(122-08-17) A new songbird at Garden Isle
A new songbird at Garden Isle
Summary: Loryn hosts another musical soiree to introduce a new singer
Date: 17/08/2015
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Invitations had been sent for the latest Musical Soiree at Garden Isle. Loryn Tyrell promised refreshments under the sky, expensive drinks and a musical discovery. Right now the garden is still quiet as the first guests begin to arrive. Lanterns have been strung between the trees to create a beautiful atmosphere and a servant is busy with an open barbecue in one corner. Loryn Tyrell himself, splendidly dressed in Tyrell greens and golden thread, stands in the middle of the garden, welcoming an elderly couple before guiding them towards a bench covered with comfy cushions.

Eleanor has received the invitation as promised, and shows up dressed in a jewel blue gown that is rather flattering to her pale eyes and dark hair, with black lace trim, and a matching black lace fan, since the whole thing will be occurring out of doors. She is accompanied by a rather large man, dressed in much more subdued colours, and who must be a servant or a guard, judging by the way he hovers just behind her right shoulder, without interfering or introducing himself.

After she is shown in, Eleanor lingers just beyond the entryway, admiring the pretty lamps, and giving a pretty but shy smile to anyone whose gaze she might happen to meet. She doesn't bother the host, at first, since he seems occupied with other guests when she arrives.

Loryn does notice the appearance in the entrance, so as soon as the oldbies are safely seated, he heads over to greet her with a bow. "Lady Eleanor, what a pleasure to see you!", he greets her warmly, "I do hope you will enjoy your first soiree here at Garden Isle. Please help yourself to some refreshment -" He nods towards one of the serving wenches passing with a tray of drinks, "Food will be ready in a while. I'm afraid the star of the evening hasn't arrived yet." He pauses for a moment, then smiles brightly. "Dare I say, you look absolutely ravishing tonight?"

Eleanor smiles brightly, but glances down a little, then up, flushing pink at the compliment. "The garden looks absolutely lovely," she offers quietly, and accepts a drink when it's offered, though she only holds it for now. "You really are too kind, Ser Loryn. You're looking rather striking yourself." It's probably notable that she has a lot easier time meeting his eyes now that he's properly dressed.

"Thank you, Mylady.", he replies, looking rather chuffed at the compliment. "We're having a band from the Whimsy in first -" He nods to a small stage set up in front of the pool, where three men in gaudy colorful clothes are setting up shop with a flute, a drum and a lyre. "Perhaps you'd do me the honor of a dance later tonight?", he asks hopefully.

Eleanor follows the nod to spot the stage being set up, and her eyes light up at the sight. Apparently she's a fan of music. When her gaze shifts back to Loryn, she does seem truly pleased, though she half-hides her smile behind the fan. "I'm sure that would be just splendid. Though I'm afraid I may not know the most popular dances. You might have to teach me…"

"I'd be happy to.", Loryn assures her, "I expect my cousin Clovis to join us in a while, too - he's the dancer in the family and there isn't a dance he does not know. Are you hungry?", he wonders and begins steering her towards the barbecue. Mouth-watering smells emanate from that corner of the garden and a small line is already starting to form for the freshly grilled meats.

"I see… Well, I shall look forward to meeting him and dancing with both of you, then!" Eleanor allows herself to be steered toward the barbecue, while her chaperone follows at a respectful distance. "It does smell just wonderful, doesn't it? I couldn't possibly resist."

The grill is covered with a variety of goodies: kebobs of various sorts of meat, plain steaks, some vegetarian options and whole fish tied with thin string to keep them from falling apart. "I'd recommend the turkey - brought in from the farm this morning only.", Loryn explains the goodies on display, "And the fish is straight here from the river. Our boys caught them this morning. Ah and there's our traditional Highgarden salad…" He gestures towards a huge bowl of assorted greenery with bits on a table laden with extras.

Eleanor glances between the options as Loryn makes his recommendations, and then decides, "Well, in that case, I shall have to take your recommendation and have the fish with a bit of the salad," she decides. The fan gets folded up and dropped to dangle from a string that wraps around her wrist so that she can claim a plate for herself. "Perhaps this will sound terribly ignorant, but what makes it specifically a /Highgarden/ salad?" she wonders, with a little half-smile.

Loryn is stumped by that question. "I… er… I'm not sure.", he admits, "It's always been called that. All ingredients are from Highgarden. Rare vegetables that only grow in our gardens." He helps by loading some of the salad onto her plate, followed by a fish from the barbecue.

The Musical Soiree is only just beginning as people start milling around the barbecue to help themselves to good food. Laterns are strung between the trees and there are small seating groups and cushions strewn about. A small stage has been set up were presently three musicians from the Whimsy play jaunty tunes. Loryn Tyrell is standing by the barbecue, explaining culinary delights to a young lady.

Said young lady seems properly fascinated by the explanation. "Ah, I see… How luxurious!" Eleanor admires the effect of the salad on her plate, even as she moves out of the way to allow someone else to serve themselves. "I've never been to Highgarden, before," she chatters, all naive innocence as she follows the topic of the conversation. "Is it as lovely as they say it is?"

Alyssandra is, likely, one of these last guests, who were hestiant to come and that is why they were late, or who wanted to get more attention to themselves.
She is currently wearing a floor-length gown which continues up to the top of the neck, with long sleeves descending to the wrist at the top and continuing down in a tapered point on the bottom to roughly knee-length. The gown is white with an orange over-gown which covers the majority of the under-gown and sleeves, leaving the front of the under-gown exposed aside from some orange lacing criss-crossing from the under-bust down to the navel. Around her neck is a necklace of gold and white moonstones, from which a larger white moonstone hangs as a pendant.
A bit atypical of a young noblewoman is the presence of a finely crafted wooden cane. Polished with an ornate design. The palm-grip of the cane is orange in color, carved into the top of the grip is the white sun of House Ashford.
So, maybe she didn't want the attention after all. She is not gliding in like most of these pretty ladies. She is limping in.
The young redhead moves through the shadows, trying to be unnoticed. She looks over all the guests and Loryn with that lady. They do look busy, so Alyssandra is not ready to jump into the conversation. She settles somewhere not far away and just observes the surrounding a bit more.
Today an old old Septa is with this young woman, and twin guards. Really handsome guards. Like dolls.

"Oh it is, Mylady, it is. Our gardens there are second to none in the realm.", Loryn says rather proudly though it comes across as genuine pride and not as boasting. "These…. bits there -" He points at bits of little red vegetable in the garden, "They are really rare and grow only in our gardens. I think a grandfather or something once brought them from travels. They are spicey, so beware.", he winks.

He straightens to help himself to a plate and food, when he suddenly spots the redhead he had been waiting for. "Oh, I believe our star for the evening has arrived.", he remarks to Eleanor, "Come, I shall introduce you." He heads off, apparently expecting the young Florent to follow as he heads over to where Alyssandra is.

Eleanor watches with apparently rapt fascination in her wide eyes, as she nibbles delicately on a small piece of greenery. "It sounds wonderful. I should like to see it someday…" She trails off, however, as the topic changes to the new arrival, and she follows along in Loryn's wake. She is one of the graceful-gliding crowd, though she looks rather curious to see who it is that Loryn will introduce her to.

Even if Alyssandra was staring at the crowd with one eye, another was watching Loryn. So, when she sees the man coming closer to her, the redhead takes her cane, leans it against the ground and pushes herself from the bench. She bows her head to him and his partner, "My lord, my lady…" her soft voice adresses, "Alyssandra Ashford," she also introduces herself to Eleanor.

"A pleasure to see, Lady Alyssandra.", Loryn greets, "We cannot wait to hear your lovely voice once more, but please help yourself to some refreshments from the barbecue first.", he offers, gesturing towards said barbecue which is manned by a Tyrell servant. "Lady Alyssandra, this is Lady Eleanor Florent, newly arrived in Oldtown herself. A great lover of music.", he adds with a smile, then leans forward to whisper something directly into Alyssandra's ear.
You whisper, "I've invited the prince, too. I hope he'll come." to Alyssandra.

Eleanor smiles back at Alyssandra. She has one of those faces that makes her look kind of simple, with large eyes and a round face, but she seems harmless enough. "Good evening, Lady Alyssandra," she murmurs, as she's introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you. You /must/ try the Highgarden salad. It's simply splendid." If she finds the whispering to be rude, it certainly doesn't show, as she glances to the side, apparently distracted by the music as she nibbles a piece of lettuce.

"A pleasure to meet you, lady Eleanor," Alyssandra offers a polite smile to the other woman, "Welcome to the Oldtown!" The redhead looks at the barbecue and flinches a bit as if some kind of bad memories strikes her. She shakes her head a bit, "Thank you for the kind offer, but if I am going to sing… I need just some cold lemonade, if possible."
She closes her eyes, when Loryn leans closer to whisper something and lets a quiet "Mhhhmm…" out, quickly looking at the entrance to the gardens.

"Of course, of course… better to eat after the performance.", Loryn agrees and grins a bit. "I'll make sure some of the Highgarden salad is saved for you. Excuse me for a moment…" He turns to scare up a glass of lemonade for Alyssandra, leaving the two ladies alone for a few minutes. Alas, the entrance remains devoid of princes. But Loryn returns with the requested lemonade and a glass of wine for himself. "Tell me, Lady Eleanor, do you have any favorite songs you might like to hear tonight?"

Eleanor continues to nibble here and there, enough to show appreciation for the food without seeming unladylike. Perhaps it's shyness that keeps her quiet, or perhaps it's an empty head, but whatever the case, she merely smiles politely at Lady Alyssandra while Loryn is away, and glances up when he returns with a slightly surprised look at the question. "Oh! Well… I do rather enjoy…" She names a slightly provincial folk tune, fairly well-known but not particularly difficult. "I'm sure /someone/ must know it."

Lady Alyssandra stays quiet, when Loryn leaves too. She just doesn't have what to tell to newly met lady. When the man comes back, she reaches for the glass and takes a huge gulp of that drink. Totally not like a lady. More like someone who spent some time in the desert.
"I do know that song!" The young woman admits, when she hears Eleanor's favorite one.

Loryn looks pleased when Alyssandra mentions that she knows the song. "Ah, excellent.", he remarks in a delighted tone. "The musicians are ready for you, whenever you wish to start.", he explains, looking around at the fairly well-filled gardens. Most of the resident Tyrells are there (though they are small in numbers at the moment), some neighbours and friends from all over town. Music and laughter fill the air, the latter getting louder as alcohol consumption rises.

Alyssandra looks over the crowd once more. She inhales some air, when exhales. The young redhead looks at the entrance of the gardens as if /really/ waiting for someone. However, she soon just sighs, "I will go talk to musicians and… and I will sing that song, lady Eleanor."

Eleanor smiles at Alyssandra, glances toward the garden entrance, but when she doesn't see anything particularly interesting, she looks back to the two. She brightens a bit when Alyssandra says she will sing the song, and smiles broadly. "Oh! How /wonderful/!"

"He may be delayed by something.", Loryn asides quietly to Alyssandra, though he is no longer whispering like a teenager, "Sing a few songs now and then continue after a break… the night is still very young after all." He offers Eleanor a warm smile then, as if to apologize that his words were entirely directed at Alyssandra for the moment.

Alyssandra walks to muscians. She talks with them for a bit. Then the young woman climbs the stairs onto that small stage. She leans on her cane and closes her eyes. The music starts to play. Indeed, that's the song which is loved by Eleanor. Soon Alyssandra starts to sing. Her voice is very light like a feather. It's soft and does not tremble at all. This redhead is a true songbird, who perfectly catches all the high and low chords. Whole time she sings, she keeps her eyes closed, though.

Eleanor smiles back at Loryn, seeming not at all offended, then turns her attention toward the musicians and Alyssandra. Her attention remains rapt through the song, and toward the end, though the content of the song shouldn't really justify it, her eyes tear up, and she has to blink rapidly to keep herself contained. "She's so /wonderful/…" she comments quietly toward Loryn, without looking away.

Eleanor is not the only one who is clearly impressed by the young sister. Some murmurs ripple through the small crowd, but they soon fall silent as they listen in earnest to the singer. Loryn offers Eleanor a warm smile. "Quite lovely, isn't she? A real find. I hope she will agree to star in my next show at the Whimsy."

Eleanor only looks away from Alyssandra when it would be terribly rude to not do so, and glances to Loryn with a little smile. "I'm sure she'll be just wonderful. I've never heard anything like her."

"Indeed, indeed.", Loryn smiles. When Alyssandra launches into a jaunty folk dance tune, he offers Eleanor his hand. "How about that dance now, Mylady?", he asks, his eyes sparkling. Hoping that she's done eating by now and wouldn't prefer a refill of Highgarden salad to a dance with the Tyrell.

Eleanor has hardly nibbled on the food, really, but she seems more than happy to set it aside, though she does have a final sip of her drink before handing it off to her chaperone. He looks less than thrilled to be relegated to plate-holding duty, but he wisely keeps it to himself as Eleanor turns back to Loryn. "Absolutely! Let's, shall we?" she takes his hand, reaching with her other hand to hold her skirts.

The latest musical soiree at Garden Isle is in full swing by now. As dusk is encroaching, the many lanterns strung between the trees are lit and create a beautiful atmosphere of serenity. Large torches dotted around the garden bring extra light. The barbecue is still going on with some people returning for second and third helpings but most guests are now clustered by the stage on which a beautiful young singer is offering a selection of tunes, accompanied by three musicians from the Whimsy.

Some people are dancing in front of the stage, among them a splendidly dressed Loryn Tyrell in gold and greens and a pretty young lady in blue.

Alyssandra finished her fourth song and bows her head to all the people, "Thank you…" she whispers and then limps down from the stage. Not so graceful as a lady should, but still she looks quite great. Her long red curls waves around her shoulders slightly playfully, giving grace to the limping woman indeed.
Alyssandra takes the cane into her right hand and then looks around thoughtfully, looking for Loryn and Eleanor. When she catches their sight, she moves towards them.

Lord Clovis Tyrell was sent abroad on business for his father early last week. All matters concerning a trade vessel called The Silkworm were kept rather quiet; Loryn is likely the only one present who may have any real idea of what occurred to Lord Gaffrey's trade ship- him being family.

Clovis arrived earlier in the day without any injury to his person. The young man is wearing a long belted tunic in seafoam and gold, the garment is cut in favor of Dornish style. Lord Clovis is accompanied by a large wooden trunk which is being carried out behind him by two servants. They set is down in some unassuming corner of the garden beside a low stone wall.

Eleanor seems to be thoroughly enjoying the dancing, and in spite of her protestations to the contrary, she not that terrible. In fact, she twirls about rather gracefully, laughing here and there and generally have a terribly good time until the song finally ends and she stops, breathless, to give a few claps in appreciation for the performer.

Loryn smiles at Eleanor when the dance ends. "You dance rather well, Mylady.", he compliments her then turns to Alyssandra as she leaves the stage. "That was marvellous, Mylady, thank you. Perhaps you can regale us again later, after a break? For now, do enjoy some fresh lemonade and some Highgarden salad."

It is then he notices the arrival of not only his cousin Clovis but of a big trunk as well. "Now what is HE up to?", he murmurs to the two ladies, starting that way.

"Thank you, my lord…" Alyssandra tells to Loryn and was ready to add something else, but then he speaks of someone who is entering the gardens. So, she quickly turns, hoping to see… But her smile fades soon. It's Clovis. And the box. So, Alyssandra just slowly withdrawsbackwards towards the tables and meal. And then after a few more moments, totally unnoticed, she will sneak out of the party.

Eleanor blushes and smiles prettily, flattered by the compliment. "Everyone knows a lady is only as good a dancer as her partner," she claims, but then adds, "Thank you for the dance, I would be honored to have another dance." When Loryn gets distracted by the box, she hangs back a little. She seems likely to follow, but before she can, one of the gentlemen approaches her to ask for the next dance, and she doesn't hesitate to accept. Pretty soon, she's swept off to the dance floor again.

Clovis motions at the trunk, not for the benefit of other nobles but for the direction of his following servants. The trunk is opened by them but kept out of sight from those approaching by the low stone wall and angle of Clovis' body. He pops up, the stone wall only comes up to his bottom rib so he can stand there half hidden behind the wall with the wondrous trunk at his feet. "Cousin Loryn!" Clovis exclaims before reaching down to grab something and popping back up with a silk scarf in his hand. "Its good to see you," As he speaks the eccentric clover starts pulling more silk scarves in various colors seemingly right out of his hand. Like magic, words and scarves flow from him. "I thought I was going to be stuck on the sea for the rest of my life." Dramatic, perhaps, but the pile grows and he continues, "I really hate ships. So why the garden party."

Suddenly bereft of his ladies, Loryn ambles over to the wall where Clovis is… exploding into a multitude of colorful scarves? "Do we need a reason for a party?", he asks with a grin, "But in fact I did have a good reason… the discovery of a wonderful young singer whose voice deserved a wider audience. The Lady Alyssandra Ashford -" He gestures to the redhead who's now somewhere amid the guests with some food, having literally sung for her supper. He eyes the scarves. "What is this? Did you bring it from your voyage?"

"No. I just missed my box." Clovis admits and it isn't the first time this trunk has been seen by others, even if he often kept it (and its contents) secret. He reaches down and grabs some gold balls to start juggling them. "I'm sorry I missed her song, the preview we got before I left was very lovely. If I remember correctly." Clovis starts to juggle and his servants clean up the silk scarves which, magically, spew several doves in the process- much to the servant's surprise it seemed.

"She is taking a break now, but we might yet hear her sing again.", Loryn cheers Clovis up, leaning in a little: "I believe she is saving her voice for some other guest who has as yet failed to materialize. Alas." He takes a step back when the scarves suddenly explode with doves, then picks up a pretty silver-blue scarf - devoid of dove - and wraps it around his wrist. Hoping Clovis won't notice.

Clovis let's the gold balls he extracted from the trunk dance through the air with a lazy ease. He doesn't seem to notice the doves or the theft of one of his props. "Wonder who that could be.." Clovis comments casually without seemingly any real concern as to who she might be awaiting. He seems content to juggle and the lookeeloos of the soiree who crane their necks to watch don't cause the man any pause. "She seems like a kind girl."

"She is, she is.", Loryn replies. Suddenly he reaches put to pat Clovis' shoulder, even if that causes him to drop the balls. "Come, coz, you've returned from a perilous voyage on the sea. Have a drink and make sure you have some of the wonderful barbecue before it's all gone. I haven't yet eaten myself.", he admits, "Hosting these soirees is busy work…"

Traveling to the manse once more, Julien is escorted to the area the soiree is being held. Looking over those gathered the man closer to the average height of a woman then a man nods respectfully to the host and says, "Forgive the intrusion, I heard my sister was present, perhaps I got the events wrong?" as he clearly doesn't seem his sister anywhere.

The shoulder pat does cause him to drop a ball but he scoops low with impossible grace to catch the thing before it hit the ground. "I am rather sick of saltfish and watered down ale." Clovis admits and the balls are handed to his servants to lock away with the rest of his goods. He looks as if he might saw more but Julien appears and any good cheer evaporates from his features very quickly. "Maybe she left." Clovis offers in dry return.

And once more Loryn's route to the barbecue is intercepted. "Ah, Lord Ashford!", he greets the newcomer, a little surprised, "I am surprised to see you here you late. You missed your sister's first performance but I hope she will regale us once more in a while. Right now she is taking a rest. Come, have a drink with us!", he says cheerfully, not noticing the sudden change of expression on Clovis' face.

Julien looks to Clovis at the dry words and soured expression, but seems to disregard it, perhaps as he is a guest. He then nods politely to Loryn and says, "Thank you for the hospitality My Lord." as he walks over to accept the offered beverage, not seeming bothered what type it is. Likely as they are Tyrells even the least of them can afford the best for guests. Taking a sip he says, "So I was not at fault on the timing then. I am pleased my sister has been received so well. She could do with a bit of praise, perhaps draw her out to social engagements more often."

Julien looks to Clovis at the dry words and soured expression, but seems to disregard it, perhaps as he is a guest. He then nods politely to Loryn and says, "Thank you for the hospitality My Lord." as he walks over to accept the offered beverage, not seeming bothered what type it is. Likely as they are Tyrells even the least of them can afford the best for guests. Taking a sip he says, "So I was not at fault on the timing then. I am pleased my sister has been received so well. She could do with a bit of praise, perhaps draw her out to social engagements more often."

"So. I heard you paid my father a visit." Clovis comments in some attempt at casual as he acquired his own drink and tools a nice long sip. And, added in an under his breath mutter Clovis comments, "Are you ever at fault." Accompanied by him finishing his drink and turning to look for another one- also to shout about his trunk being locked.

"I do hope that your sister will agree to performing in my next play.", Loryn tells Julien kindly, before he gives Clovis a slightly confused look. What is he even on about? Deciding tht he was talking to Julien, he heads over to the barbecue to load his plate with some of the freshly grilled meat.

Julien nods to Clovis and says, "A minor matter, yet I was honored he was willing to speak with me directly." casually, perhaps not hearing the muttered words. He then nods to Loryn and says, "I have got a raven from from our father. Seems he supports it as a means of helping her to have more of a public presence. So long as her reputation doesn't suffer of course I am willing to agree." as he takes another sip.

Clovis doesn't bother to excuse himself, he had turned to shout about his trunk and he goes on as he secures another drink and just attends to keeping his things safe. He was always really quite materialistic- it isn't unheard of for him to get swept up in keeping his things nice.

"That is quite wonderful.", Loryn smiles gladly at Julien, "Please do enjoy yourself here.", he encourages the man, gesturing at the barbecue, the drinks and people milling about. Then he goes to find a quiet place to sit and finally eat his own food.

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