Of course Ser Loryn, I suppose I could use fresh air." She looks a little hesitant and perhaps a touch guilty.

The public gardens -are- pretty and rather busy with various folks including septas who are accompanying young maidens to the little altars strewn about the place. Yet Loryn makes sure to keep a few inches between himself and Miranda as they walk. "I wish to offer my excuses, Mylady.", he says softly, "It was a joke in bad taste - even if borne out of a genuine wish to help."

Miranda's just another septa in a sea of grey robes. She shakes her head as she gives a tiny smile. "It was funny and I appreciated the thought behind it; less awkward for me to be seen out of my robes if my hair isn't the same. But by the same token- I don't think anyone -has- seen me with my hair uncovered since I took my first vows." She pauses and amends "Save yourself and your maid."

"And this was an emergency after all.", Loryn points out softly, "I am sorry that you cannot attend one of the performances, although I shall admit that I'm just as sorry for myself to not be able to show you my greatest passion."

"The theater isn't a place for the Faithful. Some of the septons lecture about it being sinful and full of temptations and lies." She offers an apologetic smile. "It's sort of why I had hoped I could 'sell' you on a mystery play - something that instructs church lessons and virtues. But it doesn't sell tickets."

"No, it does not. I need to sell out the theatre in order to be able to pay everyone's wages. So they can feed their families. And I'm afraid to sell out the theatre… I need to give the audience what they desire. Which is not virtue and church lessons. However -", he adds, then pauses a little, perhaps for dramatic effect or simply because he does need to breathe from time to time. "I have come up with an idea…"

Miranda's eyebrows raise. "Oh?" She waits with curious anticipation.
"My actors have time at their disposal during the day. Most would quite like to earn an extra penny, especially those not able to secure leading parts that pay better. I have been thinking of setting up a little group of players that will perform short family-friendly acts in public spaces such as the markets. As a way to instruct children and those of lower birth in the way of the Seven. I wonder if the Sept would be interested in making a donation towards such a project?"

Miranda's face lights up in amused approval. "Oh that's a lovely idea! I would have to speak to the septons and the Most Devout herself about it…" She trails off and adds, "And if they don't approve I could always donate some of my own coin. My father sends a stipend, I never use it." She motions to her robe. "It's not as if I'm buying new dresses every few months…"

"Of course, Mylady, that is very generous of you.", Loryn smiles, "If I could pay the players through a donation there is no need for them to rely on a collection after each performance… which means they do not need to strive so much to satisfy their wishes when it comes to entertainment." Which is a roundabout way of saying, fewer bawdy jokes. "Perhaps it will make them realize that theatre must not always be sinful."

Miranda says, "I've seen mystery plays performed in the common towns so it's not entirely unheard of. And so many cannot read the Seven-Fold Path themselves so it's important to bring the stories and morals to them. Like I said, there's comedy to be had too; the sinful husband and wife who reject the teachings of the Path and are dragged to one of the seven Hells is popular. I've even seen a version where the audience calls out which hell they want the two to belong to, and then the demons torture them appropriately. It can be funny if done well." She seems animated by the idea and speaks with her hands, the long sleeves of the robe swinging. "But, ah, perhaps I am not the best consultant. I'm still a novice after all.

"Oh, I think you are an excellent consultant. And I need one such. Would you be willing to meet with my actors to discuss a selection of scenes and help them to prepare? They… uh…. may not be very well versed in the scriptures and could use some instruction. See it as a chance to save a few lost souls?", Loryn suggests with a little smile.

Miranda is tempted. Sorely tempted. Conficting emotions flicker on her face. "I… guess?" She offers it weakly.

Loryn' smile grows warmer and brighter. It's like the sun rising. "Wonderful, thank you much! Let me know when it suits you and I shall summon them, perhaps… if you'd rather not meet at the Whimsy, we could find another meeting space. At Garden Isle perhaps?”

Miranda's guilty look returns as he smiles. She looks away to study the statues of the Maiden dotting the gardens. "The Whimsy is fine, I can meet your actors then," she mumbles. "I wouldn't want to take too much of your time or impose on your household."
<FS3> Loryn rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Oh, don't worry, my household is always glad to be kept busy.", Loryn replies when she worries about the staff at Garden Isle. But even the young Tyrell does gather that something seems to be bothering the septa and so he pauses in their walk to turn and face her. "Is something troubling you, my dear lady?", he asks softly.

Miranda can't meet his gaze. She keeps her eyes fixed downward on her ornate holy star. "I do not want you to think of my as anything other than a septa. Not as a dear lady. Not as a friend. I have my service to the Seven first and all others second." She looks up briefly with gentle regret plain on her face. "I wouldn't want you to think of me as more, Ser Loryn, as it would be unfair to you. And to me as well, but that's beside the point."

"Septas can't be friends then?", Loryn frowns and sighs. He, too, decides it's much easier to let his gaze rest upon a pretty flowering shrub nearby than upon his companion. "For what's it worth - Septa, it was you who thought there might be an ulterior motive to my kindness. I merely offer companionship, indeed friendship, and the sharing of common interest in stories, tales and lore. Would I entertain the hope that there might be more in the future were you not set upon becoming a septa? Yes, I think, I would. Do I think that a lovely intelligent young lady like you deserves better than to wither away behind a sept's walls? Yes, I do. However, it is not for me to decide. I have not once tried to make you stray from your path and this shall not change in the future. I merely enjoy your company, your spirit and your friendliness." It's a long speech, even for an actor and he finally clams up, cheeks a little redder than they should.

"I am… sorry." She bows her head suddenly. "It was wrong of me to say it. Again. Perhaps I'm saying it for my benefit more than your own, Ser Loryn. Forgive me, for you have been nothing but kind and considerate with all due honesty and respect.

Loryn doesn't answer immediately. He seems to be mulling something in his mind. And he still doesn't look at her, when he finally suggests softly: "Perhaps the Seven are testing you."

"That is what I thought," Miranda replies softy. She looks up and hides her hands in her sleeves but she seems to be gripping them tightly within. "I asked for a sign and was given one. So I must follow where their wisdom leads."

This gives Loryn pause. He, a heavenly sign? Before he can entertain the thought any further, he pulls himself back to reality quickly. "Whatever your decision, Mylady - Septa, I shall respect. But I beg you to consider carefully and deeply, whether you really wish to dedicate your life to the Seven or whether you merely seek their protective embrace from your father's plan."

Miranda mumbles, "It wasn't my father I was seeking refuge from." She's silent a moment more before she looks back at him with a small smile. "I… will continue to our agreement. He and I. I will not swear my final vow, and he will not force a contract upon me."

She might have mumbled to herself but Loryn has sharp ears. It helps to hear the prompter when fluffing his lines on stage. He does turn to her with a look of surprise. "What do you mean, it wasn't your father? Who is troubling you, Mylady?", he asks with a sense of urgency.

Miranda turns white with alarm. She may not have realized she said it. "No one amongst the living," she replies swiftly, not telling the whole tale.

Loryn stares for a moment, then inhales deeply. "Mylady. I shall not press you to tell me more than you wish to reveal. However, should you seek a patient ear upon which to unburden yourself, rest assure that I'll be at your service.", he says, a little formally perhaps, but unsure how to handle the situation.

The gentle reassurance makes her smile - a small smile but a true one. "Perhaps some day, Ser Loryn. It isn't a story a damsel can easily share. I am safe and happy in the walls of the Sept, and perhaps that is the long and short of it there."

"Perhaps. And perhaps there are other ways to be safe and happy.", Loryn points out and begins to steer her back towards the gate through which they entered the gardens earlier. "Either way, you know where to find me.".

Miranda looks away with another flush of guilt. "I-I will wait for your summons to the Whimsey, if you still wish my help with the… project," she says, starting to sound miserable.

"Most certainly…" Although it doesn't take an awful lot of perception to notice the slump in her voice. "Unless you would rather not?"

"I wouldn't want to… insult you further, Ser Loryn." She gives a weak attempt at a smile. "It seems that is all I manage to do in regards to your kind gestures.

"You do not insult me, Mylady. You do merely… make me wish there was anything I could do to help. But for now, I shall bid you goodbye and I look forward to seeing you at the Whimsy soon." They are by the gate again and he bows deeply

Miranda bows her head deeply. "You are helping, Ser Loryn. You are… reminding me that not all men are like my husband was." There, she said it. She seems a little shaken by the admission but also relieved it's been voiced.

Loryn looks like he might say more. Until he realizes that he doesn't have the right words. So he just sighs a little, offers her a weak smile and departs.

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