(123-01-03) Plan For Flight
Plan For Flight
Summary: Daevon relates his Dragon Dream to Visenya and Torren. Plans are made.
Date: Date of play (03/01/2016)
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It is a rare afternoon that the Prince of Dorne is in his apartments with his wife as opposed to seeing to affairs with the various nobles in the city. The pair is sitting in the window seat together speaking in low tones when there is a knock on the door. When Daevon is admitted Visenya gives him a brief but radiant smile that fades quickly. "I think I can guess why you are here, brother." She says, and she rises slowly from her seat and begins heading towards the sideboard where the wine is. "I know you normally do not take a drink, but can I recommend just one?"

Daevon's dressed in his finest, all white and silver and gold, perhaps a bit over-dressed to be visiting his sister. "Not wine," he says, but he'll have anything else that's on offer. "Two. Three things? Maybe more." He shrugs. "The duel first? Manfryd Qorgyle's a problem. He pushed Dhraegon. Has threatened to kill Ser Desmond. Threatened to poison the king, although I heard that third hand. He attacked Peri, in the bathhouse, refused to leave when asked, and completely flipped out and accused me and my swords of attacking him. When we didn't. He's been spreading lies. And he drugged and raped a friend of Keli's."

Torren looks up when Daevon enters, and his eyebrows raise very slightly at the accusations that are leveled at his countryman. He does not seem surprised, necessarily. If anything he seems a little weary. "It sounds as though Ser Manfryd has been quite busy in his time here," he says dryly when his brother-in-law is finished. "Is there anything else I should know? I should like to hear the whole of it all at once."

"Ser Manfryd is not my favorite person." Visenya admits with a sour little frown as she peruses the bottles on the side board before selecting a jug of apple cider to pour into a goblet. Dornish sour is poured into two more fine crystal glasses, and she brings the goblet to her brother before turning to take up the two glasses, and settles down close to Torren before offering the glass to him. Closer, perhaps, than she would sit with a Northern husband. "But you beat him in the duel, and he is dishonored, correct?" Her frown widens, "He touched Blood of the Dragon?" She exchanges a look with Torren before her smooth brow furrows, "Rape?" Then she falls quiet so Daevon can relate the tale to Torren.

"I lost my temper with him," Daevon says. "We had a fight. I won." He's frowning at this. "Feels like I lost. I shouldn't have fought him. I should have just come to you. I was so angry. It's no excuse, a knight should be better than that. I likely made things worse. And I was meant to keep quiet about the rape. The victim doesn't want anyone to know. Likely since he's a boy. Desmond was there though, intervened to stop the first attempt. You could speak with him. But Manfryd went back after, with poisons, drugged the boy, and forced him." He takes his cider with a quiet thank you.

"I would not think too much on it if I were you," Torren suggests, his tone nonchalant — either he is actually casual about it all, or he has a very good poker face. Cyvasse face? Something face, anyway. "Ser Manfryd inspires such rage in even the most knightly." The story told, he sits back, taking the glass from Visenya and taking a sip from it. "I shall take it under advisement. Thank you." He looks back over to Visenya then, and comments, "Perhaps staying here as long as we have has been a mistake, my love."

Visenya has almost as good of a front as Torren, but surely her own twin can see the slight furrowing of her brow or the flash of outrage in her eyes where no one else might. Instead of commenting on the situation with Manfryd she nods her head once to Torren. "Perhaps we have. The Prince of Dorne belongs in Dorne, and I should like our child to be born in Sunspear." She looks to Daevon before mentioning, "I have asked my brother along with us. When he first rescued your sister, the Princess Mariya, and was kept as a guest-" Guest or hostage. It's the same, right? "He grew to love Dorne."

Daevon nods at Torren. "Thank you." And then, he looks to Visenya. "I loved Dorne." He admits, but there's a frown at the admission. "You need to leave. You need to leave, quickly and quietly without anyone knowing. I had a dream." He takes a swig of his cider. "A man in blood-stained black, he holds an egg… your egg, he's keeping it, not giving it back. His. Behind him stands the King, crown bright upon his brow. They stand on… in the bones of dead, broken dragons. You're bright as the moon, a dragon at either side. They come upon you, like shadows to extinguish that light, he and his men, with chains of iron. nets. I hear you scream, so much screaming. You and the dragons too, as they tear the dragons away from the light and bury them in the dark forever. The egg. The dragons. It's still not enough. He looks up. A huge dragon, soars overhead. And together they roar."

The mention of the child gets a decisive nod from Torren, and he reaches over to rest a hand on Visenya's belly. It's a completely unselfconscious gesture. "Yes," he says, "I agree."

He takes another sip of his wine, his eyes moving back to Daevon, but when the other man goes on, he frowns almost imperceptibly. At the end of the recitation of the dream, he's left looking thoughtful — and yes, concerned. After a slight pause, he says, "I cannot leave as fast as that." It seems that he's taken the dream as true. Well, he is married to Visenya, after all. "But I can send Visenya ahead in secret. Put it about that she is tired due to her condition, and cannot accept audiences."

Visenya looks chilled at Daevon's recanting of his dream. "They mean to kill my dragons, you think?" She reaches down to grip Torren's hand, the one placed on her belly, and she shakes her head. "That cannot be allowed to happen." But when Torren says he cannot leave with her she says, "Leave without you?" She gives him an unhappy look, "…What if something happens?"

Daevon shakes his head. "Capture them, perhaps? I saw nets, and chains, not spears and swords. We can't send Visenya alone. And can the dragons even deal with boats? Perhaps just in knowing what may happen, we can prevent it? Hire some more guards? Ensure the dragons are protected."

"I can protect you much better in Dorne than here," Torren replies to Visenya, "and the longer you and your dragons are here, the more danger you are in. I can be ready to leave in a week at the most, but we could have you on a ship tonight." His gaze shifts to Daevon, "I would not trust any guards that we were to hire here. But I may be biased in that regard.

"Tonight." Visenya breathes out, and she gives Torren a concerned look before she says, "Daevon, I want you to take a covered wagon with a cage to Dragon's Door Manse, and collect them. They will come to you before they come to anyone else." She bites her bottom lip, "Lure them into the cage with a goat." She wipes at her eyes before she continues, "You will need a decoy carriage. Bring the decoy to the Hightower. Tell people I have taken ill, and I may lose my child. Tell them I sent for my dragons to comfort me." She shifts to be closer to Torren before continuing, "We will put them on the ship, and set sail for Starfall." She gives Torren an almost urgent look, "And I will wait for you there?"

Daevon shivers at Visenya's words. "I will not ill wish you. I will not say that of you or your child. Let others say such things but not I. Or say as little as possible. I don't know if it's an immediate danger. Perhaps you could even go speak with the King? He's a reasonable man. I would think he'd speak with you first, before enacting any plots. But yes, we need ot make sure they can't grab the dragons just in case. Unless you truly do feel it should be tonight? We can sneak you out any time. I don't think they'll act at all until Syrax has returned, and even then."

Torren does not seem to be much at ease with the lie, either, and when, and when Daevon refuses, he nods. "You need not say anything, besides that my wife would have her dragons near her. No one will question it, and if they do, do not answer." As for speaking to the king, he shrugs minutely, and looks toward Visenya again. "I would not. But it is up to you." He taks in a deep breath. "I did not believe in your dreams until Visenya's dream of our child came true," he admits. "Now I am not so quick to dismiss them. I would prefer for her to leave as hastily as we may, and then yes, I shall go to Starfall as soon as I am able, as well."

"Then say nothing, but look grave." Visenya says with a small nod of her head. At the mention of the King she shakes her head. "No. If this vision is coming then his heart is set on it, Daevon. None of our family are reasonable when it comes to dragons. Besides, the distraction from Syrax will keep the attention off of me, and by then I shall be in Starfall before Torren has even left." As Starfall is only a day or two away by ship. "It should be tonight."

"We dream true," Daevon says to Torren. "It is the Blood of the Dragon. They do not always come true as one might imagine." He nods at Visenya, and puts on his deadly serious, grave face, it fades though. "Dreams aren't always as we expect. Sometimes they are just warnings. I've to go help them with Syrax. I've done the trip multiple times, I know Veraxion, more than most, although not as well as you." He nods. "Tonight then. Oh sister, I'm going to miss you. I've already said both of my men are coming in search of Syrax, otherwise I'd ask them to accompany you. I will come see you in Starfall, as soon as I'm able. If you're sure you must leave now?"

"Good. Then tonight. At least we have a warning, and no one shall expect it." Torren nods once as the plan is outlined, and sets his glass on the table beside them. "Warning or true, it is enough for me to wish to take action while we still have the chance." He squeezes Visenya's hand, then releases it. "I shall go and make the arrangements, then. Thank you," he says, turning back to Daevon.

"It would be suspicious if you were to vanish." Visenya says to Daevon with a small nod of her head. "I will take Ser Fulk with me. He kept me safe on the road once before with subterfuge, and he is the only other man I trust beyond the two of you." She smiles a little sadly, "Although it will be breaking my promise to him that I would not take him to Dorne." She sighs and says, "I will miss you as well, Daevon. But yes. Tonight. Bring the dragons before then." She looks up to Torren then before rising as well.

Daevon smiles. "I did not know you still had him with you." He admits. "That is good." He nods. "I will. And I will join you in Starfall as soon as I'm able."

If Visenya trusts this person, that is apparently good enough for Torren. He nods, replying, "Tell your Ser Fulk that I hope he will not find Dorne as inhospitable as he imagines it to be." He smiles a little dryly, but it fades a second later, and he leans forward to kiss Visenya gently, pulling back to look at Daevon again. "We shall see you when you arrive, then," he adds. "Good luck." With that, he turns to head out of the room.

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