(122-08-16) Julien and Gaff
Julien and Gaff
Summary: Lord Gaffrey meets with Julien over the latter's issues with Clovis.
Date: 16/08/2015
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Gaffrey and his wife keep a small Manse, more of a private cottage really, out along the banks of the Honeywine River. For a long time he was not an uncommon sight in the Solar of Garden Isle. These late years haven't done him any favors in lieu of his hedonistic lifestyle. He's joints are rheumy and his feet are swollen with gout; at almost seventy Lord Gaffrey Tyrell is a shade of his former grandeur.

Yet, even now all well dressed and richly appointed he looks at home behind the large oaken desk covered in papers. He holds a large crystal which he slides over pages, enlarging the fine print in the process for his failing eyes. A servant will lead Lord Julien up the steps and to the door.

Having sent a formal letter to Clovis' father, Julien is escorted to the small office to discuss the matter in detail. After being shown in, Julien offers a respectful bow of the head saying, "Thank you for the honor of seeing my Lord Gaffrey. I'll confess my surprise you would make time for such a small matter, especially so quickly." In a respectful tone as he adds, "Lord Julien Ashford, heir of House Ashford at your service." by way of a formal introduction.

"No matter concerning my son is small, he's my lucky seed, only heir." The soft spoken Gaffrey has a commanding presence without the need to take his feet. He folds his hands calmly on the table as he studied the small statured Ashford. Gaffrey pushes some papers aside, "Please, young Lord come a bit closer. My eyes aren't what they once were…" He gestures to a chair on the opposite side of the desk; the client side. "Tell me what sort of service you're at as well…" For a busy man he seems oddly laid back or at least unwilling to become too animated. His breathing is slow and a bit laborious.

Julien nods and moves to accept the offered seat saying, "I am always at the service to House Tyrell My Lord. In regards to your son, I am sure he meant no harm, yet his actions have regrettably caused not only myself, but also my House, my youngest sister, and Prince Jurian to appear foolish. I will confess, despite my appearance I am quite upset about the matter, intentional or not. I am sure you would feel the same if you were made to look foolish in front of the Prince as well." His tone is calm, neutral, and with a hint of terse.

Gaffrey sits back in his seat some, squaring the bulk of his shoulders, "How has he caused you to look foolish?" Lord Gaffrey questioned, he doesn't yet look angry but his amicable business smile has manifested into a pursed frown. "I am afraid you'll have to explain." A raven flies in the window and a servant takes off the message before simply placing the thing in a sort of IN box on the desk near Gaffrey. He leaves it for now.

Julien watches the raven and the note for a few moments before his attention returns to Lord Gaffrey, "Lord Clovis is friends with Prince Jurian as I understanding it, having visited him multiple times as the prince has been recovering from his injuries since the recent Tourney I believe. He brought up my sister to the Prince and informed me the Prince was curious about my sister. While your son did mention the Prince had an interest in Ladies with red hair, I assumed this was simply your son suggesting a prince would be interested in her. Now I never expected this to be the case, we are a minor House after all, while I would not say my sister is not attractive enough to draw the eye of a Prince, we have nothing to offer a Prince for political gain."
Pausing a moment to let it sink in Julien continues, "I informed my sister the Prince sought to speak with her, leaving out the claims of a possible marriage. As it turns out your son had informed the Prince the meeting was intended to be an evaluation for a potential marriage. While I'll confess if I had thought the matter that serious, I would have made proper arrangements myself, even contacted his father. So the matter could have been done properly and with everyone in full understanding of the reason for the meeting. Instead the conversation started as simple smalltalk and progressed to simple discussions most would expect from a first meeting. Your son was called away on a matter related to your family's holdings leaving the Prince alone with myself and my sister. It was then the conversation switched to the Prince asking about my sister as a potential candidate for marriage. I'll confess my shock in this matter."

Growing silent once again to take a breath Julien continues, "The topic got a bit personal, not to personal, but more in the realm of family history as well as personal history. There were some misunderstandings and my sister was left feeling extremely foolish, and by extension myself and my House as well. I also got the strong impression the Prince was also left feeling much the same as we all came to the meeting with different understandings of what it was about."

"I fail to see where my son has failed you, he may be a bit naive on matters of marriage and the arrangements of things here in The Reach. Too many years spent in Dorne, watching servants becomes courtesans or whatever odd practices they have for their bastards." Lord Gaffrey trails off into a mutter there, a rather annoyed mutter but he goes on to add with a long bored sigh, "You should have informed your sister better, it seems my son, in all his misguided efforts thought he was doing you a service. He did not have to invite you to meet his royal friend, where do you think he got this idea of marriage from anyhow… My boy is not that bright but he is often eager to please.. Did someone put this idea in his head? Getting your sister wed?"

Julien takes on a neutral expression at the older noble's words. After a few moments he says, "In truth I approached your son as he seemed to have an interest in my sister himself. I wanted to know as the heir to my House and the older brother of the possible interest if your son was merely being playful or if he had an interest himself. If there was such an interest then I would have contacted my father on the matter and you might have got word from him if he felt the match suitable. Perhaps this is why your son attempted the match, afraid to be married himself. You would have to speak with your son in this regard. That said, whether intentional or not he has caused two nobles and more importantly a prince to look foolish. Perhaps etiquette has changed, but I believe some form of punishment is warranted, for making a fool of a Prince if nothing else. Hopefully the Targaryens won't decide to take matters into their own hands in regards to this situation, though some form of pre-emptive action might be a way to lessen any blow that might be coming. Or at the very least will be a public display that the Tyrells do not take such matters lightly." in a calm, business-like manner.

Gaffrey levels the man across the desk with a contemplative stare, a long considering sneersmile that seemed perfectly at home nestled in his ruddy jowls. "Pre emptive punishment? I am afraid any punishments will have to wait at least a fortnight. I sent him on a ship to see what remains of The Silkworm. I believe that was the day in question? If the vessel can't be recovered I am afraid that it will be a considerable loss for my family. As for the Targaryens, this one is particular is a client of mine. Favors, you may find as you age, are worth twice as much from royal Houses- he may yet forgive my son… And if he doesn't it seems no concern of yours but do tell me… You seem so stern, what is a fitting punishment?"

Julien nods and says, "I see. I will admit my concerns, though there is no point in voicing them. Perhaps this was simply a way for your son to avoid being wed when his interests lie elsewhere, and I admit there were misunderstandings as well. I do not believe the punishment need be overly severe. The proverbial slap on the wrist as it were would likely be sufficient. As to the value of favors, minor or major owed by royalty or otherwise I do understand well My Lord."

There is no need to comment on the fact that Gaffrey could sound a bit condescending in his old age- when the moment allowed. He nods along to the words from Julien and denial can be a strong mindset but still Gaffrey agrees, "Clovis is just young, most men try to put off marriage at his age. I am sure he picked up plenty of the Dornish habits despite my best efforts."

The old Lord makes a million apologies for his son- has and always will. "I will speak to him when he returns and the Prince, personally. He'll receive his wrist slap and he most certainly will not be playing matchmaker anymore. He sounds as if he's rubbish at it." The powerful merchant looks back down at his papers calmly. "If there is nothing else."

Julien nods and says, "It does seem he did learn some poor habits during his time there yes. A shame I am sure if he had remained under your tutelage he would have been much better off, perhaps even married now. I can speak from personal experience the impact a true Lord can have on his heir, proven by my own willingness to marry when I was eighteen and my commitment to my marriage." When he speaks of a 'true lord' he may or may not be referring to Gaffrey, though his tone seems to imply so. Perhaps it is simply a somewhat subtle hint that Lord Gaffrey is the Lord and can teach his son to give up such poor habits if he wishes, simply because he is the Lord of his family.
Julien then stands and offers a respectful bow of his head and says, "Thank you for your time My Lord. I am sure the matter will be settled, and I need not mention that you should look into those your son spends most of his time with as you no doubt have already done so and settled whether or not my concerns have any merit." He then turns to leave unless stopped or delayed.

"He has done well enough for himself, makes many friends with well connected sort but he does forget his head from time to time." There is a slow nod as Julien goes to exit, he holds up his hand. "We true Lords must exchange those we love for power, privileges, a future… I simply traded mine younger than most.. The Martells took him on as Ward for trade sanctions to remain in place another decade." He's had his say, "Have a good day Lord Julien." Gaffrey sets about reading the Raven's note now in a dismissive manner.

"He has done well enough for himself, makes many friends with well connected sort but he does forget his head from time to time." There is a slow nod as Julien goes to exit, he holds up his hand. "We true Lords must exchange those we love for power, privileges, a future… I simply traded mine younger than most.. The Martells took him on as Ward for trade sanctions to remain in place another decade." He's had his say, "Have a good day Lord Julien." Gaffrey sets about reading the Raven's note now in a dismissive manner.

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