(122-07-18) What Makes a Good Wife
What Makes a Good Wife
Summary: Visenya tries on her wedding gown whilst having a brief conversation with her lady-in-waiting Lara Gargalen.
Date: Date of play (18/07/15)
Related: Happens on the morning after a Typical Dornish Dinner Party.

It is midmorning, and Visenya is quite unused to drinking so liberally. She has a bit of a off-color to her, and loud noises seem to irritate her like nothing else. Still, the seamstresses manage to get her into the orange silk gown she requested and that they have spent so much time on. It is not overly ornate; there was no time, but the orange is the color of a sunset and it drapes beautifully over her willowy frame. Once the seamstresses leave she steps off of the box to walk to her beaten copper mirror, and turns in it. "I'd ask you if you liked it." She says to Lara as she looks over herself, "But there's not enough time to make changes so it doesn't matter."

Tasked with attending to the princess - that is when there is no wine to be had somewhere, or some particularly handsome distraction to pursue - Lara Gargalen is around of course, especially as this is the final fitting of the wedding gown. Lady Lara wears a dress of light blue sandsilk, that fits loosely about her lithe yet shapely form, her black hair falling about her shoulders. Her hands rest on her hips as the Gargalen studies Visenya with a faint smile curling her lips - a slight headache may bother this comely Cockatrice as well on this late morning. "So you don't ask? Or do you ask while telling me that my reply is obsolete either way?", she inquires, a brow coming up. Her tone is polite and soft as usual, that faint smile turning into a wry grin when one corner of her lips lifts a touch. "Orange becomes you, Princess Visenya. I am sure, his highness, Prince Torren will not be able to avert his gaze from you on the day of the wedding. Besides…" and here that grin intensifies, "I am of little consequence when it comes to the choice of wedding dress. As it shall please your future husband, and not necessarily Lady Lara Gargalen." Speaking of herself in third person - an unmistakable sign she truly has a hangover!

"The latter, I suppose." Visenya responds as she turns about in the mirror. Satisfied, she smooths her hands over the front of the gown before opening a box on her vanity. "The Prince tells me orange is his favorite color." She picks up a heavy collar necklace that is made of gold segments that form a dragon, and holds it up to her neck. "But this is more than just pleasing Prince Torren. I have to make the court not despise me." She sets down the necklace. "And I have to prove I am not some haughty Targaryen who refuses to assimilate." She hesitates before adding in the last part, "And I must replace a woman whose murder is what triggered this all."

"I like your dress," comes the obsolete answer from Lara. "And he will like it as well, I suppose." She shifts in her stance, which causes a light jingle from the thin golden armbands she wears. Even so, the Gargalen listens to Visenya's words about proving something to the court at Sunspear. "You are wearing a Dornish dress.", Lara states, as if that were answer enough in regards to assimilating to the court at Sunspear. It is the last remark, that will draw Lara's attention as she considers it. "Replace her? Impossible.", the black-haired lady-in-waiting says. "To be a good wife to Prince Torren? That should be less difficult." One shoulder lifts in a light shrug, before Lara steps closer, adjusting the orange wedding gown on her charge.

"Thank you." Visenya says, and she turns to look at Lara. "Is it enough to wear a dress or enjoy the wine? There has to be something deeper than just wearing the right clothes." A troubled look crosses her features then, and she lets out a small little sigh before crossing her arms lightly over herself. "I don't know what a good wife is anymore. Everything my mother and my septa told me? It doesn't matter here. And my mother was never really a good wife. She did what she was supposed to do, but is that good enough to be good?"

Her hands are placed upon Visenya's shoulders, as Lara studies the Targaryen's reflection in the mirror, from where she stands, behind her. "The pick of the right dress does matter, Princess Visenya. To draw his attention is the first thing needed to secure a good marriage, I would think.", the Gargalen lady muses, unmarried as she is herself as of yet. "A good wife by Northron standards?" A low snort leaves the comely nostrils of the lady-in-waiting. "He would not want that I am sure. You should ask him perhaps…?" Again, silence. That precedes the next confession: "I am unmarried as of yet, your highness. But I would think, to do what you're supposed to do is a first step towards Northron standards. To have fun while doing that… this would make a good Dornish marriage. If that answers your question." Her hands are pulled back from Visenya's shoulders, and the Targaryen Princess may see the reflection of the Gargalen's smile in the mirror.

Visenya's head turns to look behind her shoulder at Lara when the Gargalen places her hands on her shoulders. It is only a brief, fleeting glance, and then she turns her head to look back into the mirror. "He likes me, I think. So, his attention is drawn for the most part." She lets out a thoughtful little sigh, "We've discussed it. What we both want." She looks back at Lara again before she says, "I thought Dornish women did not desire to wed, and only did so for political alliances." She looks away before saying, "I should get out of this, then. Will you call for the maid to help me?"

Lara's lips purse, but she smiles. "Of course he does," she agrees softly. His wife-to-be is a Targaryen after all, and even the Cockatrice cannot help but be impressed with that silvery hair of hers. Lara's lips may curl a touch more at the addition of 'for the most part', a slight flicker entering her dark gaze. Although the expression will fade soon into that of amused surprise at Visenya’s next remark, as Lara focuses once again on the Targaryen’s reflection in the mirror. "No, we don't", the Gargalen lady replies with a soft chuckle. "Commitment so often narrows the chances, for enjoyable… um… situations. At least for some of us." Her amusement dimming at the following request, as she slips back into the role of lady-in-waiting. "Very well, your highness," Lara Gargalen intones, offering an incline of her head, one arm placed across her chest in reverence to the Targaryen, before she slips out of the chamber to get the handmaiden.

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