(122-07-26) Proper Delights
Proper Delights
Summary: Before the Melee, Alaeyna Fowler and Lara Gargalen enjoy some delightful conversation over a bit of wine.
Date: 27/07/2015 (Date of Play)
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During the tournament at Skyreach, there is a bit of downtime between events in which Alaeyna takes to one of the Fowler blue open-air pavillions erected to provide a place of recluse from the heat of the sun. When Lara arrives, having been retrieved by one of Alaeyna's little errand boys, the Lady Fowler seems delighted. "Oh good. I've been dying for a bit of company from you, cousin. How vexing it is to not be able to truly enjoy one's own tournament." This last in reference to the swell of her belly precluding her from participating in the contests. "Have some wine," she says, indicating a little camp table with a decanter and a spare cup, she herself already having a glass of the stuff in her hand. She lounges on her side upon a plush carpet piled high with pillows, dressed in the same blue of the tent, the color of her house.

The expression on Lara's face as she arrives displays a bit of curiosity as well as surprise that Alaeyna would send for her. Still, her gait displays the lazy confidence of the Cockatrice, her gown of yellow and red sand silk flowing about her form. "You have, cousin?", she intones softly. "Well, I am glad to keep you company for a while." Because it will certainly prove to be more delight- and and less stressful than attending to the Northron Martell Princess. After helping herself to some wine from the table indicated, Lara will settle herself beside Alaeyna. "The tournament has been delightful so far," she remarks, allowing her gaze to drift about. "Even if your wedding did not go as planned…", this she adds with a curious glance in Alaeyna's direction.

Alaeyna watches Lara with an idle smile, extending an arm to clink their cups together before she drinks. "I'm glad you've been well amused. There's been good sport to be had today, and hardly anyone seems to remember that there wasn't actually a wedding. Well, my household won't forget. Lorenzo was a fixture at Skyreach for nearly fifteen years. He was as a son to my father." And her first love, by all accounts. She gazes into her cup of wine, swilling it absently. "How do you like your new mistress?"

Lara takes a sip from her cup, as she listens to Alaeyna, a faint smile curling her lips. "Is a wedding no longer necessary, now that this fixture is gone?", she asks. "Your Prince of Ashes will content himself with not being proclaimed your official husband?" More questions, possibly impertinent, but there they are. The Gargalen seems not to hold back any of her curiosity, now that she has the chance to speak with her mighty cousin. Whereas Lady Fowler's question makes that expression of open curiosity dim somewhat. "It is… an experience," she admits vaguely, biting her bottom lip. Realizing that was not what Alaeyna asked her about, Lara adds after a moment: "She's acting so innocent and charming. But at the same time I know she watches me closely, fearing I may one day find my way into Prince Torren's bed. And that he would actually enjoy it." She smirks, leaning on her arm, glancing towards the Fowler lady. "Which he would.", this added pointedly. "You gave her some advice, didn't you?" Her dark eyes linger on Alaeyna, as she lifts a brow.

As if Lorenzo were the only one with a claim on Alaeyna's heart. The vague smile she offers Lara does nothing to answer her questions. "Who can say? Right now, Skyreach has no appetite for a wedding. Those that resented him to begin with have more fuel for the fire now, and I cannot risk a divide at a time when I need my household and my swords united and strong." She also doesn't say why she would need those things. But anyway, Visenya is a more amusing topic of conversation at the moment, and she grins at Lara when asked about having given her advice. "I did. And I dare say it was good advice. As for your desire to find yourself in his bed, well, I expect you've dashed your chances now."

Alaeyna's explanation about the Maelys situation is accepted with a nod. "Politics, eh? Fortunately enough they will not force him out of your bed…", Lara quips with light amusement. "After all he made a statement, with finishing his rival off. No need to cement his claim on you further, before the eyes of all. Your delightful Targaryen seems to be the exception. The others I've encountered," Visenya included, "are arrogant, and uptight." She raises her cup as if in toast to that, before Lara takes another sip. Noting the grin, the Gargalen cannot help but meet it with a wry grin of her own. "Good advice indeed. She has made her point, telling me not to give her husband any inappropriate glances… Which they were not, I swear." She shakes her head. "Just looking at someone can hardly be a transgression. It assured the prince of my attention, nothing more. And my willingness to be there for him, should he need further attentions. The choice…" the Cockatice drains her cup, "is still his to make, and if he should do so, there will be nothing Princess Visenya can do about it." This she adds with a bit of mischief dancing in her dark eyes.

"How young you are, cousin. I think you knew what you were about. A little too well. It would have been more clever to seduce him slyly, without invoking Visenya's suspicions. Now she will be ever watchful, and if she has spoken to Torren about it, he won't think twice of you for the threat you represent to her happiness." Alaeyna sips at her strongwine, reaching for another pillow to prop beneath her arm and further pad her languid lounging. "A Dornishwoman might have cut out your eyes for being so brazen in your intentions with her husband. I would have. If you so much as blinked at Alaryn Martell while I was at his side you'd spend the rest of your days regretting it." Her grin is wicked, but the threat in her words is real.

"Slyness has never been my forte," Lara admits with a sigh. "So far I've mostly followed my instincts." She rises slowly to move over to the table. Getting the flagon of wine to offer Alaeyna a refill and give herself one as well. "It's something I may have to learn… this scheming thing." She smirks. "She has told me not to stare at him in her presence. Nothing more. It was about…" she searches for the word, "disrespecting her by working my charms on him when she's around." The next remark about cutting out eyes elicits a chuckle from Lara Gargalen, as she settles herself again on one of those pillows. "Visenya is not you. I am aware of the difference." Meaning… Lara already knows better than ever to mess with Alaeyna.

"Mmm. And you ought also learn that people do not always mean what they say. Take care, cousin. I should not want you to end up on the wrong side of the dragoness." Alaeyna's grin is sly, and it only deepens when Lara says those words, Visenya is not you. "Find other ways to amuse yourself, is my suggestion." And of course she means men. "Did you enjoy the company of the Scorpion the other evening?"

"I will," Lara assures, shooting Alaeyna a surprised glance at her flash of almost motherly protectiveness. "You know me, cousin. I am not a fool as to stick my hopes on riding just one single - albeit very tempting - horse. My behaviour towards Prince Torren remains all proper, for now, I promise." Her shoulders lift in a light shrug. "I always find some ways to amuse me with, easily distracted as I am." Another soft chuckle comes, followed by a sip of wine. Her gaze shifts to meet Alaeyna's when she asks about the evening with the Scorpion, her lips pursing as she considers what to to tell. "He is hotheaded, that's for sure. I had to drag him away from Ser Arrick, or he would have committed a folly."

Alaeyna laughs, at the last. "What a match he and Arrick would make. They are so very similar. Brash. Headstrong. Unapologetic." It sounds a bit affectionate, as she recites those particular qualities. Her cup, so recently refilled by Lara, threatens to run dry again, the high heat of the desert sand and sun conspiring to deepen her thirst. And when the Gargalen attempts to assure her that she's on the straight and narrow, at least for now… she doesn't exactly seem convinced, but she nods just the same. Her errand boy comes back, popping in under the cover of the canopy to announce, "Lady Fowler, the melee will begin in a quarter hour. The Prince of Ashes waits to escort you to the stands." Alaeyna turns to Lara. "Shall we?"

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