(122-11-09) A Forward Introduction
A Forward Introduction
Summary: Princess Aelflaed Targaryen comes to Oldtown and gets the most forward greeting she's likely had to date! Dirty Dornish!
Date: 11/09/2015
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Aelflaed is making her way down the street accompanied by a small group of ladies in waiting that are carrying various luggage and the like. She moves with an ethereal grace and ease that even without the various accompanying servants would easily mark her as a member of the upper class. Her eyes scan the area about her with a detached curiosity as if she had already decided she was too fine for such a place.

Come hither from the Herbalist Shop, was a sandy Dornishman. The leather wrapped robes synched around his physique, sashed and belts alike, with hands storing whatever he had purchased neatly in the pouches there upon. With a coiled whip at his side and a dagger settled on the other, he doesn't immediately strike any observers who peer at him, as being threatening. Though the way he walks with confidence, a strut, shoulders squared out and legs hitched forward with a casual stride suggests he doesn't anticipate anyone would wish to tangle with him. Or maybe exactly the opposite, baiting those who would think he was weaker for the lack of a longsword or some other gangly weapon at his hip. He stuffs something into his mouth, ripping it with his teeth, then saunters on after a spit to the side. That's when his attention picks up on the fluttering group of women, which has his lips half cocked and his steps abruptly directed to come across the lead mare's path.

Aelflaed and her procession are naturally stopped as a man comes across their path, though not a one of the group looks to be at all happy about this. What can only be the chief lady in waiting or handmaiden takes it upon themselves to step forward, looking to be more than slightly annoyed at the man's gall. "You approach the procession of Her Royal Highness, Princess Aelflaed Targaryen, what buisiness do you have?" she asks formally.

"Princess? By the Stranger's holy eye-" and a Targaryen! But he doesn't say that outloud as much as it becomes distinguished upon his features in the form of a grimace. The Dornishman glances at the handmaiden, brow quirked, then back to the Princess. LEERY like. That's just how Dornishmen were, they made you feel naked just by a considerably distinct look in dark eyes. "There was no business, exactly-" he shifts his one foot backward, pivots as if to let their troupe go by, before he adds thoughtfully, "You have no guards, Princess." A statement. "Ser Manfryd Qorgyle, at your service-" here he finally does something about lowering himself into some random shape of a bow, not necessarily his best, as if even his bow was some how flippant.

Aelflaed seems, at least on the outside, entirely unaffected by the glance or the behaviour of this stranger, taking it all in with the grace one could naturally come to expect of someone of her station. She nods politely and offers a charming smile. "I did, but i dismissed them back at the entrance to the town, as they have a long enough journey back to King's Landing and my Uncle without having to escort me a short distance to the Manse. Still if you wish to offer your service for the little travel we have left, I would hardly be one to refuse your gracious offer," she replies the complete picture of Ladylike behaviour.

Fortune favours the bold! Weren't there just a few envious looks cast his way when he takes a polite and most presumptuous position beside the Princess. "I'm going that way—" he notes, "When two travelers walk in the same direction, why refuse the company of the other?" Clearly even if she had said no, he would still some how position himself to walk with them. That was just the vibe one could glean from this sandy Dornishman. "Is that where you hailed from, King's Landing?"

Aelflaed smiles politely and nods, though it seems the ladies maids are far less pleased with the man than the princess is, for they glare daggers of warning into his back. "Yes, i'm a cousin of the king's so I grew up in Kings Landing. My family decided that I should be sent here in order to remain safe until a marriage could be arranged for me, or until my family here decides on a suitable match for me," she explains with a nod.

Manny, as if he can sense the glares, shoots a look over his shoulder at the ladies, giving them a scandalous sneer that promised much a haughty Dornishman could! It might even appear that he has taken a step CLOSER to the Princess as his hands slip behind his back, walking with the pride of an over zealous King, clearly not what a minor noble from some sandy pit in the South should be expected to do! He's breaking all the rules and clearly thrives on it. The announcement that she was a cousin of the /real/ king, at least the dragon king, has his lips twitch with amusement. He chuckles at some unknown joke. Then offers, "Marriage. Do you get to have some fun, spread your wings while you wait?" He glances over at her, "Under the Sun, the Dornish way is exhilarating , I promise you that."

Aelflaed giggles playfully and though she does nothing overt to encourage his attentions to her, she is all feminine charm and grace. A modest blush and shy glance, walking closely with him, each move clearly intended to draw him in and closer to him as an attraction. "Oh I assure you Ser, I plan to truly enjoy my life now that I have some freedom, there are, after all, no rules until I am married," she replies easily, a small smirk tugging at her features.

The woman /doesn't/ have to do anything to encourage him - he's Dornish and he's living up to that reputation fabulously. His dark eyes come up against the feminine charm with ease, settling a prowlers grin on his face. Oh he liked this. He could feel the maddening flush of the ladies behind him as he was very crass about the attention he was giving to the Princess. If she was throwing out a hook to bait him with, his mouth clamped down around it swiftly. "What shall you do with your freedom… or rather-" he /makes/ a gesture of his head coming in closer to lower his voice but his pitch stays the same, absolutely scandalous for the ladies in waiting to hear, brash Dornish style, "Who will you do?"

Aelflaed giggles playfully and tilts her head, seeming quite content to bring him deeper and deeper into her web as she shamelessly flirts. "I take it you would have some suggestions on that end no?" she purrs playfully with a giggle. "I'm the princess i shall do whom i choose," she contiues playfully with a wink.

The shameless flirting is Dornish style. The women there are quite as loose as the men, so it wasn't a problem to slip into such outrageous advances. "You can count your blessings at the Maiden's feet, I sure do—" his chin tilts at the giggles that he is managing from the Princess. She was certainly not as the others were, with their games and having to chase them and all their eye rolling … Finally a girl that knew what life was about! Cocky now, he grins, "As a Princess, you could sample the Seven Kingdoms!"

Aelflaed giggles playfully and winks. "I'm not sure i'm /quite/ that free, but i can most certainly have my pick," she purrs playfully with a nod. "But beleive me, i intened to have my pick and my fun with my newfound freedom," she continues softly seeming to be entirely calm and in her element, as though her behaviour was perfectly natural and in her element. Even her ladies maids have given up their glares, as if they now understand what is occuring.

"You could, like one would with a flower amongst a garden. Thankfully, I'm not grown in a garden — I'm more exotic than that. A rare pick. A damn good pick if I say so myself—" the arrogance is just oozing off him, helped along by her encouragements, be they playful to stir a man's hopes. He plods along beside her, his head swinging loosely from side to side with his strides, to gaze upon the faces of those who are awestruck by the Princess and notice him by her side. Pleased with himself, glittering dark eyes with the intensity of the sun burning within, falls upon the Princess, "What better fun could you have than with me?"

Aelflaed giggles softly and nods. "Indeed, though i confess, i can hardly call you the rarest pick when you are the only flower I have seen in the garden yet," she points out playfully with a smirk. "Still I have little reason to doubt your words, and you certainly must be the most exotic," she replies with a playful smirk.

"They say I have a fierce prick-" or he says. His eyes gleam. He really was talking to a Princess in a fashion, "They don't call me the Scorpion without cause-" he amuses to himself over it, "I sting but if you endure it," he rolls his shoulders with a hitch in his step. Oh he liked this one. Until he chides her, "I'm not a flower. You missed my point." His tone implied she was stupid for that. Still, he wandered on, swelling with pride and smugness with each step. He was so confident of this conquest. "The boldest. You don't see any of your soft Northmen walking by you side in such a way, do you?"

Aelflaed chuckles softly and shakes her head, seeming entirely unaffected by your tone, as if your oppinion held little matter in the grand scheme of things. Still she is as charming and flirtatious as ever while the pair of you walk. "It seems we are arriving at our destination. Truly I thank you for your wonderful company and efficient services as a guard," she replies playfully with a smirk.

The destination is garnered a quick flash of a look, for the Princess means to dismiss him. Lucky for her, she can't boss a Dornish around. Not truly anyway. Not without being a Martell-Targaryen. Even that has met with some resistance! "That was merely the beginning. I can escort you all the way to your bedchambers." Oh very forward. The sandy dornishman simply leers at her, as if he's already imagining what he would do to ravish her properly. "I would act your guard for any occasion," he offers, "Especially if you get in the habit of dismissing your boorish lackeys. You see the difference, the flavour I can bring to your company?" So why not invite him up, so says his tone!

Aelflaed chuckles softly and grins. "Though /I/ would certainly not mind that, I have a feeling that my guards would be quick to reject your attempts at getting past the entryway. Though I must confess the temptation to take you into my guard is a strong one and I shall definately give it some consideration," she purrs playfully with a giggle as her ladies maids gather around her, all but screaming for the annoying and all too forward man to simply make himself scarce.

"I would gut them all should they reject me when you clearly have /not/ …" He is feisty, a single minded knight, one who will likely live fast and die young with such self-assured posturing as he carries on with. There is a smirk for her confession of being taken into her guard a strong one. His eyes watch the ladies maids all closing in around the Princess, realizing that he was losing some grasp of the situation with their pointed looks. Yet, he wasn't one to flee, never flee. "Will I have to break the teeth of every man that stands in my way for you, Princess…" hot blooded.

Aelflaed chuckles softly and smiles. "We only just met and you would be willing to do that, you truly are a romantic one," she purrs playfully with a nod. "Still, my room isn't even prepared so even if you were to defeat each of the countless guards who would try to stop us, i wouldn't have a room for you to ravish me in, perhaps another time when things are more…..settled?" she suggests playfully.

"You clearly do not know me —" he tells her as he takes a step forward, as if not willing to let her get away, "We wouldn't need a room. My arms are strong-" he promises with a slight flex. Because really, he has to back up that sentiment with a little showing! "You will cast me off, such as this? I delight in your company, now is not the time to go into hiding when there is such promising fun to be had. Room, floor, wall… garden. It makes no difference."

Aelflaed giggles playfully and lets out a purr taking a step forward, as to what end not even the seven might know, but is cut off by her cheif lady in waiting. "Alright this game has run it's course. I will do /you/ the favour Ser, of not informing this girls relatives, the princes, princesses, king, and queen of the country you currently inhabit that you are behaving so disrespectfully and very likely save your head in the process. You will leave our presence now and be on your way," she states as the princess is ushered inside without getting a word in edgewise.

The chief lady in waiting is met with a glittering anger, a fury for her interruption. "Hag-" he tells her, without reservation, "You interrupt—!" His teeth gnash together for her litany of titles to which she could surely go running to. "Nay old woman, cannot you see she hasn't felt disrespected in the least! Your legs have been too long closed and webs grow between them. COB WEBS!" He shouts at their fleeing backs, "Hardly knows what to do with a man I bet!" She might not even be old, but that matters not. He tugs on his leathers as he rocks back on his heels, proud of himself. Grinning actually.

Aelflaed is gone into the house now but the lady remains for a few moments longer. "Wether the Princess herself is disrespected or not does not matter, your actions are shameful to her and yourself, and i assure you that if you continue your pursuit, you will realize just what happens when you anger the royal family," she states simply before turning on her heel and following the group into the house.

Manfryd flags a hand at the woman who stays behind, "Do not lecture me old woman! I will pursue her if I desire it so. Or didn't you hear her? She can pick, freely, as she wishes." He watches the maid haughtily walk off, grinning further, "Let the dragons come, then." His hands flexed, his head rolled, his shoulders uplifted, then he pivoted upon his heel and went on his way.

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