(122-08-14) A Royal, Two Greats, and Two Minors Meet in a Garden
A Royal, Two Greats, and Two Minors Meet in a Garden.
Summary: Jurian, Julien, Alyssandra, and Clovis meet to discuss Alyssandra. With a brief cameo by Loryn. The meeting doesn't quiet end as expected.
Date: 14/08/2015
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Walled Garden - Garden Isle Manse - Sphinx Street

This large garden is a wonderland of splendor. Small trees and exotic flowers are in bloom, their aromas permeating the area. The entire garden is enclosed a high wall, covered in vines and ivy. There is an area where fresh herbs are growing, and another for roses of red, white, and of course, Tyrell gold. Other beds have daffodils, tulips, lilies, and pansies. Spread out and mingled amongst the rest of the plants are a variety of wildflowers. The two far corners are dominated by massive oak trees, which spread shade over the area. The luscious scents and beauty add to the natural feel of the atmosphere here.

Stone benches of polished marble surround a long pool, also of marble. There's a statue of a small dolphin above one end, spouting water from its snout. The pool isn't very deep, only about three feet, and small, colorful fish dart about playfully. Luxuriously soft towels are folded and placed on some of the benches. To one side is a lounging area, with outdoor furniture which comfortably seats six.

The sun is high but the opulent garden offers ample shade. There are many trees and nooks dedicated to offering little copses of refuse from the midday sun. A servant waits at the gate of the garden to lead visitors deeper into the area. As those arriving draw closer to where tea has been set they can hear the peaceful sound of harpsong being played just out of eyeshot. A large quince tree casts shade on the spot intended for tea.

Clovis is seated on a large pillow, chairs are available as well as many pillows and various marble benches. The fountain is nearby as well, within in speaking distance, and it offers a pleasant place to perch if one doesn't mind a gentle mist.

Accepting the invitation provided, Lord Julien Ashford arrives, escorting his younger sister Alyssandra into the gardens. Coming upon their host, the heir to House Ashford offers a respectful bow and says, "Thank you for having us My Lord." in a respectful, formal tone. He then provides introductions for himself and his sister to any who have arrived and not yet met either or both of them before taking a seat in one of the provided chairs.

The first thing most would notice about Alyssandra "Mystique" Ashford is her cascade of curls. Her hair are not neatly tied like most proper ladies would like to wear. Instead, her hair are left to move freely, when she walks and weave as the tongues of fire. Ranging from a medium auburn with coppery highlights during the winter and an almost fiery-red during the summer, her hair is thick, wild, and heavy with natural curls. Possessing an oval face with a gently rounded jawline, her entire face contains more freckles then the clearest night sky, what gives even more cuteness to the lady.
From the waist down she wears a silken black dress which descends to the floor with a thick bordered hem of silver colored thread. Above this is a bodice consisting of alternating dark gray and black vertical stripes with thick solid silver buttons. Black mink covers the shoulders and the back of the neck of the bodice, as the strips of black and dark gray continue into a high collar to cover the neck underneath.
White sleeves can be seen at the elbows, as the upper arms are covered by black striped sleeves which descend to just above the elbow, with a ruffled black and white stripped accent added to the lower half of these sleeves. A pair of black gloves cover the hands and continue up to just below the elbow, with more black mink adorning the cuffs of the gloves. Silver cord wraps around the wrists on top of the gloves, tied into a bow at the outer side of the wrist. A dark brown leather belt adorns the waist and serves to break up the monotone of the outfit.
Alyssandra's right hand is squeezing a wooden cane. Polished with an ornate design. The palm-grip of the cane is orange in color, carved into the top of the grip is the white sun of House Ashford. The cane is not just a nice detail to her attire, but it helps her to move forward. Alyssandra's left leg is limping.
The woman is escorted not just by her older brother, but a handmaiden, who looks being in her early twenties, and one of the Ashford guards.
When she arrives, Alyssandra's handmaiden will take one of the pillows to place in a chair, if one is not already present, so that her Lady can settle in comfortably when she is ready.
Alyssandra herself will bow her head lightly and politely to the noble people, who are already in the gardens.

Loryn was not invited to a party in his own house! That doesn't stop the young Tyrell from wandering into the gardens to check what's going on. Seeing Clovis with the Ashfords, he approaches the little group. "Ah, entertaining, Coz? Hello again!", he nods at Julien and Alyssandra, "Welcome to Garden Isle."

Jurian arrives after the Ashfords, attended by a servant, but no guards. Despite the fact that he was recently badly injured, he is dressed in as much formal finery as he would be for any arranged meeting of unfamiliar nobles. He seems to have rather expensive, yet appropriately restrained, tastes. He limps just a little more than usual, but since his leg was not hurt in the tourney, it is likely because he cannot use all his chest and torso muscles as much as he ordinarily would to correct for the limp. "Good afternoon," he bids respectfully to those assembled, before selecting for himself a chair—not a cushion.

Clovis takes his feet as the guests arrive, he's an amicable animated host and he looks just ecstatic to be entertaining. He offers a more theatrical bow in return to the one that came from Julien. "Ah Lord Julien, The Lady Alyssandra- how good of you both to attend." Clovis waves his hand at someone lingering in the edge of his vision and a servant drifts over to fix tea for the Lady first and anyone else who was inclined next.

The sound of Loryn draws his gaze and Clovis twirls at the voice. Yes. He twirls, in a quick pivot executed via his left heel. It is a pretty little gesture that causes his sleeveless belted tunic to flare pleasantly. "Cousin you're invited of course… It is not a party. Just tea, please join us.." There is a happy sigh. "What that is was a party we'd be having wine and far more guests arriving-" Clovis sounds as if he might go on but the Prince enters next… "My Prince, so good of you to make it. I do hope the fresh air is worth the walk." Clovis let's everyone get settled before asking, "So do tell me Lord Julien, what is House Ashford best known for?" Smalltalk, spoken in a casual aside.

Julien stands once more to bow to Loryn and especially to the prince introducing himself and his sister to the latter. To Loryn he says, "Good to see you again Ser Loryn." Then to Clovis, "And thank you for the invitation Lord Clovis." To the most important one in the room he says, "A pleasure to meet you Your Highness." Then on to Loryn once more, "Our holdings are a bit north of the Dornish Marches so we do have some fighters and knights, though not as experienced as those who hold the Marches of course. Personally I would say our greatest value is the natural beauty of our lands, but I am a bit biased in such matters. As you can see, we also produce some of the most beautiful Ladies as well." Clearly paying his sister a compliment, though that would likely be viewed to be just as biased and expected given this is only the second time Clovis and Loryn have met her and the first for the Prince. Yes, smalltalk is always a good starting point.

"Thank you for an invitation, my lord," Alyssandra tells to Clovisi her soft and melodious voice. "How wa-,"but she does not finish her sentence, because the entrance of Loryn attracts her attention, "Sir Loryn," her smile widens, "A pleasure meeting you here. I was thinking about your offer earlier. It was impolite of me to refuse it so quickly. If your offer still available… I am talking about the singing. At least once, it would be great! It would be an amusing experience. I feel slightly bored in the Oldtown, after all!"
When the Prince enters, Alyssandra turns to the man curiously. She fixes her steel grey eyes on the man's,even if she talks with Clovis "Ah, my lord Clovis Tyrell, this is your injured friend, whom you payed a visit? I told you, that such an amusing friend can find tricks to heal the man quickly." Alyssandra bows her head then, "Your highness…"
But then she can't stop herself from looking at her brother, which draws a scoff out from her by his compliment.

Jurian nods toward Clovis. "It is good for me to walk, now, and rebuild my strength. The healer said I ought to go to the seaside soon and bathe, and take a friend lest I flounder. Perhaps you will come with me." He inclines his head toward Julien. "My Lord," he greets. Then as the fellow mentions his sister, Jurian nods to her as well. "My Lady." He seems somewhat reserved, today, and regards this lady thoughtfully. He has a tendency toward long stares.

"Ah, Jurian, Your Highness, good to see you back on your feet.", Loryn smiles at the Targaryen who limps in. Last time he saw him, he was still laid up in bed after all. He declines Clovis' offer to join them though. "Tea? How infernally dull, coz.", he says disdainfully, though his eyes are sparkling with amusement, "We need to have a proper party again soon. I invited Lady Eleanor to one of our musical soirees. Which means we need to have a musical soiree soon. And perhaps we'll have a new star to present then?", he adds when Alyssandra speaks to him, smiling. "Of course my offer is still available. I trust your brother won't mind?" Best to check with him after all.

Julien nods as the Prince addresses him but doesn't say anything back as he was not asked anything by the man. He then looks to Loryn and says, "Perhaps with certain concessions I will permit it. I would not wish my sister to develop an untoward reputation among the nobility after all. I will consider it and we can discuss it in greater detail another time if you wish." in a calm but serious tone.

Clovis doesn't sit still very well and as such he stays on his feet as he wanders the outer edge of their little gathering. He leans behind a bit of stone wall and he speaks to the harp player in whispered aside; attending to all things hostly. The song changes soon enough to something cheerful and light. "A beautiful people for a beautiful land. So glad to have you -both- in Oldtown." Clovis drifts back over as the Ashfords answer to his queries and he listens attentively, "Oh yes, Prince Jurian Targaryen." Clovis introduces without any real need- save for the formalities. "And." He chuckles, "Ya know, My Lady, I keep telling the Maester laughter is the best medicine but they keep insisting on herbs and sea baths." A light chuckle and the joke is just that because he turns the smile on Jurian without pause. "Of course My Prince, I'm a fine swimmer… Perhaps not the best but certainly capable."

Alyssandra is obviously not happy with the talk between Loryn and Jurian. Why she needs permission of her brother to sing? Yes, he is heir. Yes, he is a man. But he is not her father. However, her irritation is showed just by a tiny frown of her eyebrows. But that fades soon. She is not in the mood to act like a wild and mannerless lady. So, a smile curls her lips up again, especially hearing Clovis theory about the best medicine. Her look slides to the Prince again, "Your Highness, is yoru friend's theory right? Was it the laughter, which rose you from the bed? Was it herbs and fresh air recommended by the Maesters or was it your inner strength?" She leans on her cane a bit more firmly, "I heard, that the only things which actually helps us to heal are will and dreams."

Loryn seems mostly amused by Julien's caution. "Ah, Lord Julian, have no worries.", he says brightly, "This is the Reach! I've had noble ladies starring in my plays before, like the little bear… er, Lady Ulyka Mormont, and she lived to tell the tale. And look at him -", he nods towards cousin Clovers, wandering around, doing his twirls andt things. "Your sister is in wonderful company. And I look forward to hearing you sing.", he assures Alyssandra with a bright smile, "Why don't you give us a little taste now?" There IS a harp player on the premises after all.

Jurian smiles slightly at Alyssandra. "I think too much laughter is unwise with a chest wound, but I was indeed cheered by his visit," he replies. "But I took plenty of herbs and saw plenty of Maesters and healers, as well." He looks at her a moment longer. "You are musical, Lady Alyssandra," he gathers. And he does look somewhat interested in the prospect of having a song.

Julien nods to Loryn's reassurances and says, "We can discuss it then." He then looks to his sister, allowing her to answer for herself if she feels like giving a song as requested.

"A song would be most lovely." Clovis ventures as he senses the bit of interest from the Prince at her talent. He smiles, seemingly content that everyone else is communicating and allowing himself to be quiet just now… "Do you know any ballads?" This just tossed out there but curtailed with an amused little, "I do -love- a good ballad."

<FS3> Alyssandra rolls Singing: Great Success.

What is that?! Is it a blush on Alyssandra's cheeks? She does never blush. That strange heat on her skin is unusual for the girl and comes by surprise. She cuddles the back of her hand to one of the cheeks as if that would help to cool down, "Wha-, what do you mean? A song? Now?" She blinks a few times. Her gaze slides through all these men, staring at her and waiting for a song. That looks like a conspiracy!
Alyssandra inhales a bit more of someair. Everything, what she knows, flashes across her minds. Then she starts with a soft humming. It's the intrudoction to a slow, romantic ballad about two children who grew up together since childhood, who fall in love and were happy, but the war split these two souls. When the time to sing comes, the humming is changed into the words barely noticiable. The redhead does have a voice of a nightingale. she professionally goes from low tones to really high ones. It may look that the wind, birds, everything comes to one with her voice and it's something magical. Though, sad.

Julien looks to his sister as she starts to sing and grows silent. When she finishes her song he smiles and says, "Beautiful as always Alyssandra." Of course he's likely heard her voice plenty of times and isn't as surprised by how well she can sing. He also offers his hand to her if she will accept it.

Jurian doesn't do anything to let Alyssandra off the hook. In fact, he fixes her with an expectant look. But, by the same token, he listens respectfully without interrupting. It's very hard to tell from his expression whether it pleases him, but he doesn't appear put-out, certainly. His seems quite attentive.

Loryn still hasn't sat down but he's leaning against a low garden wall now to listen with professional interest. He nods along a few times and when she's done, he claps enthusiastically. "Make no mistake, Lady Alyssandra - you'll be on that stage of mine.", he finally grins cheerfully, "But now you all must excuse me, I have business at the Whimsy to attend to… Mylady, come and see me there tomorrow to discuss this further, mhm?"

"Be well, Cousin." Clovis calls to Loryn as he mentions his exit and afterward turns back to acknowledge the singer. "Beautiful, lovely tone." He agrees and in his infectious way turns that overlarge grin toward Jurian. "Simply breath taking, wouldn't you agree?" The Tyrell drifts closer to the group so he can take a seat in one of the chairs, a tea cup was set for him even if he had not sipped it yet. "I'm more of a tumbler and a jongleur myself, than any sort of singer."

Julien will be able to squeeze Alyssandra's hand, if he wishes to praise his baby sister like that. Though, the young redhead's attention is on Loryn. After all, he is the one, who will allow her to sing in his theatre. "Tomorrow? That does sound perfect. I am glad, that you like it." Her smile is warm. "Have a great day, ser Loryn." She bows her head.
A quick peek is given to the Prince, but when his expression does not betray his opinion about the singing, Alyssandra turns to Clovis. "Thank you," and she reaches for the cup of tea.

"The lady sings well," Jurian replies to Clovis, glancing his way. He looks back to Alyssandra. "You have studied well, to be able to produce such singing before a stranger."

Julien gives his sister's hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze, though it proves needless given the compliments turned to her. He does looks to her silently as she smiles warmly at Loryn but says nothing on the matter. He releases her hand moments after squeezing it, allowing her to tend to the tea and adds, "A voice like her face, I'm sure you will all agree." clearly proud of his sister's skill. He does offer Loryn a respectful nod as he makes his departure.

Clovis inhales with a slow smile still lingering on his face, a servant comes out and sets a platter of little tea biscuits and some candied fruit on the tea table before quietly sneaking away.

"Yes, well, if you're working at the theater My Lady I'm sure we'll be seeing each other. I spend most of my time there when I am not working for my father. Have you ever been on stage?"

Alyssandra nods, "That was the only thing, which I could actually do for awhile, your highness, without angering my parents, my tutors, my other siblings," she answers to the Prince's question, after taking a sip of her tea. "It was not my favorite thing, though. I prefered swimming and riding, and spending time in the forest with my other brother. He taught me alot about herbs and various potions. That is my other passion."
She takes a bit bigger gulp of her tea, before adding, "Your highness, ser Loryn is an actor, lord Clovis Tyrell is a jongleur and an actor… Do you have talents in art or do you prefer tournaments?"
She gives just a quick shake of her head to Clovis, "I have never been on a stage before. Usually I sung for my tutors and myself. Though, I will be happy to meet you more often. I would like to investigate your laughing theory." She grins.

Julien looks almost offended at the question if his sister has appeared on stage before, but says nothing as he allows the other men to speak with his sister, and get to know her in their own ways.

"Why angering?" Jurian asks Alyssandra with blunt curiosity. A brow quirks slightly at this business of herbs and potions, but he does not mention it. "I studied a little of singing and dancing, though I was somewhat slowed in my pursuits, and my father was more concerned that I should learn to fight and lead an army. But I will admit, I have led no armies as yet. I am a veteran spectator of the arts, much less a participant."

Clovis falls quiet to nibble on a biscuit but his yellowishgreen hazel eyes follow the flow of conversation with an attentive air.

"Well… Your Highness, it's natural, that everyone want to have proper little daughters running around and doing all the lady stuff. I am not saying, that I can't be a proper lady, but when I was younger… It looked really boring. Even now, I think, that this world has too many restrictions. So, if my parents would have allowed me to do what I liked, I would have not just a limping leg. Might be, that we wouldn't even talk right now." She tells that in a very casual tone and reaches for a biscuit. The redhead lady chews on a tiny bite.

Julien nods and says, "My sister is a proper Lady, though she is a bit of a free spirit at times as well. She enjoys simple things, as she said like swimming and riding, and it can get her in trouble at times she is a good woman at her core."

"You mean we wouldn't talk because I would consider you unsuitable, or because you would be off doing more interesting things?" Jurian asks, head tilting just slightly. His gaze does slide to Julien at his explanation, but he seems to expect a reply in Alyssandra's own words, too.

A servant in powder blue and Tyrell gold comes running into the garden. He stops short of interrupting the tea party and stands there waiting to be addressed. Clovis rises to his feet and nods to the servant. "What is it, Fermandy?"

The servant looks rather nervous and avoids eye contact with the lot of them. "Sorry, if it pleases, I have news of The Silkworm," A trade vessel in a fleet of them that work for Clovis' father. Clovis' generally animated features grove quite grave. "Well. Speak." The nobleman insists without time to pull Fermandy aside to get the details. 'We have received word by the Raven that she was taken crossing the Narrow Sea.. . Lord Gaffrey is most upset." The color drains from Clovis' face. He blinks a few times and nods, as he remembered where he was and the harpsong pulls him back.

To his guests, "I apologize for the interruption. Please, enjoy the tea… I will try to return as soon as I can but if business keeps me know I am most grateful for this opportunity to host you all." And he speed walks away whispering furiously with Fermandy.

"Because I would be dead, Your Highness…" The answer is so simple. And she states it as if saying that she just baught a new gown, "You talk about war, battles, leading an army, training for that… Do they teach warriors how not to be afraid of the death? You see, brothers in my family are more intelligent than force driving. And just our sister is incredibly skilled worrior. So, I know little of how men are prepared for the worst consiquences of the war… Though, is really the death worst what can happen in a war? Becoming prisoner or be injuried so much, that nobody could heal you, may be even worse…" She curiously looks atthe Prince, "Anyway, Your Highness, you mentioned that your father was concerned about your fighting skillls. But what you wanted? Do you want to be a worrior? Or you would prefer to be an artist? Or someone else?"
She does not even listen what a servant has to say to the lord Clovis. Alyssandra just stares at the Prince and a quick "Thank you for the tea, see you soon in theatre, my lord" is given to the man, when he has to leave.

Julien nods to Clovis and says, "Of course My Lord." as he excuses himself. He looks to his sister at the abrupt and direct answer but doesn't comment on it for the time being, perhaps judging the Prince's response.

Jurian turns his head to look when the servant states that the Silkworm was taken, and watches Clovis make his way off. Then his eyes are back on the Ashfords, particualrly Alyssandra as she makes her oration. "I don't think anyone can be taught not to fear death, though some perhaps overcome that fear in time. But I don't understand what you mean by all that." He looks aside to locate his teacup, and picks it up. "My choices are constrained by birth and position, and by my weaknesses. People ask me what I want as if it matters, but it does not. I must do what I can do."

"I am sorry, your highness, I just gave you the answer to your question, why we wouldn't be talking right now. Then I thoughts wandered off. Forgive me," she smiles briefly, but then concentrates on the cup of tea for a moment. Not drinking. Just staring how the water waves inside.
"You talk like many, Your Highness…" she admits a bit later and she does sound slightly disappointed.

Julien nods respectfully to the Prince and says, "Forgive us, most can ramble on at times. I believe My sister means her more adventurous side would see her dead a few times over if she were allowed to do as she wished."

"Sometimes the many see things more practically than the few," Jurian says, looking at the red-haired lady. Then he looks to Julien. "Then will she need a husband to keep her in line?"

Alyssandra's jaw drops down slightly, just slightly parting her lips. She looks from the Prince to Julien. Really confused. Maybe even shocked.

Julien shakes his head and says, "My sister is a respectable woman and while she has her moments, she is a good person. I wouldn't say she has a need to be 'kept in line' by anyone. She may be a bit overly direct at times, and other times frustration might get the better of her, but personally I find her amusing at times and endearing at others. Any who feel she needs to be 'kept in line' I personally would say they need to learn not everything in life deserves to be serious, I am likely the most serious and responsible of my family, yet I still know how to enjoy myself and not take everything too seriously."

Jurian regards Alyssandra very calmly, sipping his tea. He lifts an eyebrow at Julien's response. "If you wish to find your sister a match who does not take things seriously, Royalty is not a wise place to start. Our lives are not our own. We need wives who are diplomatic and circumspect, or else we need wives who offer significant political advantages. We must marry those who are up to the task of sharing royal responsibilities at all times. I speak honestly out of respect," he adds, nodding once, perhaps an an acknowledgement that his words may not be pleasant to hear.

Alyssandra has no idea, why all the speach suddenly turned to "find her a husband" subject, and, likely, she would react differently, if not Jurian's words, which slightly offends her, "Your Highness, I am sorry if I was not clear, but I am sure, that I mentioned a few times, that when I was younger I was the way I just told you. I am no longer a child. There is no need to make assumptions, that I am not diplomatic and circumspect. My choices are constrained by birth and position, and by my weaknesses - were your words. I had my own weaknesses, when I was a child. Things are different now."

Alyssandra has no idea, why all the speach suddenly turned to "find her a husband" subject, and, likely, she would react differently, if not Jurian's words, which slightly offends her, "Your Highness, I am sorry if I was not clear, but I am sure, that I mentioned a few times, that when I was younger I was the way I just told you. I am no longer a child. There is no need to make assumptions, that I am not diplomatic and circumspect. My choices are constrained by birth and position, and by my weaknesses - were your words. These words could be mine too. I had my own weaknesses, when I was a child. Things are different now." (the right pose)

"I see," Jurian replies, nodding once. He sets his teacup aside. "Perhaps I was given a mistaken impression as to the nature of this meeting." He leans back slightly in his seat. "You are without weaknesses now, then? I am not."

Alyssandra looks at her brother now a bit irritated, "Now I understand…" She turns to the Prince, "I am sorry, I was not informed about the nature of this meeting." At least now she is, "Your highness, I do have weaknesses and now. However, I do understand it as weaknesses right now. When I was a child, I saw the world with a different eyes. Then I believed that I have no weaknesses. I thought, that everything is possible and I wanted freedom. I didn't understand the world at all. When I grew up, everything changed. Knowledge, experiences, lessons of wise Maester… All these things formed a more clear view of our world, of my world. We all have weaknesses,but not all know how to live with it in peace."

"And you are all grown up now?" Jurian asks.

"We never stop growing up, but I am bigger than I was." Alyssandra places the cup of her tea on the table.

Jurian looks up toward the sky, smiling faintly. "But you do not yet wish to be married."

Alyssandra looks up toward the sky too. Her polite smile fades. She is quiet for awhile. It must be a hard topic for the girl. She does hav to gather herself in order to be able to answer, "I am not one of these ladies, who adores attention of the men and are scared to lose it, once they are married. I am not one of these ladies who are dreaming about their knight on a white stud and endless love, and are sacred to be married off a man they don't love. I am the lady with a cane of a small noble family. There are not many, who would look through this in order to see who am I. I don't mind to be married. Isn't that what a daughter could do for her father - marry a good man from a good family?"

Julien is silent as the two speak, finally he speaks up and says, "It would appear we have all be mis-informed about this meeting. Lord Clovis informed me that when told of my sister you found her interesting, while he did mention you have an interest in redheads, I believed this was your friend trying to make you sound like something more. We came because I was told you wanted to meet my sister and speak with her. I had no thought this was a meeting in regards to marriage. No offense to your House nor my own, but if a Targaryen were to marry outside of their own House I would assume it would be from one of the greater Houses, the Ashfords are not a great House, so I did not believe you would even entertain such an idea. If the intent of this meeting was for Lord Clovis to arrange a match, I was not aware, nor was I remotely expecting such. I thought your interest one of curiosity, not one of potential marriage prospects."

"Make me sound like something more than what?" Jurian asks Julien. "At any rate, it hardly matters what the purpose may have been, now. We may as well have a pleasant tea."

Alyssandra listens for her brother's words and then for one of these short statements of the Prince. She once again becomes that real Alyssandra "Mystique" Ashford, when her features give no event the tiniest hint of what is going on in her minds or heart. "One cup of tea is enough for me. Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. Forgive me, that…" The woman leans against the ground with her cane and pushes herself from the seat, "If you will excuse me, but my brother's wife and I planned to visit orphans. She may be waiting for me. She and the children."
She gives a bow of her head again, because she can't give a curtsy and turns to leave. Her guard and handmaiden moves to escort the lady.

Julien nods to Jurian and says, "I believed he wanted to make you sound more interested then you were so we wouldn't be put off. As though that could be the only reason a Prince would have an interest in my sister. I did not take this seriously, as I said I doubted a Prince would have an interest in anyone from a minor House at all as we provide no political gain to speak of. In short he was trying to be nice and make it sound like something it wasn't. I in truth mentioned none of that part of the conversation to my sister because I doubted that was your interest. I got the impression you found her intriguing due to something you had been told and wanted to meet her and that is all. But I digress, there is no reason to not have a pleasant afternoon with tea and good conversation over a misunderstanding." Looking to his sister he nods and says, "Yes, I believe I recall that." Then stands and bows to the Prince saying, "Forgive the abrupt departure, but we should be on our way, unless you would like to speak with me further while my sister goes to attend to her previous appointment."

Jurian lifts his eyebrows a little when the Ashfords announce their immediate departure. But he nods at Julien and gets to his feet. "Very well," he says. "At least we are no longer strangers."

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