(122-08-11) What About My Sister?
What About My Sister?
Summary: Julien invites Clovis to speak about his sister, but the outcome is very different then expected.
Date: 11/08/2015
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A messenger had been sent to the Tyrells requesting Clovis to meet with the heir of House Ashford at the Good Queen's Cake House. The message was simple but respectfully delivered. At the cake house itself Julien Ashford sits at a smaller table with a goblet of wine, waiting for his guest to arrive.

Clovis enters the Cake House with his bearings about him, he'd spent his formative years in Oldtown and, although he studied abroad in the intervening years, he's well accustomed to social hot spots. The young man arrives with a bottle of fine Dornish red bedecked with a large floppy fine silk bow made in the color of Tyrell gold. Lord Clovis looks about him as he enters before making a confident beeline for Julien. He extends the bottle before taking a seat, "My Father wished me to thank you for the invitation, on our behalf, for your House." Clovis offers the bottle with a polite nod before taking a seat.

Julien nods and says, "Of course, the Ashfords are always pleased to host a Tyrell." as he accepts the wine, gestures to a waitress and gives her the wine asking for it to be placed in the wine storage until the meeting is over, as Julien will then take it back to his manse. Once that is situated he asks, "Can I offer you any refreshments My Lord?" formally, after all the cake house may not have proper meals, but they do have pastries, fruits, cheeses, and wines.

Clovis debates the offers for a short moment, "Perhaps just a glass of wine and some light fare. I do adore the candied dates they have here." He's got a showman's smile even in casual conversation. The air about him roils wordlessly with an energy that far surpasses his slight frame. The silence lingers between them for a tangible moment before Clovis breaks it to comment, "Prince Jurian was pleased to hear your House's well wishes. Made him smile…"

Julien nods and says, "Good to hear. The ability to make a Prince smile is a rare treat." As he gestures to the waitress who goes to put the wine away and returns with a tray of candied dates and a glass of wine to compliment them. She even seems to prioritize the two Lords over other guests. Once the treats have arrived and the waitress taken her leave Julien says, "Forgive me for being a bit direct, but the reason I requested your presence is a bit of a personal matter. I noticed the way you were speaking to my sister and the way you were looking at her. As my father is at Castle Ashford, it falls to me as heir to see to such matters. Simply put I would ask what your intentions are towards my sister?"

This makes the young Lord laugh but he catches himself with a polite stifle and a negative nod of his head, drowning the gesture in a long sip of wine. "Your sister is a sight, be sure. I enjoy looking at bewitching faces especially those with… Unique features." Here Clovis trails off and his desire for dates seems to have waned. He sticks to the wine. "Rest assured that I have only just met her and truth be told my Father has final say in my social life." Here Clovis almost sarcastically inclined the glass as he added with conspirator's aside, "I'm just one more thing to trade." He takes a long consigned sip of wine.

Julien nods and says, "That is the way of things, however I asked what your interests were. Is it simply enjoying her beauty, or would you seek to pursue her hand if permitted?" in a serious, formal, way fitting of an heir, if not the Head of a House. He clearly takes the matter seriously, though he shows no obvious signs if he would personally approve of the match or not if a match was desired.

"She is very beautiful but, again, I hardly know her…" Clovis keeps a plastic political smile despite the fact that her limp might a red flag for the supple dancer. "I sang the praises of her beauty to the Prince Jurian. He has a special place in his heart for delicate red heads." Here, amid the gossip, Clovis clears his throat and demurely reaches for a date. "I could perhaps introduce the two…"

Julien nods and asks, "You believe a Targaryen would have a serious interest in my sister? You no doubt noticed her limp, you believe this would not be an issue for a potential match?"

This causes the Tyrell to smile anew, with vigor, washing the date down with a sip of wine before answering. "The Prince Jurian was born with his own limp. He has overcome the affliction quite well but it still slows his steps. I did not mention your sister's condition to him but the two seem suited." Clovis takes a sip of wine before he continued casually. "He is a dear friend of mine, the recent Dornish weddings of his Princess Visenya and Prince Rhaegor have the matter at the forefront of his mind…" Clovis trails off looking into the date bowl idly picking one out. "This wine truly does work well with the date."

Julien nods and asks, "Does he not have a sister or such to marry, he is a Targaryen after all. Also a limp alone doesn't really equate to being well suited. My father would no doubt view a Targaryen as a suitable match, however as her brother I have to question such things before I can send a proper recommendation. Would it be possible to speak with His Highness directly concerning the matter to try and determine his views?"

"If the idea is to be entertained in such a manner I'll need to the sow the seeds of it in his mind first, why not tea? I can invite you and he, perhaps the bewitching sister as well, to join me on the Garden Isle." Clovis nods slowly as if considering this idea. "Once he is well of course, he took an injury at the last Tournament but his strength is returning. He'll likely relish the chance to get out once he's on his feet again."

Julien nods and says, "Something to consider. Is it known how long his recovery might take? Forgive the directness and question, but I ask in the interest of my family. I understand the two of you are friends and you would speak well in his favor, but you would also know some of his secrets as well. Do you believe this truly a good match or are you simply trying to assist your friend? My sister has her more mischievous side but she is a good Lady and I would not wish to see her hurt or used by another, Targaryen or otherwise."

"I believe my friend's greatest sin is his pride. He could do with a fresh face to make him smile. I try but there are things I'll never be able to give him." Clovis refills his wine glass and takes a long sip. His free hand reaches up to idly fluff his feathered hair out of his face. It was already perfect and he doesn't undo the perfection in anyway, fluff fluff. Or add to it.

"He likes to be flattered, like any Prince… If she is taken by him and it shows in her sweet disposition I'm certain there will be little that even needs to be done or worried after; on your part."

"A fortnight, perhaps less." Clovis adds to answer the first question belatedly.

Julien nods and says, "My sister has her moments where she can be a bit overly direct and blunt. Would that be a problem if he cares so much about flattery?"

"No way to know until they meet, I often find those who interest him get away with statements most bold…" Clovis has a devil may care grin that might caused by two glasses of wine and this delicious conversation. He doesn't seem jealous in anyway, there is an excited little energy to his matchmaking. "He is a good man. A bit sad and rather proud but a good man." Clovis looks down at his wine glass again and the silence which follows is sympathetic.

Julien nods and says, "Then speak with your friend and see if he would be willing, make what arrangements you can."

"Consider it done. And if you ever find you need anything from abroad. Silks for weddings to come.. Remember Gaffrey." The merchant's son gives a tiny wink and takes his feet. "Thank you again for the fare. Be well."

Julien nods and says, "Thank you for accepting my humble invitation My Lord." as he stands and offers a respectful bow.

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