(122-08-08) Waiting for Pastries
Waiting for Pastries
Summary: Loryn meets Julien at the Good Queen's Cake House
Date: 08/08/2015
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Good Queen's Cake House - Hightower Square

This is an elegant place, with broad steps that lead up from the Square to a floor that is ten or twelve feet above street level. Two men in gleaming armour guard them.

There are tall arched windows with lace drapes to frame them. Delicate carved and silver-leafed chairs and tables set in front of them, allowing patrons to sit in comfort and look down on the people in the square. The entire place is decorated in silver and pale blue, with the image of Good Queen Alysanne and her dragon Silverwing worked in wherever it can be managed — the pair are in tapestries on the walls, carved into the backs of the chairs, and painted on the ceiling and the window-arches.

The Cake House is a favourite among those too genteel to visit taverns, and among well-to-do women who prefer not to host their friends at home lest it be noticed that they're not as rich as they'd like to seem. One cannot get a proper meal, but any number of cakes and dainties and fancy fruit and cheese plates are served, along with wine and sweet drinks.

Sitting at one of the smaller tables by himself is a shorter man in mostly black clothing. There are several rolls of paper on either side of the red-haired nobleman as he reads over one of the rolls, in front of him between the stacks of paper is a silver goblet of wine that is partially empty.

A newcomer enters the place, apparently a well-known customer judging by the greetings he receives from the staff. One girl even steps out from behind the counter to hug him. "What can we do for you today, Ser Loryn?", she asks eagerly and he extricates himself to produce a piece of parchment from which he reads out an order for assorted pastries and cakes. When she frowns, he chuckles. "Just put something together, by the time I return they will hace forgotten what they ordered anyway.", he suggests and when she's gone, he pulls up a chair at a table to wait. Noticing the man with the stacks of parchment, he looks over curiously to find out what the parchments might contain.

As the parchments are rolled up they can't be read, but they are typical of the size sent by ravens and official notices, and personal correspondence. At the rather familiar girl the man who looks to be around his late twenties to early thirties studies the woman silently for a few moments. Listening to the list of pastries and watching the younger man taking a seat, the ginger nods and says, "Ser Loryn Tyrell am I correct?" in a curious, though polite tone.

"Yep, that's me.", the young Tyrell confirms cheerfully, used to being recognized in town. "Think I've seen you here before, but I'm afraid I don't know your name.", he admits. The girl reappears briefly to serve him a hot drink and assure him that his order is being prepared. "I come here once a week for cake day at the theatre.", he explains to the other man.

He nods and says, "Lord Julien Ashford, heir to House Ashford. I have heard of your theater but not been in attendance myself, though I understand my daughter finds some of your performers attractive. I am told such is typical of young Ladies and I trust my wife's judgement in such matters."

Loryn chuckles at the news. "Well, yes, it does seem that the theatre is popular with young ladies. They seem to cherish the romantic comedies we sometimes put on." He pauses for a moment to sip his drink, eyeing the parchments again. "I don't wish to disturb you, if you're at work…"

Julien finishes reading the message, rolling it back and adding it to the stack to his left and says, "Not really work, simply catching up on various messages." as he seems to dismiss the concern and asks, "I would think a scion of House Tyrell would have capable servants to tend to the needs of his theater? Perhaps you simply enjoy the company instead?" likely meaning the girl who was so familiar with the young Lord.

"The theatre is my passion and my love.", Loryn explains earnestly, "I am manager, producer, writer and leading performer. My troupe is my family. Cake day has become a nice tradition and I certainly do not mind to come here and pickup the other myself." He offers the man a smile. "You should come and attend our next performance. Bring your wife and daughter to the opening night…"

Julien nods politely and says, "Thank you for the offer, but I fear I have never understood theater well. As to my wife, she still prefers not to get out overly much, as she is still a bit self-conscious since giving birth to our second son. I give her what support I can, but no doubt between your sisters and cousins you have some idea how women can be in such regards."

"My sister is as yet unmarried, but yes, I understand that it takes women a while to recovcer - understandably.", Loryn comments, then shrugs a little. "If you change your mind, let me know. Not everyone comes for the plays, some attend the opening nights to see and be seen. The upcoming play had been commissioned by princess Visenya and will be shown to celebrate her recent nuptials. I think she has just arrived back here, hasn't she?", he asks curiously, "Wonder when we'll see her Dornish beau."

Julien nods and says, "I understand. I'm not aware if the Princess has arrived or not, though that doesn't mean word hasn't arrived." as he gestures passively to the stacks of papers about him. He doesn't respond to the comment about her 'beau', as the ginger asks, "Have any suitable arrangements been found for yourself My Lord? Surely one who can gain a knighthood at your age is a great match most Houses would have an interest in?"

Lory seems a little taken aback by the sudden direct question. "I… uh… not really.", he replies at long last, his smile a bit lopsided, "I'm not really looking for marriage yet. A few suggestions have been made, but nothing has of yet come from it. I'm not in a hurry though. Who'd be, eh?", he grins at the older man. "You enjoying it then?"

Julien nods and says, "My wife is the perfect woman, though I admit I am biased in the matter. As to age, I see no reason to delay it personally, especially for a knight. No offense intended towards your skills, but it is a tragic part of life that soldiers and knights are always at risk of dying in combat. It is only practical to marry as soon as one is able and ensure the House's legacy continues. Judging by your look I would guess I wasn't far from your age when I first married."
He then waves dismissively and says, "Forgive me, if I may inquire, what matches have been proposed for you that you are aware of My Lord?"

"Well, if you are heir to your house - I seem to recall you are - it would be different of course.", Loryn admits, "But I am not. I am not even first-born to my father. My brother Laurent is fairly busy propagating the family line and as for House Tyrell, well, that's cousin Garvin's problem now." He looks a bit amused at that, though he doesn't follow the thought further. The last question makes him frown a little bit. "Since those proposals came to nought, I do not feel it would be right to talk about them.", he simply replies.

Julien nods and says, "I understand. If you would accept unsolicited advice, I would recommend agreeing to a match sooner rather then later. You are one from one of the Great Houses after all, such Houses should always have enough scions to endure for thousands of years to come. I do understand your meaning in regards to a smaller House such as my own in regards to the burden being on the heir alone." in a casual, conversational tone

Loryn seems bemused by the man's words. "Oh really? Well I appreciate your concern for my family's future.", he replies after taking another sip of his drink, "Rest assured that I'm fine with the way things are and so is my mother. Remind me, where does House Ashford hail from? Are you our subjects here in the Reach?"

Julien nods and says, "We are vassals to House Tyrell yes, the reason for my concern of course. The town of Ashford is our seat. It can be found at a fording of the Cockleswent River just north of the Dornish Marches, mostly east and a little south of Ciderhall if you are familiar with it. A bit north and east of your own Highgarden if I remember my maps correctly."

Loryn closes his eyes as if to visualize the description. "Ah yes… I think I do remember. My father took Laurent and me for a tour of the Reach when we were young. Felt we should know our lands. But I was only nine or ten at the time, so it all blurred together quickly. Laurent went off to squire after that and I returned to Highgarden where Garvin and I dedicated ourselves to the theatre. The advantages of being second-born.", he smiles, "Are you here to further your education?" Since it's what plenty people do in Oldtown.

Julien nods and says, "You could say that My Lord yes. Also my wife was born into House Hightower as well so she has her family around when she needs to visit. My youngest sister in fact recently arrived, she is still settling in a bit."

"I see… well, I am sure it is more pleasant to be here, than to sit around at Ashford, biding your time, waiting for your father to make way for you.", Loryn grins. He turns his attention to the girl who appears again, bringing with her two large wooden baskets. "Your order, Ser Loryn." "Ah, marvellous", he replies and begins counting out a few coins to her which - judging by her smile - seem to include a generous tip. Then he turns back to Julien. "Time to return to the theatre and feed hungry actors, I guess…"

Julien nods and says, "I hardly wait for my father's passing, he is a good man, but I trust you meant no foul intent and merely jest. I'll confess to missing the river and meadow a bit, though I suppose that is a bit of homesickness as they say." As he excuses himself, Julien stands to his full height which is closer to that of the average woman then the average man and offers a formal bow, "I shall not keep you further My Lord." When Loryn turns to depart Julien waves over the girl that served the knight to speak with her softly.

"If you don't wish to come to the theatre, come to one of my garden parties sometime.", Loryn invites good-naturedly, "Bring your family. Your daughter will have plenty of opportunity to meet dashing young actors.", he winks, then picks up his baskets and departs.

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