(122-07-18) Dhraegon's Nameday Garden Party
Dhraegon's Nameday Garden Party
Summary: Dhraegon chats with Norah and Ludvik Separately.
Date: Date of play (18/07/122)
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Maidenday Gardens

The Maidenday Gardens are perhaps the loveliest of Oldtown's public gardens. The gracious footpaths are paved in white stone and lined with with flowering trees and rosebushes bearing pink and white blossoms. The beds alongside them are thickly planted with narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, trilliums and wood anemones. An occasional arbor arches over the path, supporting a clematis or wisteria, a virgin's bower or a honeysuckle. Most of the flowers are pale or blushing, but splashes of bright yellows, purples, and blues are not uncommon. True red is all that is absent. In the evenings little lamps hang from slim iron posts to light the paths.

There are benches here and there, and pavilions enshrouded with flowering vines. There are also shrines to The Maiden throughout the garden. They feature statues of stone or wood, some painted, some plain, some large, some small, some dressed in real clothing. All are beautiful and all have a little altar before them. While this is a public garden the rest of the year, on Maiden's Day it is closed to all but maidens. Those girls who feel the ritual at the Sept is not enough to express their piety may, under the watchful eyes of the Septas who maintain this place, light candles at these altars and sing more of their songs of innocence.


All sorts of refreshments and dainties are tucked away around the garden. Women musicians have been hired to play and sing. Unusual for a Dhraegon party, there is hardly anything alcoholic on offer, the only exception being a very mild raspberry cordial based punch which would struggle to get a child of ten tipsy. The gardens being public, the mix of attendees are various. Dhraegon is drifting about, reprising the dress of Xavia's white party, complete with fancy pins, giggling and hugging alarmed strangers as is Dhraegon's wont.

Norah is quiet, entering in a very soft gold gown with a red sash. She seems to be entirely comfortable in an off the shoulder short sleeved gown and unshawled - likely to soak up the sun. She has a very calm expression on her face and her guard is carrying a gift for Dhraegon - a lovely cake and a wrapped gift.

Dhraegon spots her and swans over that way, "I heard there was good news! Might I congratulate you?" Dhraegon goes in for the inevitable hug.

Norah blushes a bit "What good news would that be?" she accepts the hug, without reservation, gently hugging the much bigger man with both of her arms. She head tilts at him, looking around to sneak something out of a hidden pocket in her gown to offer to him - a waxed parchment wrapped sweet of some sort. It smells like it might be honeyed fig.

Dhraegon is also gentle, careful not to rumble her gown, "Something about you and a certain Westerlands Swain? Come have cakes and tea and tell me all about it!"

Norah blinks a bit "Swaine?" she asks, head tilting again, there is visible confusion and curiosity on her face. "I married Ser Ludvik quite a number of months ago, if I'm honest with you." she offers, taking his hand and looking at his motions "Uncle, its just silk, if you wrinkle it, I'll just hang it over a hot bath or rub it with a boiled rock until it is perfectly fine again." she reassures "Don't worry about the gown, I have an allowance for three a week if I choose to spend it now." she admits with a chuckle.

Dhraegon takes his hand, "I thought I had heard something like. I keep trying to get your Ludvik to come to tea to see if his family wants to expand the deal I made with…" He clearly is worried mentioning her former suitor might distress her, "I wanted to see if they would like a share of the expanded fleet." He searches her face, "Are you happy? What was the wedding like? Were you scared? Is he nice? And handsome?"

Norah is quiet with a gentle smile "Well I'll ask him. Ludvik is.. a bit shy I suppose at times. He also is prone to terrible headaches. Please do not take it personally." she gets pink at the questions, but finds a place to sit down "I think he's quite handsome! Very strong but quite gentle with me and considerate. When he is home from his duties he often lays on my sitting couch while I play an instrument quietly or sew and we talk." She seems to put a lot of thought into her answers "I think he is very nice, although, if you don't know him well you might find him stand offish at times." she admits "The wedding was quiet. Just two witnesses at the Sept and us before the seven. He did not feel up to a large ceremony and I will confess that I was terrified at the prospect of being helped along to our bed after it. I hope we did not offend anyone by choosing not to make a big to do of it." she lets out a small nervous giggle "No. I was not afraid of marrying him. I felt rather at ease and as if a burden was lifted from my shoulders by the commencement of the whole ordeal. Now I've only one responsibility and .." she leans in to whisper in Dhraegon's ear "I'm quite delighted to tell you I'm managing this whole pregnancy thing quite swimmingly, although I've hesitated to tell Ludvik until I'm positive the child will be healthy." she makes a SH gesture at him and winks once happily.

Dhraegon gets them cool mint tea and offers her a cup. Dhraegon sits beside her demurely sipping his own. "Would it help if I promised not to hug him?" Her description of married life seems rather a relief to him, "That sounds very nice, Norah." He squeals happily and claps in response to her whisper, but puts his finger to his lip and nods agreement with keeping it a secret.

Norah giggles a little, taking a sip of her tea. "We get on well. He enjoys being doted on, I enjoy doting. As for his looks. I can't quite figure out if his hair is blonde or light brown and I think that drives me half insane." she jokes merrily. He has a bearded face which softens his chin and he rather enjoys rubbing against my cheek before kissing me there once gently when he arrives home from his day. His skin is pinkish and prone to the sun's wrath quite easily. I get brown like a roasting ham, he gets pink and into red." she offers with a laugh " He has very warm eyes that I can't tell if they are blue or gray in color. They pick up whatever colors are around quite easily." she shrugs and giggles.

Dhraegon giggles again, "No wonder you look so well and happy. Why don't you come too so we will be less worried at meeting me? What does he like to drink and eat? I could order his favorite things. Does he like gardens?"

Norah smiles "If I can get him to, certainly." she offers, "I'm not sure what his favorite things are, he's always very happy with whatever I want." she offers awkwardly "He's not one to complain. I told you I suspect he is just a bit shy." she admits, patting Dhraegon's hand.

Dhraegon puts his other hand on top of hers and leans in to whisper, "I am often shy too. I will try not to scare him. If he would like, he coul,d hide in my pillow fort when he comes to visit?"

Norah laughs! "No no you mustn't let him hide! He'll be as a scared cat and we'll never get him out even if we try to bribe the poor dear with treats." she jokes, merrily. She leans, giving Dhraegon a hug, a sisterly sort of hug.

All sorts of refreshments and dainties are tucked away around the garden. Women musicians have been hired to play and sing. Unusual for a Dhraegon party, there is hardly anything alcoholic on offer, the only exception being a very mild raspberry cordial based punch which would struggle to get a child of ten tipsy. The gardens being public, the mix of attendees are various. Dhraegon is sitting on a bench with Norah, their heads together gossiping. The Prince is reprising his dress of Xavia's white party, complete with fancy pins. They have chilled mint tisane and cakes to hand. he giggles and shakes his head, "If he will not come out we will feed him so much mead and cakes that Flox can get the guards to carry him off to bed like he does when i will not come out.

Norah …snorts "Absolutely not." she laughs out, covering her mouth and looking exceptionally amused with Dhraegon. Her legs shift, weight getting comfortable "You'll have his head aching intensely and I'd prefer not to deal with the effects of too much drink." she gestures at her mouth and then down. Signalling the stomach's protest.

Dhraegon's eyes go wide, "Oh! Yes! I didn't think! So no pillow fort then! What kind of headaches are they? Flox is very good with headache remedies for when i drink to much."

Norah gives a shrug "The sort that can make someone not like parties and want to rest. I suspect just naturally occurring ones. Anyone who drinks too much gets head aches though, so it would be normal." she offers, smiling faintly now

Dhraegon confides, "I am not good at parties either. It is so much harder when I am sober. I am trying to be good for my beloved Daffodil… not that she has asked me too. I just… I know it is hard for her to see how I am in… in public."

Norah 's weight stands up, setting her cup down and bending to press a very gentle peck to Dhraegon's forehead "Excuse me but I'm feeling very tired. I'll tell Ludvik to at least say hello to you uncle. Enjoy your gift. I made it for you." she murmurs, starting out in a hurry.

Dhraegon's eyes go wide, "Oh course, Norah! You must take care of yourself and not over…" Then he is opening the gift and exclaiming excitedly over the doll, which he makes dance about on Norah's just vacated half of the bench.

Stepping into the gardens, Ludvik pauses at the happenings inside. Looking like he's about to turn around again, he doesn't do so yet, looking around once more.

Dhraegon spots a hesitant guest and being Dhraegon scoops up his cat doll and swans over, all goofy smiles and welcome. A sharp eye might spot discreet security unobtrusively trailing the snowy Prince. His voice is a deep bass, which is add odds with his childlike delivery. he speaks in the stilted tones of a child reciting a memorized speech, "Welcome to my Nameday Party I am Prince Dhraegon Targaryen you may call me Uncle what is your name?" It all comes out as one sentence, though his smile seems friendly enough.

It's too late to head off again now, isn't it? A brief pause, and Ludvik offers a brief smile, and a polite nod. "A pleasure to meet you, Prince Dhraegon," he offers, before he adds, "I'm Ser Ludvik Lannister." A brief pause, before he adds, "I didn't mean to intrude on your party, Your Highness."

Dhraegon gives him a smile of pure delight, "I was just telling your wife how much I wanted to meet you! It is no intrusion at all. Do you like cakes? Or lemon water? Or punch?" He drops his voice coaxing now, "I promise I never bite and I will not hug you if you do not want. If you like we could talk in one of the smaller bowers where there are less people. Parties are terrifying when you are sober, aren't they. I will let you play with my new doll if you like." he displays Norah's gift. "It was a present from your wife." He doesn't seem aware that any of this might be odd behavior for a man of his size, rank, and advanced age.

"My wife is here?" Ludvik asks, looking around to see if she still is here. A brief pause as he hears the part about cakes and lemon water and punch. "All in moderation, of course…" Pausing as he listens, he is unable to hold back a chuckle. "They can be quite terrifying, yes." A brief pause, and he nods, "She likes making things for people."

Dhraegon nods emphatically, "In a lovely golden dress. I was just talking with her." He earnestly explains, "She seems very happy! I hope I will make my sweet daffodil as happy as you make her." He tucks the doll up his sleeve and tries to take the poor Lannister's hand and lead him to a quieter part of the garden, with a detour to the refreshment tables to get some of the very mild punch. "I want to be a good husband for her, so I am trying to be better…. I did so want to meet you anyway to talk about ships."

Ludvik looks around again, shaking his head a little as he can't see his wife present. Pausing as he's led towards another part of the party, he offers a brief nod. "Just make sure to be yourself, Your Highness. That is usually what a wife would appreciate." He pauses again as he hears the rest. "About ships?"

Dhraegon smiles rather shyly, "I do my best. She is very kind." He nods solemnly, "Your cousin and I own a ship together. It's called the Sapphire Eyes. She makes a run along the Dornish coast, trading there and to Tarth. I've been using my share of the profits to build a fleet. I hope to have trade not just with Dorne and Tarth, but I'd like to send ships to Storms End, Kingslanding, Dragonstone and the West coast of Essos all the way up to Braavos. I think good trade ties make for peace and prosperity. Your cousin was one of my early partners in that and he made good profits from it. I wanted to know if your branch of the family might want to expand the partnership. A larger fleet would mean I could afford to start sending ships with Dornish and Essoi goods all the way to Lannisport, instead of always stopping here in Oldtown." he giggles and takes a sip of the punch, looking all hopeful, "I like ships, you know. I often sail them in the fountain at the manse."

Nodding a little as he hears that, Ludvik takes a sip from his punch. "I see. How much money are we talking about, Your Highness?" A brief pause as he hears that last part, he smiles. "Ships can be quite nice, yes."

Dhraegon sips his own punch delicately, "That would be up to you and your father. Whatever you invest goes towards half share in new ships. Having your investment spread over multiple ships protects you in case of storms or pirates. The half ships you buy would be guaranteed to carry goods to and from Lannisport, which helps your local merchants and artisans. They will stop in Dornish ports and depending on conditions, make a variety of other ports of call. Fine woods from Tarth. Oranges, wine, spices, and clothe from our neighbors and Essos! All sorts of good things!"

Ludvik nods as he listens, with another smile, as he once more sips his punch. "It does sound quite interesting, Your Highness." Another smile as he takes one more sip. "I will confer with my father," he offers, finally.

Dhraegon gives him a big goofy smile and looks alarmingly like he is about to hug attack him, but then blushing, remembers his conversation with Norah, "I will have Flox send you preliminary papers with estimates and things." He looks shy, suddenly, "Would you and Lady Norah like to come play with my fountain boats sometime?"

Ludvik nods as he hears that. "I will be looking forward to the arrival of the papers," he replies, with a smile, before he smiles at the last question. "You will have to ask her about that, Your Highness."

Dhraegon giggles, "Norah is very nice. She showed me where cookies come from! They are gooey in larval form!"

"In…" Ludvik begins, before he nods, "Ah yes, they are quite gooey then."

Dhraegon nods, and wrinkles his nose, "I put my hands in the big gooey egg thing! It was called… kneading? She is very talented, your wife!"

Ludvik nods as he hears that. "She truly is. Which is why I am quite happy with being married to her, Your Highness."

Dhraegon says with extreme earnestness, "I am very glad you found each other. It was good to hear of her wedding. How about you name the first ship in her honor as a wedding gift?"

"Thank you," Ludvik replies to the first part, before he pauses. "That is…" Going silent again, he takes a few moments, before speaking again. "That is a very gracious offer, Your Highness."

Dhraegon beams at him, "What I want mot in the world is peace and happiness for al of us! And cakes!"

"Good goals, Your Highness." Ludvik replies, before he adds, "I should get home and prepare a letter for my father."

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