(122-12-21) Murky Dealings in Murky Lanes
Murky Dealings in Murky Lanes
Summary: Elyas and Keli help Wylla to start her business
Date: Date of play (21/12/2015)
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A snot-nosed urchin would have turned up at the manse's servants' entrance with an oral message for Wylla that a certain Dornish merchant had a delivery of wine at a certain stall where she had ordered Greenvalley Wine before. Apparently someone remembered that she isn't good at reading.

After the family had dinner, Wylla asks her mistress if she may take the evening to visit family, as well as see if more of her wine has come in. The permission is granted and she makes her way down to the market.

The market is winding down for the night, but Elyas is still waiting near the wine merchant's stall, exchanging some chatter with the man. His face lights up when he sees Wylla approach and he grins. "Hey, beautiful.", he greets her.

"Evening," Wylla grins, a little goofily. "How… how are you?" she asks, trying to sound casual.

"Oh, my evening just got so much better.", Elyas winks and offers her an arm to walk on. "Come along? I have found a few items you can start your business with, if you like…"

Wylla takes his arm. "Was… was the message from you? I was hoping it was," she chirps. "I don't exactly have the money to purchase the items from you now, though," she continues uneasily.

"Ah, you can pay me back some time, when you've earned your first dragons.", Elyas winks with a generous smile, "See it as a little investment in your future." He leads her away from the market into one of the many shadier little by-lanes that lead down to the harbour.

Wylla clings to Elyas as they wend their way into seedier parts of town. "Is… where are we going, exactly?" she asks.

"Near the harbour.", Elyas explains with a cheerful smile. "It's just the shorter way down there." The lane does get seedier though with ramshackle houses and badly dressed urchins loitering about. There's one urchin leaning in an archway leading into an open yard, who lifts a hand in greeting to Elyas and he heads that way. "Hey Keli.", he greets the urchin.

The gast girl has coated herself in a broad length of black, gauzy fabric as a makeshift cowl and cloak, a skinny and pale arm sliding out of it to wave back to him casually. She's guarding a small sacckloth bundle, slung over her shoulder, and looks as if she was expecting him. The smell of warm pastries wafts from the bag, perhaps a pleasant distraction from other ambient aromas.

"Hi there," Wylla says to the girl, looking around cautiously.

"Keli, this is Wylla, my new business associate.", Elyas introduces one girl to the other, then the other way around: "Wylla, this is Keli, she helps a little with …procurement. You got the stuff?", he asks Keli then and nudges them both into the shadier courtyard, where they can't be seen from outside.

Kelinyx says, "Aye. Stuck the bigger stuff in a nest fer safe keepin', but I can grab it now or just bring it to her next time she's at her shop. The rest is in here," the girl replies with a nod of greeting to Wylla, then a tap of the bag. "I got us something to eat, too, cuz there's lots of brandy to soak up in my belly." She does look a little puffy under the eyes."

Wylla watches carefully, making a conscious decision not to ask too many questions. "All right," she says with a quiet sort of determination. "Let me know what I need to do."

"She doesn't have a shop… yet.", Elyas replies with a little grin and looks at the bag. "Gimme that for now… do you have a safe place where you can store the goods before you sell them?", he asks Wylla while at the same time holding out a hand to Keli. Well she did mention food!

Nimble, long fingers quickly work loose a knot and each party is handed both a pastry and a small carved item, the sort of thing one buys for a wife while off on business, or perhaps a child or love interest; finely crafted metal images of a man's face with a blessing, another of a woman's body with a prayer for the maiden on it, a notch at the top of each indicating they are meant to be hung above a door for luck. "These aren't even hot, I just knew someone who needed them out of the way, so I got 'em light for ya. An extra. I kept one for myself, as it had the Imp on it." She casts them a wink, then gets to gnawing on her treat. "I suppose you could keep them, too, just for your own luck, but there are a few more in the bag you can sell." The bag is set down at Wylla's feet with a few heavy clinks, some glass items and wooden ones in there as well, from the sound of it.

Wylla blinks. "I… I mean, I have the chest by my bed, and it has a key…" Tears well up in her eyes. "Let me know what I owe you. Thank you. Both of you."

"Good girl!" Elyas beams at Keli when she explains what she's got. And that it isn't even hot. Just… luke-warm probably. "Well, looks like this can get you started, mhm?", he says, looking from the bag at her feet up to Wylla's eyes. "I'd say… you sell this and we split the money, thirty for you, thirty for you and forty for me." Either he's not that good at maths or he's just a bit crooked.

"I don't mind if it's just between you two. From what I learned grabbin' these, I feel I already got paid." Another wink, then the girl's stuffing her cheeks and sidling nearer Elyas, peeking about to see if he happens to have a wineskin on his person. "So what urged you to start up a shop? Gonna sell something special, or just sell better?" she asks of Wylla, though her eyes continue scouring the gent for a drink she presumes to be present.

"I'm not sure yet, to be honest. I only just realized this was a possibility. I'm… I guess I'm just figuring it out as I go." Wylla glances at Elyas. "If Keli doesn't want a cut, 60/40 is fair, since you're doing me a favor."

What, the gent might have drink? He actually does. But it is only now that the deal is settled, that he produces a wineskin so far invisible amid the folds of his black baggy pants. "I'll drink to that!", he tells Wylla when she suggests 60-40 and lifts the wine skin with a flourish. "How are we on cups?", he asks Keli. He might be afraid of catching girl cooties.

"I got a nice set, actually!" the child says with a perk, kneeling down to the bag and fishing out a quartet of stackable, shallow copper cups, not very fancy in crafting but with lovely poems of the Seven encircling their outer surface. "I was told these are for a ceremony, something about babies or new life. I don't have a fondness for pretend and wishes like the guy who made them, but they hold wine just fine." The palmable cups are distributed enthusiastically and Keli does a fine bit of puppy dog eyes for her helping. "Sorry if some of the stuff is boring, but it's all good enough to barter with, too."

Wylla raises an eyebrow at the girl's easy sacrilege. "And a lovely set they are, too."

"Will fetch a good price with someone who needs those for a baby ceremony and can't afford a new set.", Elyas nods in agreement to Wylla and opens the wineskin to fill three of the cups for them all. "To a successful career in business!", he toasts with a wink for Wylla.

Considering it for a moment, the girl flavors the toast. "To someone always needing to buy what we have to sell!" Drinking readily to this, Keli plops down on her rump, situating herself to best peer at entrances and exits of the courtyard and keep ears pricked for sounds carried by corridors.

"Elyas, it has been a few weeks. I visited the ceremonies yesterday, got ruddy on the brandy, too." Keli says, welcoming conversation as they drink and hide from the busy, noisy world outside.

"That stuff on the tourney grounds?", Elyas asks. That would explain the provenance of the bag of goodies. He wrinkles his nose. "Dainty ladies fiddling with flowers and lace to win a prize? Would have me ruddy on the brandy too."

"Oh it wasn't so awful. It's good to see Prince Dhraegon smiling and that not every tournament has to end with someone in infirmary for a month after." She wiggles her empty cup for a refill. "And did you hear? Prince Daevon let me have one of his horses! I'm going to start riding outside of the city and learning merchant roads."

Elyas obliges, pouring more wine for her. They -are- small cups after all and she's not -that- young anymore. "Well, suppose the prince has plenty horses to spare. Let me know when you need some backup in your new career as a highwayman.", he winks. "No scandal at the event then? No dragons doing the naughty?"

"Highwayman? You give me too much credit. I'd have to rob in a team, still, so I don't bother robbin' nobody." If that elicits concern from Wynne it would be soothed with another sly grin and wink from the worldly girl. "Thanks," she says for the drink, adding, "If anyone was doing things naughty it was probably better hid than normal. There was a song going around I heard, something about a clown n' flower, but not even Tybalt would teach it to me. I saw the foot painting, too."

Elyas frowns at that. "A… foot painting? What's the big deal about that? Even I could paint a fucking foot…"

A peal of laughter is her reply. "Precisely! But they say the foot means something. I don't know why everyone pretends that stuff to fuck shouldn't be talked about. If we just made a painting of an arse and hung it up, maybe people would get over it? Should we do this?" Keli teases. "Know anyone who can paint?"

"I'll paint you an arse.", Elyas promises and smirks. "I'll paint my arse blue, sit on parchment and call the result Art. Isn't that how it works?" He collects the now empty cups and stuffs them in Wylla's bag of goodies,then looks to the girl: "Come, I guess it's time to walk you home, mhm?"

"I… thank you," Wylla says, around the rim of her cup. She drains it and hands it back to Keli.

"It will be the talk of Old Town for years, I'm sure," Keli adds, stacking the cups back up after wiping them with her wrap and tucking away. "Take it all with you, since you have mister guardian there. Protect you from…well, folks like me! Good to meet you," Keli says, already slithering off into shadows the opposite direction.

"See you around, Keli.", Elyas smiles and picks up the bag to carry it for Wylla like a gentleman. He offers the girl his arm again to lead her safely through the now fairly dark and iffy lanes back to the brightness of Oldtown Square.

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