(123-01-12) For the Flower Fleet
For the Flower Fleet
Summary: Siyu buys into a Trading Venture.
Date: Date of play (12/01/12)
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Prince Draegon is strangely accessible, even in the well guarded Hightower. They do insist on searching the visitor and a guard escorts the stranger up. It is clear unescorted wandering will not be allowed. The guard ushers Siyu to the Butterfly Garden and stands in sight but out of hearing. The inevitable Flox is there, close by, however. the Prince is lying on his back, flying a dragon kite, tied to his wrist for safety and giggling happily to himself.

Siyu will approach of course, his own guards in tow. They will wait out by the front gate of course, and Siyu surrenders his daggers to the guards before entering. He is dressed in leathers. A mix of riding and armor leathers, they do not flatter his form, a simple gold adornment applied to the leather gorget he wears, other than that there's very little fancy about his dress. His long hair is pulled back, and he's freshly washed, a simple merchant, or so he hopes to come off. He takes a deep breath and blows it out, steadying himself for this conversation. "Your Highness?" he inquires, very lightly.

Dhraegon turns his head and peers at siyu. At first he seems confused by the visitor, but he sits up and studies him a bit, "Siyu? Did you change your petals? Did Keli send for you? Do you want refreshments?" Then he is bounding over for his hug, the high flying kite bobbing wildly.

Siyu bows his head most politely and formally to the Prince, "Your Highness I am here on business. So no, Keli did not send for me, no me her. She is well, the last I saw of her. My business is with…you." his eyes go wide as he's not sure if he should dodge or not. He braces himself.

Dhraegon hugs gently, careful not to squish, hands placed appropriately. He is not sticky today, "Oh? Come sit by the fountain and tell me all about it. he looks like a monsterous child eager for a bed time story.

Siyu is short, but he feels, stocky, well proportioned, the young merchant has been of course working out, training himself, growing stronger. He has to grow stronger. He ahems, and lets the hug happen, though he flinches, and there's a tic in his cheek. He will not insult the Prince, oh no, that's not on the agenda, "Yes your Highness. I have of course, noticed the collection of ships in the harbor, and now, I have heard they are planned for a trade route to Braavos. Between Oldtown and Braavos is that correct?" he asks as he follows and will settle by the fountain if Dhraegon directs him.

Dhraegon nods eagerly, "And Dorne and Tarth and Kingslanding, yes. They should go all the way to Braavos and back.

Siyu nods his head a little bit at Dhraegon, "Yes indeed. My own trade routes, much fewer ships though I assure you, runs from the Summer Isles to Old Town, a lot of open water, no real places for pirate's ambush. It makes a decent enough profit, ah…however such a large armada of ships, with protectors, well I am sure they would be quite safe from pirates and ships and crews sticking together in such a fleet would be well protected from, various issues and problems…" he leans back. "I am inquiring on the costs for…investing in ships and crew. For my own trading, or buying space upon these vessels for my own goods."

Dhraegon beams at him, "Oh! That is wonderful! For partners who are not… governments or Great Houses, we ask investment in half a ship and cargo to start with. If you like the results after a run or two, you may either add whole ships of your own or purchase multiple half shares to spread your risk wider in case of storm or the like. It is much better to take a fleet with escorts through the Stepstones than single ships. Did you want to start with a Sapphire or a Flower?" Flox produces a wax tablet and stylus to take notes."

Siyu blinks, very lightly, "This is an open venture?" he asks, and considers, "I did not think a foreign merchant could so easily buy in, and yes multiple ships, multiple cargo, that is of course the best way to go about it, spread your risk and costs around…" he knits his brow, as if he wasn't expecting such an easy opening. He's doing math in his head, wondering what he can spare, "I am of course unaffiliated, there is no politic attached to my ships I assure you." more math, what can he spare what can he risk? "I can supply…three ships. I offer wines from the Summer Isles, and Hardwoods as well. Valuable commodities to trade in Braavos." There is a faint bead of sweat on his forehead. A risk indeed, it is the majority of what he's saved. But this is important, and impressive. "Please, your Highness, what is the difference between the two?"

Dhraegon nods, "We do not have as many Dornish investors as we like, it is true, but we do have some and few Braavosi a well, which is why we trade to Braavos. This second fleet would not exist without Dornish and Essoi partners…. You will have to go in with at least on half ship, you understand. For our safety." he blinks slowly then giggles, "The Sapphire Fleet ships have blonde figureheads and the Flower ones have red hair." He says this as if it is obvious and Siyu is asking a silly question. Flox clears his throat and steps forward, "The Sapphire Fleets do a shorter loop, and so return twice as fast as the new line is likely to go. ThI should warn you that routes will be adjusted on the fly depending on weather, sea monster, and pirate activity. You will be guaranteed stops in certain cities, but other cities are subject to change."

Siyu blinks, very lightly at Dhraegon, "Ah I see your Highness of course, forgive me my eyes perceive color differently." he looks back up to Flox, "Yes, I will sponsor a ship, split into halves, on the Flower route, the longer one. That sounds like a good first investment and we shall see how it returns. I can offer a colored flag of Yi Ti, if diversity is what you are looking for, or just simple coin, a measure of investment. Either way I did wish to…dip my toes in this grand fleet that has formed."

Dhraegon beams delightedly and gives Siyu another big hug, "This is wonderful! I have a ship from Yi Ti I sail right here in my fountain and now I shall have one out on the sea!" So much happy giggling. Flox bows politely, "Excellent choice. I shall draw up papers and send them to your lodgings. Sign and return them with coin. On the fleet's return you may choose to reinvest you profits, take all or part of your share, or buy into more ships with more of your funds."

Siyu grunts again at the hug. His face contorts, as if pained, but again he does nothing, trying to put on a brave smile for the giant Prince, "You do, ha. You do indeed. Soon you shall have ships from all over, a fleet full of cargo haha…" he says with a wet of his lips. "Yes of course. I shall apply my cartouche for the Iron Bank. Most of my holdings are within the branch here in Oldtown. You can draw from them with the appropriate script." He will wait until Dhraegon lets him go and stands. Bowing again to the prince, "I thank you for the opportunity of course. It is a very generous offer. Be well your Highness…" he says and glances back at Flox, "Well then shall we work on the necessary paperwork?" he inquires. Going to finalize with him.

Dhraegon giggles, "How strange! We bank with them too, so that we can draw money in emergencies or deposit it for safe keeping all over! It means pirates would only get cargo, not profits from sales at various ports!"

Siyu nods, "That is the purpose of the bank, keep it safe, keep it secret." he bows again, "I wish you well your Highness…" he says and goes to finish up business

Dhraegon beams at him. "Give a hug to my Keli Jelly for me!" Flox bows politely to Siyu and gives him a little wink.

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