(123-01-02) Poisoning Accusations
Poisoning Accusations
Summary: Lara Gargalen encounters Daevon Targaryen at the Quill and Tankard, and so a discussion of the recent duel seems to be inevitable.
Date: 02/01/2015 (Date of RP)
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Terrace - Quill and Tankard - Hightower And Citadel
Sat Jan 02, 123 ((Sat Jan 02 09:30:38 2016))
It is a summer morning. The weather is warm and fair.

The Quill and Tankard's terrace occupies the area of of the little island that is not filled by the tall, timbered, southward-leaning building itself. There are ragged little stacks of stone sticking up from the Earth around the island's banks, the remains of a wall that once kept drunkards from falling into the river but has now been knocked down and robbed of its stones enough that it better serves to trip them and make sure that they fall headlong into the Honeywine instead of merely walking in. They are rather picturesque. Tall torches stand along the ruined wall. They're lit at night, and in foggy weather.

There's a single, ancient apple tree in the middle of this area. The rest is grass, made sparse by the passage of too many feet, flagstone footpaths that help keep the guests from muddying their feet when it rains, and weathered tables and benches. Tall torches surround some, but not all, of the larger tables.

Daevon's out on the terrace of the Quill and Tankard, where he might not initially be seen. He's drinking lemon water, feeding scraps of fish to the cats that lurk around.

On a table below the appletree sits a woman of darker beauty, black hair worn in one thick braid that falls down over her back, over a gown of dark blue sandsilk. And even though it is already early evening it is still warm enough that the lady does not need her cloak. She is not alone, however, there is a man in her company, not known to her as he has just joined her at the table. They have had a brief exchange, words too low to be overheard really, and when Lara Gargalen offers the man a polite smile, it is one of goodbye, as the Westerosi withdraws asnd takes a seat elsewhere. Also there is a Dornish guard somewhere in the background, holding unobtrusive vigil over the lady-in-waiting to Princess Visenya.

Raising the cup of wine to her lips, dark eyes drift to where the Maiden Knight sits, the color of hair and eyes drawing attention. Or is because of the knight's comely features? However, the Cockatrice will remain where she is, content for now to observe Ser Daevon.

Daevon looks very much like his sister, Visenya. They've the same features, same eyes. His hair's likely a little longer than hers, and he's far plainer of dress than she. Of course plainly dressed Targaryens are still far better dressed than almost everyone else. WHen you have the finest to wear it's easy to wear it simply and let it be its own ornamentation. He pets a purring cat and feeds it another morsel and soon the plate is empty. And it's only then he looks up, his eyes meeting Lara's and it seems as if he may have been aware of her attention after all.

Two things happen when Daevon's purple eyes meet the darker gaze of the Dornish lady. She smiles, an odd version fo one, as it is more a half-smile, one corner of her mout lifting, and one brow raises, when her stare obviously does not take him by surprise. Her hand she lifts from where it rested in her lap, to draw out the chair next to her, in non-verbal invitation. Then she takes another sip from her goblet of wine, leaning back while still holding his gaze.

Daevon stands up and taking his own drink he walks over. The cat he was with leaps up onto the table to help itself to the remnants of the dish. A name? It takes him but a moment. "Lady Lara Gargalen."

"Ser Daevon Targaryen.", Lara greets back, in a voice that is so showing off its silky smoothness. Her smile may be a bit dimmed, but it is there. Her hand gestures towards the vacant seat. "Care to join me for a bit?" An idle question that, as he has already come over. Her eyes shift briefly towards the feline and her smile deepens, reaching out to stroke the fur of the animal should it be close enough. "Is this cat yours?"

Daevon takes a seat. "Thank you." He shakes his head at the question, looking at the cat. "No, I don't think cats truly belong to anyone, do they? It just lives here, I think. One of the Quill's cats."

"Oh?", Lara smiles, shifting in her seat as her gaze drifts from the cat towards Daevon's face. "Then you have a hand for animals? The cat seems to like you."

"They like the fish," Daevon smiles. He looks at the cat thenback to Lara, a little awkwardly now.

Lara notices the look, and her brows lift just so. "Do you wish to speak of it?", she inquires softly, as her expression shifts a little, the smile now holding a slightly more serious quality now.

"We should," Daevon says. He's terrible at small talk, too impatient perhaps. But he lets her start.

Terrible at smalltalk. Luckily for Daevon this is a discipline Lara is quite versed in. "They say there is little that can frighten a Dragon, ser," she begins, her lips curving in a faintly playful smile. "I see little reason for you to be scared of a Cockatrice. I'll be frank with you. I am said to rather terrible, even for Dornish standards. I assure you though, that I don't plan to pursue the brother of Princess Visenya, so yes, you are safe from me…" A chuckle there, melodious and amused, to start off the conversation. Cracking the ice in true Lara Gargalen manner, before the amusement fades and she gives Daevon a long look.

"You've accused the Scorpion of a number of things…", Lara drawls then, lowering her gaze. A faint line appears briefly between her shapely brows, before she looks up and meets the Maiden Knight's gaze. Nailing the topic they should perhaps talk about with the precision of a sniper's arrow.

Daevon listens to Lara. There's a slight look of confusion at where she begins, as if it never even crossed his mind that she might pursue him. "I have. All of them true."

Lara's eyes appear a touch darker for a moment, something close to anger flashing within them. Even so, the tone in which she speaks to the Maiden Knight will remain polite enough. "Please, ser. Could you elaborate on that for me?", she inquires, raising a brow, as she takes another sip from her goblet.

"He attacked a friend of mine." Daevon says. "Several friends of mine. With words. With his actions. He…" he trails off. "We're meant to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Not harm them. You've heard his threats." He sighs. "It's not my story to tell, not the rape."

"He… attacked friends of yours?", Lara echoes, considering the words of the Maiden Knight for a moment, before she chuckles despite the sombre topic. "I know the Scorpion, he tends to speak his mind. In a rather forward manner." A light shrug there, tugging at the fabric of her gown. "As with words… and actions he has attacked others? Harmed others? Rape… is a serious accusation. Forgive me if I cannot content myself with such vague statements. I want to hear what has happened. When. Who was assaulted. And if there are witnesses who can testify the Scorpion's guilt.", she says, as the smile vanishes from her features.

"Yes. There are witnesses." Daevon says. "The victim does not wish their identity to be known. They wished to just forget it. Manfryd was prepared. He tried twice. His first efforts were thwarted and that just sent him into a greater fury. He stalked the victim, drugged them, and forced them. That's pre-meditated, and that he even… am I to believe that this is the one and only time? The one time I hear about it is the one time he's done it? That he just happened to have a concoction suitable for rape on hand, but he never intended to use it?" He sighs. "I had to do something. Who cares about rape, as long as it's not a noblewoman being raped? Do you really think a Lord raping someone of lesser station would be punished for his actions?"

Lara listens intently, her eyes lingering on the Maiden Knight. Even though they will narrow as he continues. A bit of air leaves her lips then as she exhales and shakes her head, that black braid jumping ever so slightly over the dark blue sand silk of her Dornish gown. "This is a dilemma," she states then. "I need further evidence than the mere allegations against him, yet you tell me no witness cant be brought forth to give testimony to his ill conduct?" A snort there, maybe showing her regret of the meagre state of proof.

"I know the Scorpion, and I hardly can believe him capable of such. And he doesn't need to resort to such measures, does he?" A faint glare there she gives Daevon. "He is Dornish. And he is a knight. We Dornish tend to pursue our pleasures in a slightly different manner than you Westerosi, yet… Rape is as much a crime in Dorne as it is here. Regardless of status."

"I'm not going to persuade you, am I?" Daevon says. "It matters not what I say you will always believe him. Have you asked him about the rape? I suppose he'd just lie. I've lived in Dorne, you know. I've known many Dornishmen. This is not about him being Dornish. They didn't want any of this made public." He shakes his head. "It's strange the men who would rape. Many of them, you'd think, wouldn't need to resort to it. They have wives, they have money, they have women aplenty, and yet still they do. Perhaps it's about the power. Perhaps it's about pride, and the inability to take being told no. Perhaps it's about control. I've no idea. Because the very idea of doing such a thing is utterly inconceivable to me."

"True. This is not a matter that you will persuade me of, ser. Is it so odd, that I demand proof, when you accuse him of such an atrocity?", Lara Gargalen counters. "So far I have only your word. Forgive me if I'm more inclined to believe the Scorpion than you, until you persuade me indeed, as I flatter myself to know the Scorpion to some extent." A very, very faint smirk there. "He assured me he did no such thing.", this Lara offers after another moment. "And even so… I find it hard to believe." A slight frown appears on her comely features when the Maiden Knight theorizes about rapists. "The Scorpion has a temper," is all she will allow, "yet he has honor, even if you seem to find that hard to believe. By the way… I felt honor was lacking in the manner you tried to tackle this manner, ser. But that is another topic."

"He lied to you," Daevon says. "Of course he lied to you. He has lied of much. I cannot give you the name of his victim. I would say search his things, look for his poisons, find those he used to commit such an assault. I would say, if you want to know the truth of the matter, investigate yourself. You call physically attacking a harmless older man honorable? Threatening to kill others, honorable? Poison, an honorable weapon?" He frowns. "There was a man who's attacked a number of my friends. Who's threatened my family. Who has publicly admitted to opposing the peace we're trying to build here. It was he who issued the challenge. You're aware of that. He challenged me. While he was fresh, and I had been busy sparring with others."

"You tell me to look for poison…in his things?", Lara inquires, the fingers of one hand tightening about the stem of her goblet. "He is the Scorpion! It would be odd not to find a substance of some sort in his possession!", again a brief flash of amusement there in the soft chuckle she allows to escape. Mirth that will swiftly dim, as the Cockatrice continues. "Again you refer rather sketchily to occurances. Throwing tiny bits of allegations at me, ser. Perhaps… Perhaps this is an idle conversation indeed. As you may see your point proved by the outcome of the duel. A duel… that was inevitable. Perhaps you were playing the cunning part there, taking advantage of a situation? Who knows, mayhaps you confronted him then and there with your accusations… Very much knowing that Ser Manfryd Qorgyle may be too hot-headed as not to challenge you. Yes. He may have been fresh and rested, yet you'd already had your warm-up and were therefore better prepared than he. No, such is indeed idle to consider. Whereas… You not offering to adjust your degree of armor to his… seems to be a lapse in duel courtesy." Lara Gargalen focuses her dark on the Maiden Knight, taking another sip from her wine before she adds: "As for threats to your family, and the peace here in Oldtown… I would advise to bring your concern to your sister, the wife of Prince Torren."

"He was fully armoured, in the Dornish style," Daevon says. "The same armor style he chose to use to fight in the tourney. Yet that armor held up during the joust. Are you now saying that it was inadequate? That he should not have fought in the melee wearing it? Are you saying that Dornish armour is inferior to ours? Are you suggesting that I should have found myself a suit of Dornish armour to wear to fight him? He lost. He lost because he was in the wrong. Why am I to adjust my armour, my weapons to better suit him." He frowns. "As you know my sister is currently indisposed. I will certainly do so at the nearest opportunity. I certainly meant no slight on you though, nor any allegations. So you acknowledge he has poisons, poisons that can be used to rape as well as kill? And this doesn't strike you as dishonorable? That he brings poisons to a place where he's meant to be helping peace. That he threatens the King, the Royal family. That he threatens the baths that serve the city. That he tries to spit blood into them."

Lara empties the goblet and waves for a barmaid to offer her a refill, in one languid gesture. "He was fully armored, yes," she remarks to Daevon, "but being the knight you are… you are aware of the various degrees of protection of armor? Fine, I shall not persist on this point, while plate offers more protection, it can make you slower, unless the plate in question is of superior quality. You and he have so differing fighting styles, Westerosi sword play with shield against a Dornish spear." Her gaze goes distant for a moment, her lips curling in a smile. "Your man, Ser Desmond Snow seemed concerned for a moment, that the tip of the Scorpion's spear may have been poisoned…" Her dark gaze focuses on the Maiden Knight, and she lifts both of her brows as she states: "It seems to be a prejudice you and yours have in regards to the Dornish: fighting dishonorably. I wonder…has this been your fear as well, during the duel? That the one single time his spear managed to get through your defense… may end your life?"

Lara chuckles, the remark maybe just a morbid little jest on her part. "I do not acknowledge anything, your highness.", said softly but with the required amount of genuine seriousness in regards to the topic. "I have not been rummaging through his belongings. The Scorpion may be deadly to some. He has after all killed Ser Aelyn Targaryen." A slight pause there. "But no poison was used then, as far as I know. You say he administered poison…? To drug someone?" A new thought seems to cross the Gargalen's mind and she shakes her head with a chuckle. Teeth catch her lower lip as Lara considers whether to voice that thought, and finally cannot resist doing so. "I assure you, the Scorpion likes his bedmates to be rather active… not a lump of unmoving, defenseless flesh. I can tell, from repeated experience. So… this is another reason why I would doubt your theories."

"Of course I am," Daevon says. "And also that the lighter Dornish mail allows for one to be far more agile. I've chosen myself to wear lighter armour against opponents in the hope I can take advantage of speed. How was I to know he was not doing that? It's just one of any amount of calculations you consider when fighting." He nods. "Of course my plate's the best. I'm not going to wear inferior armour." He nods. "He is called The Scorpion. He did poison and rape a friend of mine. He did try and spit blood all over the bathhouses. He has been making threats to kill people. I have no prejudices against the Dornish people. I do have extreme prejudices against Manfryd." He frowns. "You know I lived in Dorne. My sister's married to a Dornishman, and I was almost married to Mariya Martell. That I sided with the Dornish when all were laying the blame for Wickham's Nest upon them, and I still do not believe they were to blame for that massacre. That I did all I could to have the Dornish in the city released from house arrest, because that was so wrong. That I name a number of Dornishmen amongst my friends." He's frowning, and shakes his head. "Rape isn't about sex. Not always. Sometimes it's about power. Maybe he wanted to look at the fear. Maybe he just prefers… I don't know. Ask Desmond Snow. Ask him about the accusations. I know you will not believe him either."

Daevon's counter that he knows about Dornish armor does not seem to surprise Lara at all, but she seems a little distracted now, accepting the refilled goblet from the barmaid, and having a good sip from it as if that would help to endure the current conversation. "So…" she muses after hearing his repeated accusations, "yes, it seems you have extreme prejudices against him." A shrug there of one shoulder, dark eyes shifting back to regard him, widening even when he refers to his betrothal to Mariya Martell. "Oh, I know, you were betrothed to the Princess." An odd flicker there in her gaze. "But the betrothal was broken, wasn't it?" A soft sigh there.

"You may have done things for the Dornish, prior to me arriving here. I've been in Oldtown for… half a year now?" The realization shocks her, obviously. Glaring at Daevon again when he continues to theorize about the motivation of rapists. "You seem to have thought a lot on the matter, have you not?" An assessing glance is given to him with most attentive brown eyes. "Even so, I suppose this is your first time, dealing with such a case?" A slight sharpness there to her tone. "It remains… a grave accusation. And you've succeeded in giving the Scorpion's name a taint. Who is a Qorgyle, just like the betrothed of your cousin, Ser Rhaegor. I wonder… If this duel may not have dealt the Dornish an even graver blow, than anything you accuse Ser Manfryd of. It threatens the bonds between the Houses Targaryen and Martell." She downs the rest of the wine in the goblet in one impressive swig. "If you'll excuse me now, ser? I may speak to Desmond Snow. I, for my part, am open to listen. But whether I shall believe what I hear depends on whether the Snow can offer more enlightenment than you already have." Lara moves to stand in one fluid movement, dark blue sandsilk rearranging itself about her form. "I wish you a good eve, Ser Maiden Knight."

Daevon looks sad as she mentions it was broken, glancing down at his drink. "While in Oldtown." He states. "You've missed the worst of it, hard as it might seem. When the Tyrell heir, I suppose, marched through the streets and had all the Dornish nobility arrested. When they were taken to the Hightower and held prisoner. The whole trial of the seven. The lynchings. That all was just before you arrived." He shakes his head. "His actions, his temper have been worse. I cannot abide seeing what he has done." He sighs, then nods. "I wish you a good eve then, yourself."

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