(123-01-09) A Musical Conspiracy
A Musical Conspiracy
Summary: Bryn, Leandro, and Madrighal discuss the writing of a song.
Date: Date of play (09/01/123)
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"And here's where they make all the novices sleep," Leandro says as he leads Madrighal on the tour. "You don't fancy joining their ranks, do you?" He teases.

Madrighal is freshly braided and scented with a spicy citrusy smelling hair oil. It is early in the day so he is fairly energetic. He road here on Whiskey, of course, saving his energy for the tour. He laughs, "I have slept enough in a large room full of people in this place last year. I do not fancy another round of it!"

Bryn is no longer a novice. In fact, there are now three links on the budding chain hanging from a leather string around his neck. Of course, given his age, it's probably no surprise that most of his friends are still novices. Coming back from visiting some of these friends, he steps out and almost into Leandro and Madrighal. He smiles at the latter, "I was just going to look for you at the Quill."

Leandro smiles at Madrighal. "If you're certain." He nods to Bryn in greeting. "Bryn," he greets. "Well here we are."

Madrighal's eyes go wide as he takes in the new links, "My, you are progressing quickly! I know the Healer link, what else are these?" he rolls his eyes, "I am not cut out for celibacy or the other rules. I like my freedom."

Bryn smiles brightly, nodding quickly. He reaches up to touch the links, "This is pale steel, for smithing. And this is black iron, for Ravenry." Then, he adds, "I just passed the tests yesterday, and forged them last night." He looks back up to Madrighal, and says, "Can you write a song about my mom, so everybody remembers her? Prince Daevon said you can make one so good nobody will ever forget her."

"Have your friends taken you out to celebrate?" Leandro asks Bryn. "What will you be aiming for next?" He quietens and looks at Madrighal at the request.

Madrighal squeezes the boy's shoulder, "Congratulations!" His tone turns serious, "you Mother? certainly. You will have to tell me about her so I will know what to write for you

Bryn nods and smiles, "We just got back. Don't worry, I didn't drink. The mornings after aren't worth it. I think I'm going to try for nickel next. I really want to Valyrians steel link too, but that one is really hard so it probably won't be for a while yet." He looks back to Madrighal, and nods quickly, "I can tell you all about her. Well, she never talked about her time in King's Landing, but the rest of it. Especially everything after I was born, until she was murdered."

Leandro doesn't have the Valyrian steel link. "I would suggest waiting until you're slightly older for the Valyrian Steel link. It's not looked upon fondly and it may cause trouble for you. Perhaps once Thane is back?"

Madrighal not being sure what nickel or Valaryen steel links portend sticks to the topic he is clearer on "Perhaps we should sit?" The frail musician does look like he could use a place to rest a bit. He looks alarmed, "She was murdered? That is… There are no words."

Bryn blinks at Leandro's words, "Oh. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks." The idea that knowledge, any knowledge, would be frowned upon bothers him enough to distract him, momentarily, from the thoughts of his mother. But is just a moment. He nods to Madrighal, and says, "She was killed by Jason Tarly." He says this name with an echo of pure hatred. Then, a little calmer, he says, "Prince Daevon is going to help me bring it up with Lord Ormond. That's how we got talking about ways to make sure nobody forgets her, and Prince Daevon suggested you."

Leandro finds them a private-ish spot, with chairs to sit on. And then he goes and sends a novice to bring them some drinks.

Madrighal's eyes go wide, "Oh, that is terrible and being… It is a shame that nobles do not take the rights of the rest of us to be left alone seriously. especially on this side of the border." He casts an apologetic look at Leandro for his heat. Did not your father stand her protector and challenge him? I am sure my father would if such happened to my Mother. Is there no… sense of obligation and what is right here?" He sits grateful, with a thankful glance to the Maester.

Bryn sits down, and shakes his head, "I hope he would. But I don't know who he is. Ser Desmond is trying to find out for me. But he probably thinks she died in the fire. Probably thinks I did too. That would explain why he never found me, after." Then, in explanation, he adds, "I was the only one to see him kill her. And after.. I was really upset, and there was a fire. Everybody who knew us thought she died in that fire. And thought I did, since I ran away and didn't go back to that part of town for a long time. I only found out what people thought last year."

"Did your mother have any close friends you could ask?" Leandro asks. "Or any other family?" He settles down with his wine once it's brought. Not the best wine, but better than none.

Madrighal listens with a thoughtful and concerned expression, "How… volatile do you want this song to be? Do you want a memorial or a love song or an accusation or a shaming of the heir to Tarly? Think carefully as the last two can get messy and i will have to spread the song carefully. i will do it. This sort of injustice is not right, but I want you to be sure what sort of song ypou want people to remember your Mother by. Do we know why this Tarly did this terrible thing? Are we sure he was not your Father?

Bryn shakes his head to Leandro, "My grandparents died when I was a baby. Didn't have any other family. Maybe some friends, but nobody really close. I don't think, anyway." He looks back to Madrighal, and bites his lip. "I want people to remember her. And that she didn't die in a fire." He shakes his head, "He doesn't have the Blood. It was late, and he was very drunk. The last one there. She wanted to close and he said he wanted her to help him celebrate. I used to think he just wanted to keep drinking, but now I think he wanted something more. He grabbed her arm, she slapped him, and he cut her throat." He has a haunted look now. Sometimes, a perfect memory can be a burden too.

Leandro's quiet as he lets the two of them speak.

You say, "How do you want me to frame it? I could sing it as a tragedy, the beautiful young mother, praise of her setting the scene, and then the monster come to destroy all? Or do you just want her in the song?"

Bryn blinks at that question, biting his lip again. "I.. I don't know. The first one, I think. More people will know, will remember. I think that's the right way. And someday, people will know who the monster is too. Even if we can't say right now."

You say, "That is the thing about poetry. It is remembered and repeated long after regular words fade. If I make a tragedy to make men weep, they will remember her and vilify him centuries after we are all dust and bone…. I will need paper, ink, and quill. You must tell me all you remember of her from her looks to little things she used to do. I need to flesh her out fully so that strangers not born yet will wail for her loss.""

Bryn nods quickly, hopping to his feet and running off. He's back in moments. Writing implements and paper are plentiful here. He says, "Her whole life was serving people in the tavern and looking after me. She was always smiling, and telling stories to everybody. Stories about history, about dragons, old legends, anythings she ever heard. And she listened to whatever stories the people in the tavern wanted to tell too, even if it was just boring stuff about their families. Um.. oh, when she served a drink, she'd always say, 'Drink to your health.' Don't know why, except she always wanted people to be happy…." And on he goes, filling Madrighal in on whatever random bits about his mother he can think of.

Madrighal sips his wine as he waits, then sets to writing down Bryn's words, "There may be a little poetic license, you understand? What colour were her eyes, her hair? The shade of her skin? was she tall or short?" he goes on like this, the better to make a heroine out of stories of her.

Bryn answers, smiling at the memory of her, "She was short. Her eyes were green, and her hair was brown. Her skin was really light. So light she'd get burnt easy in the sun."

Leandro waits until Bryn's gone. "You know this'll make you enemies, if you sing it yourself, in public. If you use the Tarly name. They're aligned with the Tyrells and the Hightowers. A Dornish musician singing terrible things of a Reach Heir."

Madrighal laughs, "I'll do what I did when that Lannister wanted me dead. I will write the thing and pay local men to sing it in Taverns like the Tooth and Nail. If I make it well, it will catch on and random drunks will be singing it everywhere without me singing it publically once. I like being live, Lea. Do not worry."

Leandro smiles. "Good. Maybe find out where her old patrons went? If she was that well loved then they'll want the song themselves."

You say, "I will need time to write it. It needs to be something drunk men can sing recognizably with a distinctive melody people would like. If you could poke about the neighborhood to find these old friends, it would help very much.""

Leandro pulls a face. "I'm not poking about anywhere if it's not dusty archives. If it was in a book that'd be another matter. Ask Peri. Or that knight Bryn already has investigating for him."

You say, "Ah. Yes. Peri. Or… was is Dermond? Dustin?"

"Uller Bastard," Leandro says. "I set him to working with Bryn to investigate the possibility some of his relatives are buried hereabouts. I forget his name. He tried to hire me to make him some armour, if it's the same man I'm thinking. And offered me just a few dragons for it."

You say, "So he might need coin…. Where is he staying? I will see about speaking to him."

Leandro shrugs. "No idea. I didn't ask. He was willing enough to give me a dragon for some information. Foolish man with his money. You'll likely find him out drinking. He's huge, can't miss him."

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