(122-08-11) Clothes and Adorable
Clothes and Adorable
Summary: Lillian pays a surprise visit to her cousin Madalyn and her family.
Date: 11/08/2015 and 12/08/2015
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Another day in Oldtown, as the core Ashfords can be found in the parlour. With the eldest son off in the manse's garden with his older sister, Julien and Madalyn enjoy some time alone with their youngest. Nearly a year old he snoozes contently against his mother's breast as the heir to House Ashford sits beside his wife, with and arm around her as she leans against his shoulder. A picture of a loving family if ever there was, even if not typical of nobility. It is a quiet day, no expected visitors, and no reason to rush anywhere.

Lillian rings the bell to the Manse she is carrying new clothes for all the members of her cousins family, a smile on the Hightower's lips as she curls the boxes close and her guards stand a bit away. Not worried about her safety here.

It isn't long before the knock is answered by a household servant of the Ashfords. Offering a smallfolk curtsey to the Hightower Lady, she is shown in without hesitation and announced. With a call the servant shows Lillian to the parlour as Julien stands beside the loveseat he and his wife just shared, leaving Madalyn to sit with the sleeping baby still against her chest as she smiles warmly, "What a wonderful surprise. Please join us cousin." in a friendly tone, "I hope you will forgive me, I am still a bit fat after the birth, it is shameful after nearly a year I know."
Julien looks to his wife and says, "Now, now. You love beautiful." Which only provokes a "You're my husband, you are just being nice." with a happy smile nevertheless at the compliment. She does still have some weight on her, but not overly much.

Lillian smiles as she offers Julien the clothes. "I hope you like them?" she hands the box over to the servant and she looks around - her eyes falling on her cousin "no no you look lovely and are very lucky to have a husband that thinks so." she grins "I only hope I get paired soon, I am getting way too old for considering."

Julien nods and says, "I'm sure it won't be much longer, I'd even suggest one of my brothers though I'm not sure how such a match would go as there is already a Hightower in the family." smiling softly as he looks to his wife.

Lillian chuckles as he mentions one of his brothers, and she shrugs her shoulders slightly with a smile to her lips "I have not been back in town for long." she says softly .. "anyway, I wanted to drop off clothes, there are about seven new outfits for the little one." she says as she smiles. Lillian was a great designer after all.

Madalyn smiles brightly and says, "Thank you, it is always a chore with him and clothes. Would you like to hold him?" in a soft voice so she doesn't wake the boy.

Lillian shakes her head slightly and she smiles softly "are you sure that is alright with your husband?" she asks as she reaches out for the child. "he is so precious." she smiles a little and holds him gently. Lilly had a nice air to her, charming but also strangely exotic, she spoke with an accent that was not quite placeable, but not from around these parts

Julien says, "I trust my wife's judgement and you are his cousin as well." simply as Madalyn gently moves the baby over who shifts and turns over to curl up to Lillian's chest, still snoozing contently. Madalyn then stands up watching happily and leans on her husband, who is closer to the height of the average woman then the average man. An arm wraps around her as Julien says, "He does seem to have something about him that seems to make those women who see him want a baby of their own. I almost feel bad for the young Ladies who will be his peers when he becomes a man." chuckling softly.

Lillian laughs and she nods her head as she looks down to the child, "I shall teach you to speak Lysene.." she promises with a little wink to her cousin. Her voice is soft and soothing as she talks and then she hands the child back to its mother "I should be going, enjoy your clothing and come by for dinner sometime?"

Madalyn takes the child and says, "Please, you have come all this way, you are welcome to stay for a longer visit." with a soft frown, Julien adds, "If you require any refreshment we can have the servants bring you something. No need to rush off."

Lillian tilts her head as she looks from the woman to the man then back to the child. "I suppose I could stay just a little while, if you would like it cousin. How have you been? You were still a young maid when I saw you last.

Madalyn giggles softly and says, "I don't think I could be called that anymore after two beautiful sons. I am doing very well thank you. I couldn't be happier in fact. I hope you find a man who loves you as much as mine does." smiling softly to her husband once more. Julien then says, "I can get you some refreshments or leave the two of you to gossip among yourselves if you wish." in a casual, polite tone to Lillian.

Lillian smiles sadly at that, "well, at least you have sons, I have no sons." she says to the woman of her age, "I spent most of my youth traveling to learn the language and fasions abroad". she speaks softly her voice gentle and sweet, "oh do not let me impose, I do not intend to stay long." she offers

Madalyn offers a sympathetic smile and says, "You'll find someone soon I'm sure. Julien's brother Edmund is a skilled herbalist and the youngest of the brothers Curtis is the most adventurous, well…" as a thought comes to mind she seems hesitant to speak of. Julien adds, "My brother Curtis suffered an accident when he was younger, one of his arms was badly burned. There is no need to worry too much about such matters, it was only an offer extended. Judging by your cousin the Hightowers produce beautiful and truly noble Ladies, any man would be blessed to have one as their wife." with a reassuring smile.

Lillian smiles to her cousin and her mate, she situates herself gently at least she will stay for a little while. "You both are too kind" says Lillian. "As for a match with Edmund, one hightower is enough for any family". She teases

Madalyn giggles softly as he cradles her youngest and Julien says, "I don't know, having one in the family, and how enjoyable company you make, I doubt another would be to bad. I doubt Edmund will have too much trouble, my baby sister Alyssandra is more the concern in my mind. Yet she is recently arrived so who knows what might be found for her here." As Lillian settles down he offers again, "Sure we can't provide you with some refreshment Lady Lillian?"

Lillian chuckles a little "no thank you I really should head back shortly, I just wanted to drop off the clothing for you all." she smiles then she looks to her cousin. "thank you for having me over, and your little charmer will be the talk of the ladies for many years to come."

Madalyn blushes softly and says, "Thank you cousin." Julien says, "I say it is the Hightower features that does it, after all look how much he resembles his mother." The baby has features of both, but he is clearly flattering his wife and the Hightower family as his wife blushes more.
"Delrick!" comes a less then pleased tone, soon followed by a five year old boy running into the room with a wooden, toy sword. He stops short seeing the stranger and doesn't seem to know what to do. Shortly after a girl in her early teens, and likely to be of marriageable age soon if she isn't already runs in after the boy. Seeing Lillian the girl straightens her skirts and offers a proper curtsey, "Please pardon us."
Julien watches the two and then to Lilly, "Forgive me, have you met my daughter Marcella and older son Delrick before?" It is very clear by the girl's age, she can't be Madalyn's as there is only about a decade or so different between them and Julien is Madalyn's first and only husband and they wed when she was only eighteen.

Lillian blinks her eyes "you are raising a Bastard?" she asks eyeing the teen with skeptism before she shakes her head a little as she looks to her cousin and then she coughs "oh excuse me, I am being rude now." she kisses the baby on the forhead before she raises.

Julien doesn't look happy about the implication and the girl frowns softly and says, "I am noble born and legitimate My Lady." Barely containign her own offense. Madalyn allows the kiss to the baby and places a calming hand on her husband's hand and says, "Forgive them cousin. Marcella is my husband's daughter from his first marriage… It didn't end well. She is no bastard though." She is obviosuly trying to avoid too mayn details as Julien doesn't seem to like his 'first wife' mentioned at all. Marcella takes a moment to calm and says, "I have the only mother I could ever need or ask for." gesturing to Madalyn who blushes softly, as it is clear by the tone and her expression Madalyn considers Madalyn her 'true' mother.

Lillian scoffs "Marriages only end by death.." so says the woman who has traveled afar and returned back to her birthing grounds. "Still. If she is no Bastard, forgive me. But I should leave I have caused discord with your family and that was not my intent." she moves out of the house without waiting much more on her cousins reply.

Julien nods and says, "Forgive our rudeness, please I'll show you out." as he moves forward, not really giving her a choice. He is the host after all. He does seem to calm as the subject of his first wife fades, but he doesn't say much beyond escorting Lillian to the door and offering a respectful boy of his head and a farewell. At least he doesn't seem angry or cold to her as he does.

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