(122-07-17) Dragon Fever II
Dragon Fever II
Summary: Apologies are exchanged.
Date: 17 July 2015
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Visenya has grown to appreciate the sunsets in Sunspear. She stands alone out in the small garden near the tower that the Targaryen's use as their temporary residence in the Old Palace and watches as the sun sinks beyond the horizon and casts bold orange across the landscape. She knows that in the stables many of the Knights from both the Crownlands and Dorne as well as some ladies from Dorne will now ride out into the Shadow City for the delights offered there at night. She likes knowing there is a rhythm and a pattern here just as there is anywhere else.

Rhaegor comes out into the garden from the tower proper, and perhaps it is to the stables that he heads with his usual, purposeful stride. He sees Visenya, of course. His eye has been too long trained to go to her not to notice her standing in the midst of the garden. "Princess," he greets her in passing. Cool, polite. Visenya isn't the right thing to call her anymore, and he cannot bring himself to call her cousin, either. He does not seem inclined to stop.

Visenya turns her head to watch Rhaegor as he walks past her. "Prince Rhaegor." She says in passing, and there is a moment's hesitation before she says again. "A moment of your time?" She braces herself for him to dismiss her, or to say he is too busy. While she spends her days waiting for her wedding he actually has real work to do.

Rhaegor stops, of course, when she begs a moment. How not. He turns back to retrace steps toward her, coming within two or three feet of her. "What is it?" he asks. It isn't unkind, but given their history, it is distant. There is wariness in his pale violet stare, though he doesn't stop himself from looking her over as if that visual inventory will be enough to satisfy himself that she is well.

Visenya tilts her chin up to look into his eyes for a moment before she says, "I wanted to apologize to you. The other day…" She trails off, and lets out a small little sigh. "I was not well." She looks down and away from him then before she says, "Forgive me. I said some things to you that were not fair." She manages to lift her head and meet his gaze again, "I don't want us to part with hard feelings between us."

Rhaegor is direct with his gaze, and holds hers when she meets it. He does not respond immediately, but when he does, it's to say, "I will. And I will ask that you forgive me, as well, for my own words. They were inexcusable." There's no relenting to the detachment in his tone, the distance in it. None of the emotional charge accompanies the apology that did the conversation he now apologizes for. "I do not begrudge you your attachment to your betrothed. I am pleased that there is trust and happiness between you."

"I will." Visenya says with a small little nod of her head. "But only if you forgive me for doing the same. It would be wrong of me to be unhappy in regards to any happiness you may find, Rhaegor." She reaches out to touch the top of his hand with her fingertips briefly, but pulls away from him so quickly that it's as if the touch never happened at all. "And I hope you do." She smiles sadly at him before asking, "You will remain the diplomat to Dorne, I imagine?"

Rhaegor only nods, at what she says of happiness and unhappiness. His gaze flicks briefly to their hands when they touch, and then back to her face thereafter. "Yes," he confirms. "I will continue to divide my time between King's Landing, Oldtown and Sunspear, as before. Viseron will remain here as squire to one of Amarei's nephews." And then he gives her a look as if to ask Was there anything else?

"Good." Vienya says, for lack of anything else to say. And it seems that there is nothing else to say because she only nods her head faintly. "I will keep an eye on him for you." That offer tendered she takes a step back from him so he can step around her with ease. "Thank you for your time, Ser."

"Of course. I hope the rest of your evening is a pleasant one." Rhaegor inclines his head in a bow, and takes a backward step. Of his son? He adds, sincerely, "Thank you, Visenya." And then he turns to go, resuming his course toward the stables.

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