(122-08-17) Ships, Sailing and Relation-
Ships, Sailing and Relation-
Summary: Lord Gaffrey invites Prince Jurian to discuss the accusations made by Lord Julien.
Date: Date of play (16/MM/2015)
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Solar - Garden Isle Manse Sphinx Street

Sun Aug 16, 122 ((Sun Aug 16 15:22:23 2015))

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The manse's solar lies behind a pair of ornately carved oaken doors. The floor of the room is a beautiful and shiny surface of polished red granite. There are three large tables of polished mahogany, along with several scattered wooden chairs. Between the bookcases are plush divans, each covered in a rich, fleecy upholstery that makes them very comfortable for reclining.

Sconces designed to hold torches are mounted on the walls all around the room. There are also smaller scones inset into some of the bookcases. These beeswax candles cast enough light to illuminate parts of the room.

The solar is rather well stocked with books, volumes, and tomes of various sizes. There are likewise many scrolls stored in a rack along the east wall. Tapestries depicting scenes of hunting and epic battles hang on the north, east, and west walls. High, arched windows line the south wall, overlooking Sphinx Street, and in the distance, the domes and spires of the Starry Sept can be seen.

An invitation was delivered to Prince Jurian in response to comments made during a meet between Lord Gaffrey Tyrell and one Lord Julien Ashford. The kindly worded invitation requested that the Prince join this Tyrell at his Riverside cottage to discuss the matters concerning Lord Julien and his son. The powerful merchant sits now in a large chair near an open window behind an ornate desk. He is quietly reading paper with via the aide of a crystalline looking glass. The object is just a sculpted piece of quartz used to enlarge the letters.

Jurian sends a respectful reply that he will attend, and shows up at the appointed hour. He does move slowly, being that he has recently been injured, but he seems rather formal in his bearing nevertheless. A servant surely shows him in and announces his identity. "Lord Gaffrey," he says. "You were kind enough to invite me."

Lord Gaffrey looks up and the ruddy faced man squints at the intrusion until the servant announces it was the Prince. That new causes the white haired man to break out in a wide grin. "Prince Jurian, please forgive if I don't take my feet as you enter… The gout has seen to taking them first. Useless things as of late." He gestures warmly to a chair across from his desk- the same one Lord Julien had used only the day before. "If it pleases, take a seat My Prince." Lord Gaffrey pushes his papers aside and waves a servant over with a subtle gesture. "Can I offer an refreshment? Did you enjoy the bottle of Dornish Red my boy you last week? I would gladly crack open another bottle at your word."

"Think nothing of it," Jurian replies rather graciously, though he does have that hard-to-read expression with a tendency to stare on. He helps himself to the seat, and then lifts his brows at the offer. "I admit, I found it very refreshing. And as welcome as the company. I could hardly turn it down now, either."

Without a word the same lazy hand motion sends the servant away to swiftly procure the vino. "I must admit, the way Clovis speaks of you I'd taken to assuming you were friends. Yet, Lord Julian Ashford came in here, while my boy is away on business unable to defend himself, and went on about how he'd bumbled some sort of matchmaking scheme for you." The bulk of a man leans back in his high backed chair causing it to groan in quiet protest with the gesture. "I find the best place to view a situation like this if from the bottom.. I hardly got this far in life taking cues from young lads on how to raise my son. Has Clovis offended you, My Prince?" And here comes the wine.

"I consider Clovis a favorite of mine," Jurian says unblinkingly, with that strange manner of his that can somehow manage to seem placid and intense all at once. "There is no offense fron him. He suggested I meet a young lady with a connection to your house, as I have told him that I am thinking of marrying. I met with the young lady and her brother, Lord Julien, and I found her to be unsuitable. The brother neglected to tell her what the purpose of the meeting was, but she would be unsuitable either way."

Lord Gaffrey nods very slowly as he took in this new information from the Prince. "Every story has so many sides. I trust yours most, regardless of whose House the Ashfords claim to serve." There is slightly hitched sigh and the wine is passed out by the servant, Gaffrey swirls his around the glass before taking a sip. "My eager Clover, he sometimes gets ahead of himself. I am overjoyed to hear you aren't holding this disaster against him. He's got enough on his plate this week.." There is a long pause as he drew his jowls back in an old man's attempt at a winning grin. "Still accept my forgiveness for any inconvenience cast your way. If it pleases, as you exit select any painting you see on the way out. My son mentioned you enjoy the art. Fermandy will wrap it for you and have it delivered tonight." His servant nods once smartly. "Before you go though, linger long as you prefer…"

Jurian tilts his head slightly. "I need not take your paintings from their home," he says. "But you are very kind. And your son has shown me many kindnesses, as well. It was perhaps a doomed match to begin with, but he attempted it in the first place to cheer me, I think." He presses his lips together. "If Lord Julien spoke of my feelings, he had no right to do so. Your son is young, he has much to learn, but his heart is ever in the right place." He finally helps himself to a sip of that wine, rolling it over his palate before he asks, "Is he chasing the Silkworm? Will he take it by force?"

"If you would rather not that is your royal prerogative but believe me, they can be replaced. I have ships laden with paintings passing through port every few months. If you do not see one today I will have one selected from a future batch." The thought of his son having to fight causes the old man to require another sip of wine. "He is and he may, word is one of my associates in Qarth is holding the ship by promising the pirates a wealthy buyer is coming in from abroad. Clovis may be playing the buyer, unless the ship can be snuck out of port. Plans are very much in flux still…"

"Perhaps I will leave the choice of a suitable work to you or your sun," Jurian replies, inclining his head in thanks when the offer is repeated. He heaves a faint sigh and drinks a little more wine. "I hope things shall not come to violence."

"I have friends in many corners of this mortal coil. Many friends make light work, my hope is it will not come to violence either but Clovis does need to see the world. He'll be taking over for me before too long." Another long sip of wine holds the conversation for a moment, curtailed by Gaffrey remarking, "He's got my best guards at his side. Either way."

Jurian sips the wine and nods once. "The world is a cruel place. We must all live in it. This is what your retainer girl failed to understand."

"Aye. The young never seem to see the pain until it is thrust upon them. I would have made the trip myself but Clovis is ready for some of the wide world… He's a capable actor and clever shot- if nothing else." Gaffrey has finished his glass of wine but he does not have another. His health forbid too much indulgence in these late years. "I only hope the ship is intact, that was to be the vessel carrying Lady Marsei's wedding silks. I'll be months behind in the garment world if she was taken."

"I should have him practice archery with me," Jurian replies to that information. "I would never have known he had such skills. He is modest." He frowns at the news that it is Marsei's silks that are delayed. "If that is the cargo, I will provide aid if it is needed."

"That is quite generous, not only to offer aide but to call my ham of a son modest." Gaffrey let's out a jolly laugh which causes his considerable gut to hitch with each note. A jolly sort of sight, "I will keep you offer in mind and see to it that the raven keeps you informed as to developments with The Silkworm." The latter remark a tich more serious than the former.

Jurian smiles a little, eyes narrowing just slightly, with pleasure or with calculation. "I would appreciate the news. You have been kind."

"Think nothing of it, it my pleasure to serve the Realm." He nods his head to Jurian once and his jowly face waddles about below his chin with the effort. "Have a good day, My Prince."

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