(122-10-18) Chocolate Hightowers and Dragon Blood
Chocolate Hightowers and Dragon Blood
Summary: Another Tyrell Garden Party
Date: 18/10/2015
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In honour of the impending great nuptials in Oldtown, the Tyrells have invited the happy couple as well as other nobles to one of their many garden parties. This one has motifs of the Hightower and Targaryen families though to clarify for who this party is held. There's a cold buffet lined up under the protective roof of a golden pavilion and a small band - most would know them from being musicians at the Whimsy - are entertaining the first guests that are slowly piling in. Loryn Tyrell, dressed in his finest golden and green colours, is on hand to greet arrivals and tell them to get comfortable. There are seating areas arranged - the stone benches of the gardens padded with cushions, a few tables and chairs set in groups and so on - but there is also place for just standing around to chat amid the beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Dhraegon is in one of his new long Dornish inspired layered silk tunics, this one in black, red, and white, his long hair up in an elaborate braided confection. He arrives with Flox firmly in tow and approaches his host, eyes lowered and blushing a little, "It was kind of you to do this, Loryn. you have such lovely gardens.

What appears at first as a tangle of fabric, clothes and limbs, later makes itself clearer as Kelinyx, but one wrapped in morning glory vines and flowers. They're a bit haphazard, decoration not disguise, and it is with a bright smile that she dashes toward Dhraegon, arms open - screw lines, it's the pre party and Keli demands celebration.

Loryn smiles at the Targaryen prince and offers him a respectful bow. "You are very welcome, your Highness. Do make yourself comfortable -" He gestures towards the seating areas and the waiters walking about offering drinks. "I trust the happy bride will soon join us as well?", he inquires since he hasn't heard otherwise. "I have a new singer from the Whimsy, who'll soon offer some tunes here as the musical highlight of the evening.", he reveals proudly - then gets interrupted by the new arrival. "Well, hello Keli!"

She realizes that many had the same idea, Prince Dhraegon beset by guest after guest clamoring to not be shown up by some scrawny kid when it comes to displays of favor. She's squeezed out of the way, laughing the whole time, and winds up deposited right where Loryn was, pinched on all sides by a flock of eager guests. "Oh, hi, there!" Now he gets a waist-clinging hug from the flower girl.

"Oh, hey!", Loryn grins and wraps an arm around Keli's shoulders to hug her back. "Good to see you. No flying for you tonight.", he winks and takes a few steps away from Dhraegon and his admirers so they can talk in peace. "I got a new singer to present and…" he looks shifty. "A new noble lady wants introductions. My mother foisted her on me."

"You should introduce her to your best side, then. Just talk about how handsome all the man-mummers look to her, admire their voices and jaws to her." Giggling, Keli prods at his midsection a few times.

"It may be more than that.", Loryn admits, wrinkling his nose with a sideglance at Keli. "Since she's come here, she's been going on about me needing to get married…" He lets it sit there. For some reason he feels like he can talk to the girl.

"Why everyone wanna get married? I never understood it. Never saw a dog or a cat or a bird do it, not an ox or a horse or a pig. Why should a person? We're cleverest, so why give up our libburity?"

"Beats me.", Loryn grumbles at Keli and shrugs. "I certainly don't want to… but tell that to my mother." He and Keli have stepped aside while some other people have pounced to greet Dhraegon, giving the bunch around the prince some space.

Dhraegon looks frankly alarmed at being surrounded but is soon hugging people and carrying on in his usual way, though casting the occational panikiy glance Keli's way in hopes of rescue.

Indeed, His Grace was outright rushed by guests who didn't want to lose out to Keli for looking like they're his best chum, so as Lory and she finish whatever little chatter, she looks back up to the man of the hour. "To me, it sounds like if maybe you got treats for it…but…since I know how to live without a job or a house, contracts seem funny." She snickers a bit, urging Lory to help her rescue their friend the Prince.

Loryn just glowers at Keli when she snickers, but decides that enough has been said for now. "Come, let's rescue the prince, he looks like he's about to run away.", he whispers and steps throw the other guests to look at Dhraegon directly. "Come, your Highness, you need to try this new punch we have made specificially in your honor. We've called it dragon's blood.", he explains and tries to nudge him away towards the pavilion where a big bowl of very red punch is waiting. A servant is filling tiny glasses and handing them out to curious guests.

Dhraegon brightens at the suggestion of punch. Flox looks rather worried about the punch's contents, but they are soon hurrying after Loryn, the peculiar Prince in the lead. Dhraegon flashes both his rescuers his biggest, goofiest smile.

Keli more leaps and trots than just walking alongside them, excited to be excited and full of mindless energy. "It is special punch made by Lory, get you drunk and loud and roary!" Needless to say she's offering a huge smile to whoever distributes, arms extended, hands open.

Loryn doesn't clarify that it wasn't exactly him who had dreamed up the concoction but goes with the glory that comes with the rhyme. "I hope it won't get you too roary.", he winks at her, while the servant quickly fills a glass for Dhraegon first to hand it to him. More glasses are filled for Flox, Keli and Loryn and distributed. "I believe it contains cherry, raspberry and elder.", the latter explains. And judging by the smell, some alcohol indeed.

Dhraegon looks shifty at Keli's description, "I… should stay sober. Maybe just one. Or two." He does take the glass eagerly and tries a sip, "I do like to try new things to eat and drink!"

She sips, starting with good intentions at least, and tries to hook arms with Lory. "I won't roar until dragon time! It will terrify the huddled masses!" The girl tugs on towards foods now, golden tent of golden treats, the girl is in absolute heaven right now, so many of her beloved indulgences in one place; snacks, booze, friends to harass.

Loryn seems pleased by their reactions to the Dragon's Blood punch and moves on. "Come, I was going to show you this with the Lady Marsei on your side, but sinec she isn't here yet…" He leads them to a table on which a huge chocolate confection has been created… a Hightower made of chocolate, filled with marzipan and other rich goodness indeed.

Dhraegon is always easily led towards food, his neck crainiung to see if there are cakes. His eyes go wide at the sight of the hightower confection and he leans forwards as if tempted to wrap his lips around the tip. An alarmed flox tries to grab his arm….

Keli gawks, eyes bulging, then tumbles back on to her rump, giggling like mad with sides clutched, legs kicking. Well, at least the graceless, squirming kid strewing ground-up morning glories and risking modesty in the process might distract from too many harpy-tongued parties spotting the Prince's innocent gesture.

Loryn clears his throat when he sees Dhraegon make a move for the tip of the Hightower. "Erm, your Highness, should we not wait until Lady Marsei is here to see this confection in its full glory?", he tries to stop the man. "Have some more punch instead? And there are also delicious almond cakes…" He tries to divert the man to a plate full of said little square cakes, covered in chocolate as well, before he turns back to see what on earth Keli is doing… while curious nobles already assemble to stare at her. There may be whispers about "The Tyrell's strange theatre friends" somewhere.

Luckily Loryn and Flox between them manage to divert Dhrae from impending disaster. "Do these cakes have jam in them?" The Prince is soon popping one in his mouth to see for himself.

"I've got JAM!" she barks, as if under puppet control, then the girl springs to her feet, dusts off the last plant particles, and green stains aside seems right as rain, back to that helping of punch and now a stack of cakes to cradle at her chest during assembly.

"Maybe you shouldn't be getting punch at your age.", Loryn tells Keli, though he's clearly teasing her. And yes, the almond cakes do indeed have a bit of jam inside them, thick red cherry jam. The single cherry planted on top of each cake might be a hint. "Shall we go and find seats?", he suggests, to Dhraegon in particular. Anything to get him away from the chocolate Hightower, "The singer will be performing soon."

Dhraegon squeals happily at the decovery and is soon washing a number of them down with the punch, though he does cast lustful glances at the elicious tower Loryn has eected for his future wife's amusement. These are wonderful!" Flox is rather firm in steering his Prince away from temptation and towards the seats Loryn has indicated.

A small stage has been erected at the far end of the garden this time, under a canopy of two tall trees. Colourful paper lanterns are strung between the trees to provide ambient lighting. There are some comfortable chairs on two sides of the stage meant for the high nobility guests on one side and the elderly Tyrell aunties and uncles on the other side. The area right in front of the stage is empty with some cushions strewn about, so people can sit or lie down however they like. Loryn, of course, steers Dhraegon to the seats for the high nobility.

Once the towering temptation is out of view, the Prince is easily steered, though he does keep a good hold on his plate of cakes and remaining punch.

Two musicians have moved onto the stage already, a flutist and a drummer, entertaining the arrivals with light orchestral music. The singer is a raven-haired beauty from across the Narrow sea, wearing a bright red and rather sexy outfit. She has brought her own small harp along to accompany herself, playing it while standing up. For now she just plucks at the strings waiting for everyone to be seated.

Dhraegon leans towards Loryn, "Will there be puppets, do you think?" After pause, "That woman has fewer petals than most!"

"I do not think there will be puppets… but hopefully you will enjoy her music.", Loryn replies, "Excuse me for a second…" He hops onto the stage to introduce the young woman, Selaine of Volantis, who came to Oldtown on a boat a few days ago and whose voice enchanted Loryn on first hearing. For the evening, she will offer some songs from her home, upbeat tunes as well as romantic ballads. Once the introduction has been done, Selaine steps forward for the first song and Loryn resumes his seat by Dhraegon's side.

Dhraegon looks rather disapointed about the puppets, but he listens attentively to the introduction and is soon consoled by another cake. After some thought he comments to Loryn, "That is a long way to travel."

"I will make puppets," she reassures, "From napkins and jam." Keli looks proud of her plot, nearly whispered to the Prince, and only then fills her cheeks with gooey sweet pastries.

The singer from Volantis may have travelled far, but she milks her exotic looks and accents as good as she can, moving seductively as she sings and plucks on her little harp from time to time. The musicians provide a mellow beat on the drum and lilting melody on the flute. The first elderly Tyrell uncle seems to be getting hot under the collar already and vacates his seat to flee to the drinks pavilion.

Dhraegon giggles, "We should play puppets and poppets when we get home later. Peri gave me a stuffed animal to go with Princess Lotus, did you know?" He looks rather confused by the way she is moving, "Why does she sway like that? Has she been at the punch?"

Delighted in seeing the people around her relaxed and taken into the dream, she is content to think about puppets and not worry too much for blushing old men. "I did not! Is it a tiger, or a dragon, or a bear, or a giant beetle perhaps?!"

Meanwhile two elderly Tyrell aunties are already shooting dark looks at Loryn across the stage. One makes a "come hither!" gesture with her index finger and gets to her feet. "Excuse me.", Loryn mumbles to Dhraegon and Keli, "Thinks I'm about to be killed…" And with that rather alarming announcement he heads over to face his aunties' complaints about hiring such a beautiful exotic singer.

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