(122-08-05) Alyssandra Comes to Town
Alyssandra Comes to Town
Summary: Alyssandra arrives at Oldtown and is greeted by her eldest brother, before being taken to her new home.
Date: 04/08/2015-06/08/2015
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Having received a raven from his father, Julien Ashford waits at the gates of Oldtown for a special visitor, and a charge to watch over during the duration of their stay in Oldtown. Wearing his typical dark clothing; boots, trousers, and tunic. The hooded cloak left at the manse as the weather doesn’t require it as of yet.

Soon a bunch of horses and a carriage show up. Definitely, nobody would send Alyssandra alone to the Oldtown. So, there are some servants visible, but Alyssandra is ridding in front of all of them. Actually, her stud is galloping a bit too fast, what makes two twin guards of Alyssandra a bit tense. "My lady…" they shout for her, however, the young lady does not hear them. She is wearing her black gown and black cloak. Just her brightly red curls and emotionless pale features allows to recognize her from others. When she sees her brother, the youngest Ashford rides closer. She stops close to the man and waits. One of the twin guards quickly jumps from his stud and helps the young lady to climbe down from her own. He gently raises the girl and she even smiles slightly at the man, before appearing on the ground. Then all her emotions fade. Handmaiden and Septa comes closer too. Handmaiden offers to Alyssandra a cane. She takes it and turns to the brother then, "Julien," she speaks softly, "Are you excited?"

Julien says, “I don’t know, I was expecting another wife, but I suppose a sister is better so my current wife doesn’t have me killed.” He then smiles brightly to the teasing joke and adds more seriously, “Lovely to see my beautiful sister.” as he offers his arm to Alyssandra and asks, “The ride from home wasn’t too hard on you I hope?”

"Oh, well… I am sorry, I am not a wife, but you don't want me to be one…" The young woman grins and pokes with her cane at Julien's leg as if showing what kind of a wife she would be, "Everything was alright. They evennallowed me to get out from the carriage and at least ride into the city on a stud! As if I wouldn't be some kind of a cripple at all!" She straightens her shoulders proudly and artistically. Then Alyssandra starts to move forward. Her escord bows the the heir of house Ashford amd follows the pair, staying in polite distance from them. Each step of Alyssandra looks as if would be full of pain, this limping gets a lot of attention from passerbies. Not each day you will see a lady with a cane and limping! Though, Alyssa moves in some kind of grace at the same time and pride, "So, what should I know about this Oldtown?"

Julien shifts a bit to just barely avoid contact with the cane and nods saying, “Good they aren’t being too strict. As to Oldtown, I am still getting accustomed to this place, but it is the seat of House Hightower, Madalyn’s former House. I am glad you have come to visit, you can meet my newest son Pascal. You can also see Delrick again as he has grown so much. Marcella knows you are coming and can’t wait to see you, she would have come with me but she and her mother are getting a room prepared for you.”

"Yes, indeed. I have a gift for Delrick. I missed that boy so much! And I hope that he will grow up more tough than his father. We need warriors and knights! Somehow… just our sister is actually good at this. What a shame!" And that is how she sounds, when she is playful. No smile on her face though. Just a tiny flinch of her eyebrow. "Your women were always so welcoming and so kind. I have a gift to the girl too, amd for Madalyn. Though, this gift is more from our father. The man loves your second wife so much. He is happy, that she makes you happy. And that tiny Pascal! I am excited to see him… each of your kids are almost like mine to me. I was dying from boredom all alone in Ashford!"

Julien smiles and says, “I can imagine, especially with only our parents about. I have the one wife now and she is the only one worth mentioning regardless.” there is a hint of an edge as he still doesn’t think highly of his first wife, though his second is clearly loved. In a calmer voice, “What gifts have you broguht then, or am I to be surprised as well?”

"If I will tell you know, how can I know that you will keep your tongue hidden and won't tell a thing for your kids?" Alyssandra shrugs a bit and changes the subject, obviously not willing to tell what gifts she braught, "My father hopes that I may be able to find a very good marriage for myself. He says, that I need someone to take care of me, when they will be gone…" she stops a bit. Just to rest. Maybe limping does not hurt, but it is tiring to walk like this, "We all know that I will disappoint us. Especially, when he wants not just a knd-hearted husband to me, but also rich and maybe powerful. I do have a pretty face, but everything else…" Alyssa adds in a whisper, "Many may think that I won't be able to produce a child…" she shakes her head, "Naive. Our family is so naive. You are naive too. Well, you were…" Yes, sometimes she just bites like that.

Julien frowns softly as his baby sister rambles on. Once done he says, “Your beauty goes beyond your face and the physical my dear sister. A suitable man will be found in time, and he will come to love you for that very reason.” As he stops so she can lean against him and rest if she has the need, it is a well-practiced role anyway. After a few moments he adds, “Now then, no more of that talk, at least in public. You forget how I was before and how much I changed when I found my wife?” offering a reassuring smile.

"Right, right…" Alyssandra releases her brother's arm and continues their walk, "You are a clever boy now! Talking about boys… Have you heard anything from our brothers and sister? How is the arm of our baby brother?" She frowns a bit and eyes Julien, "Are they really here, or they are travelling around the westeros, looking for fun and troubles?"

Julien nods and says, “Well you know our sister, she is likely seeking a brawl or something as we speak. At least she typically picks places where she is unlikely to be recognized most of the time. Our brothers are doing well enough. They have their own affairs keeping them busy but they are around when they have the time.” as they resume their walk. “Just a bit further.” as they turn onto another street and he continues, “When have I not been the clever one?” in jovial tone.

"I managed fo trick you into some mischiefs, when we were little. Then i was the clever one! You even had no idea it was mischiefs! I was a good liar, as far as I remember… " The young woman yawns, but is on time to cover her mouth with pale palm of a free hand, "I do feel tired, now that I think. I hope my room will have a huge bed! You know, how I love huge beds. The bigger - the better. I roll a lot."

Julien smiles softly and says, “You were a young child and we have three other siblings. I know the claims of an overactive imagination. I knew they weren’t true, but I liked how you told the stories.” as he turns towards the manse to lead her inside saying, “Here we are. Would you like a tour first, to meet the family that is here, or be shown straight to your chambers so you can get some rest after your journey?”

"Maybe I am a cripple, but I am not so easy getting tired. Sleepy, yes. But not tired. Bored!" The young woman explains and looks aeound the inside of a manse, "Nice. Quite nice." She taps with her cane to the ground a few times, before gesturing for one of the servants to grab a middle size chest, "I want to meet your kids and wife. I have gifts for them."

Julien smiles softly and says, “Of course. I forgot you are more stubborn then Millicent at times.” in a playful tone as he calls out that he is home and has company and for the family to assemble. It isn’t long before Marcella comes barreling down the stairs shouting, “Aunt Mystique!” and runs up to hug the older teen tightly, not seeming to care if it might hurt, though she is careful not to knock Aylssandra over.
“Marcella, come now that is no way for a Lady to behave.” comes the voice of Madalyn, who then smiles warmly at Alyssandra and says, “Hello dear. Was your trip enjoyable?” as she enters the room holding a baby in her arms with a young boy holding onto her skirts looking a bit shy. He was only a year old last he saw his aunt after all, and the baby seems to just snooze contently in his mother’s arms. As Julien says, “The trip was fine, she even got to do some riding which she seems overjoyed with. She’s also brought gifts.”
Madalyn says, “Hush. Gifts can wait, I’m sure I can guess what your sister would like.” as she walks over to stand close by, holding the baby so Alyssandra can get a good view of his face as he sleeps.

Alyssandra extands her free hand to welcome Marcella's hug, "Hello, my dearest." She ruffles the girl's hair, "You are blooming like roses in my mother's garden. Such a beauty!" Alyssandra has no smile on her features and her tone sounds neutral as if she would be telling just facts. But these, who know her, could notice warmth inside girl's eyes. Especially, when she sees Pascal, "Little adorable boy…" she drawls and gently brushes with the back of her finger across the child's cheek. She is adult now. She knows her problem, so Alyssa tries to be gentle. Then she waves to the servant, who brings a tiny piece of wood to Alyssandra. She takes it from the servant and places beside baby. That wooden thing is a wooden knight. Really nicely done and has symbols of house of Ashford carved. "He will grow into a strong boy!" Alyssa adds quietly, beforo looking up at Madalyn, "I am so glad you are with my brother now. You are taking care of him and his kids well. Thank you for being so welcoming too."

Madalyn smiles and says, “We are sisters now Alyssandra. We are family and who wouldn’t take care of their own children?” She never could bring herself to call Alyssandra anything but her proper name, even if the rest of the family tended to use her nickname. At the mention of who wouldn’t take care of their own child, Julien frowns softly, clearly thinking of his ex-wife, though it passes quickly as Madalyn obviously didn’t mean her. For all intents and purposes however Marcella was Madalyn’s daughter as much as Delrick or Pascal.
Julien then adds, “We named our youngest Pascal. I am sure he’ll love the toy when he gets old enough for it.” with an approving smile. Then adds, “Come now Delrick, you may not remember her as you were around your brother’s age, but this is your other aunt Alyssandra, though you can call her Mystique if you wish.” The boy hides behind his mother shyly for a moment as Julien chuckles softly and says, “It’s okay.” and a gentle hand from Madalyn brings the boy out as he gives an awkward bow, as he is still learning to do one properly, to his aunt and says, “Hello aunt Mystique.” in a polite tone, though he is obviously nervous and isn’t sure what to say.

Marcella giggles softly and reaches out to pull her brother closer gently and says, “It is okay little brother, she is nice.” as he continue to hug Alyssnadra with one arm, as she is drawing closer to being the same height as her aunt, and the fact there is only six years difference in their age is obvious. Delrick looks to his parents and with a nod from each reaches out to give Alyssandra an uncertain hug as though not sure if he is allowed to do so.

"Yes, we are sisters now. I am glad to have such a good sister," Alyssandra adds to Madalyn, before looking down at the baby again, "Pascal is just a perfect name!" Appearance of Delrick makes Alyssandra smile. That's very rare, "Oh, Delrick, even if you are still so young, you are a true lord!" And she leans more firmly to the ground with her cane, just to offer an awkward curtsy. The limping leg is a trouble to be a true lady. Alyssandra waves to her servant, who quickly gives a tiny childish wooden sword to her. The sword has symbols of house of Ashford. Also, it's decorated with silver and gold. Alyssandra leans closer to the boy and gives the sword to him, "Be very strong and protect your family!" Then Alyssandra answers to tge boy's hug and gives a peck to his forehead.

Delrick accepts the sword with genuine awe as though he had just been given the most powerful sword in all the Seven Kingdoms. Then looking to his parents as though for permission Julien says, “Be careful with it. No chasing anyone around and don’t hit anyone with it. Do that and you can use it to play knights or soldiers.” Madalyn quickly adds, “Don’t hit any of the furniture or pots or anything either.” The five year old’s face shifts from excited to a slight pout as he realizes his parents have left him little to swing the toy sword at, but he then starts to run off, pausing to offer another uncertain bow to ALyssandra and says, “Thank you aunt Alyssandra.” a bit more formality and then runs off with the sword.
Marcella giggles softly and says, “I’ll go keep an eye on him.” she then hugs Alyssandra once more and says, “We’ll talk later aunt Mystique.” then goes to chase down her brother before he gets into trouble. Watching the pair run off Madalyn asks, “Shall we go sit in the parlour so you can rest a bit while we talk Alyssandra?” as she continues to hold her youngest.

"One broken pot is not the emd of the world! You learn, when you break! Sometimes!" Alyssandra shouts after Delrick encouraging him to be a playful child. Then she gives a hug to Mircella, "We will have to talk. I do have a gift to you too!" And when all the kids are gone, Alyssandra sighs and nods, "It would be great. Also,maybe someone could bring us tea? I do feel hungry too…"

Madalyn says, “Of course.” and nods to a nearby servant who goes to see to it as Julien offers his sister an arm so she can lean against him as he leads her to the parlour, his free hand affectionately around his wife’s waist as they go. Once settled in, Julien even helps Alyssandra sit if she is too tired. Once seated he asks, “How are things back home little sister?” curiously as his wife sits next to him with their baby.

Alyssandra does not except her brother's help this time. She usually does not like people to think that she needs help, unless that would be useful for her. So, she politely refuses of his hand and settles on an offered seat, "Home? Well, our father is… I am sure, that he needs a woman. Our mother still ignores him and ignores me. Of course, she keeps talking with other ladies, our cousins and other relatives. So, she misses you. I bet you got many letters from her… she always speaks of all of you very fondly…."

Madalyn blushes softly as Julien says, “I am sure they both miss each other. Whatever the problem is they’ve been together long enough I am sure they will work it out in time. Perhaps with all of us away and them being alone together for the most part it will help them find whatever was lost.” He doesn’t seem bothered by his sister’s refusal of assistance, but then he has grown accustom to her refusing one moment and accepting another.

Alyssandra nods, "I know… I know… They may figure things out. Though, why I am in the middle of all this? Sometimes I think that you all hide something from me…"she shrugs and looks at Madalyn, especially at her blushed cheeks, "I am sorry, if I am making you feel uncomfortable. Tell me, how do you feel? I mean, you recently gave birth and just finished feeding the baby, I guess? Are you both planning to have more adorable babies? Father is really proud of this, Julien. He is so happy that we do not have to deal with troubles for our family's prosperity. He started to talk about this especially after some meetings with other nobles. I guess, some families have troubles not to fade in the history… like that house… hmm… with the unicorn on their heraldry…"

Julien nods and rubs his scruff a bit in thought and says, “Oh I believe you mean House Brax. There is only one living member I can recall, a sickly girl. She is seeking a husband but her prospects are slim as most don’t want to get involved in a dying house. She might get lucky and find a House willing to take her into their own number, though I believe it would bring an end to House Brax if that is the case.”
Madalyn says, “Oh it is okay dear. I just having heard of such intimate matters discussed for awhile, I suppose I have been spending too much time away from my relations on both sides for such gossip.” Smiling softly with another blush, though not as noticeable this time. She then adds, “No he’s not fed recently, I was just sitting with him while my daughter was working on getting your room ready along with her brother and the servants. He just fell asleep in my arms, I suppose he’s had a long day.” Smiling down warmly at her sleeping son as he makes a small noise and turns a bit, simply adjusting in his sleep.
After a few moments of watching her youngest she adds, “I am fine though, it has been nearly a year, I still have some of the weight on me, but Julien says I look beautiful…” Looking to her husband with a soft look, “He is just being nice I know.” She does still have some extra weight from giving birth, though she likely has lost most of it as she’s not too far from how she looked after giving birth to her first son. Leaning affectionately against her husband Julien wraps an arm around her and says, “We have three wonderful children now, not sure if we’ll have more or not. Though I do tease my wife sometimes that given how cute Pascal is and the way she acts around him, if it keeps up he might have some younger siblings before long.” winking flirtatiously to his wife who gasps, “Julien! You shouldn’t be saying such things around your little sister.” clearly embarrassed, though it shows in her face he might not be too far from the truth.

Alyssandra shows no shyness, heaeing her brother talk like this. While Madalyn blushes and acts all girlish, a young redhead just sits straight and emotionless in her seat. Fingers of her one hand are dancing onnthe top of her cane, while others are just resting on her thigh, "Yeah," she sniffs, "Worry about your weight…" she shakes her head, "That sounds idiotic, dear. That is why I try to spend less time around other ladies. They sob having a bit tok much weight. If I would have just a bit too much weight,I would know that I am still beautiful and wouldn't worry about it. You know, Madalyn, how I look under this beautiful gown. You've been long enough with us to know this… and you still worry about your weight?" Alyssandra looks at the spot, where servant disappeared and had to show up again with warm tea and some snacks.

Madalyn initially looks offended, but then grows silent at the mention of Alyssandra’s looks. She may not have seen personally, but she’s heard stories from those who have, mostly Alyssandra’s handmaiden and the like. Well more gossip between her own handmaidens and Alyssandra’s when they were younger and still living at the castle. Madalyn had dismissed the handmaidens for discussing such things, though it was later confirmed to be true, still she wouldn’t have any serving her discussing such matters in such a way.
While not the weak sort, Madalyn is more the proper Lady, though she can come down hard on her children when they misbehave. Still she tends to think in terms of most ladies. Julien simply pulls her closer to comfort his wife and says, “That was a bit harsh Alyssandra, especially with the way you speak. I understand how you think, even applaud you for it at times, but Madalyn has recently had her second child, it is natural to have such thoughts.” His tone shows he is the heir, yet there is a gentleness in it as he is speaking to family.

"Of course! I am sorry. I forgot that she is the one, who is fragile here. I do hope you will loose your oh so horrible weight, which disturbs you to live comfortably!" Still Alyssandra talks with a bit of irony. After all, what means a bit of weight, when the redhead has basically destroyed body? She is the one, who should be offended in this situation, heaeing a healthy lady complaining about her looks. "Anyway, I shall go get some sleep now. It was a pleasure to meet you both again. Tomorrow I plan to walk around the Oldtown. Just to get to know the city. Anyone will want to be my guide?"

Madalyn remains silent as Julien says, “Just keep your people close. I might be able to go with you later in the day, I have matters to attend to first thing.” calmly, though it is clear by the way he holds his wife he’s not completely happy with the outburst, even if he likely does understand it.

"Very well. I will be happy to walk with you. Now, I shall go. Have a great evening" And Alyssandra limps away.

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