(122-08-03) The Dornish Way
The Dornish Way
Summary: On heir travel to Oldtown, Princess Visenya and Lara Gargalen engage in a chat about a new lady companion for the princess, a cruel husband and a Scorpion who has been punched for a supposed insult.
Date: 04/08/2015 (Date of Play)
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They are a day’s ride from Oldtown, and firmly within Reach territory. There has been a short stop so the horses can rest and get water. Visenya is sitting on the ground with her legs pulled up to her chest, and a half-chewed piece of dried venison in her hand. “Fine weather today.” She says casually to Lara as she gnaws on her piece of venison again. She is silent again a moment before she adds, “I am taking on another companion. Vynesa Manwoody. She is Ser Hathor’s wife. She will be sleeping in your room with you.” This is odd considering the girl is married.

Lara Gargalen sits beside Visenya, wearing a flowing tunic and trousers – a comfortable attire, and suited for riding. The tunic is held in place with a belt. And the Gargalen’s occasionally loose tongue is held in check by the fact that this comely Dornishwoman is for the first time in her life outside of Dorne. Dark eyes lift to regard Visenya when the princess comments about the weather. “Aye, fine indeed,” this the non-committal reply of her lady-in-waiting, brought forth in that smooth voice she usually adopts. It is the next remark however, that draws Lara’s attention. “Another lady-in-waiting, your highness?” Her brows lift, her gaze flickering for a moment, before she lowers it to regard the piece of bread she had been nibbling from. “Vynesa Manwoody… I do not know her. So her husband is not coming along?” She seems to accept the room sharing without any objection.

“He will be coming along.” Visenya says of Vynesa’s husband, and then she sighs softly. “It seems that Ser Hathor is rather…well, cruel. He is cruel to lady Vynesa. And so I am taking her as my companion to mitigate any damage he may do to her. She is only ten and six, and apparently he is hurting her…” She clears her throat awkwardly, “In the bedroom. She is sweet and goodnatured. I think you will like her.”

Lara’s eyes flit upwards to meet Visenya’s gaze, narrowing ever so slightly at the information of this Ser Hathor being cruel. “Of what House is Ser Hathor?”, she inquires softly. “And yes… six and ten is very young, especially for getting married… Poor thing.” A moment of silence follows. “So he’s going rough on her?” Lara’s lips purse. “Some Dornish enjoy a more… spirited approach when it comes to coupling, your highness.” There may be a hint of a smirk forming on her features, but in the next instant it is already gone. “Still, this is only in order, if both are agreeable to it. To apply violence to such a young thing, to hurt her…” Her voice trails off, and she shakes her head with disgust. “How did you hear about this? Did the girl approach you?”

“Uller.” Visenya says of Hathor. She nods to Lara’s question. “She says he only hurts her when he beds her. And it is not spirited if she does not enjoy it. It is barbaric.” She sighs, and again nods along with what Lara says, this time in agreement. Her lips press into a thin line, “Ser Hathor sent her to try and make an attempt to seduce Prince Torren. He turned her away, and she admitted to him what was going on. I am taking her under my wing because he has asked me to.”

Lara inclines her head, when Visenya informs her of the husband’s House. “House Uller. I haven’t dealt with any of them so far. And you are right,” she gives Visenya a faint smile, that will soon fade into an astonished expression. So astonished in fact that it needs to be relieved with a chuckle. “Ser Hathor did what???”, she exclaims, rolling her eyes in disbelief. “What a cunning bastard.” Shaking her head, more laughter spilling from her lips. “Prince Torren asked you to take care of her? Well. Then I’ll be happy to assist where I can…” Mirth fading already, when Lara gives Visenya a glance.

“Prince Torren does not like to see suffering. Especially in a girl so young. I imagine she reminds him of Princess Mariya.” Clearly, Visenya is going to ignore the the idea that Torren may be placing Vynesa into her entourage so he can have easy access to her himself. Or at least she seems like she is ignoring it. “I would be grateful for your help. I feel like the girl may need some support and guidance. She seems….overly optimistic. Childlike, almost.” Visenya tears off another piece of jerky, and chews on it before washing it down with water. “Ser Hathor is already forty. Perhaps she will get lucky, and he will not live much longer, and she can remarry.”

“Indeed, “Lara inclines her head to Visenya’s assessment as to why Prince Torren would make such an arrangement. A brief flicker in her dark eyes hinting at the fact that she may take other possible motives into account - the implications of which, should they be true, would affect the Gargalen lady as well. A smile is offered to the princess. “I am looking forward to meet her.” The difference in age between Vynesa and Ser Hathor does not seem to shock Lara overly much, her shoulders lift in a light shrug, a bit of amusement dancing in those dark eyes of hers. “There are many ways for such a man to die. Duels happen everyday in Dorne. There only needs to be a good cause… a well-placed insult. And you would need someone who could handle the task of defeating him.”, she muses with a smirk, her gaze going distant for a moment. Dealing with difficult subjects the Dornish way.

“I will let Prince Torren deal with that if he thinks it is necessary.” Visenya says of the dispensing of Hathor Uller. It seems she has absolute trust in her husband to do the proper and correct thing, and even that flicker in Lara’s eyes cannot cause her trust in him to waver. “I cannot be seen as taking a stand against him. My standing at court is too unstable as it is. Most of your countrymen see me as some ghastly foreign influence. Torren had to punch Ser Manfryd in the face for his insults towards me. And he is just saying what everyone else is thinking.”

“Of course,” Lara agrees, the corners of her lips lifting into a faint smile. “It will be for his highness to decide, I was merely offering up possibilities to deal with Ser Hathor. And even if Prince Torren should shy away from taking official measures against the Uller, there are less obtrusive ways. Ways that will draw any suspicion from any involvement of both you and your husband.” A brow is raised at Visenya’s remark on Ser Manfryd Qorgyle. “Oh?”, Lara looks again a little surprised. “Prince Torren punched him? Oh my…” She chuckles and shakes her head. “I suspect he spoke without thinking. He is a little hotheaded, thinking does not seem to be one of his strengths.” She smiles. “And this may be something I have to work on. He insulted you?“ She bites her lip, her eyes flickering with a dark fire as she considers. “Allow the people of Dorne to get used to their new Dragon princess, your highness. You have to get used to our ways, and so we need to adapt to yours. It will get better over time… the foreign has sometimes a way of scaring us off, until we get the chance to get to know it better.”

“He insulted you, actually. And then he insulted me when I defended you.” Visenya says of Manfryd. “He spoke of you in a manner that was not becoming of a Knight or an honorable man. You keep saying the Dornish way as if everything I am doing is because I don’t understand, but that is not the case in this situation. The Dornish way, to me, is that men speak courteously of women who may become their lovers.” She shakes her head, “So I called him out on it, and said that he had no honor and he was a false knight. Prince Torren is not a knight, but he believes in chivalry and honor. He agreed with me.” Clearly, if he was willing to punch Manfryd over it. “I would not give him the comfort of your bed if I were you. Clearly he does not mean to treat you kindly or with respect.”

“He insulted me?” The Gargalen seems to be amused by that, obviously, her eyes gleaming with curious delight. “May I ask what his exact words were?” Waiting for a reply to that question before she may offer any assessment to Visenya. Shifting in her seating position into a lean to the side, supporting herself on one arm, Lara listens when Visenya tells her about her own reaction and that of the Prince. A melodious chuckle leaves her lips at Visenya’s advice towards the end. “Hmm, your highness… I believe he has treated me good so far. Very good, in fact.” A slight roll of her eyes there, indulging in the ambiguity of the remark. “I’ve had only one encounter with him until now, and that was… quite something.” She smirks - moderately. “Remember how you asked me to get friendly with him, at the Welcome Feast?”

“He did, but the insult was saying that he had been with you at all.” Visenya says, “A true gentleman does not kiss and tell. It is no one’s business what the two of you do together, and he has no reason to brag about how much you ‘want his spear’ as he said.” She nods her head at Lara’s words. “I remember.” She shifts in the grass on the hill, and watches as the horses are watered. “But there is more to how a man treats you than in bed. He has to respect you outside of it.”

“Oh, your highness,” the Cockatrice intones, leaning a bit forward now, her voice clearly showing off her amusement by it all. “That is Dorne… we fight and we… enjoy each other. And we truly enjoy to talk and brag about it, occasionally. So… I want his spear?” Another chuff of melodious laughter leaves her lips. “It’s the truth. Still… I’ll speak with him about it. And I’ll make him apologize to me for that…” Her gaze going distant once again, as Lara considers how such an ‘apology’ could be carried out, a smile of anticipation already curling her lips. Visenya’s next remark draws her attention back from a hypothetical future to the present. “The way he treats you in bed is actually quite telling about a man,” she quips. “It is the challenge to make him adapt and learn that makes it even more delightful.” A faint hint, that Ser Manfryd may be in need of some serious ‘instruction’.

“No. YOU do that. Not everyone in Dorne behaves like you do.” Visenya sounds slightly exasperated with Lara. “If that were the case then Prince Torren would not have had the reaction that he did. And he made Arnau Blackmont leave the room in rage before he even spoke regarding you.” She stands up then, “Well, I do not have as much experience with bedding men as you do, but I have kissed plenty of them. The ones who talked? They never regarded me as highly as they should have.” And then she turns to start walking towards her horse. Before she goes all the way she turns her head to say to Lara, “You may do as you please with him. I most certainly will not command who you make love to. But think on what I’ve said.” And then she goes.

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